Elon Musk Thanks Norway For Its Electric Car Support, Confirms “Some 400,000” Model 3 Reservations


A Look At The Tesla Model 3

A Look At The Tesla Model 3

Elon Musk In Norway

Elon Musk In Norway

While in Norway, Tesla CEO Elon Musk “delivered a heartfelt and grateful «thank you» to Christina Bu of the Norwegian EV Association” for the nation’s incredible support of electric cars, according to Elbil.no.

Quoting Musk:

“Norway is a world leader when it comes to electric mobility. Your political incentives represent a great catalyst for the fantastic EV adoption, and you have fought for sustainable transport for more than 20 years. Not to forget renewable energy.”

But then posed this question to Musk:

Q: Mr. Musk, how do you feel about 11,000 Model S vehicles having found their way to Norway?

Musk replied:

“Norway is a really important market for us, and the contribution from the Norwegian EV Association is highly appreciated. What you have done is very important for the transition to sustainable transport in general.”

Model 3 was brought up during the conversation too and it’s these comments from Musk that reveal how he truly feels about Model 3 mania:

“100,000 would have been an impressive number. Now, with some 400,000 pre-orders, the number is almost unbelievable. I can´t wait to bring it to Norway. The Model 3 was probably the real wake up call for the rest of the industry. No one seemed to care when the Roadster was launched.”

“Now the electric vehicle is finally nearing its real breakthrough.”

Source: Elbil.no

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Norway will begin phasing out the incentives in 2018. It’s not yet clear exactly in what fashion or over how many years, but car taxes will continue to favor more environmentally friendly vehicles over others, so hopefully the EV market share will continue to grow while the incentives are rolled back.

I just hope my Model 3 can be had while EVs are still exempt from import duties. Otherwise I may not afford it and have to cancel. And perhaps get an Ampera-e, which will be available before incentives are reduced, instead.

I doubt the Ampera-e makes it to Europe before the Model 3 by a large margin.

Tesla charges the US price plus shipping converted to local currency plus any local taxes.

Not so with Ampera. It was 45k Euro in 2012 or $67k USD while it was $40k with destination fee in the US at the time. Most of that $27k difference was not shipping and VAT.

Excellent news !!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 I hope Tesla will make a small size truck…That would be awesome !!!!!!!!!!


EV market share in Norway will not continue to grow at the current rate. It will reach 50% in 2017. 75% in 2018. 80% in 2019. 85% in 2020. Between 2020 and 2025 it will be somewhere between 90 and 100% depending on what companies will offer…

In 2025 Norway will finally prohibit the sale of ice.

Tesla is waking up many areas of the World. Europe can now see the problem with Diesel. Almost every area can see how great 100% Electric is. China is the biggest car market and is also going Electric.

“Now the electric vehicle is finally nearing its real breakthrough.” Which could actualy give some credence to suggestions that Elon Realy is thinking of a more down market, Even More Affordable car…the ‘Model 4’, but he is sharp enough to get at least the first 400,000 Model 3’s delivered, and at least a years worth of steady profitability, and both new Factory Space and additional Gigafactory’s in play, before bringing that into a solid confirmed plan!

If he was expecting just 100,000 up front reservations for the Model 3 at $35,000, and got 400,000, just imagine a 200+ mile range Tesla compact car, with a price half of the Model 3, sans any reference to Government credits or incentives!

At a price of $17,500, if they could envision and do that by 2021 or so, I imagine some 1,000 stores by then, with lines of over a thousand people each to put in a ‘Pre-reveal Reservation’, at…$500?

Over one Million Pre-reveal reservations would likely ensue, with 5 Million reservations before 1st deliveries, in something like 2023!

It would require some 10 Gigafactories for Cells & Battery Packs, plus 10 Fremont size Auto Factories to handle the order volume!!!

Waiting for launch and support from Indian Gov. Hope to see you soon on Indian roads!

Oh, the irony of Norway …. The green country who has not and is not benefiting rom oil. No not at all …. Where’s the anti-oil crowd now?

I guess it’s ok to keep making money of oil investments and using to significantly support EV incentive’s.

“not benefiting from oil” – Norway?

Are you kidding? Norway produces and exports oil. They are also smart enough to use their oil wealth wisely, which is very rare.

Yes, of course I was, can’t you see it??

Using oil wealth to jump start the EV revolution. Sounds good to me. 🙂

Oh the irony, an IEVs poster who constantly whines about any progress towards the future whenever it involves Tesla.

Oh, snap. The irony of the irony! *swoon*

Not really. I just cannot stand when you guys belittle anyone else, but Tesla. When Tesla or oil related company does something questionable it gets very different treatment from you …. That is the only irony here.

So Norway, displayed here on the EV pedestal, without really pointing how oil is key in their EV endeavor … No oil, EV car adoption drops.