Elon Musk: Widespread Rollout Of Model S Software Version 7.0 With Autopilot To Begin This Thursday


7.0 Coming Later This Week

7.0 Coming Later This Week

Later this week, Tesla’s Version 7.0 software will go from the beta testing phase (small group of select Model S owners) to widespread release.

According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, software 7.0 with some Autopilot functionality will be pushed out over the air starting this Thursday to Model S owners in the U.S. (and probably even worldwide).

We should note that 7.0 is not full Autopilot. Here’s how IEEE Spectrum explains the features available with latest update:

“Tesla’s beta testers will indeed be drivers, not merely passengers, because Autopilot 7.0 represents only a small step up from the previous package of driver assistance systems. It will manage lane-keeping, mind the gap to the car in front and behind, and handle much of the braking and acceleration. But testers will still have to oversee all operations and register their alertness—if only for legal purposes—by hitting the turn signal indicator every so often.”

Tesla Model S w/ Autopilot

Tesla Model S w/ Autopilot


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A small step for Tesla…a giant leap for transportation.

Tesla is paying catch up here. Other manufacturers have had this technology for years.

Yes but they are going to go much farther than anyone has ever gone before.

Three Electrics and No comment are paid shills from Big Oil.

For telling the truth? Then count me toward being payed by the oil industry… It’s nice to be back on their good side considering that I’m barely using any oil at all. 😛

Tesla have been talking about the Autopilot like it’s something special. It hasn’t been and still isn’t anything special.

Let’s wait until they actually come with something special that other car companies hasn’t done before we drool and giggle like school girls on a 1D concert (or whatever is hot for the moment).

It will come… so just be patient. Keep the premature ej..ehum..celebrations until then, I promise the nerdgasm will be a lot better then. 😉

I take the part about getting back on their good side. It’s not even tasteful as a joke.

What do you thing Lego is made of? An algea?
Buy your kids wooden toys if you want to be “green”.

Unicorn sprinkles? If you don’t know the story it was about getting Lego to stop collaborating with one of the nastiest companies on the planet.
Lego did the right thing (after being pushed hard in that direction) and they are also moving toward replacing the fossil oil used to produce the lego in 2030.
But even now the impact is small since it doesn’t take much oil to do the small lego parts, they can be used for a long time and are recyclable.

Don’t worry about the kids around me, we have plenty of old lego which has been around to most relatives around me depending on the ages and interests of the kids. Castles, princeses, firefighters, trains etc. never gets old. And once in a while I or someone else buy a new addition to the “collection”. Joy and comfort always comes first, but those can easily go hand in hand with sustainability almost always if you want it to.

Nothing hurts like stepping on a Lego piece with bare feet in the middle of the night.

A correct assessment.

The ad hominem attack is flattering, but false. I haven’t purchased gas in three years. All of my cars are powered by hydroelectric and wind energy. I contribute substantial sums to climate NGOs. I don’t work in any auto, climate, or energy-related industry.

While I appreciate the past contributions of fossil fuels to the industrial revolution, I hate, hate, HATE the oil and gas industries, and wish them a quick and painful death.

However, that doesn’t stop me from telling the truth, poking at fanboyism, or declining to worship Tesla or EVs unconditionally. For example, EVs powered exclusively by coal are dirtier than many non-SUV ICEs (http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/15/automobiles/how-green-are-electric-cars-depends-on-where-you-plug-in.html), and I’m not afraid to acknowledge that. If this website is circle-jerk only, please direct me to one more tolerant of diverse opinions.

Just ignore him, most everyone else does.

You really need to stop quoting the NY Times…

Updated information for lifecycle carbon emissions of EVs compared to ICE vehicles, using a wide variety of grid resources, concludes that BEVs are 54% cleaner– even using all coal for their electricity, compared to an ICE. Don’t forget that the ICE also uses electricity to make a refinery function to make gasoline. The percentage of cleanliness improves to up to over 75% when using non-carbon sources for powering a BEV. So, stop repeating FUD from the fossil fuel industry.

In short: Kneel down and worship BEVs, b1tch.

I’m not sure you actually read this study. The numbers you cite are aggregated at the national level, where less than 40% of electricity comes from coal. Nobody is disputing that, averaged across the entire US, BEVs beat ICEs. My specific assertion above relates to states which predominately use coal for their electricity. By the way, the EPRI is a “big utility” trade group. While this doesn’t make the report untrue, it does cause raised eyebrows in certain circumstances, like the assumption, made in this report, that coal plants will have advanced carbon capture technology in place by 2020. The goal of this group is to promote electricity for every and all uses, including transportation–and, thus, they omit reasonable competitors from their analysis, like hybrids, PHEVs, BEVs and FCEVs. That is why I primarily prefer unbiased sources such as the DOE and New York Times. It’s easier to get the big picture without having to depropagandize every little thing. Don’t fall for it. The NYT and DOE are pros at catching this stuff. They don’t swallow spin easily, and produce reports that, while not perfect, are more free from rookie mistakes.

