Energy Storage Inverters For Tesla Powerpack Will Be Supplied By Dynapower

JUL 27 2015 BY MARK KANE 2

Dynapower's 250kW Energy Storage Inverter for Tesla Powerpack

Dynapower’s 250kW Energy Storage Inverter for Tesla Powerpack

Tesla Motors selected Dynapower as supplier of energy storage inverters for Tesla Powerpack.

Those grid-tied bi-directional inverters are the main element besides battery packs in energy storage systems and Dynapower will provide them in North America as well as internationally as an integral part of Tesla’s Powerpacks ESS.

Dynapower’s MPS-250 can deliver 250 kW (or even 300 kW for 10 seconds).

“The Dynapower MPS™-250 inverter is a UL-listed, field-proven product with outstanding performance history. Tesla selected the Dynapower system based on the company’s technology, track record, and long-term viability.”

“Tesla’s Powerpack systems are designed for large commercial, industrial, and utility-scale applications. Multiple 100 kWh DC battery blocks are grouped to scale from 500 kWh to 10 MWh+. These systems are capable of 2-hour, 3-hour or 4-hour continuous net discharge power using grid-tied bi-directional inverters, such as the Dynapower MPS systems. Powerpack systems support various storage applications, including peak shaving, load shifting and demand response for commercial customers, while offering renewable energy firming and a variety of other services for utilities.”

Adam Knudsen, Dynapower President said:

“Dynapower leads the energy storage inverter market in reliability and efficiency, which together create premium value for our customers. It’s this value that has enabled us to deploy a market-defining 200 megawatts of energy storage inverters. For Tesla, we customized the MPS™-250’s performance characteristics to provide an optimized system for their demanding market requirements. The combination of proven technology, enhanced by design flexibility is what we provide to every Dynapower customer.”

Dynapower MPS-250 inverter for use with the Tesla Powerpack (description) and specs:

Dynapower MPS-250

Dynapower MPS-250

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It’s great that Tesla chose an inverter that’s made in the USA. Dynapower designs and manufactures all its products in South Burlington, Vermont. Well done Elon!

Anyone notice the lack of solar panels on the roofs of the Tesla factory in Fremont? Is there some explanation?