End Of The Game For Mia – Auction For Assets Begin!

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Mia logo

Mia logo

The sun goes down over the Mia Electric.

The small French company, which was struggling to survive for a couple of months after the suspension of production, ultimately has reached its end.

There is no miraculous investor who will save Mia.

Commercial Court of Niort opted for an auction of assets despite Marie-Ségolène Royal, Minister for Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy in France, attempt to support Mia.

According to Automobile Propre, 1,200 enterprise customers will now be left without service for Mia. Well, perhaps this will be an opportunity for someone to acquire the assets and establish a service shop?

Anyways, Mia Electric is not alone in the EV graveyard as Think, Coda, and others already will be waiting to welcome Mia.

Source: Automobile Propre



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3 responses to "End Of The Game For Mia – Auction For Assets Begin!"

  1. Doug B says:

    What I think this list shows is that you need to look ‘normal’ to get started. Sad as I think both Mia and Think had good product.

  2. Chris O says:

    Enter the Chinese I suppose. Hundreds of manufacturers turned out over 200K NEVs over there last year, what MIA was doing seems right up their alley.

  3. vadik_veselovsky says:

    It’s too bad, Mia seemed a totally reasonable offer. Hopefully somebody with money buys it out.