Elon Musk: Top Secret Tesla Master Plan Part 2 To Be Revealed This Week



Elon Musk

Elon Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk first published “The Secret Tesla Motors Master Plan (just between you and me)” way back in August 2006.

The gist of the plan was/is as follows:

  1. Build sports car
  2. Use that money to build an affordable car
  3. Use that money to build an even more affordable car
  4. While doing above, also provide zero emission electric power generation options

Don’t tell anyone.

Just the other day, Musk took to Twitter to reveal that he’s working on Part 2 of the “Top Secret Tesla Master Plan,” which he hopes to publish later this week.

We suspect that Part 2 will look further into the future, since all 4 parts from the first Master Plan have basically been met, that is, if the SolarCity deal gets finalized.

What does the far-off future hold for Tesla? Guess we’ll find out later this week when Musk tells the whole world…but it’s a secret, so shh…don’t tell anyone.

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Free Worldwide Broadband For Everyone!

A reference to the movie “Kingsman”.

“Tonight, Pinky, we’ll do what we do EVERY night…. plot to take over the world!”


Jay mentioned a “brute force” website attack, by some wild band of Ukrainians. Maybe they will bring in the Crimean Prosecutor, to help him out.

Just recently relaunched, and hopefully fixed…seems ok so far

/fingers crossed

Every plan looks better with Ginn.

It’s obvious plan 2.0 is heading toward the bus that is not a bus thing. The ultimate solution is shared vehicles. A gas minivan with 6 passengers is going to better than 6 Tesla’s with single occupants. ‘saving the planet’ requires eliminating single occupant vehicles as much as possible.

A hydocarbon burning vehicle is NOT going to be better, with regard to its pollution output than several non-hydrocarbon emitting ones, in its operation. Even if it reduces the number of cars on the road, the vehicle itself is emitting pollution every time it operates.

Well obviously Tesla not going to build a gas vehicle. But if you think larger and not just tailpipe emissions, in the saving the planet sense the 6 Ev’s with single occupants are horrible due to resources/pullution used to make the 6 vehicles, not all electric energy has zero atmospheric pollution impact, plus you have to think about fleet (all vehicles on the road) benefits by reducing congestion/traffic. The master plan has to be increase density of bodies in a single Ev.

I think you’re right on the money with vehicle sharing, except not a minivan (already the Model S/X can carry 7). Instead it will involve auto-pilot and “auto-dispatch”. Imagine if your Tesla was fully self driving capable, then it would be available all day to be self-driving passengers outside your commute. Then imagine it can pick up / drop off people en route in an optimized fashion, carrying multiple passengers all day. Tesla could own this ride share, and/or offer it as a software upgrade / service for those that are happy to have their car make them taxi income while they work their day jobs (i.e. Uber but without drivers). End result, far more Tesla EVs on the road, replacing ICEs at an accelerated pace, doing much more combined work, but actually less cars on the road and in parking lots in total.

oh good. Lets see how your plan is going since you have all the answers. Right?
I am sure that you will beat Musk into submission by your superior planning and efforts.

Top Secret Tesla Master Plan Part 2:

Optional rocket booster for the Model ≡, with plans for a future upgrade to a Mars transfer orbit booster, so buyers can help colonize Mars.

Yep. Now that really is vertical integration.

I see what you did there…


Vertical integration requiring use of NASA’s VAB (Vertical Assembly Building*)? :p

*Well darn, NASA renamed it the “Vehicle Assembly Building”. But still “VAB”.

Cheaply launch orbiting solar power stations to beam down to earth…

“Cheaply” ?

That’s exactly the problem with most of Tesla’s plans: Time and money.

You didn’t expect it to be free and take no time did you? This aint magic.

Well, it’s wild enough an idea without any physics to back it up that it will probably get him another $10 Billion in his pocket to play with for a few years. But, of course, it doesn’t make sense to do this.

More than likely, the idea is going to be pumping of something to do with SpaceX deploying the low earth orbit (LEO) satellites for internet access. However, is there value to that or just going forward with the 5G network that Verizon already has slated for the next 2-3 years?

I recall Elon saying space based solar power was unnecessary as we receive more than enough on the surface of the planet.

Launch Icarus to provide 24/7 light photons for Solar Panels to wipe out Oil !

