Engadget Lists Its Top 10 Electric Vehicles


Of course, the Model S takes the #1 spot!

Of course, the Model S takes the #1 spot!

Engadget lists its personal top 10 electric vehicles. This list includes discontinued, current, and even EVs that have not yet been released.

The list, according to Engadget:

#1. Tesla Model S – Longest Range.

Tesla Model X. Also future EV…

Tesla Model X. Also future EV…

#2. Chevrolet Spark EV – Best Affordable.

#3. Nissan LEAF – Best Selling.

#4. Chevrolet Volt – Best Plug-in Hybrid.

#5. BMW i8 – Best Sports (Tie).

#6. Tesla Roadster – Best Sports (Tie).

#7. Fiat 500e – Best For City Driving.

#8. BMW i3 – Most Innovative.

#9. Tesla Model X – Best Family EV.

#10. Chevrolet Bolt (With a “B”) – Best Future EV.

Basically, Engadget created categories so that all sorts EVs could make the list.  Some EVs belong where they’re listed, while others we’re not so sure deserve to be ranked as such.  Lastly, ranking future cars that have never been tested seems a bit ridiculous.

Click here to see the list, which provides info on why each EV placed where it did.

Tesla's Roadster. There is one we don't normally see/hear of.

Tesla’s Roadster. There is one we don’t normally see/hear of

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What no Outlander PHEV
Not a true list of any meaning.

The list has 10 different rankings. The ten are not necessarily in order of 1-10. But don’t put too much weight in it and proceed with caution. The picture of the 2016 Spark has nothing to do with the 2014-2016 Spark EV. Also they called the i3 a crossover!?

Love made-up lists with no defined criteria based one someone’s opinion.
Mixing a list containing both concept vehicles (Bolt and X) with production vehicles is unfair as few dorect comparisons can be made.

While each ‘category’ sounds good, it would be worthwhile to have define criteria so other models could be compared and evaluated. eg: the VW Goft EV (world car of the year) is not mentioned. Would it come in second for any category?

LOL! Well, I nominate this list for Best List Which Includes “Bests” Which Aren’t Even Being Produced Yet. 😀

…or aren’t being produced any more (Tesla Roadster).

How did the i8, with PiP level EV range, beat the Mercedes 300 gull wing e-cell BEV with about 150 mile range and a motor for each wheel?


I do like my Leaf, but the Focus is one of the most luxurious of the affordable EVs. Awesome advanced display electronics, power seat, xenons, comfort access, nav, leather, backup cam with radar, interior lighting choices, nice stereo, etc.