Elon Musk: Tesla Model 3 “Part 3” Reveal Will Be Spring 2017


Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Yesterday, following the Tesla/SolarCity merger deal, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that “Part 3” of the Model 3 reveal is just a few months aways.

Quoting Musk:

“Today is not the time for that announcement, uh but, I mean — it’s probably, yes, I don’t know,umm, beginning of spring or something like that, yes. Three or four months from now.”

Musk didn’t seem all too comfortable answering the question and it probably wasn’t an appropriate one to begin with since it has no solid connection to SolarCity, but if the words of Musk are true, then we should get ready for “Part 3” of the Model 3 reveal to be as soon as late March 2017.

With “volume production and deliveries of Model 3 in the second half of 2017,” Tesla will need to at least reveal the production vehicle by next Spring, we’d think. So far, all we’ve seen are protoype Model 3s.

“Part 1” of the Model 3 reveal occurred back in March 2016 with protoypes shown and pre-orders being accepted (some 400,000 or so to date). “Part 2” happened more recently, but it was a bit of a let down in that it was tied in with all Teslas being capable of self-driving. Really, nothing more of the 3 was revealed in Part 2, so now we must assume that Part 3 will reveal the production car and a finished interior. Antyhing less will be a disappointment.

What do you expect to see in “Part 3?

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I expect to see the specs and over all options of the Model 3 part 3.

I hope that they stay with these head lights.

LED headlights aren’t approved in the US, so the headlights will look somewhat different with HID’s.

LED headlights are an option on the Leaf ! So why not Tesla ?

I think you are wrong. My leaf had LED headlights and my 2017 Volt has them now, and I’m pretty sure my wife’s i3 Rex also has them.

Laser (not LED), which some higher end cars like the BMWi8 had as an option in some markets, were the issue in the U.S. I thought I read, however, that someone (maybe Audi) was bringing them over on one of their cars so I’m not sure what the current state of “approval” is regarding laser.

Not sure what you are saying “THE”.

My ELR has LED hi/lo beams, the new volt has led lo beams, and my 2012 volt has aftermarket LED hi/lo beams.

If it is desired by Musk to have LED headlamps, I don’t see any big obstacle.

I hope the headlights will be powerful, what ever tech they use. Some of the worst lights are also leds. It’s the design goals that counts.

I hope the headlights will be powerful, what ever tech they use. Some of the worst lights are also leds. It’s the design goals that count.

Seems reasonable. The final reveal should be around production prototypes, at which point you know that you won’t make any significant changes anymore.

Seems reasonable, but that starts cutting it pretty close to have a product out by years end 2017.

They will probably have the initial low volume roll-out at the end of the year like they did with the Model X and like GM has done now with both the 2016 Volt and the 2017 Bolt.

Major deliveries will probably not start happening until late Spring. That would be my guess.

That’s my guess, too. But Tesla keeps insisting it will start selling the Model ≡ in the second half of 2017, and targets 100,000 units produced by end of 2017.

Given Tesla’s history of delays in starting production, I’m not holding my breath.

HA! You must be an imposter.

The REAL PUSHI would write a 2 page “FUDSTER ANALYSIS” against such heresy

It cool how Tesla can release a tid bit of info, and people talk about it for the next 3 weeks. I guess throttled information has its place.

I don’t know what color lenses you’ve been reading through, but Pushy has been saying pretty much that exact same thing for over a year.

“I guess throttled information has its place”

You mean like being the entire reason of existence for the gm-volt.com website from 2007 through 2011? 5 years worth of throttled information from GM prior to volume deliveries?

But I guess that doesn’t count, does it, GM fanboi?

I expect that Part 3 will be a photo of the steering wheel and a reveal that Part 4 will occur in late summer.

Why would you need another photo of the steering wheel ?

I should have put a sarc tag on my earlier post but I thought it didn’t need one.
I remember when GM released a picture of the Gen II Volt liftback to widespread derision. Toyota released a picture of the new Prius headlight one time.
I think these so-called reveals are counterproductive at times.

I thought your intent was quite clear even without a “/sarcasm” tag, and I feel pretty much the same. Looks like Elon is milking interest in the Model ≡ to advertise non-related products, so why should we expect any more from the so-called “Reveal part 3” than we got from the “Reveal part 2”?

Elon needs to read, or re-read, the story of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”. If we all learned all of life’s important lessons in kindergarten, then he seems to have missed that one.


Look for another production shutdown in Q1 (always the worst sales Q) to add the HUD in S and X before the reveal.

Interesting thought Josh!