NYT unbiased….. HAHAHA.

Yeah really, give me a break.
Even making such a statement is a pretty good indication that you have no, Miss Scarlet in the Kitchen with the Rope, Threelectrics, that’s a clue. Get one.

As a political conservative I myself appreciate Three electrics resistance to the Tesla fanboys. We and I mean we will never get electric cars to take off if the best car the industry can come up with is a $100K behemoth. Don’t get me wrong I love the Model S, but how many people can afford one? I myself drive a Volt and a Focus BEV. Those are both much more affordable cars that we as electric car enthusiests should be pushing.

Playing catch up last year and taking the lead this year 😉

Leading from behind?

How is this different than what’s been available on Mercedes cars for over two years already? And as for the lane-changing technology, why is this better than changing the lanes myself? It’s not as if the car will read my mind — I still have to do something in order to get it to change lanes. So how is that better than the apparently burdensome thing to change lanes? It’s a little bit like these self–parking features that have been available on many cars for several years already — I just never use them. What’s the benefit?

I love it when others project their wants and needs on others.

Perhaps you don’t drive as much as I do… I would love to have some help driving. The traffic is awful and I am tired of sitting in stop and go traffic switching between pedals at 20km/hr. Nothing is more tiring and unnecessary.

And for as much as some people think, the computer is regularly a better driver than a human. Just ask the airline industry.

Things have to be done incrementally and in small steps. You don’t expect them to roll out a fully automated car right from the get go do you? With every upgrade we are a step closer to fully automated self-driving cars.

BTW how does this upgrade handle lane changing on a two lane highway with on coming traffic?

And Mercedes can update the software over the air too? If they can why can’t they fix the diesel problem that they have on their cars?

and uh hasnt mercedes been in business for well over 100 years? how old is tesla again? 12 or 13? I would be embarrase if I were mercedes….and for more reason than one.

You don’t get it, do you? They want self-driving cars to eventually be totally autonomous. The current focus is getting the car to drive on a highway/motorway without user input. A car can’t automatically get from, say, exit 21 to exit 26 without user input unless the user changes lanes – or the car simply sits in the same lane the whole time no matter how slow the vehicle in front is going.

Hmmm, “Anton Wahlman”, now why does that name seem familiar? Ah yes, he’s one of the handful of people who regularly post Tesla-bashing articles at Seeking Alpha, presumably to promote his short-seller position. In fact, checking his profile at Seeking Alpha, I find that all of the articles he has posted within the past few months have attacked Tesla and predicted financial failure for the company. You can tell that just from the titles, and below is the unedited, complete list of “Latest Articles on Short Ideas” which appears in his Seeking Alpha profile (no, I’m not providing a link, because this guy whose job is bashing Tesla gets a penny-per-click for continually predicting Tesla’s failure and downfall): “The Delivery Estimates Are Rolling In: Did Tesla Miss The Quarter?” “Tesla’s Model X Non-Launch Points To Financial Shortfall” “Tesla 2015 Delivery Prediction, And The Chevrolet Bolt Monkey Wrench” “Soccer Mom Sticker Shock: Tesla Prices Model X Signature At $133,200 And Up” “Report Claims Mercedes Ditches Tesla And Upgrades Electric Car To 310 Miles Of Range” * * * * * Now, actually I do agree with Anton on his point that the semi-automated lane changing feature seems to be a “driver… Read more »

You have chosen to rip Tesla AGAIN with no knowledge of what Tesla will add—-

Elon recently said they were working on autonomous passing of a slower automobile—

Just think of where Tesla will be in 5 years compared to ANY other car-maker on Earth or Mars—

What’s the benefit of a semi-automatic transmission? You still press a button to shift. So pointless. I don’t understand why Formula 1 uses them.

It’s a computer-controlled maneuver v a manually-controlled maneuver. If the software is good, the computer-controlled maneuver is not only easier for the driver, it’s more precise and safer.

Anton, both you and Mark Spiegel are nothing more then professional Tesla stock shorters.

You have absolutely NO insights to give and you only post to vainly try and depress Tesla’s stock because you have a financial interest in doing so.

