Emirates Electric Road Trip, Shows Big Local EV Push – Video

MAR 18 2017 BY MARK KANE 9

Fully Charged recently visited the United Arab Emirates accompanied by an electric car rally.

And as it turns out, many oil exporters are trying their best to promote renewable energy sources and electric vehicles at home, which is not that easy when oil is so damn cheap.

Emirates Electric Road Trip | Fully Charged

Anyways, Emirates seems to already be the perfect market for high-end cars like Tesla, given wealth of many citizens. Eventually, all types and price-points of electric vehicles will get their chance to grab a foothold in the UAE, as growing big cities will need to lower emissions.

Emirates Electric Road Trip | Fully Charged

The Emirates Electric Road Trip was an amazing experience.  A combination of educational exercise, motivation to open new charging stations throughout the Emirates and a wonderful tour of an incredible area of the world.

The Emirates are investing more in renewables than you can literally poke a stick at.  They extract huge amounts of oil that they sell to us and they are using the money to create a long term, viable and sustainable energy infrastructure.

Okay, and they are building some ridiculously tall towers.  The EVRT team are organising a pan-European trip later this year. Details here: https://www.europeevrt.com

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Interesting and fun to view. Thanks Mark!

Post the sustainable city video link also. Pretty amazing.

Nice! I always like Robert.
Another Electric Road Trip:

Another OPEC country investing in EVs is Norway!!!

Norway is not a member of OPEC, although apparently it does “coordinate” with them.

It IS a Petroleum Exporting Country, however, and is THE world leader in EV adoption!

This is concerning to me, in that Exxon, Chevron and BP, are Not doing this.

If you read oil focused web sites, you’ll see absolutely nothing on future tech. It’s a lesson in how corporations die. Why incumbents get replaced.

Especially, companies like Shell and BP, that used to promote ‘Shell Solar’, and ‘BP Solar’, back when it was too expensive for most Individuals, and even for Businesses! Now that Solar is generally more affordable, where are they advertised?

Great stuff ;). Beautiful scenery, fine music and great to see amazing progress in the Middle East

0.99c for solar electricity? How could petrol compete with that? 20x cheaper than what I am paying.