Well they do have a special glass team and just added the full glass to the Model S. Maybe it will launch in a soft way until the car get a full revision.

That’s what Tesla did with releasing the AWD Model S, before releasing the Model X too. They folded the AWD feature of the Model X into their existing cars.

Size of the battery and likely range ?

Battery size: big (probably something around 1.5m x 3m x 0.1m), at least smaller than the footprint of the car.
Range: more than 200 miles EPA


Yippee…drooling…now we are closer to reveal model 3 part 9…more dool….

I suspect Tesla has reached the point of tech development regarding range that surpasses anything known so far by an order of magnitude. Not a single word on range, I suspect Tesla are now only pondering whether to reveal details in phases or go full blast in the spring. That’s the only thing bothering them. Yet again, Christmas is close, you never know what they’re up to and that’s nice.

They probably don’t want to potentially cannibalise any Model S or X sales before year end guidence either in case a few decide to upgrade and take advantage of free supercharging ?

Mums the word for now !

I like Josh’s idea about putting HUD in the S and X. That would spruce up sales similar to the all glass roof now available in the S and X.

The playbook is 1) hit numbers for Q4 2) announce annual financial results with rosy 2017 outloook 3) reveal production 3 and production schedule to stoke demand again 4) Raise money

The playbook is 1) hit numbers for Q4 That was Q3’s goal. They succeeded. Q4’s goal is to just stay even before M3 spending puts them in the negative until they can start volume production. A leaked internal email from Elon is the source of that info. 2) announce annual financial results with rosy 2017 outlook 2017 outlook will be negative due to M3 rampup costs, and they will be very up front about it. Again, same leaked memo. 3) reveal production 3 and production schedule to stoke demand again Yup. 4) Raise money Yup. They say they won’t absolutely be forced to raise money before all those M3 sales start filling back up their coffers, but they would be crazy to try and cut it too close. They won’t need rosy 2017 financial numbers to raise a ton of money. They will raise it off of the stoked up demand after the M3 Release 3 (and 4, and 5…). Once they start showing that they really have a product, and really have their supply-line and factory coming together, the absolutely unprecedented volume of reservations will send investors crawling to Tesla to please take their money. Tesla will take it.

I want to see 90 kwh battery in model 3 for $50,000.

Good luck with that. 🙂

North pole is 30 something degrees Fahrenheit above average…maybe some billionaires will donate Tesla money to make model 3 90kwh for $50k. We need to cut our emissions quickly.

I saw that reported in a couple of news papers also, but I am confused. The temperature today/currently is -16 and the median temp for Nov for the pass 44-years ending 2013 is -8.5. It seems like it is actually colder than average.

I doubt you will be able to fit a 90 kWh battery in the 3 irrespective of price, without compromising cargo/cabin space that is.

Mister G said:

“I want to see 90 kwh battery in model 3 for $50,000.”

And I want to win $10 million in the lottery without having to buy a ticket.

Seriously, we may see that someday, but not within the next few years. I don’t see Tesla equipping the M≡ with a battery pack which would give it a longer range than the top-end MS, and 90 kWh would do that. Perhaps after the highest trim MS/MX get 120 kWh battery packs, Tesla might equip the top-end M≡ with something around 90 kWh.

Try sugarmomaz.com

I still can’t believe it’s been ~8 months since I put a deposit down. I guess waiting another 4 months for a reveal, then another 8 months to actually order one, is just par for the course.


I thought you had changed your mind to Bolt already?

I’ve always said I would drive my Volt until 2018/2019, then look at what options there are for 200+ mile BEVs. Realistically, it will be a choice between the Bolt EV and the Model 3. I won’t make a decision until I final pricing for both. I also need to think about how I’m going to get a Model 3 serviced in Michigan.. if I go that route. Decisions….

” I also need to think about how I’m going to get a Model 3 serviced in Michigan.”

Pretty simple. No service center within 40 miles or so would be a killer. Not good. I wouldn’t do it. Service center is a must.

Closer to purchase time, I’m going to interact more w/local Tesla owners either in person, or via internet groups to get their opinion on the matter and their service histories/experiece.

There may be hope, if you are near Detroit:

Detroit (coming soon) Detroit, MI Roadside Assistance: (877) 798-3752


the direct sales battle that tesla is fighting is a foolish one. if tesla really intends to expand, they will have to abandon the “everything in-house” approach and use franchisees of some sort, anyway. for example, there are currently 4 tesla retail stores that serve the *entire* chicago area. does that seem like a viable way to achieve higher sales volumes? of course not.

when tesla incorporates third party outlets into their distribution channel, then the whole dispute with michigan will be moot.

