Elon Musk Shares Tesla Pickup Truck Teaser


This was last night’s “one more thing.”

The image you see above is apparently the first teaser for the Tesla pickup truck. The electric pickup is set to get its own reveal later this year. Apparently, it was first shown last night at the Tesla Model Y reveal event appearing on the screen at the back of the stage following the playing of the credits for the seminal 1982 science fiction flick Bladerunner. No one appeared to have noticed.

The late Steve Jobs, as CEO of Apple, would often have a secondary product to divulge at that company’s big reveal events. Tesla has, in many cases followed suit. The most notable example was having the next generation Tesla Roadster roll from the back of the Tesla Semi after its reveal.

Following the big show last night many were asking what the “one more thing” was, or whether there was, indeed, one. CEO Elon Musk divulged earlier today in a tweet (embedded below) that there had been something, but that it had gone unnoticed. After a day of speculation about whether or not it was his custom Nike sneakers emblazoned with the Tesla logo, he finally revealed the image you see at the top of the page. It’s a little dark, so we have a second, slightly lightened version below. It is the front of the upcoming pickup (or is it the back?).

When it does get its time in the spotlight the all-electric pickup will supposedly be stylistically challenging with heavy cyberpunk overtones. Judging from this teaser, it will be squarish with ’80s influenced light design.

Musk has given a few details about the vehicle in the past. If true to his word, it will feature dual motors and “a suspension that dynamically adjusts for load,” as standard. Its range could be as high as 500 miles.

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Here we go again.

The guy is a mad genius

I think the teasers got mixed up between HBO and Tesla. Looks more like a giant coffin for a True Blood revival.

That’s what I see. Grim foreshadowing?

You would see that as this is not a picture of a car but a Rorschach test.

Well said.

…and I didn’t study.

That is the best comment i have seen on the pic yet!

It’s a comment seen more than once in response to Electreck’s article on the subject, but given all the crazy ideas suggested in that discussion, it’s a pretty insightful characterization. A lot of people are, apparently, seeing in that murky image what they want (or fear) to see.

Now the vampire drain makes sense.

Unfortunately, that coffin has fit and finish issues. There’s a huge panel gap on the front of the coffin where the lid is supposed to shut tight. ⚰️


If they wanted people to notice, they should of showed off the trucks silhouette , that would of got some attention.

Yep, big fail his “one more thing” teaser wasn’t noticed by anyone and he had to reveal it himself. Lol

The first time I remember seeing an angular Tesla design. Everything is usually very smooooooth.

Pwease Elon, don’t make it look like the Bollinger Box Truck…

I like the Bollinger.

Elon makes aerodynamic vehicles, there is no reason that will change for the pickup.

There is just too little difference between the model 3 and the Y, should have focused on the pickup where the market is wide open and not already over loaded with other manufacturer offering now not 2 years from now.
Maybe they should do like Rivian and build a vehicle you can add modules to to make one vehicle do multiple jobs.

Tesla needs battery costs to continue to come down for the less efficient truck with 500 mile range to make sense.

And improved energy density to keep the weight down.

Might be why they were interested in acquiring Maxwell.

Bingo. And the consumer truck market isn’t likely to be willing to buy an aerodynamic truck.

“There is just too little difference between the model 3 and the Y…”

Methinks I perceive a newly spawned line of Tesla bashing pravduh. 🙄

Well, I guess this one will run for at least two years before it’s as utterly disproven as all the other pravduh claims, because it will take Tesla at least that long to start making and selling the Model Y in large numbers.

Hardly Tesla bashing. I have a hard time distinguishing between the 3 and the Y and I’m not the only one.

Little difference in appearance, true. However, a big difference in utility.

But my apologies for unfairly characterizing your remark as bashing.

Nah, this Leaf driver saw the Y and only thought “more of meh”.

I don’t have spawn to cart around so I don’t need more seats and doors— my next car purchase is going to be a vacation-time get-off-the-grid adventure vehicle.

I like Tesla’s tech so am eagerly awaiting a vehicle design that more aligns with my needs. The truck has potential!

Looks like Komissar Pullyuski, the watchful eagle of the Tesla Thought Police, has unmasked another conspiracy.

But seriously, don’t Models 3 and Y share 75% of their parts and kind of look very similar? I think most people will love the Y for this, by the way.

Hopefully, this commonality, will help Tesla get Better Component Volume Discounts, improve their Profits and Positive Case Flows, to afford that European GF that the Y will also be built in! (Seems like that also was a ‘Something Else’ Hint!)

My objection was not prompted by his (perfectly correct) observation that the Model 3 and the Model Y look quite similar. I objected because his remark claimed or at least suggested that there isn’t sufficient market for the two models.

Will the Model Y’s strong visual similarity to the Model 3 prevent people from buying a large lifted hatchback rather than a mid-sized sedan? Well, we will see. Personally, I don’t think so!

