Elon Musk: Tesla Model X Recall May Lead To Tesla Service Delays In Some Areas

Tesla Service Center


Model X Recall Leading To Service Delays

Model X Recall Leading To Service Delays

Tesla Asks You To Not Sit In The Back (3rd Row) While The Model X Is In Motion Until A Seat Replacement Is Made

Tesla Asks You To Not Sit In The Back (3rd Row) While The Model X Is In Motion Until A Seat Replacement Is Made

As we reported earlier this month, Tesla issued a voluntary recall for all Model X SUVs (2,700 or so) produced before March 26. The recall is due to a defective hinge in the third-row seats.

While Tesla works to repair affected Model X, some other Tesla owners have been reporting service delay issues.

Could it be that these Model X recall repairs are leading to much longer wait times for other Tesla owners to get service done on their cars? It appears as though that may be the case in some areas in the U.S.

Last week, Maya Kazan took to Twitter to ask Tesla CEO Elon Musk if the X recall was affecting service times. Musk responded by stating:

“Temporary spike in some areas due to X 3rd row seat recall. Should be sorted by June.”

If you happen to be in one of the areas with a “temporary spike,” then hopefully your Tesla doesn’t require major service or, if it does, then we’d hope that Tesla at least provides a loaner during this extended waiting period for service.


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If the past is any indicator, Tesla will do everything reasonable to make it as easy on their customers as possible. I bet this becomes a non-issue.

Preview of what to expect with the Model 3.

Quick and responsive resolution of any problems that may come up with direct interaction of the tip top of the management? I certainly hope so…

Putting million cars on the road without large support network, will just be fun to watch.

What do you mean? Didn’t you pay attention to the reveal? They are going to double the number of service centers before the Model 3 launches, and they will continue to build more after that. They know they don’t have enough. They’ve always known that. It is neither a surprise nor a secret.

So they are going to “double” their number of service centers… as they forecast selling ten times as many cars per year?

I don’t think that would result in an “improvement” in service times…

Where are they going to get the trained techs to double the size of the service staff? Additionally, there are zero third-party repair shops who will work on Teslas.

Many of the early Model S are out-of-warranty and many more are reaching that phase. Where are these cars going to get service?

At least when your smartphone breaks down, the are many small electronics repair shops that can fix it.

It’s a good thing that electric cars are far more reliable than gasoline cars. Should be fun to watch…. people not having to go in for oil changes, tune-ups, mufflers, and so on, or visit gas stations every week.

Counter-Strike Cat wrote yet another FUD post:

“Putting million cars on the road without large support network, will just be fun to watch.”

Watching increasingly desperate Tesla bashing stock short-sellers twist in the wind, and write ever more laughable posts on InsideEVs, already is fun to watch!

Pass the popcorn…

Ouch. It is only 2700 cars.

EVs require far less service and maintenance than gas cars. 2700 cars likely drastically increases Tesla service workload. It’s not like gas cars, that are designed for failure and replacement.

Is Elon Musk the only CEO of a car company to address customers directly via social media? I only read about him, and nothing about Mary Barra addressing SparkEV, Volt, Bolt.

So when the article exposes badly and exactly what people, understanding car business, criticize about Tesla, you come with a useless comment.

Like anybody with average intelligence cares how many hrs has Elon on Twitter a week. How about rather to focus on your service center being adequately sized to deal with issues …. yes, imagine they will come and in numbers making this delay look short when model 3 is launched.

Really, what Elon should be doing is to get off your high Twitter horse and do something about it, because his reply to the Twitter, was just simply not acceptable. Or should I say not acceptable to any normal customer, because of course if you bleed Tesla, this is completely fine and acceptable.

Useless comments? Well you should know how to spot one since yours are usually pretty worthless. You accuse other of prejudicial views but fail to mention that your own are decidedly so.

Ever notice how Tesla fans have been here for years without having to change their names, while Tesla bashers come and go every few months?

And that somehow surprises you exactly how??? …. especially considering that if the bashing of anyone who is not fanboy grows to the point that the people who would prefer balance discussion just leave.

If that’s what you want, you surely can have that. I don’t care one way or another.


I had not noticed that, but now that you point it out that is exactly what is happening.

It is almost enough to make me feel sorry for the EV bashers and TSLA short sellers, but not quite.


Any time there is a recall, you have VERY long waits at dealerships to handle the volume.

Since Tesla is scaling their services as their volume scales, this is very much in proportion to any reasonable expectation from any automaker.

I have a friend that has an Acura with a Takata air bag. He has been driving a loaner vehicle for three weeks and does not expect to get his car back for another month because they don’t have air bags in inventory and he does not want to drive the car knowing the issue. The service center delays are not as bad as that and Elon has stated that they are going to significantly expand the service centers to meet the needs of the Model III

Yeah, just saw another news report on the widespread airbag recall today. I think they said that only 20% of the recalled airbags have been replaced? Pretty shocking.

Anyone complaining about a relatively short delay in Tesla service centers getting backed up, needs to look at the larger picture and put things into perspective.

I will reply to you since your comment is worth it and makes a good point … until you notice that so far they have delivered what a couple of thousand model X vehicles?

Also, you know, when the old fashioned, as many of you like to call them dinosaurs, have a recall, they normally have a wait list for the recall effected vehicles so it takes some time to clear, but they typically do not stop or delay service significantly for other customers. The customers also have many options as far as number of shops …

All it takes is to finally admit, that the Tesla sell/service concept does not work for every market and also, that EV vehicles barely ever need service. Not very true statement as we can see, despite that another 20 people here will say otherwise.

Well, once they fixed the drivetrain issue, then yes, Tesla has had the advantage of making EVs, where the powertrain does not need service. This is still other stuff that most automakers have – the stuff that every luxury automaker not based in Japan seems to have trouble with. That part, I don’t understand – why the Japanese can build a luxury car that works, and the rest cannot.

mxs said:

“All it takes is to finally admit, that the Tesla sell/service concept does not work for every market…”

Wow, Dude! EPIC FAIL on making that argument based on a rather minor, temporary backup at some service centers. Really, you should try taking a course in logic. You obviously need it.

SparkEV asked:

“Is Elon Musk the only CEO of a car company to address customers directly via social media?”

I think so, yes. Tesla is using free social media to get out the same types of messages that other auto makers use paid advertising for. Seems to be working so far, altho perhaps only because demand for Tesla’s cars continues to exceed supply.

* * * * *


What set you off? It’s a perfectly reasonable question. Why don’t you wait until someone bites you before you start yelling?

There were more than the usual number of vehicles at the Bellevue, WA service facility yesterday when I arrived for my appointment. However, there was no difference in the delay between my request for service and my appointment date. So from my perspective, there was no impact.

Didn’t Musk brag “We don’t do old-fashioned recalls.”?

And then everyone picked on GM for doing them.