Emmy Scooters Ride Sharing In Berlin Featured By Fully Charged – Video

JUN 28 2017 BY MARK KANE 2

Visiting Berlin, Fully Charged took the opportunity to check out Emmy scooters’ ride sharing scheme, which today offers some 150 electric scooters (with 200 more to be added in the future).

Emmy Scooter

As in case of car sharing, there is an app for Emmy – one that enables clients to both find and rent the bikes … and of course, unlock the helmet case.

Pricing depends on the minutes of driving, or  the total driven distance – the cheaper of the two rates will be charged (which is refreshing):

  • Driving: 19 cents per minute or 59 cents per started kilometer
  • Parking: 5 cents per minute (with deactivated ignition)
  • Daily package/cost per day: 24€ (and nothing more – max charge)

Fully Charged:

“”Yes, I didn’t wear a helmet, I rode the scooter 500 meters on private roads and I should have worn a helmet to avoid people ignoring what the episode was about and only commenting on my lack of helmet.

This episode isn’t about the scooters themselves, made in China of course, where there are an estimated 45 million on the roads.

This is about a very ingenious electric scooter ride share system in Berlin. It’s expanding fast and is already very popular, and you never have to plug them in!””


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2 Comments on "Emmy Scooters Ride Sharing In Berlin Featured By Fully Charged – Video"

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Micke Larsson

I was about to comment on the lack of helmet when seeing the picture of him without using it. It was the only reason I opened this article.

But then I read it anyway and got a smile on my face because of the scolding he had already gotten because of it. 🙂

marco loglio

Why the users do not have to plug in ? Thete is a battery exchange system like for the Gogoro e scooters?