That’s the American way. When you encounter unfair resistance just rollover and take it.

Just think of where we’d be now if at the first Continental Congress they didn’t decide, that although the new punitive British taxes that the King levied on the Colonies were seriously bogus and unfair, it would be better to just go ahead and pay them because the British might get mad and make it harder to do business.

but only fool picks battles for the sake of picking battles. when it comes to the direct sales issue, even if tesla “won”, it would be prohibitively expensive for tesla to maintain an entire sales distribution and support network in-house. so it gets to the point where you have to ask: why fight against something that you are ultimately going to have to do anyway? and it’s only a fight in about 10 states.

Can you explain how that network will be more expensive with/for Tesla (and the end consumer) than if there was a franchise involved?

maybe it wouldn’t be more expensive to *you*, but it would require tesla to expend a lot of cash. tesla already has a business model that currently burns cash at a high rate, so they really don’t need, and probably can’t afford, additional items that use tesla’s cash reserves.

“no comment” commented:

“if tesla really intends to expand, they will have to abandon the ‘everything in-house’ approach and use franchisees of some sort, anyway.”

As time goes on, I’m finding this argument less and less persuasive. Amazon.com and Apple both grew to dominate their respective markets without ever needing to use the franchise model. Also, one reason Tesla has been able to compete with larger, more established auto makers is because it has cut out the dead weight of the middleman.

Why would Tesla abandon its successful, more competitive business model for one that is outmoded and will probably soon become obsolete?

So are you saying that you can only buy Apple products directly from Apple? Really?

Amazon makes it’s money by being a distributor for other companies products – exactly 180 degrees opposite of what Tesla currently wants to do.

“then another 8 months to actually order one”

I think you should just stick with the Bolt. I know you constantly harp about Tesla’s reliability problems. Perhaps waiting for the early problems to be worked out would be a good idea.

By the time I’m *allowed* to order one, there will be thousands on the roads already. So those guys will be the guinea pigs.

Good luck with that.

Another Euro point of view

Confused… did reveal part 2 take place already ? If yes what was revealed then ?

The full self driving hardware was for 3, but shipping in S and X now.

Another Euro point of view

I see…(rather I don’t see how that could have been a part 2 reveal but never mind, I gave up).

The part 2 reveal was only to reveal that the real part to reveal would be revealed later and called part 3 reveal.

It was the most disappointing non-happening I’ve seen in a long time.

I assume they are not ready with the full design yet.

Revealing your disappointment with Tesla’s part 2 reveal will only get you attacked on this forum.

Sven…. you are a serial Tesla basher, no matter when they do good or bad.

I’m an EV and Tesla supporter, follower since over a decade and Model 3 reservation holder.

I give Tesla praise when they deserve it and I question them or put them down when they do things I don’t agree with. Trying to be positive as often I can but fair.

That means that when I call Tesla out I do not get bashed, it’s just fair and balanced negative criticism.


“Another Euro point of view” asked:

“…did reveal part 2 take place already ?”

Well, something took place that Elon had been touting as the “Model 3 Reveal part 2”. Whether or not it deserved that label is rather questionable.

“If yes what was revealed then ?”

It was about an upgrade to what Tesla claims is “full self-driving hardware” on all cars now in production.


I guess he gave his nonexistent PR department the shivers again. Someone likely made a dent in the desk with his forehead.

And the engineers.

Lol, but Musk would probably stutter a few times while delivering the bad news.

JH said:

“Someone likely made a dent in the desk with his forehead.”

Nah, that dent was already there, and well-worn by now. It may have been deepened a bit further on that day, though! 😉

It is high time to see a properly styled front end in Part 3.

I’m actually OK with the nose how it is. I’m hoping for more detail/stuff in the interior & dash. Or that “spaceship” steering wheel better be phenomenal.

Well, I hope it has a real instrument cluster when it comes out. That’s a deal breaker for me. If it doesn’t, I’ll just keep my 2017 Volt.

Tesla better reveal more information on the 3 or people will start doubting if it will be ready by the end of 2017. There will be more disgruntled defectors to competing BEVs like the Bolt or Hyundai EVs but not me since I want AWD. Even the Japanese have turned the corner and have announced future BEV development.

Acura has a one up over the 3 with two iPad Pros 🙂

AWD …. Jaguar I-Pace?

…..and you can check out pretty much all the info about the car right now.

what elon musk is doing is called “marketing”. i stated some time ago that there were going to be a series of “releases”. tesla couldn’t just take deposits and go into radio silence until the cars are ready, they would lose too many deposits. what tesla is doing is using this releases, tweets and other marketing communications methods to keep people engaged and interested in what the next marketing teaser will be. these teasers are being managed; the next teaser will not be the last.

i’m not a particularly big fan of the “cyclops” dash board displayed by acura as shown in the photos.

