Elon Musk: Upcoming Easter Egg Will “Uncork Full Performance” Of Tesla Ludicrous Mode


Upcoming Easter Egg To Unlock Full Potential Of Ludicrous Mode

Upcoming Easter Egg To Unlock Full Potential Of Ludicrous Mode

During a Tweet storm yesterday afternoon, Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that an apparently even higher performance mode will soon be available for the Model S & X P100DL.

Taking Ludicrous level to a new extreme, Musk says that there will soon be an Easter egg that will uncork Ludicrous’ full performance.

The P100DL already performs at the extreme edge of insanity, but apparently there’s more to uncork.

Additionally, the Tweet storm including several mentions of the Tesla Model 3. We’ll post some of the Tweets here for you to ponder:

Elon Musk On Solar Roof For Model 3

Elon Musk On Solar Roof For Model 3

And lastly, for those wondering if Musk really sits at his computer for several hours just to interact on Twitter, here’s your answer:

Musk On Who Responds Under His Name On Twitter

Musk On Who Responds Under His Name On Twitter

Hat tip to Daniel Z!

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Stupendous mode?

Anyway, if Tesla reveals it. it isn’t really an Easter egg is it?

Elon tweeted it will be something like light tartan.

Do cowbells come in plaid?

Full plaid mode – my thoughts exactly! 😉

No, Elon comment later today that Played is still for next Roadster so it will go even faster 😮

That was BEFORE 375k+ preorders…

thank you elan for the oportunity you gave me by sending me a huge email answer . i hope your plans goes big as youve wished

sincerly yours

Elon may have elan, but they are not interchangeable.

Love how reprogrammable Tesla Vehicles are. 🙂

No doubt!

I suppose we can look forward to even more Teslas launching themselves from parking spaces, through walls and into buildings. It’s funny that Tesla’s presume the driver is always right, even while pitching Autopilot as beneficial because “the driver isn’t always right.”

Unapologetic Hokum! You could launch yourself somewhere.

What are you even talking about? Do you ever say anything that isn’t a load of tosh? People have been hitting the wrong pedal and launching cars into buildings for years; it just doesn’t make nationwide news when it’s a common vehicle that does it.

Wow, that’s some pathetic trolling right there.

From all your serial Tesla bashing, Four Electrics, it seems you hate Tesla Motors and its cars. Yet you also claim to have bought one and claim you drive it regularly.

Which set of lies are we supposed to believe?

keeping the hype flame burning

When hype has substance, is it really hype?

OK, so the electric motors have a rated power and torque output, does this mean that the batteries cannot deliver the full power required to achieve those values? Whether it is 60kwh or 100kwh, if the motor required 200kw, wouldn’t it be that the 60kwh could only deliver that power for ~20mins, but the 100kw battery could deliver it for about ~30mins before being depleted? I realise the Tesla have bigger motors than 200kw, so this is just an example, if the motors are 800kw, then the time to depletion is faster. So basically, are the Tesla owners being ripped off because the stated power of the motors is not really being made available? In fact you would expect the 60kwh version to go better as there is slightly less inertia to overcome. Sorry I’m not an electrical engineer so interested to know if this is all just software limiting or if there is a real reason why the smaller batteries cannot deliver peak power that the motor demands. Maybe 800kw of power just melts the wiring, or something, then how does 100kwh system get around that issue? In my Leaf the motor is 80kw and the 24kwh battery appears… Read more »

Since some time back Tesla isnt righting on There website how many horsepower the cars have so we dont know, but before they rated then at 780 hp wish is about 582 kW. If the motors was pulling out this continuously the battery would be empty in about 10 minutes but you would also have a speed of several hundreds mph. This would also mean huge temparatures so tesla have to minimise the power output after some time to cool down the car.

How much the batteries can deliver is a chose between performance and battery life, you could take out a lot of power from a tesla battery in short time but it will damage the battery. Tesla probebly planed to do this from the beginning with the P100D but they wanted to sell some so that they got more testing on how the battery would be in different situations and now then they have got some deliver they are starting to get so data back there they see that they are able to take out more power without hurting the battery.

Thanks, that is what I thought. But essentially it still seems like 10sec at maximum power output should take in the same maximum power delivered to the motors, so you would expect them all to be able to have the same 0-60mph performance.
Even “over clocking” the motors would be the same.
Imagine if all Tesla could do same 0-60 speed? Then the differentiations would be range and possibly luxury.
That would make a lot of Tesla owners very happy!
Just had another thought, maybe the individual cells can only deliver a specific maximum power output, so the difference between vehicles is the fact the bigger battery has more cells, therefore more aggregate available power.

“maybe the individual cells can only deliver a specific maximum power output, so the difference between vehicles is the fact the bigger battery has more cells, therefore more aggregate available power”

That is the correct answer. Electric motors don’t really have maximum power ratings, if you give them more power they will make more power. But, they are limited by heat dissipation, so unless they may only be able to make that power for a limited time.

Batteries however do have limits on the maximum current output relative to the size of the battery, usually expressed a the “C” rating. Different battery types have different C ratings and it is often a trade-off, a battery with a high capacity may have a lower C rating.

It seems likely that the Tesla power output for a short time (like drag racing) are limited by the battery current available. So the bigger battery cars have more peak power. For longer periods, eg a roadrace course, either motor cooling or battery cooling, or even possibly inverter cooling will be the limiting factor.

My apologies to all readers for all the typos. I sure wish there was a preview or edit function for comments here.

They should simply adopt disqus or some other ready made framework. Failing that, at least adopt the simple editing policy they use: a post may be edited if and only if there are no replies to it. (Allowing editing after others have replied is clearly not without problems, since it can potentially be used to completely change the context of those replies, making them appear in any way a troll/other abuser wants.)

