Energica Ego Fast Charge Video

APR 11 2015 BY TDILLARD 14

While we wait patiently for Energica to start delivering bikes, we’re placating ourselves by watching their fast-charging in action.  Roll tape.

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This is why these packs need liquid cooling!

Let’s get some *faster* charging!

(Or just some better batteries I suppose.)

It has an 11.7 kWh pack. It is charging at 20 kW! That is 30 minutes, or less, from full discharge. I think that is plenty fast enough. 🙂

Quick charging makes quite a bit of difference. Energica Ego, 20 kW DC: “every minute of charge adds up to 5km of range!” Translation: As long as you’re near a CCS point, go ahead and ride. Brammo Empulse, 3 kW AC: “Every 10 minutes of charging adds 5 miles of range.” Translation: If you need to get home, you can do it. http://legacy.brammo.com/empulse_specifications/ Zero, 1.3 kW AC: “10.0 hours (95% charged)” Translation: Charging outside of home or work is impractical. Let’s talk about range! 30 min (0-85% SOC) for 11.7 kWh is an average charge of about 20 kW, so the Energica should be able to hold that rate for the duration of the charge. Like Brammo, Energica is listing distance gained per time charging with the most favorable city range rate: 190 km x 0.85 / 30 minutes = 5.4 km/minute. I’m really curious to see the real-world range for the Ego. It’s no longer the largest battery pack available in a production bike; Zero has increased their production pack size from 7.9 kWh in 2012 when the Ego was announced to 13.5 kWh today. But even so, the range specifications are a little disappointing. Brammo Empulse (constant speed)… Read more »

Zero has a ChadeMo fast charge option.

Zero also offers up to four off-board chargers for faster home charging. One owner put the chargers on the bike and drove 1000 miles in a day. He used Chargepoint charging stations: Four of them at once!


Zero did offer a CHAdeMO option, but only for the 2013 model year bikes and even then it was special order only. Many CHAdeMO chargers were not compatible with the ~100V Zero battery, especially Blink units.

And while Zero does offer an accessory “quick” charging solution, it’s not integrated with the bike. It was a marginal solution in 2011 when J1772 AC was not well-established and is an anachronism today.

Terry Hershner’s electric Iron Butt ride was completing using a collection of external chargers totaling about 20 kW, roughly the same charging rate as the Energica charging on CHAdeMO.

These chargers weigh around 200 pounds and cost about $10k. That’s why DC external charging is important.

yuval Brandstetter MD

Well not really. The Chademo devices typically charge at 200-400 volts DC and the Zero will not take more than 100V charge. Thus 2014 and 2015 Zeros do NOT have a CHadeMO option. The ABB 22Kw charger is capable of delivering 50-400 volts DC but so far no one has mated these two

Not even 12kwh is a not enough. The Lightning LS 218 is “available” (well it can be ordered) with 15 and even 20kwh, with a much more powerful motor.

Not enough for you… I’d be fine with it. I could go to work back and forth twice without a recharge.

But that’s hardly the point of a motorcycle… Certainly any standard / sport / sport-touring motorcycle. (Unless you’re one of the few who have a 50mi one-way commute in the twisties.) If you have a <30mi RT commute (as I assume if a 62mi official range is enough for two of your round-trips), why not just get a small electric scooter? If you have appropriate bike paths or suburban roads, even an electric bicycle. Until I can do a day's worth of sport-touring (100mi at freeway speeds each way to get to the nice roads, plus another 150-200mi of slower twisties/sweepers), an e-motorcycle isn't on the table for me, as much as I'd like the idea (*). IMO until/unless the range issue there simply isn't a significant market for e-motorcycles outside EV aficionados. The day trip mentioned above requires 3X the range of the highest current range EV motorcycle (Zero S with larger battery + PowerTank, 13.5kWh, as given on Zero's website). That's not taking into account spirited acceleration/braking, a pillion, headwinds etc.. You can't add a lot of battery weight onto a bike. Incremental improvements in battery chemistry and regen will give us some more range, as will (I… Read more »

FWIW, I put about 1k miles on my gas motorcycle last year, and 7k on my electric motorcycle – and that’s living in Chicago. A bigger battery would be nice, but I have to agree that charging is going to be more important. And if reality has taught us anything, don’t get too hung up on these pre-production units. The features may or may not make it into the items we can buy (if we can ever buy them).

Interesting that the EGO is going CCS.

“but not 3X in the foreseeable future.”

BZZZZZZT thanks for playing.


I would, though, put it further out than Luke (…implies). He sounds like he’s talking about battery generations, which are of course going to be shorter than car or even motorcycle generations.

yuval Brandstetter MD

Sounds like my neck of the woods.

Zero has dropped CHAdeMO as an option completely. I had one on order for seven months and was told a few weeks ago that Zero was not going to ship them. Zero has removed CHAdeMO from their web site. There are actually a lot of systems that were compatible with the Zero including Eaton, ABB, Fuji, and Nissan. The systems that were not compatible with Zero were Blink and Aerovironment.