Elon Musk’s Resume Condensed Down To Just One Page – Here It Is


A company by the name Novoresume took a stab at condensing Elon Musk’s resume down to just one page as an example of how even the most accomplished individuals can actually put out a solid one-page resume.

Elon Musk, who is Tesla’s CEO, CEO and CTO of SpaceX, and Chairman of SolarCity, certainly has a lot of work-related achievements, but Novoresume still manages to capture the majority of those accomplishments on the single-page resume seen above.

Source: Novoresume via Teslarati

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He certainly will never need it.

Nice format btw.

Very good point.

We’re gonna need a bigger card.

Very nice format.

IMHO, Musk is actually more of a futurist with an excellent background in the sciences and a vision that matches what science informs us is happening and what is possible for humans to implement.

When combined with his personal wealth and reputation/business acumen makes it possible for him to actually implement the future as he sees it.

Degree in Economics certainly help here.

Because not only he understands the science behind it (Physics degree), he also understands what it takes to make it economically viable.

That is why Tesla got a different business model.

“Insisted on using carbon fiber composite materials in the hull..”

did I miss a memo?


That’s referring to the Tesla Roadster. That section of the resume is more than a bit outdated!

With his spectacular string of accomplishments, Mr. Musk would have no need to pad his resume, as Novoresume has done. For example: “Developed the Falcon 9 spacecraft which replaced the space shuttle when it retired in 2011.”

A much more factual summary would be “Lead the design team for the Falcon 9 heavy-lift spacecraft, and currently competing to develop a manned spacecraft to replace the now-retired Space Shuttle.”

I thought he also speaks French?

He had to study Afrikaans in grade school but does he really speak it after living outside of South Africa for 27 years?

He comes from an English speaking home.

Wouldn’t a simple business card do by now?

No one would hire him, over qualified.

I doubt Musk speaks Afrikaans. He was first-gen South-African born to an Anglophone family that emigrated from Canada; the vast majority of South African whites were never bilingual.

Whoa whoa… Time management?! Tesla doesn’t exactly have a reputation of a company that sticks to its schedules as promised by Musk.