Elon Musk: Tesla Model E Prototype to be Revealed in Early 2015 (w/video)


With the Tesla Model S a huge success and the launch of the Model X almost upon us, all talk now is Gen III.

Musk Speaks in Germany...The Whole World Listens

Musk Speaks in Germany…The Whole World Listens

Gen III (aka Tesla Model E) was again the center of discussion when Elon Musk spoke to a gathered crowd in Germany.

Musk revealed a few Model E specifics that had not been discussed previously:

  • Model E prototype to be revealed in 12 to 18 months (most like during Q1 of 2015)
  • Model E will have at least 300 km of range (186 miles), but probably closer to 320 km or 199 miles
  • Model E will have a higher capacity battery option
  • Model E will cost approximately half the Model S

Most of the rest of the Model E-specific comments made by Musk are rehashes of what we’ve heard from either him or Tesla before.

The Model E discussion starts at around the 2-minute mark in the video.

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Seems like kind of a long wait. Plus I can already see that this mid 30’s price is going to be just as fleeting as the 40 kwh version of the S.

“half the Model S” gives him room to price it at half the average (what?) 85-95k out the door price of a MS? 42-47k, before 7.5k rebate, is actually sticking somewhat close to previous targets. Delivery? 2017/Guesses?

I think we will see a Nissan leaf 48 Kw/h before model E.

The Nissan Leaf coming out with a 48 kilowatt battery at the same price as the original Nissan Leaf could be very formidable to Tesla if it’s $10,000 dollars cheaper.

The only problem with the Leaf is that it is ugly, it has strange proportions and is kind of faceless….

This is good news but now the question is what will GM do about their 200 mile range car?

Europeans are so demanding… “I want playgrounds but no McDonalds near my free solar powered superchargers…” :p

Yeah, that had me cracking up too. Make sure a beer-garden is close by for the Germans I guess.

I also hate it when they preface their questions with what price they bought their stock at. I see this a lot at events where Elon speaks. Nobody cares about your stocks.

Oh, and for a country that’s smaller than Texas, it has the same # of McDondald’s stores as Canada (1,400 stores). So apparently Germans do eat at McDonald’s.

Yes they do, but maybe not the type of people who are interested in evs and were at that event.

It looks like 2016 may be the year the masses start to buy plug-in cars. The Gen-1 cars that we have now will have proven the technology and helped get some infrastructure built out. All of the Gen-2 vehicles are shaping up to be really impressive. By that point we’ll have Gen-2 versions of the Volt, Leaf, Tesla, and Plug-in-Prius. Plus whatever 200-mile BEV that GM is talking about. 2016 is going to be a great year. I think it is a given that we’ll be seeing sales of 500,000 plug-in vehicles per year at that point.

“I spend that money well though.” He’s been saving up 800,000 years to buy that James Bond submarine car! 😉

With all this talk of 200-300 German cars per week and 400 American cars per week, Is he saying that production is currently *above* 500 per week?

I don’t like it when he talks about exiting gracefully. I like that BMW has been forced to make an incredibly different new car as a hedge against the awesomely different new thing that Tesla presently offers and is threatening to offer at $35k. I like that every other automaker is considering doing the same. But I hate that he’s even hinted at the possibility of Tesla exiting. He hints at that possibility when he talks about the mission being only the acceleration of electrification. That mission will not be achieved as fully without Tesla being a long-lived, high-volume car company. The other automakers cannot carry the banner of electrification as high, since they are both gas and electric car companies. The electrification story may stutter if Tesla does not carry the banner of electrification as a highly successful electric-only car company for a number of years.

Unless he’s thinking one of the big-boys buys out Tesla.

From what I hear, several of the big-boys have offered him obscene amounts of money already. I’m not sure if their intent is to buy the tech, or to make the whole electric car “problem” go away.

Hmmm, interesting. Previously Musk said $30k’s, with at least 200 miles of range. Now he’s saying half of Model S, which at their rate of inflation will mean at least $40k’s by 2017. The higher capacity and/or supercharger access will surely push this car upwards of $50k. I guess I’ll have to keep saving. Or hope that a used Model S shows up for less than that.

I think Tesla’s intention has always been to get the base price down into the mid $30k range, so like $35,000 after the federal credit, or $42,500 w/o. Of course, whether or not you’d want the base version is up to the buyer. My guess? The average Model E will be optioned out to sell for $50,000 or so, prior to incentives.

Elon has stated before the $35k price would be before the tax credit. There is no guarantee the tax credit will even be here in 2016/2017.

The option for a longer range also scares me. I’m wondering if they will only get a lowball # if they go w/a short-range car. Then you have to pay $10K more for something that gets 200 miles.

I wonder how much they will de-content as well and get you with the nickel & diming.

He clearly stated in the video that the base range would be 300 – 320 km (~200 miles). The optional batteries would go up from there.

This is the same guy that dropped the 40 kWh battery saying it was a “hobbled horse”, but it would have had a larger range than any other EV sold on the market. I would guess they would end up high on the starting price or major de-content, before they sacrificed the 200 mile range. Their entire SuperCharger network is built on 200 miles being the minimum pack size.

