Elon Musk Tweets: Model 3 To Launch In ~2 Years – China & Europe Could Get Factories To Support Demand


Elon Musk Tweets

Elon Musk Tweets

Tesla Model 3 Price Target Is $35,000 Before Incentives

Tesla Model 3 Price Target Is $35,000 Before Incentives

In response to some of Elon Musk’s recent comments related to China (see story here), Tesla’s CEO took to Twitter to clarify a few statements.

Basically, Musk is saying that if there’s sufficient local demand for the Model 3 in China and Europe, then both regions will get their own factories.  If demand isn’t there, then Tesla will continue only constructing cars here in the U.S.

The whole purpose of local production is to drive down in-market prices.

Perhaps more importantly, Elon Musk once again re-confirmed that the Model 3 is due out sometime in late 2017.

As Musk says in his last Tweet, none of this is news, as he’s made similar statements in the past, but since his comments were transcribed incorrectly, he’s just trying to clear things up.

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He does like precision in reporting…

Also, the stock jumped up nearly three percent.

When ever musk is a little light on cash (if that’s even possible), he just gives out 1 tweet… and hey pesto, stock money!

Do you mean he sold some stock?

Model S’s will be had for in the 40’s and high 30’s by the time M3 comes out

Model S’s will be in the low $50k’s and $40k’s next year

some already are but most CPO’s will be

For the same Price $$$, Many Would buy Brand new Model 3… I know I will if it meet my criteria……Cheers all!

I agree. I would rather have a new model 3 (which I assume is lighter than 4000 lbs) than a used model S.


Why the car weight is so important we never carry them?


I keep my eye out on the CPO site and we are holding steady at 62K for a plain jane 85’s.

You can get down to 59 if you will take a 60.

I think the used plain Jane 85’s are the best bang for the buck.

5.5 0-60 is all you need
anything more is just ticket time.

next best bang is a new 70D….and it has pretty decent range also.

Your numbers are a bit high, I am seeing 3 yr old P85s with 40k miles sell for $59k… similar 60s are around $50k and 85s are $55… when the Model X actual starts production we will see those numbers come down quite a bit as Tesla will be sitting on 2000 CPO cars instead of 200 CPO cars

Whenever the stock tanks, Elon appears to pump it up again. I’m surprised the SEC hasn’t put the kibosh on this sketchiness.

Oh, please. There is an old saying about keeping your mouth shut so people will only think you a fool. Well now you have removed that doubt.

I don’t 0wn stock.. But.., He’s doing the right thing., Just a reminder…., nothing wrong 0r unlawful about that, wether done purposely 0r not …I guarantee if you owned tock you’d appreciate it!

The Stock has Far from tanked!

Tesla currently has a negative cash flow. The stock is very speculative. This is the kind of stock most investors shy away from. Tesla can’t make expenses with earnings so it has keep borrowing money. Elon has to continually generate excitement to keep the money flowing in. The company probably won’t show a profit for at least five years. If the Model 3 doesn’t sell in the hundreds of thousands Tesla will never be able to pay off the gigafactory. Tesla doesn’t have capital reserves of an legacy auto manufacturer like Volkswagen or General Motors. One miss step, one scandal or one major recall and Tesla could come down like a house of cards. But people have been predicting Tesla’s demise ever since it went public. And Tesla is definitely leading a change for the better in the automotive industry. I think a lot of investors feel that even if they lose their investment what Tesla is trying to do is worth the gamble.

Wasn’t GM bankrupt a couple of years ago? What money are you talking about?


“Whenever the stock tanks, Elon appears to pump it up again. I’m surprised the SEC hasn’t put the kibosh on this sketchiness.”

Seriously, you’re suggesting a business exec talking hopefully about the future of his own company should be illegal?

Why don’t you move to North Korea? That’s about the only country left with oppression as strong as what you apparently want.

Hahahaha! +10, good one.

So basically you want to ban telling the truth in case it has adverse effects on the stock market?

Is this a surprise to anyone? Local production of Tesla cars was always something they planned to do. Not to move all production to China.

Knowing him, the so called 2 years will turn into 3.5 years…

I hope not. I know delivery dates have missed by large margins, but let’s not forget Tesla had to learn how to become a successful car company in a very short period of time. This is an amazing accomplishment within the time frame. With any luck, they will have learned from their mistakes.

I personally feel that the Model X was conceived to build up demand when Model S demand softened. However, Model S demand never softened, so there was no strong motivation to get the Model X out ASAP. Instead, they put resources into streamlining the factory and making the Model X better, even before putting it into production.

Model 3 has no such inter-dependency with another car model, instead it has inter-dependency with the Gigafactory. They have to finish the engineering and tooling for the car concurrently with bringing the Gigafactory online.

That is what Powerwall is for. They need some way to sell excess batteries produced by the Gigafactory prior to the release of the Model 3 and during the ramp up phase.

The honest truth is that what Musk and his executive team are trying is really breath taking stuff. Unbelievably ambitious, but they seem to have a good medium to long term plan in place. The risk is enormous, but then again if it works it will cement their place in human history, not just automotive history!

