Energica Ego 45 – First Drive Video Review

JAN 14 2016 BY MARK KANE 4

Energica EGO 45

Energica EGO 45

Here is an interesting Motorcyclenews.com first test drive review of Energica Ego 45, which for Energica Ego is equivalent to a limited Signature edition in ‘Tesla terminology’.

The bike looks stunning, and really could be considered the Tesla of motorcycles.

The running sound is very appealing (as you can hear sounds normally drowned out by an engine). Range was estimated at 50-90 miles depending on style (sporty or economical), but you always get capability to fast charge in 30 minutes using Combo chargers (same as in case of some plug-in  cars today such as the BMW i3 and Chevy Spark EV).

Energica Ego/Ego 45 is quite heavy because of its on board 11.7 kWh of batteries, but according to Motorcyclenews, the driving experience is impressive thanks to torque and the characteristics of an electric motor (100 kW peak).

The first couple of dealers already signed on to sell these motorcycles in Europe and U.S. (see map) with more to come, we believe.

See Energica Ego 45 specs and differences compared to Ego.

Energica EGO Carbon

Energica EGO Carbon

Energica Ego 45

Energica Ego 45

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It’s very noisy, all that noise is wasted energy. Looks nice enough but I still think the Zero SR is a more interesting product.

On another note, why do all corporations have these convoluted, heavily JavaScript driven web pages these days? It’s just annoying, nobody is impressed by JavaScript tricks anymore! Just make a plain web site, I went there to look at the specs of the bike, not to be wowed by their JavaScript mastery!

It was great until I saw the weight: 258 kg = 567 lb! Unless weight is nicely distributed, handling would suffer. Also, rake and trail numbers are missing? Hopefully, they can bring the weight down by the time I’m able to afford one.

An electric motorcycle has much less reciprocating mass than an ICE bike. This dramatically improves the feel and handling of the bike despite the weight.

62 miles at 62 mph? No thanks, i’ll buy 2 more Zero SR instead so my friends can ride with me. And we’ll go further.