What are you talking about, it is like 6 or 8″ taller, look at the images where people overlay the two or some of the videos from the event. It is bigger than you think. It will have better seating position, better utility. I suspect it might tow, as Elon called it an SUV, but maybe they don’t want to announce that to last minute to not hurt 3 sales (speculation).

In case you hadn’t noticed most of the world drives small SUV’s not large ones.

Maybe so,,
huge number of Americans love BIG HUGE SUVs the only vehicles keeping big 3 profitable

I myself wish Tesla Y was much biger

It must be very aerodynamic otherwise it could not get 400 to 500 miles range, as long as it’s not funny looking like the Leaf, no matter how futuristic is, it should do well, I like futuristic. Elon Musk really is good at this.

I think its a Side Mirror, I think he’s already shown us the truck in the early photos. Its more Halo than anything else. Its a wart hog truck!

I’ll be disappointed if it has side mirrors. The clue is the way the logo is oriented on the glass. You see that on other vehicles. This may be a way to let us in on a let down but still make it cool. My guess is the truck even in the forms with side mirrors will not sacrifice aerodynamics.

As for a side mirror the thickness would mean there had to be some mechanism inside that justified that thickness and made it worth keeping something they would otherwise ditch.

Hideous looking box on wheels. Have they got someone from Volvo C1980’s in the design room.

Wheels? You must see something in that murky picture, almost devoid of details, which I don’t.

Did you not listen to EM? He referenced Blade Runner for a reason.
So: How many wheels did Deckards police car have?

Apparently, despite the fact that it could fly, it had three wheels for ground travel.


Not 1980s, but yes, the die hire 2 from Volvo. (Of Interior and xc40 design, IIRC).

“No one appeared to have noticed.”

Yeah, it even escaped the normally sharp-eyed Üsual Suspects at the Tesla Motors Club forum.

I confess I can’t even tell what it is we’re supposed to be looking at. Is that intended to be the back of the pickup, with a cover on? Or is it just a design element that has inspired part of the design for the pickup?

Well, no need to throw cold water on those who find these sorts of teases to be interesting. Personally, I’m content to wait until we see a picture — preferably a photo — of the real thing.

I guess you missed the fact that the “mechanical volume” of the Y with the rear seats folded is bigger than that of the eTron, EQC, IPace, and even popular ICE models like the CX-5 and X3.

Crossovers are not only taking over the US, but the same is happening in Europe.

Took me 10 min to see “a car” in the picture , doh!
It is the hood with the tesla logo above the “grill”

Looks more like the bed of truck to me.

yes, looks to me like you’re looking down on the rear end of the truck bed, from the left. The inside of the bed is delineated by the black area, and the Tesla logo as at the end near the tailgate. Either the gate is very wide for that logo to be there, or the black area is actually some sort of tonneau cover (I have a pace Edwards roll top cover on my Dodge, this is quite feasible). So the black corners of the body are “beveled”, and maybe flaring out and down. The longest straight section of light is along the top of the truck bed, then the lights bend along the chamfered part and go down the sides of the truck. That’s why you can’t see the far light as well, it is diving out of your plane of view.

Agree. Taking the picture and adjusting the contrast shows a straight line on the other end. Must be where the tonneau cover reaches the back of the cab. Slanting sides of the cover taper to nearly nothing (or maybe vertical) and are probably aerodynamically driven.

Would be kinda cool to be able to raise the front end of the tonneau cover to the top of the back of the cab to create a kind of a fairing.

I am heartily sick of teasers.

Maybe the neeed for a new hurl bucket is in order, to handle the onslaught, of the coming hell, that is the slow roll of incremental Tesla Truck Teasers ( TTT ).

Rivian full length LED light bar anyone? 😉

Ridiculous !! …..l m a o … If Elon Farts everybody runs over to get a wiff of it .. So sad !

Did somebody get the number of that truck?

Going through eletreks 500 comments, most on there think its the front end and lights are headlights…I believe that is a pic of the bed with a bed cover and the white lights isn’t part of the truck, rather just used for effect that there’s “magic” inside the bed…

You must have read thru the Electrek comments later than I did, if you saw ~500. Yeah, most of the comments seemed to have gone off at a tangent about that being a slab-like tilted front of the truck, which IMHO makes no sense at all. That light strip can’t by any possible stretch of the imagination be thought of as “headlights”. It seems pretty clear… well, as clear as anything is from that murky picture… that it’s a strip of running light(s).

Nor does the geometry they were claiming make sense. That would put the front-most part of the truck — where you’d need to mount the bumper — right below the front edge of the windshield. That’s completely impractical; nobody puts a bumper that high on a truck.

I don’t know that I’m right about the rather murky picture suggesting a pickup bed with a hard cover on it, seen from the rear — and I’m not the only one suggesting that by any means — but it certainly makes more sense than any other suggestion I’ve seen. It also fits with my expectations: That Tesla would put a cover on the bed to reduce the aero drag.

