Energica EVA Test Ride Review – Video

1 year ago by Mark Kane 4

Electric motorcycle blogger Ben Rich (of whom one might remember from a series of posts/video reports on his “Three Country Tout” here on InsideeEVs) visited San Francisco to test drive the Energica EVA through the winding roads to Alice’s restaurant.

Energica Eva

Energica Eva

In the end, the $34,544 Italian bike was pretty well received with:

  • very strong regen (rare use of brakes in commuting)
  • a nice footbrake
  • smooth acceleration control, favorite throttle, very responsive and intuitive
  • useful display
  • DC fast charging capability (CCS Combo)
  • 75 kW power (but motor is 150 kW)
  • more comfortable position than sporty EGO

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4 responses to "Energica EVA Test Ride Review – Video"

  1. DJ says:

    A $35k bike better be well received.

    I mean heck you can buy a Bolt for that!

  2. ElonJr says:

    Or the fastest motorcycle in thr world. The electric lightning bike for $38k

    1. Will Davis says:

      Yeah sure a bike that basically came up in a few videos, did a pikes peak, and was never heard from ever again, and never showed up at IoM TT Zero. Sorry but the Lightning LS-218 is basically non-existent these days. I haven’t seen or heard from it in years yet people keep acting as if they are being readily produced and sold.

  3. mhpr262 says:

    COme on BMW, get it together. Those guys need some serious competition. Nobody would be better suited than BMW. They have all the engineers and all the production facilities for motorcycles, all the batteries and electric motors, all the suppliers lined up, even the dealers …