Elon Musk: Tesla Supercharger Coverage For All Of Spain And Portugal By End Of 2015


Tesla CEO Elon Musk Tweets On Supercharger Expansion In Spain And Portugal

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Tweets On Supercharger Expansion In Spain And Portugal

One glance at Tesla’s current Supercharger map of Europe will prove that both Spain and Portugal have been excluded from the Supercharger madness that’s slowly taking over the world.

Fear not our Spanish and Portuguese friends….Superchargers are coming soon.  That news comes straight from the top in the form of a Tweet put out by Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

The highlight of that Tweet is that “all of Spain & Portugal” will be covered by Superchargers by the end of 2015.

So, you’ve just got to hold tight a bit while Tesla gets those Superchargers in the ground.  They’re coming.

Spain And Portugal Covered By Superchargers By End Of 2015

Spain And Portugal Covered By Superchargers By End Of 2015

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Soon Will be posible to travel from Málaga to north pole
In norway.cross europe from north to south .
Tesla Will sell soon in few year one milion cars. In europe ,give them 4 years.

Almost at least… there are still a lot of chargers missing in northern scandinavia.

But if they keep adding then you might be able to go to the North Cape to Gibraltar by superchargers soon.

I feel a bit sorry for Iceland and Estonia though. Two of the leaders in EV’s and memebers of an exclusive group of only a handfull of countries who are selling over 1% EV’s and not getting any love.
I know the populations aren’t large and the absolut numbers aren’t high, but still. I hope they get some chargers soon. 🙂

Yes ,stonia or latvia deserve some sc, i guess when people buy the car they Will put some.
And iceland too ,iceland produce all electricity by hidro,so is perfect for electric cars.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Well, for Iceland at least, they really only need 1 SC.. Maybe put it in a big sales/service Experience Center or something..

Rather like 30. 😛 But 7 would be a good start to at least be able to get around Route 1. 🙂

wise move, by then the tourists could bring their teslas to southern spain and portugal

Cool yesterday I was complaining of the lack of SC in Spain…GO Tesla

Spain is a potential market of 47 million people,

13 supercharger stations by the end of 2015 are Not enough.
Tesla must install most supercharger up to 26 minimum.

Well.. There has been 16 (!) Teslas sold so far in Spain in 2013 and 2014 combined.

26 chargers for 16 cars. Don’t you think that is a bit much? 😉

Spain needs to start buying some EV’s and especially Teslas of course to get some more chargers.

But so far poverty and lack of education has been deciding factors. Maybe by the time the Model 3 arrives the market and people will be more mature.

These 16 cars were sold in 2014 when there were 0 Superchargers,

When installing the 13 promised superchargers, this will cause a large increase in sales.

26 supercharguer= 100X16 More sales

You realize?

Pricing in Europe is bound to go up with the dropping value of the Euro. That doesn’t help sales.

How are sales in France – they already have superchargers. Superchargers do not guarantee sales as one may assume. They will sell more, of course, but it will be hundreds per year in Spain versus dozens.

The chargers are not for the people who live there, but for the people who travel there.
As kimmi posted, it would allow Model S owning tourists to drive there without any worrys.

In the us there are chargers in sparse populated truck-only places to allow travel for road trippers.

How Many days Would last a tríp by car from norway to spain? 5 days?

Oslo to Barcelona might be doable in 31 hours if everything runs smoothly and you do it non-stop (except for supercharger stops of course).

But that is assuming good supercharger charging rates. Which is not possible in France at the moment.

I would rather say 35 hours by how the system looks today.

O oh ,that means just two days of travel
It is easy to do.i guess was more time .

I still don’t get why we don’t have more Superchargers in Quebec (we will have only one, soon), while Musk is opening them all over the world??? We already have a lot of Tesla (hundreds of them, since 2012), cheap renewable lectricity (0.07$/kWh). Happy to see Superchargers opening everywhere, but sad to see that even if Tesla is supposed to open a big service center in Montreal, they don’t plan to supercharge our province rapidly!

Since the south Portuguese Algarve is slowly becoming the European California, it would be great to have a SC somewhere around Vilamoura one of the top places there.

Come on make a couple of SC in Ukraine. They will be happy to demonstrate independence of Russian fossil fuels.

(speaking of Southern Europe…)

It’s between Milan and Genoa.

12 stalls (divided in 2 actual sites, one for each direction on the tollway A7)

12-14 expected to open by 2015