Employee Discount Not Offered On Chevrolet Bolt


Chevrolet Bolt

Chevrolet Bolt

It’s not uncommon to see new General Motors’ vehicles not eligible for employee discounts, so discovering that the Bolt has been left off the eligible car list isn’t too surprising to us.

As GM Inside News reports:

“As of this writing, the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt is ineligible for GM Employee Discounts.”

GM Inside News dug deep into GM’s Family First site, which lists the various discounts available for employees, retired employees, family members and so on. The discovery included this image:

Bolt Not Eligible For Discount

Bolt Not Eligible For Discount

Over time, we expect the Bolt to become eligible for discounts, but as GM’s newest offering, discounts aren’t normal right out of the gate.

GM Inside News did reach out to Bolt comminucation head Fred Ligouri for comment on the matter, but had not received a response at time of publication.

Source: GM Inside News

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It took a while before the Volt was eligible. Even then, the dealer where I found my 2014 told me they did not honor it! I sat stubbornly in their lobby for 2 hours listening to their BS until they relented and gave me the employee price.

SparkEV-Fiat500-Leased - M3 Reserved - Bolt- TBD

Thought dealers don’t have a choice to deny employee discounts if eligible. -SMH.

No surprise. It’s common for new speciality vehicles at GM to not qualify for employee discounts during and a little after production ramp up.

Same is true at Ford. I can’t get A plan on the Ford Focus RS either. And when the Focus Electric first came out, there was no A plan available then either.

This is standard for any high-demand vehicle from pretty much any manufacturer. Once people stop paying over MSRP for the car, they will start to allow employee discounts.

They want to save the sales for buyers who are willing to pay full price. It’s a smart business move.

Eligible for Costco discount pricing though! Woo! That’s almost $2k off MSRP on a Premier Bolt. 😀

$2k is a joke.

Nisan offers a VPP purchase program to employees thier friends and families state employees government employees and more. It smokes a costco deal. Dealers can manipulate the costco price anyway so it to is a joke. GM is not committed and this shows they are not a leader in the ZEV world.

Costco discount?


Basically a way to save 5-10% in a new car purchase without having to haggle.

Oh ya give it a try.

5%-10% which is it?

Good luck with them dealers!!

Depends on the car.

My sister got 10% off through Costco on her 2016 Toyota Highlander from a dealer 15 miles from her.

The local dealer had a “market price adjustment” of plus $3000 on top of the MSRP for all Highlanders.

She got financing from her Credit Union.

No scotch guard,underbody rust protection or other shenanigans.


Wow so stupid. That clearly shows GM”s lack of commitment. Period!

SparkEV-Fiat500-Leased - M3 Reserved - Bolt- TBD

Don’t think Tesla does either. Any hot selling vehicle really shouldn’t get a discount immediately–until a sufficient supply is had should an employee get a discount. Makes sense – sell to customers demand product, sell to known staff excess inventory.

Would be nice to allow F+F first in line like Tesla does.

No this is simple common sense and how you run a business…
It would be foolish of a auto maker to offer discounts on any new production car at least untill it is stocked at all locations and probably until sales level off…

Don’t be silly, Clive. GM isn’t going to be able to build enough Bolts to meet demand for at least 4 or 5 months. Why in the world would they add demand by starting the employee discount early? Other new cars like the Gen II Volt didn’t have the employee discount for several months, why should the Bolt be different?

“Clive” doesn’t let facts get in the way when he wants to bash GM.

Anyhow, this lack of initial employee discounts is standard practice.

when the demand falls off they will then give employees the employee Price.When no body else wants these cars. I sold Ford Cars & I’ve seen ordinary people walk in & haggle a Better Price than the Employee “Especially” towards the end of the model yr. & it happened often . Also.., Some got a Brand new car for Less Money than others paid for a Demonstrator.(which is Basically a Used Car with a fancy name)I would always Discourage my customers from Demonstrators…… What a Racket !

New products expected to be in high demand don’t get employee discounts. That’s SOP across the board for pretty much all auto makers, not just for electric cars.

Muaah, and some people think the Bolt is going to be cheap in Europe. It will be much more expensive than B-Class Electric.

This broke my decision and will now hold off on Bolt. GM is incredibly stingy for pulling this crap. Bolt is not cheaper than Model 3, I placed a reservation and saw the options and price mark ups. I’d rather support Tesla. Good job GM marketing. Idiots.

That’s a first, don’t buy a car because no employee discount…lol…Unless you’re the IDIOT that pays MSRP, a Bolt will be cheaper than a TM3…

The Bolt will & could Never be Cheaper than the Model3 No matter how much Discount you get on the Bolt…Because #1 Bolt is HALF the Car of a Model 3 ..So Even You You paid Double for a Model3 , it would still be at Par…

Yeah, not surprising at all. They are business to make a profit after all.

The anger from some here is laughable. This is commonplace in the industry.


Nissan has a better program then Costco.

VPP, for Employees their Friends and Family !!!

City, County, State, and Government Employees !!!!

I don’t say so, I know so. What does Costco or Nissan have to do with anything in my post?

So the employee has to use Costco haha !!

I bet that car will not be on the Costco Buyers list.

Wrong it’s already on the Costco auto site.

Good news for some. However I have done the Costco trip and the dealers do what the hell they want to do. It is quite insulting to Costco whom hardly audits the results. I say make your own deal, because the Costco price may or frankly may not be a good deal.

So the employee still has to use Costco haha.

They are no Tesla, and they are being foolish. Period!