Energica EGO Netherlands Tour Using FastNed Charging Network – Video

SEP 19 2015 BY MARK KANE 6

Where is my EGO Tour - Natherlands

Where is my EGO Tour – Natherlands

Two brand new Energica EGO electric motorcycles visited the Netherlands to tour along highways using the FastNed fast charging Network.

Half hour of charging from Combo chargers enables the bikes to drive some 100 km – not as much as in case of long-range Teslas, but comparable with LEAFs and more than enough to spot the next FastNed charger (currently nearly 40 operational).

Photos courtesy of Energica Facebook page:

Energica EGO at FastNed Charging Station

Energica EGO at FastNed Charging Station

Energica EGO at FastNed Charging Station

Energica EGO at FastNed Charging Station

Energica EGO at FastNed Charging Station

Energica EGO at FastNed Charging Station

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When are E MC builders and owners going to demand a decent aero fairing which can double highway range in many
Why spend all that money on batteries then waste 50-75% it because they didn’t put the rider, bike behind an aerodynamic
shield at 5% of the cost?
The beauty of lightweight aero EV’s is even with Level 2 chargers they can fast charge as the battery packs are smaller.
At 50kw my next lightweight aero composite 3wh EV sportswagon MC with a Leaf battery pack would get 240 mile range and recharge in 20 minutes for 200 miles.
For long range lower cost EV’s lower weight with stronger than steel composites, good aero is the key rather than keep putting in more batteries.

Because if you want a shield, you’d be better off in a car.

Do you ride? I do, and I sure as hell do NOT want a giant shield in front of my face.

Well, bully for you! I do, thanks very much, and so do half the 2-wheel road users out there. And you are completely missing jerryd’s point. What a very arrogant and silly post! MW

First you assume it is giant when just larger than the sitting body that has a CD of .80 or so.
Vs a better fairing would have a .25CD.
Do you have any idea what this means?
It means the aero one takes 30% of the power going through the air at speed.
It means you need 50% of the cost, weight, space of batteries.
That increases performance 30%, makes it 30% lighter, thus handle better.
Simply for adding another 4” around the fairing they have now.
One would have to be stupid to give that up.
Yet most E MC’s do because of regressive thoughts like mhpr’s.
As someone coming from 20 yrs of EV design, building, one can’t give that much eff up and be cost effective.
I know all mine will have them.

You are wasting your breathe on the motorcycle crowd. The maxi-scooter demographic is a much better place to attempt decent fairings.

If there really is a market for an aero fairing for electric motorcycles then it is up to the aftermarket to design and market one. The manufacturers like Zero and Energica are creating a business opportunity for someone out there who has the knowledge to design and market one. An example is Zero has only L1 charging available. If you want L2 you buy aftermarket chargers and there is another company currently working on DCFC for Zero’s. It is the same thing here.There is no point in blaming the manufacturers, they are just creating opportunities for others.