Sports car that quiets all the critics (e.g. can keep up on the Nurburgring). Pickup truck. Driver-less car-sharing.

I’m sure I’m thinking too small. Whatever it is, I can’t wait to see it.

Sorry, gonna be critics regardless of what he does. Millions of armchair quarterbacks out there!

Yup. But as far as I’m concerned, the fact that no Tesla can run the track flat-out without limiting power is a concern. At least if you are trying to sell a sports car in Germany. I’d love to see them hit that target, and leave all the ICEVs in their dust. A sports car is so much more than drag racing.

A nice target for enthusiast to be sure, but the mainstream buyers are going to be driven by initial costs, functionality and reliability. That’s the stuff that’s going to bring home the bacon needed to make possible the developments needed to ‘smackdown’ the ICE vehicles at the tracks.

I’m not sure that the next Roadster will be a Supercar.

Previously Tesla has said that the next Roadster will be based upon the Model 3 chassis. That’s the more affordable chassis, with less aluminum, probably less performance, etc than the Model S.

I’m betting on it being more of a competitor to the BMW 2 Series, or Ford Mustang than a Porsche 911 competitor.

Which is fine by me, because we need more EV’s that are budget minded and marketable. Besides, the N-ring banned record lap attempts and put in speed limits after a nasty crash. N-ring speed records are a thing of the past.

He will give the name of the dude who sells him his wacky tobbaccy where he gets his ideas from.

Not in the plan but in the results:

Sell more debt and equity (a few billion every year) to keep the story going.

It really is amazing how much more interesting (and fun) the conversation is when the short-selling investor trolls don’t join in.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again:

Just because he has bad intentions doesn’t make what he is saying wrong. Tesla is a publicly trading company that sold a lot of shares of the company just to go and future projects. An example being Model 3 production.

Go back to Tesla’s IPO and then count the number of debt / equity rounds every year.

Now add the additional cash needs to keep SCTY going after the merger.

I’m stating facts.

Selling 300K Model 3s a year (conservatively) at a $5K per unit profit (conservatively) is $1.5 billion a year profit. That’s also a fact.

Toyota sells above 10 million cars/year with the highest operating margins in the sector and these price brackets (and above if we include Lexus).

Look at their valuation and compare with Tesla.

It’s about the future. Toyota is betting on hydrogen…

Look, if your SHORTS are squeezing your portfolio too hard, then perhaps you should consider redressing your entire financial package, to relieve some pressure!

You do realize that market(yes the market you ‘quick-buckers’ love so much) valuations are simply how those with vested interests in the companies feel about the future of said companies? They lay their money on future success, just like SOME lay their money on future failure.

That’s the game. Complaining about how these supporters feel, may be therapeutic for you, but its hardly likely to effect valuations much.

tftf said:

“Look at their valuation and compare with Tesla.”

Dude, if you keep losing money on your Tesla short stock investment, then wouldn’t it be a lot better for you to sell off that investment and stay out? Instead of continually whining about Tesla Motors on the Internet.

Better for you and better for InsideEVs. Is there some reason you don’t want to take a win-win action?

We, investors, don’t need you to keep repeating that broken record over and over and over again. We get it, dude! you are hopelessly loosing money these days because you are short, that’s your problem, not ours. You want Tesla to fail? Not us. Your incessant whining is useless to my ears and many others here. If you were so successful, you sure as hell would not waste our time here. You must have been a lonely child and an horribly whining one at that. The king that convinced your parents they did not want any more children. Get a life, somewhere else.

I hope we get some Model 3 tidbits revealed.

That would be nice, but I’m guessing he’ll need all the ammo he has for “Part 2” of the reveal. (I think scheduled for August.. not sure)

My guess is it’s about being more involved in the Hyperloop and drone based transportation. But as many I’am impatient to see it.

Musk wants to change the world, let’s keep that in mind with our predictions.
satellites giving internet and phone access anywhere in the world is one of them.
trucks maybe but sports car? yeah, but not so much. Moon station for producing/stocking fuel for Mars missions. Super efficient solar Pannels for a much cheaper price……

My bet:

New DC based electrical distribution system for off grid type installations:

– Solar power obviously
– Battery storage
– DC charging of EV’s
– No need for expensive inverters any more
– Reduced cost for electrical installations DC < 50 V for low power sockets like USB and lighting (LED)
– Only a very limited number of high power outlets would be needed for Air conditioning, Water heating etc.