BTW stockholders, I wouldn’t wait for dividends anytime soon. The second Gigafactory #1 is up and running along with the Model 3 production line, Gigafactories #2 through #10 will be on the way!

It is my tough also that model X was not so late as the media claim (and many commenters repeat without reflexion).
My opinion is the Model S was late because they didn’t really know this new territory of assembly line production and completely new design from a white sheet.
Model X was to complete the cash flow necessary to move on, but Model S was such a success that there was suddenly no hurry to get Model X out the door.
The doors were not so difficult but we’re the perfect pretext to justify the delays for customers who had reserved.
Model 3 is the main goal from the beginning, and won’t be late. Any delay will translate in millions of lost sales.

Mike I said:
“However, Model S demand never softened, so there was no strong motivation to get the Model X out ASAP.”

That sounds like revisionist history to me. Model S global demand was soft. Predicted strong demand for the Model S never materialized in China and most of Europe, especially Germany. Tesla needed to get the Model X out ASAP, but it was repeatedly delayed and Tesla missed their earnings guidance.

Model S sales:
2012 ~ 2K
2013 ~ 21K
2014 ~ 33K
2015 ~ 47K?

“Model S global demand was soft”

* scratches head *

Late 2017 = Late 2018. Tesla is terrible with deadlines.

Q4 2018 and possibly Q1 2019 will be Signature Series (unaffordable for most) pre-orders.

I don’t think we’ll see an affordable Model 3 for the masses until Q2 2019 or later.

TESLA…is an infant car builder . Logic would dictate , that All of These minor quirks are to be Expected ..They’re barely getting their Feet wet just now.. We need to realize that this is a “massive” undertaking , Starting it all from “SCRATCH” . Give them A chance . I Think they are doing a Great Job Thus far….. It’s so easy to criticize 0thers …

Any new news on when we will see the Model 3 concept? I was hoping to see it at the Detroit Auto Show in January, but have a feeling it may be later in 2016 in a different city.

I think Elon’s been quoted as saying the reveal would be March, and I’m doubtful Detroit will play any part of that.

If it’s March, then it could be the NY Auto Show.

That would be almost as good as the upcoming ticker-tape parade New York City is going to have. 😉

What do they use now, just shredded paper, since no one uses ticker tape anymore, as the last stock tickers went out of use in the early ’60’s?

Yep, plenty of shredded paper. But also adding machine paper rolls, toilet paper, reams of new copier/printer paper, newspapers, store circulars, and some store bought confetti and streamers.

Dot matrix printer paper (one continuous long piece that was perforated and folded into a stack and came in a box) was popular to throw at ticker tape parades, until dot matrix printers went the way of the stock ticker and dodo. It was also dangerous/scary, as people would just drop/toss a two foot high stack of DMP paper out a window and it would drop like a brick while the top unfolded like a streamer into the air/wind making the stack progressively smaller. If this was done from a top/high floor and/or very windy day, the entire paper stack would unfold and fly away before hitting the ground. If this was done on a lower floor and/or calm day, sometimes a partial stack would fall to the ground or onto people at a dangerously fast speed.

only in NYC.. guess they ran out of pennies..

I doubt the event will be at an auto show. Tesla seems to prefer throwing their own event, keeping the attention on their products.

CUZ Detroit is building cars with chimneys & still stuck in 1st gear!

Yes, Elon has said the Model 3 will be revealed in March of 2016. He has not said whether the reveal will be concept or production. More than likely a concept of Model 3, but their concepts are usually pretty close to what goes into production.

kdawg: March 2016, California – could be the location they did the Model X Reveal, and – you can put your deposit for a reservation down that night (the night the do the reveal!) Exactly what date in March – we don’t know yet, but will most likely be posted about 1-2 weeks prior (or Tweeted , Initially, in Elon Fashion!) In any case – the CTO has already said – a large number of engineers (design) have been moved over to the push for the Model 3 product! Gigafactory is the primary Key – the Pilot Plant, more Specifically, as that has to start making the new cells for the Model 3 Mules and Prototypes, well as for test vehicles! This plant will also be producing cells for some early power walls, too! All we know s far as to these new cell, is that they likely to be a bit larger diameter, and a bit taller, to put out more energy per cell, possibly with a bit more silicone in the cells! I would not doubt that Elon and JB want to increase the per Cell Capacity up from the current 3.1 – 3.4 Ah Panasonic Specs, possibly… Read more »

OK, all good, but when will Model X launch take place ? I mean people actually getting the cars they ordered.

The river must first trickle, before it flows… Rest assured, the flood will come.

*thumbs his nose at the likes of Bob cLutz and his ilk. * 😉

You Must Mean Mr. Right Place @ the Right Time. Bob Clutz…It’s time he retire @ Least 25yrs AGO ALREADY!!

I doubt they will choose the NY auto show….

GM has had integration vehicles on the road for several months and Tesla has a tweet. Whatever.

GM has massive recalls that don’t fix your vehicle, that catches on fire. Tesla updates over the air.

GM, Has Fake EV’s, Designed for Carbon Credit Purposes 0nly..They will not build a Legit EV unless they absolutely have no other Choice!

Eric needs to create a chart showing the timing of these type of tweets, overlay them with stock price or even opponents announcements.

Drill down and see what is revealed.