Likely answer to the Tesla Truck mystery:

The Tesla Truck will be similar to the original concept image that Tesla revealed:


Same as the Model 3’s unique front-end and minimalistic interior… the Tesla Truck will also take some time to warm up to because of how different it will be from conventional norms… Elon has been very clear about the Tesla Truck being non-conventional. Personally I look forward to it and suspect that as usual Tesla may be ahead of the curve… with others to later follow.

The Tesla Truck will shock-and-awe…


From Tesla Semi reveal:

“… just for interesting we created a pickup truck version of the Tesla Semi… by the way you can legally drive that… but it shouldn’t be legal but… you will be legally able to drive that with a normal drivers license its kind-of wrong but…” -source:

start at 9:27:

That rendering is absolutely perfect for my expedition RV.

If they announce that I’ll be reservation #1

“The Tesla Truck will be similar to the original concept image that Tesla revealed:”

Nope, it will look utterly unlike that “concept image”, which pretty clearly was a joke.

Will it be as functional as Rivian R1T with multiple configurations. And also midgate so that lengthy items can be placed from the rear to the front of the vehicle.

@Milffan said: “Will it be as functional as Rivian R1T with multiple configurations [?]…”

Perhaps more so.

Keep in mind Tesla has need for supporting a large Mobile Service fleet which will likely use the Tesla Truck. I’m confident the Tesla Truck will although be “Blade Runner” futuristic will also be highly usable in real world utility.

Well perhaps he hired a new designer, I don’t see bubble/whale design so far. Go Tesla!

Sure looks like the rear of the bed to me as some others have suggested. Looks like their pinching in the sides from around the back of where the rear tire should be. This probably has a little aero gain along with the bed cover. They probably also do something with the cab design to improve aero as well as the front end and bottom. Will still be a high number compared to the sedans but a lot better than conventional pickups. I know they talked about 500 miles of range at some point but don’t see that being practical for a while yet. 200 highway miles should be fine for almost all city living pickup owners and 280 miles good enough for most others. The more rural areas and large ranches requiring long ranges aren’t the bulk of the market. That can wait for batteries to improve more or blasphemous PHEV’s which are most suited to those applications for the near to mid term.

Going to have to watch Blade Runner again. Is it a side mirror? They should have a contest with a reward to see who can figure it out.

It’s the key fob!

When you look sideways, you could see it is the front of the truck. It is flat fronted as we expected and when you look closely, you could even see a window

Perfect example of a Rorschach test result.

How about extending the frame in the roof from the passenger section all the way to the rear. This way the truck could be converted to SUV with 3 rows by placing a roof and 3rd row seat when needed. Of course a midgate in between like in Chevy Avalanche which sold earlier.

A PU/SUV hybrid. Another option would be the choice of roof: Metal, Plastic, Cloth. Jeep Wrangler provides these options.
If Tesla offers such a functional truck, then it could compete with Wrangler, Rivian and Bolinger.

In the US, the X3 is BMWs best selling vehicle. This Y will be Teslas. It is much bigger than it looks in pictures, about 6 or 8″ taller than a Model 3. It isn’t much smaller than the X it is beside.

As for CUV sales, Honda CRV, Nissan Rogue, Toyota RAV4 all sell around 400,000 vehicles per year, each. It is a very large segment of vehicles.

I suspect that you’re looking at it from a much too narrow perspective. This car is not specifically about the US market, it’s about the world market. In case you weren’t aware, demand for small SUVs in huge. You might want to wait and see how sales of the Y go before making potentially foot-in-mouth statements.

Lots of opinions on both sides. Based on what I’m seeing, this can only be the front of the pickup truck.

1- Unbroken light strip from side to side. This couldn’t exist on a pickup as there’s a tailgate cutting through that area, but a front end doesn’t have the same constraints.

2- The angles wouldn’t make much sense on the rear. A pickup bed is designed to maximize the bed size. This design would place emphasis on looks over usability. I doubt they’ll do that. It wouldn’t make sense to have such wide body panels on either side of the bed.

3- The design is consistent with modern design trends. Front fascias are receiving this sort of design treatment, especially with continuous light strips and tapered faces/angles.

4- The badge is exactly where you’d expect it on a hood. Yes, they could have put it on a tonneau cover, but it seems like the most obvious answer here is the correct one. Nothing about that teaser indicates cut lines or a tonneau cover on a pickup bed. It looks like a solid surface.

You build that and I will buy it

It’s going to be $75K minimum.

Ron Swanson's Mustache

Obvious troll is obvious.

As a contractor, I’m looking forward to what is in store. Front trunk storage along with nice bed storage will really go a long way with me deciding on this vehicle as a daily service truck in my plumbing business.