End Of An Era – Final First-Gen Chevrolet Volt Rolls Off The Assembly Line


The last copy of the world’s most advanced plug-in hybrid has rolled off the Detroit-Hamtramck assembly line, paving way for the next-generation 2016 Chevy Volt.

The Volt, along with the Nissan LEAF, are part of what’s often considered the first wave of mass-produced electric cars in the modern era.

Though the Volt never achieved the level of sales success that General Motors had targeted, few deny that the Volt was and still is one of GM’s crowning achievements.

‘Til this day, no other plug-in electric car operates in a way comparable to the Volt, meaning no other automaker has tried to (or been able to) mimic the functionality of the Volt’s complex operations.

The first-generation Volt will forever be remembered, but the arrival of the next-generation Volt is just around the corner, so it’s time to gear up for what’s coming next.

Farewell first-gen Volt. And hello next-gen!

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Stupid me. I thought the old Volt would have been discontinued months ago. I thought I had read there was a backlog of them.

Yeah, me too. I assumed they stopped making them a while back. Perhaps they did but they built one final one to declare the end and have a photo op.

If they were still building them then perhaps that was kinda good news . . . it would mean that they are probably at least breaking even on the old Volt at the current discounted prices.

They, GM, quashed that rumor immediately after it came out saying they would end production near the end of May. Pretty much exactly as things played out.

Quashed what rumor? I’m not sure what you are saying.

Back in February GM stated that they would stop building Gen I Volts sometime in mid-May in order to re-tool to build the Gen II. Several media sources had headlines that GM was canceling Volt production. Apparently entirely. And people that didn’t understand the political baggage the Volt is carrying believed that the Volt was going away.

“Til this day, no other plug-in electric car operates in a way comparable to the Volt” and with today, not even new Volts will operate that way. It was to complex, to expensive and to inefficient. I don’t know if thats a good thing…

too, damn…

Just Buy A CIVIC It looks The same Now probably more efficient..

It still looks new, chic and of an only kind to this day, whereas the new Volt…

Kinda makes me a bit sad.

Agree, Volt 1 was a Bold Statement – a game changer that needed bulldozing through the ancient GM structure and it suppliers. Absolutely admire the GM / Opel guy’s that MADE it happen. Absolutely Fantastic effort guys and insurmountable mountains had to be moved for this Volt 1 to be born. I really enjoyed following every GM step in developing this car to production. Hence Why I bought one – an really cherish it as none of my other cars can do 0.5L/100Km lifetime & drive on sunshine from my roof at freeway speeds. Personally I really annoyed people can be so shallow around the world … In the US it was the mis-guided bail out political football. Here in Australia they brought out the full loaded only model while – eco minded drivers who wanted it looked at their coin stash and said dam I don’t have enough, while the ones who could easily afford it the so called intelligent wealthy preferred some other brand as it looked better for them in the corporate car park. This proved to me how vain & simple minded shallow our society really is when it comes to new automotive technologies that have… Read more »
I am very interested to see how the transition from Volt 1.0 to Volt 2.0 goes, especially at the dealer level. A local “auto mall” type dealer (Hoselton in Rochester, NY) recently had about a dozen new 2014 and 2015 Volts in stock. Then, within the last couple of weeks, they all disappeared except one 2014 unit, which they’re discounting by $10,000. And I notice they have zero Volts among their very sizable used car inventory. It appears that they sold off the Volts to another area dealer, but I didn’t track that dealer or the VINs of the cars that (seemingly) moved, so I can’t be sure. This could be nothing more than their getting ready for the 2016s and not wanting to have a row of tough to move Volt 1.0s. I’d bet that’s all it is, and they’re not dropping the Volt completely. But I found it a little odd for a large Chevy dealer to run from the 1.0 model that early and that conspicuously. Similarly, if the Leaf is getting a range boost in September, as talked about on this site at some length, I think there will be some “interesting” goings on at Nissan… Read more »

Seems like not that long ago the Volt was still in development.

The Volt 1.0 is NOT inefficient!

In fact Volt drivers like me routinely drive as many electric miles as Leaf’s and other BEVs as proven here in GCR:


Volt’s are more costly then compact ICE vehicles and some BEVs like the Leaf but that is because it has dual powertrains so its complex but also very efficient as a plug-in.

I love my 2012 Volt. It gets better range every year. Currently at 47 miles range, with 40,000 miles. So amazing, and it is “old” technology.

Nov 30th, 2010
The Chevrolet Volt Officially Launches Today

On behalf of many of us long time followers & supporters of the Volt, a hat tip to Lyle Dennis…

He played a big part in getting the 1st Gen Volt into the public mind and keeping GM committed to follow through its launch production during the dark days…thank you.

No kidding that isn’t a current photo. The black roof design went away before I bought my Volt, and that’s not a coincidence.

The Volt would have sold well at its pre-production estimate of “nicely under $30,000”, but the actual price was too high. Now they have reduced the price to roughly that level, at least if you include inflation, but it has lost the sheen of being a new gizmo. I don’t know if it will sell well or not. The back seat is still too small for many people.

(’til is best avoided: http://grammarist.com/usage/until-till-til/)