Elon Musk’s X.com Website Comes To Life

Elon Musk


Elon Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk (Image Credit; flickr via Brad Holt)

Even though Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk had no plans for the use of his reacquired x.com, he’s already staying up late at night working on it.

Though, as we previously reported, Musk purchased back the rights to his former bank website, x.com, it has not been online for a number of years. The domain was simply set aside and left inactive. Musk has already decided to change that, and with his regular dose of comedy, he took to Twitter to let the world now that x.com is already launched.

The funny part is that it probably received millions of views. Of course, everyone would want to see what “verbose” message Musk took the time to put online, and what direction the “new” website is headed. Upon clicking on the link, one finds a simple lowercase “x” in the top left corner of a plain white page. Yep folks, six lines of basic HTML code, apparently written by Musk himself.

No need to worry, however, Musk seems to have plans to add some code. He said it will be fixed Saturday, whatever that means (it remains unchanged at time of press). In reply to a previous Tweet, Musk agreed with a commenter saying that it may be a good place to function as a hub for all of his other websites/business ventures. Sort of an “Elon Musk dot com” of sorts.

The amount of comments fueling Musk’s joke was endless. Joking about his minimal HTML coding, someone from GoDaddy Inc. (an American publicly traded Internet domain and web hosting company) offered Musk some assistance. Musk’s only question was, “What does GoDaddy mean?”

While this has all amounted to a bunch of silly fun and games for now, we can rest assured that whatever Elon has up his sleeve will likely be pretty amazing. It will be interesting to see what comes of x.com. We will keep our eyes on the site and Musk’s multitude of humorous Tweetage to fill you in when something more significant appears.

What do you think Elon plans to do with x.com? Do you have any masterful ideas to share?

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12 Comments on "Elon Musk’s X.com Website Comes To Life"

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I think Elon will create his global bank, just as was his plan before PayPal was sold. Looking forward to X.com IPO, I’ll be ready…

Not saying he doesn’t want a bank or an in-house Tesla Financial Arm, just not sure “www.X.com” makes sense to that end…

X.com would best serve a product/service that you want to increase hype for…

One should note that he said he’d fix the verbosity, which he did. He removed all of the HTML. The source of the page is just the letter x. Also, it appears that the 404 page is just the letter y.

What does it all mean!?!?

And, where is ‘Z’?

Nice. I think I just had a flashback.

Maybe there is a hidden S and E in there somewhere. xD

I put a space before x.com hoping it would bring me to spacex.com but it didn’t. 🙁

😀 😀 😀

Your joke is much funnier than Elon’s… but won’t be seen by nearly as many!

Man, that’s the fastest loading website EVER!
What’s Musk’s coding secret?

Educated guesses:
– “X” would be a great reference for interconnectivity – is this the beginning of a world-wide satellite-based internet provider?
– Or it might be the “Streaming Music provider” Elon talked about before? (comparable to Spotify, Rdio, etc.)

Hehe, that’s funny because I actually ping/speed tested it when I saw it.


…faster than 99% of sites, (=

Is he a fan of the great video game series?