By Spring, Tesla needs to reveal enough details and teasers to keep their 400k reservists on the hook, including me.

A few potential deal breakers:

1. Poor driver interface, especially for items like HVAC and audio controls.
2. Poor service center build-out. The closest one to me is about an hour’s drive.
3. Price creep. The $35k starting price needs to stay for a long time. I’m not buying a $50k car.
4. No subsidy. As an early reservist, I think I’ll still receive the Federal subsidy. But the loss of this assistance makes a car of this price unaffordable to many potential buyers.
5. No test drive. I won’t buy without a test drive – period. This means Tesla needs to have some early Model 3s available for their reservists to try out.

Good thing is I think the car will sell well even without the fed tax incentive.

Tesla carries more cachet than any other car maker right now. If Tesla allowed GM to share production at the Tesla plant like Toyota allowed GM to share the NUMMI plant 20’some years ago..
[ I know it ain’t going to happen but it is the same building, you know? 😉 ]

Anyway, if the III was built with just one difference, Tesla’s was named the III and GM’s the Prizm BEV or something, the III would be able to sell for $10k to $20k more than the GM product, because it is cooler.

Regarding the tax incentive, I have a feeling that electric cars will suddenly have a lower MSRP the month the credit is cut in half, and another, lower MSRP 6 months later when the credit is cut again.

“Like Toyota allowed GM to share the plant for 20 years”. Wha…???? GM BUILT that plant, opening it in 1962. It ran for 20 years, then shut it down in 1982. GM then collaborated in a joint-venture with Toyota starting in 1984 to use the plant of as combined Toyota/GM manufacturing facility. They shut down for good in 2010 and the joint venture sold it to Tesla.

Right now, I think Elon secretly wishes he had more GM mass-market engineering/manufacturing tooling and expertise back at the Fremont plant to have a hope of pulling off the Model 3 before he burns out of all his cash.

I’m planning for it to not be available. My state also has no EV incentives, thanks to Republican short-sightedness.

It was a Republican, George W Bush, who pushed for the Energy Security Act of 2007, and then signed it into law. That is the Act that jump started the modern electric car by putting into place the $7500 tax credit.
Fox News called W “The Father of the Modern Electric Car” in 2007.

That is now so 2007 that you might as well be talking about Whig Party when you talk about those politicians from 2007.

Since then the Tea Party Revolution and our current President-elect rose in power over those establishment Whigs from 2007. Dozens of those Whigs from 2007 have been primary’ed, and the massive primary defeat of JEB! was a rebuke of the Bush family. (He didn’t even use the Bush name in his own advertising because polling was so negative on the word “Bush”.)

In fact all three of the R’s who co-sponsored that exact bill were defeated by their own party.

Roscoe Bartlett – gerrymandered out of office by his own party

Wayne Gilchrest – Primaried

Chris Shays – Defeated, then primaried by Linda McMahon, wife of WWE wrestler Vince McMahon.

Yea, they preferred the wife of a WWE wrestler over the most senior (R) who co-sponsored that bill.

That 2007 political party doesn’t exist anymore.

Yeah compared to the Tea Party Republicans now, Bush was a moderate. Alot of the things Trump wants to undo, Bush was for.

“Yea, they preferred the wife of a WWE wrestler over the most senior (R) who co-sponsored that bill.”

and the rest, of course – well ‘splained Nix, Thanks (it has been going on for quite a while, the number of ‘seniors’ with all their political capital and Major committee leadership being thoughtlessly Dumped is Primary-ily scary).

I think we will see a revised nose, and a reworked trunk opening.

Maybe – just maybe, we will see side video mirrors?

If you mean cameras replacing side mirrors, that’s not going to happen unless U.S. laws are changed.

Volkswagen tried to get the U.S. to allow sales of their XL1, which has no side mirrors, but failed to get the regulation changed. So, no XL1 will be sold in the U.S.


SparkEV-Fiat500-Leased - M3 Reserved - Bolt- TBD

If no production model by March, that’s very bad news for end of 2017 delivery.

I expect part 3 to reveal how many parts there will be in the Model 3 revelation.

So far there’s only been one part, but there’s no law against having part three follow part one. It is pretty much in line with how rational things seem to be over at Tesla at the moment.

Part two was like Sierra’s Leisure Suit Larry IV. It was called “The Missing Floppies”…