Here’s Why Elon Musk Was Off His Game At Tesla Model 3 Reveal

Tesla Roadster


Tesla Roadster

Elon Musk at recent Roadster 2.0 reveal

Tesla CEO Elon Musk surely seemed a bit “different” at the Model 3 handover event, and now we know why.

Elon Musk

Tesla CEO Elon Musk

We noticed pretty quickly at the event that Musk seemed off. The event didn’t come off as expected, at least from the Musk side of things. We initially equated it to nerves since the Model 3 reveal was perhaps the most publicized event in the automaker’s history. Or, later we thought, perhaps it was because he was secretly rushing from a last-minute media test drive to the event, and the whole day had been reconfigured multiple times (but this is a typical day for Musk).

We recently shared a story about the popular CEO getting his wish of appearing on the cover of Rolling Stone. Inside the publication is a telling interview/article about the iconic leader.  The truth is, Musk was heartbroken over his recent breakup with his actress girlfriend, Amber Heard. He told Rolling Stone:

“I was really in love, and it hurt bad.I’ve been in severe emotional pain for the last few weeks. Severe. It took every ounce of will to be able to do the Model 3 event and not look like the most depressed guy around.

For most of that day, I was morbid. And then I had to psych myself up: drink a couple of Red Bulls, hang out with positive people and then, like, tell myself: ‘I have all these people depending on me. All right, do it!’”


A post shared by Amber Heard (@amberheard) on

Musk’s split with Amber wasn’t officially publicized until about a week after the Model 3 event. However, now he’s made it clear that it happened prior to the celebration. According to Fortune, the initial report in People explained that Musk and Heard were actually very serious, thought their schedules didn’t allow for them to successfully continue the relationship. The breakup was also shared via Instagram. However, it’s somewhat buried in the comments of a post by Heard.

Put a fork in it ?:@jessicakovacevic

A post shared by Amber Heard (@amberheard) on

Musk eventually posted a follow-up comment:

“Btw, just to clear up some of the press storm this weekend, although Amber and I did break up, we are still friends, remain close and love one another. Long distance relationships when both partners have intense work obligations are always difficult, but who knows what the future holds.”

Interestingly, Musk went so far as to ask the Rolling Stone interviewer if he had any suggestions for someone Musk might be able to date. Apparently, the busy CEO has trouble meeting people. He questioned the interviewer and even admitted that he can’t be happy without love:

“Is there anybody you think I should date? It’s so hard for me to even meet people.

If I’m not in love, if I’m not with a long-term companion, I cannot be happy.”

The interview is surely very telling and worth the long read. Check it out at the link below.

Source: Fortune, Rolling Stone

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Having worked in startup environment (fairly senior position), you pretty much have to give up your personal life. If the significant other and kids are not understanding, they’d leave. Hell, I’d leave me if I was dealing with myself. Fortunately, there was always the three of us: me, myself and I.

Excuse making.

So what’s your excuse?

Excuses? Have you actually built a company? Hell, have you came a year after it started? If you think the extraordinary effort required in making a successful company is “excuse” you are a clueless buffoon.

Even bringing a tiny company to success is a HUGE effort, never mind Musk making his few million dollars into multi billion dollar company shaking up the entire world. While I don’t appreciate his scatter-brained space cadet projects, I do appreciate the hard work he must be going through.

I am truly sorry to hear of his breakup. I know how much having someone close to me, that I love and believe that they love me means to my well being. I wish him the best and hope that he find himself complete again soon.
Everything else should come second.

Emotionally unstable. Probably the reason she balked at him.

You’re jealous of him. Well, you should be. Because he is Elon f***ing “Iron Man” Musk. And you’re not.

You lose!

We all lose, this guy is absolutely who I want to be when I grow up! Wait, I’m 64, guess I missed my chance…

I sincerely wish your fingers rot while typing your vomit.

Doesn’t take long for an insanely jealous hater to show up with FUD.

Crawl back into the abyss you come from troll.

You apologist… when have you ever heard a CEO make this claim about being “off” at a presentation. They all suck it up and move on. Especially when they are dating someone 16 years younger and they have already married the same woman more than once and had 6 kids. Gimme a break with this nonsense.

Rich nerd finds gold digger hot girl.
Girl doesn’t like situation.
Nerd gets hurt.
Nerd needs to know that there are mathematically a bazillion more women out there who could replace the spicy meatball.