This should reduce the cost of the electrical installation quite dramatically as well as getting rid of the Inverters and by doing so reduce the cost of the solar installation as well where the savings could be used towards the storage battery instead.
And as this is Elon’s plan I would not be surprised if he gets the suppliers of high power systems to switch to DC as well where the same high voltage/power DC needed for charging the EV could also power the Air conditioning etc…

If this is what he is up to it will actually be a bit anti Tesla…

Looking forward to see what he is up to this time…


Nice one! (of course it was MY idea and not Elon’s…)

While being a bit jealous about someone stealing my idea i am glad that it’s someone with the money and the drive to make it happen…

And being a bit anti tesla is not as bad in that special case i guess nikolai would be smart enough to accept a mixed system combining the best of both worlds if he knew what state of the tech allows for dc systems nowadays (and to be exact tesla is already anti Tesla in some way and at the same time dcdc conversion uses high frequency tech) from my point of view everything is fine 😉

Go Elon go!

I hope improvement in quick charge time is part of the master plan. 80% in 40 minutes is adequate but not brilliant. Half that time would be twice at good;) At least!

high speed Space X satellite integration in all Tesla’s

truck ! truck !truck

Sorry, did you stub your toe?

The last part of the plan is for Tesla to go full bore in the utility business.

First, put all the legacy automakers out of business.

Second, put all the utilities out of business.

Remember the chart Elon showed on how big a solar farm would be required to supply all the power in the US?

Think that big.


Sort of like Google fiber.

How about an EV RV? Or a power-assist travel trailer that is versatile enough to be a camper or tow your EV boat.

Solar powered wireless DC charging roadway overlay “pavers” for endless driving fun.

Tesla cars will fit inside a Hyperloop pod so that you can keep traveling at the end of the SF to LA run.

The possibilities are endless!

NO! Musk isn’t looking to put them UNDER. He’s looking to get them OVER, the hydrocarbon paradigm. By laying the foundation of long term, profitable sustainable transport and energy, Tesla will shift the energy use narrative faster.

Clean energy will become THE energy method of choice. Other players will then move quickly, as they’ll jump the ‘hydrocarbon burning’ ship to remain viable.

That’s weird, it booted my reply to ‘georges’ out separately.

Is this about the 100 X 100 mile solar “blue square”? I’m not seeing Tesla in the following storage deal, and wonder if/when they’ll compete with AES?

Tesla needs to strike a big **mainland U.S.** storage deal, and then brag about it. Announcements tend to be fraught with things like “Horsepower”, “Autopilot” and “End of Range Anxiety”.

If you don’t like the Solar City merger, you may not have much more time. He could announce a critical mass of institutional support, which would be tantamount to ‘yes’. Then, quarterly calls could become “Demand for PV Battery is so totally off the charts, we’ve had to make fewer Teslas.” -Can you just feel the analyst love?

I think it’s extremely likely Tesla’s going to wind up being a major player in California’s energy storage plans. They’re going to be the guys with location, delivery speed, pack volume(Gigafactory) and experience.

The quality, scalability and pricepoint of Tesla’s packs are going to make them the obvious choice for a lot of energy players.

As far as Solar City goes, access to high efficiency, clean energy collection to charge those packs, ie, a one stop shop to lower overall costs, sweetens the deal.

Integrated Pokemon Go app in all Model 3’s and an OTA update for all S and X vehicles. Coincidence that this game-changing app was just released Wed. and Musk is making his announcement later this week? I think NOT.

Where is the fast forward switch!

Actually, looking at other recent articles, it might be good business for Tesla to open a combo restaurant/Supercharger chain, with collision-proof buildings that can withstand numerous “sudden accelerations”.

“collision-proof buildings” To Protect the Restaurants from drivers with no idea where there feet are down there!

How about Full service: Restaurant/Motel/Supercharger (+Public DC QC)?

an electric ship. one big ship can pollute as much a million cars.


Only thing missing are the solar panels

Whatever it is most oil addicts are gonna hate, hate, hate

Pickup truck. Although I do think that GM will beat them to market again with a Volt style pickup.