Yeah, I heard that, but spring of 2015 is a long time from now. Nothing is set in stone in my book ’til it’s officially announced. I have a feeling this is something that could change. Either the price will go up, or the range will go down. JMO. I do hope they put at least 60kWh in Gen 3 though.

2016 is going to be good , but 2020 will see the return of the roadster. I can’t wait to dump this Focus Electric. Screw Ford!!!! Long live Tesla!

I always assumed the “hobbled horse” statement was related to the power output of the batteries – not the energy output. If Tesla cant pull off those amazing 0-60 times, then why bother doing the car? But I could be wrong…

So in other words, you agree.

Obviously everyone’s needs are different, but for me I need a 250 mile range, or 200 + supercharging to replace the oil burner. Reading between the lines, it sounds like either option is going to cost me nearly $50k before tax credits (if they still exist in 2017).

Well, there’s a bit of a bait and switch here…. Many Doctor’s, and other professional people were upset with Musk when he upped the Price of the Roadster from $89K to $109K (increase of 20,000) AFTER taking their non-refundable deposit money.

Yeah, I think I would be upset with that one too, Bill!

I drive a Ford a Focus Elrctric. I would jump on model E, or any tesla for forty!!!

I think Nissan or Mitsubishi (or GM?) will make it very hard for the Model E to succeed. I think any one of those manufacturers could or will make a car with (100 mi real world range) in the time Tesla gets their vehicle out there. And do it much more economically. The BMW i3 is already in that range if you add the Rex, which I think is a nice compromise. Also, with growing EVSE infrastructure to help extend daily range by 10-20%, a 100 mile EV can really meet all but the longest road trips that would still be difficult in a Tesla. If GMissanbishi can make that happen at $20k, it’s going to outsell a 200 mi Tesla at $40k 5 to 1.

Yes, the major players could crank them out for less. I think Tesla’s only advantage is the supercharger network. Seems like all of the major auto companies are waiting for others/governments to build the charging network, while Tesla said screw it, we’ll do it ourselves. And they are putting in 120kW+ chargers vs 44kW or 90kW Chademo or SAE chargers.

I would buy a $40k 200 mile Tesla Model E over a $20k real 100 mile LEAF every day of the week, especially on Sundays (TADA dealers are closed on Sundays here in Texas)!

Yes me too, because if I bought the 100 mile range car, I’d have to buy a second car for when I take trips that are greater than a 50 mile radius of my house.

And since everyone who bought the Model S got the “enhanced range”, seems like more 3/4 the price of the S.

If they can get the car going by 2016, when my Leaf Lease is up, I have a feeling I am in. I do lots of stupid things like that.

Nissan should put out their Infiniti LE using the 48KWH leaf test pack…


I’d better start saving my pennies…

Guys, in case you haven’t noticed, Tesla is ranked in the luxury car category. Therefore, it makes no sense to think there will be competition between Tesla and GM Nissanbishi. People will pay the extra premium for the status of driving a Tesla. Think of Tesla as the Maserati of the electric car world!

Angelo, in case you haven’t noticed, it has been Tesla’s stated goal from the start to work down the market from low volume/high profit margin to high volume / low profit margin. This is just the next step in their progression. This car will necessarily compete with GM, Nissan and Mitsubishi.

I grow weary of people pointing at Tesla’s status today and completely ignoring the bigger picture.

I really hope the model E still has good performance and doesn’t drive like a Leaf or Prius, i3 or Accord Plugin model. I can do without some luxury and touch pad.

Won’t a second hand model s cost the same as a new model e in 2017 I know which one i will hold out for

Here is my math. According to Tesla people, cost of battery pack is a quarter of the cost of the whole car, so roughly $17,700 for the 60KWH battery. According to Elon Musk, gross margin per car is 25%, cost of the car (minus battery, minus margin) is around $35,400. In order to make model E, let’s say that battery density will increase by 20%, cost will decrease by another 20%, plus Model E will be lighter, so let’s say battery will be at a cost of $10,000. If car is priced at $42,500 before tax rebate and with a lower margin than Model S, let’s say, 20%, that means that manufacturing costs (without battery) will be $24,000. That is $10,000 less than Model S. If anyone here works in auto industry or has a good knowledge of this industry, is it possible to cut $10,000 out of Model S and still make a very decent car? I think that will be difficult, but hey I am not Elon Musk, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that this will actually happen and I will be blown away, yet again and this time I will actually consider buying one…

What Elon Musk is really trying to do, is to end the production of cars with gasoline and diesel motors and let the world to use only EV-s. Of cource, not only Tesla will build such cars, they ALL will do that. The only question is, which car will be bought the most. For now, all other companies’ have failed selling huge numbers of EV-s, basically EV-s have failed in a big scale and there are certain reasons, why. But Tesla is different and the more quarters pass, the more you see selling numbers to grow. I would say, it’s a big advantage already, if you can sell more expensive car than other can sell cheap cars. Next 2 years will show us, how large the revolution in car industry goes and who will be the winners and losers.

BTW, Elon’s other business, SolarCity is already doing the same kind of revolution in household electricity systems – stop buying electricity from big companies, produce all with solar panels on the roof and store it into (Tesla’s) batteries. It hasn’t gone worldwide yet, though. But most of new houses built in US will be already equipped with solar panels. Impressive.