CEO position person with this level of eyeballs is married to his position and ego. The women are just another accessory that is called upon when needed. She hadn’t been given the three week test yet. Rather than a girlfriend, needs a good therapist and support group. Like everyone else in Bel Aire and Hollywood.

Also, playing the victim for Rolling Stone sells well to that audience.

That’s also true. I like how these pubs are quick to report this trash but they aren’t willing to dig into why he made the claim of 5k a week in October when he knew the battery packs couldn’t be built.

Oh, Behave! ?

Musk is not any heartless profit obsessed conformist psychopathic CEO who are the disease of capitalism driving the planet to chaos.

Musk is a complete human being, exceptional well balanced man, driven by his inner flame, irresistible enthusiasm waking up in the morning and knowing he his doing his very best with powerful means to do good to this world.

A complete self fulfilling human being is not emotionally unstable, he is dealing with overwhelming unleashed emotions and pulsions, his life is 100 times more exciting than ours.

It is so easy to judge what we know not.
I often wonder what a day with Elon would be like…
Everyone deserves to be loved ,and when they are not things go wrong , more love less jails.

Sure is a lotta jealousy of Elon Musk on display in spiteful, mean-spirited comments here.

Makes me ashamed to be a member of the same species as these trolls. 🙁

I suspect she was tired of sleeping on the factory roof with him.

I feel for him and hope he finds his soul mate. The world needs Musk in a good mental state. It’s odd he’s looking for a long term relationship and keeps getting involved with actresses and models. What’s this called … oxymoron?

Oxymoron is still safer than Oxyconton, I hear!

“Oxymoron is still safer than Oxyconton, I hear!”

Yes, this is generally true, save for when the Oxy is extracted, leaving only plain, old regular moron — and we all know how dangerous this can be.

Yes, most of them voted in the last election…

Wow, lots of douchebags responding here.

I agree, you make 4 so far.

I hope your life is short and miserable!

Are you off your meds?

I’d say that “Steve” is, but so far as I know, there aren’t any meds to prevent you from being an el primo jerk.

You agree because you because all your posts are D-Bag posts.

Go back under your dark rock you loser troll because it is obvious you have never done anything to make the world a better place and in fact are against that.

Touched a nerve with you? Let me guess your 40 and not over your high school sweetheart. Stop being an enabler, this type of nonsense is a diversion from the real fact that he lied his ass off on that stage about the amount of cars they were going to be able to produce. I don’t mind they are late with my car, I mind that he lied about it and now is using this as a diversion/excuse for the crappy presentation.

Ya’ know Steve, it doesn’t really matter but I really don’t like you very much.

Why are you even here? Scram!

“Touched a nerve with you? Let me guess your 40 and not over your high school sweetheart.”

By the vitriol and number of your posts, it appears to be your nerves that were touched. If you want to get into personal attacks, let me guess, you are a Castrato and no amount of vasodilators will ever solve your dysfunction you have with women.

Nobody believes you have a Model 3 reservation any more than anybody believes that four electrics has a Model X. The only thing anybody believes you might have is an ED (smart).

Want to continue the personal attacks? Bring it on. But I’m going to guess you are a dish-it-but-can’t-take-it sort of loser.

Here comes the cavalry to try to stick up for the person that actually started the attacking,

I know I plunked down the 1k for the M3, I don’t have to prove it to you or anyone else.

It’s pretty clear you need to be an emotional child to worship Elon like you guys do. “Bring it on”, what a tool.

Ha ha, that’s cute! “plunked down the 1k for the M3”, makes it sound like you were in Atlantic City, at a Craps Table! So funny that line! ?

“Steve”, the guy who has posted no less than seven green-with-envy posts here personally attacking Elon Musk or Tesla fans, is complaining about someone else “starting” a fight.

Dude, if displaying jealousy in an embarrassingly obvious fashion, in public, was an Olympic sport, then you would be a top contender for a medal.

BTW — Every additional jealous post you create just makes you an even bigger LOSER!

They used to have a term for people like Steve in my particular sub-culture, and that term is LMJ, meaning Loud Mouthed Jackass.

The guy gives even trolls a bad name!

I think Elon would be better off w/a smarter female engineer vs an actress.

My $0.02 advice


We have some of those in Aerospace, He should be able to find some like that in SpaceX!

“Hi, You’re Fired! OK, Now I can Date you, without being your Boss!”?

Another Euro point of view

Of course. Just good common sense. Thank you Kdawg.