Both of you are the epitome of the inherent conflicts of interest that pervade and corrupt out financial systems and by doing so distort markets.

You represent a corrupt way of self-enrichment, whereas Elon Musk/Tesla is changing things on the ground now for the betterment of future generations.

Would have liked to have had this autopilot feature yesterday when I drove a 320 mile stretch of I-95.

Ah, you should have waved as you went by. I live about ¼ mile from I-95.

It’s going to be interesting to see reports on how well the lane-keeping functions. I remember a post not so long ago from someone who said his (non-Tesla) car had a lane-keeping driver assist feature, but it performed so poorly that he shut it off./

I bought the Tesla without autopilot, I don’t know if it will be useful, unless it is fully automatic and the laws support it and we are quiet far from that, for now I only see it as a gadget.
If it prof it value, I will order it

I am in the same position and don’t quite understand what “manage lane assist” means. Will it change lanes and steer by itself? Currently, low speed adaptive cruise is almost worth the 3k, itself. Where GM only goes down to 30mph, Tesla does some measure of stop and go, on its own. I don’t need the high speed automation, compared to that but might be over the edge on activating the sensors, if self-steering is good enough.

To me the tech package is the one item I would not want to miss out on. I tried stop and go commute traffic with the automated cruise control part and it works great. While BMW may have already had that for years, that doesn’t help me in a tesla and BMW has nothing like it, since I don’t want an eGolf (i3) nor a sexy looking sportyPrius (i8). I want the automated parking / summon feature. the lane changing may become more interesting when it’s really a ‘pass car’ function that optimally uses speed and acceleration to safely give me the first mover advantage. And the over the air upgrades are making this a continually improved experience…

As originally described, it’d have lane keep (following the lines on the road) plus would allow lane changes by pressing and holding the turn signal for a couple of seconds (2 seconds being the minimum time you should signal before you change lanes). Combined with the adaptive cruise that (theoretically) would mean driving highway exit to exit without using the wheel or pedals.

I agree, most of the tech Tesla uses has been out there for a while.
I like to compare Tesla to Apple.
Before Apple came out with iPhone the smartphone with touch screen was already there for years (but it sucked big time)
So that is what Tesla is doing for the car, most of the things they implement into the car have been there for a while it is just that they suck big time. So tesla is not inventing the auto park or lane keeping just making it way better and cooler 🙂

Tesla’s first task was to establish trust in electric technology by manufacturing responsive and reliable vehicles. Now that they have a distinguished reputation and are financially sound as a result, they can respond to raised expectations.


Yes, other automakers (Porsche, Mercedes, Cadillac, Volvo, etc) have had these features for a while. It is good to see Tesla get them too.

They can be helpful to reduce driver workload, but are very much in their infancy and imperfect.

The Tesla adaptive cruise control, for example, brakes and accelerates harder to maintain a “flow of traffic speed” than a skilled driver would in the same scenario. But its a great first step and I’m sure they, and everyone else, will refine these systems over time so that they are very smooth, reliable and useful.

I think one of the biggest issues, yet to be resolved, is how much driver assist features help, and how much they lull the driver into a sense of complacency, inattention and possibly somnambulism.

See also: The automation paradox.

It’s been studied enough: automation makes drivers less safe in situations that the automation can’t handle, but improves safety overall.

Ford Fusion Energi has offered adaptive cruise control, automatic parallel parking, guide lines in the rear view camera display, etc. for at least a couple of years now. Another thing my 2014 Energi has that I find very useful is the “vehicle in blind spot” indicator LEDs integrated into the side mirrors. My understanding is the Model S does not yet have these built in – I hope the Model X has them as in my experience it materially contributes to safe driving.

On a side note, Ford allows you to put your own wallpaper on the infotainment screen, which is really fun.

Is this for ALL Tesla model S owners?? Every S out there will get this update?

No, older Model S’s lack the hardware for “Autopilot” functions. Tesla’s driver assist functions require hardware; a suite of sensors (radar and ultrasonic sensors), which apparently were not installed in production Model S’s until Sept. 2014 (see Tesla Motors Club discussion linked below).

I think the interesting question is this: Is it possible to get a Tesla service center to retrofit this sensor suite into an older Model S? Inquiring minds want to know…


Every S with autopilot feature hardware.

Driving hardware cannot be added by Tesla at least. The car is either pre or post hardware.

I’m confused. How is this any different from lane keeping assistants and adaptive cruise control that many other cars have, recently even some models that cost maybe a third of a Model S?

Um, this automation goes to 11!