Jason wrote:

“…maybe the individual cells can only deliver a specific maximum power output, so the difference between vehicles is the fact the bigger battery has more cells, therefore more aggregate available power.”

That’s closer to the truth, but still an oversimplification. Several things limit the power available to an EV’s traction motor(s), including the power electronics, most notably the inverter. And Tesla once said it upgraded the available power by upgrading powertrain’s main fuse, so that’s another link in the chain. As they say, “a chain is only a strong as its weakest link”. That certainly applies here.

It’s possible to overload a motor just like you can over clock a CPU.
300 % for a short (very short) period is common.
These already occur on all single speed electric motor with across the line voltage starter.
The inverter mapping can do that, but the motor have to stand it and the battery has to deliver it too.
This is walking on thigh rope, because pushing the envelope demand critical and precise monitoring of parameter.
The main limiting factor, AFAIK, is the battery.

At these levels of performance the real limiting factor may be tire adhesion. At some point if you’re going to put more power to the pavement you’re going to have to come up with more grip or you’ll just go up in smoke or lose momentum due to wheel spin

The only time you really hit the power limits are if you are accelerating at the max, or if you were traveling at very high speed while towing something behind you. You cannot accelerate from 0 to infinite, and likewise accelerating 0 to 100+ MPH then slamming on the brakes and repeating over and over is not a realistic situation either, unless you happen to be racing a Tesla in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. Thus, this is not a practical limit that people hit. In my Leaf, I rarely hit 80 KW of power unless I stomp on the accelerator, then my wife yells at me to let her know first or slow down. Likewise, when traveling at a consistent highway speed I average about a 20 KW draw. In the case of a Tesla P100D, under max acceleration you are probably hitting between 500 to 600 KW, but then once st cruising speed on the highway about 20 to 25 KW average. So, unless you have a Tesla loaded to the max with passengers and heavy gear, along with towing a loaded trailer designed to be an aerodynamic brick, and heading up a 60 mile long steep… Read more »

Will they draw racing stripes on the screen?

Checkered Flags

Solar embedded as an option, that’s great, I really wanted that on my Model 3.

On deployable solar panels, that is something I would like to apply to a motorhome. Indeed when it is parked it could use a scissor like system deploying on its roof with multiple photovoltaic panels layers attached to it. The scissor could also pull a bar unfolding a roll of flexible solar panels. It would go very high like 10 m, 15 m or even 20 m. By security there would be an anemometer measuring wind speed that would send an automatic retraction signal from a certain threshold point of wind speed. In the same time, there could be a sun tracker. Additional flexible solar could be used for the top of the side tent extensions. With such a system it would be possible to generate enough energy in order to move to a next spot each two or three days in a never ending holiday with zero gas bill. Only sunshine electricity and miles. The motorhome itself would be fully electric for everything, so no gasoline and no gas bottles.

It sounds to me like they’re planning a convertible roadster, with a retractable solar hardtop… That would be pretty cool.

It hasn’t been that long ago that Elon said something like “Solar cells belong on the roof of your house, not your car”, and pointed out that solar cells on a car would be in shade most of the time.

Surprising to me that Elon has changed his tune so completely on this. As has already been mentioned, the amount of additional miles provided by such solar cells would be minimal, so is it really worth the expense?

On the other hand, for Tesla cars left parked without being driven for an extended period (weeks or months), this would reduce or eliminate the long-term “vampire drain” of the battery pack.


It’s never too late to change your mind.

Maybe the tech arguments were outcompeted by the money arguments…

(strangely I consider myself a tech guy and still like the idea of a solar roof (on a car and everywhere…. ))

Amazing. Tesla delivers the quickest mass produced car ever (more or less), and then later, over the air, makes it even faster?!?

Gear heads routinely spend thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars to bump up the performance of their cars, but these lucky Tesla owners will just wake up one day soon and get it without spending a dime extra.

So impressive.


It is as tragic as comedic to watch someone who can’t swim desperately try to stay afloat. Don’t they realise that frantically beating the water only makes matters worse? Simply treading it, calmly, would save them.

Time to ask for your reservation money back, perhaps.

Good luck with your short position on TSLA, as I sincerely hope you lose a lot of money.

+ Infinity & Beyond. 🙂


He’s a legend in his own mind. Nothing to say, yet saying it anyway.

A rebel without a clue.

The “egg” might be a capacitor box then?

If he didn’t sleep in a sleeping bag by the assembly line, then maybe he wouldn’t need Ambien.

At these levels of performance the real limiting factor may be tire adhesion. At some point if you’re going to put more power to the pavement you’re going to have to come up with more grip or you’ll just go up in smoke or lose momentum due to wheel spin

Not really. They still have a performance issues at high speeds. So there’s much room for improvement here.

It’s an Easter egg, it will be art/graphics like the lotus sub or the rainbow road, not a new feature

Definitely not what Elon said. A new screen image won’t “uncork the performance” of the car. Looks like Elon has a broader definition for “easter egg” than what the term generally indicates.

0-60 in 1.9 seconds?

I wouldn’t expect to cut more than .1-.3 seconds off the 0-60 mph time. I predict the S P100DL will go from running 2.5 sec 0-60mph to 2.3 sec 0-60 mph.

Traction is the main issue to 60 mph in these cars. It’s hard to improve traction in software (unless the old traction control s/w is dumb, which is definitely not the case for Tesla).

I’d expect quarter mile improvement with very little or no 0-60 improvement.

Get ready for a another slew of Drag Times and street race videos.

Isn’t it already fast enough?!