Yeah, I noticed he seemed off his game; he seemed tired and not nearly as enthusiastic as he usually is at these events. But I put it down to being tired / stressed out / under the weather. It never would have occurred to me that he was heartsick.

Well, bully for Elon for “powering through”. As they say: The show must go on!

In retrospect, it might have been better that he was a bit off his game for that event…

Imagine: In another universe on an alternate Earth, Elon’s AMAZING presentation helped Tesla generate over 750,000 pre-orders for the Model 3 in just the first two weeks, but the company was unable to ramp fast enough to produce them. The Conservative Pro-Fossil Fuel sponsored Media and Corrupt Politicians destroyed them in a global social smear campaign.

In that scenario, the company burned too much cash to correct the issues, wall street walked away, and Tesla eventually collapsed under it’s own inability to scale quickly enough.

In THIS universe, Elon being “off” was probably the best of all possible outcomes, BION.

RS should put Elon in touch with Jennifer Lawrence. Trip to Mars will be a walk in the park for her.

Let’s not all forget that the reason Mr Musk – and any other human – gets messed up with this business is that it is programmed into our DNA – our main priority in life (second only to food and shelter) is to procreate and everything else has to fight with this subconscious need day in and day out – if it isn’t being satisfied.

Obviously, the effect varies from individual to individual and I don’t think it is sexist of me to say that the urge is generally much higher in females than males and *might* go a long way to explain why there are so relatively few females in top positions across the board of human endeavour.

Realising this fundamental truth about human psychology must help in combating the worst of the pangs of loneliness or heartbreak (not to mention divorce) when things are not going our way.

Looking for wub in all the wong places–
Elmer Fudd

This was bound to bring out the worst in the usual trolls but I do agree that Musk has a rather immature need for making sometimes less than convincing excuses for failures.

He is no doubt overworked and maybe he was just too exhausted at the time to do a decent job at something he doesn’t excel at anyway: presentations. We all have our weaker moments, no need to spin it into a story.

Hm. I wonder:

– Do we know anything about Carlos Ghosn’s private life, and would it be considered worthy of an insideevs story if he broke up with someone?

– Likewise for Mary Barra.

– Do we even know the names of the people who run EV operations at BYD – the world’s largest EV maker by volume, or BAIC – which just shattered and shattered again the monthly single-model EV sales record?

– How about the private lives of those who have overseen the rapid-fire development to mass production of the Streetscooter delivery trucks? Or the Chinese EV bus revolution across several companies?

I thought so.

When people crow about how Tesla is a different beast, well this is part of the package. And considering the way our culture operates, a certain % of Tesla Model 3 pre-orders is due solely to the CEO’s hot celebrity status.

I honestly think it is a bit embarrassing and cheapens the whole company that Musk is even talking about this stuff.

The sad truth is I think the man is something of an attention whore. So, no he’s not all altruistic in motivation. He wants to be a celebrity with adoring masses.

As someone who is basically the complete opposite, it really turns me off on him.

She just walked away from the world’s future trillionaire.

Another Euro point of view

There were extensive studies made about correlation between being wealthy and being happy. They all conclude the same, poor people are often unhappy as not being able to pay your basic bills puts a huge stress. Now as soon as someone can pay its basics bills, where I live that would be a salary of a couple of K $ per month, whatever you earn above that does not make you happier. That of course, unless you are a skin deep individual that gives very limited importance to relations with fellow human beings.

Wait a minute, in Elon’s case maybe she wanted a ring and Elon said no or she didn’t want a ready made 5 boy family but I think wealth and happiness depends on your mental health state.

Most wealthy people aren’t really that healthy mentally. They’re either dominated by greed to the point where no amount is ever enough, or their severe workaholics that just can’t stop. If you want to find well adjusted people, look in the middle class (not that there aren’t a bunch of basket cases there too).

I’m glad IEV’s wrote this article.

Anyone imagine how tough it must be to date, when you are a famous and rich to find a woman, who isn’t just a gold digger?

Even if you found such an angel, how could you be sure? Perhaps Musk is seeking women almost as famous as himself and then finding that the few starlets end up dumping the workaholic who is barely there 2 days a week. Also, any girl would have to have the patience of a saint, to deal with so many adoptive children (Think Sound of Music).

Insanely Great idea for Musk: Perhaps he should find a beautiful nanny who can sing?

I don’t really have much sympathy for him.

Well, I see my presence is not needed in this post. Lol
Someone poor Elon some new arm candy that cares about his vulnerable soul.

True, plenty of trolls showed up already.