Elon Musk: Tesla Model 3 Design Will Be Finalized In 6 Weeks (w/video)


Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

At the Code Conference last night, The Verge’s Nilay Patel questioned the timeline for the Model 3.

In response, Elon Musk stated that the Model 3’s design will be complete in the next six weeks:

“Almost all of the Model 3 design is done, and we’re aiming for pencils down basically in six weeks, complete pencils down. And we’re tabling — you know, if there are ideas for future cool things, we’ll have it in version 2, version 3.”

Musk went on to state that the Model 3 has been designed to be mass-produced and to be on schedule. He points out that Tesla’s previous launches were often delayed due to too much technology being incorporated into the cars, but the Model 3’s simplicity means that Tesla should be able to hit its late 2017 deadline for launch.

Musk further says that the Model 3 will likely incorporate some fancy technology and other “cool things” in future versions that come several years after the Model 3’s initial launch.

The video above includes the question from Patel, as well as Musk’s answer in its entirety.

Source: The Verge

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Put the dash back, Elon.

No kidding. That was really the deal breaker for me and why I didn’t order one.

I put down a deposit, and I’m OK w/the exterior, even got used to the nose, but I’m looking forward to some interior changes.

Maybe info will be on the steering wheel? Or we will get a HUD? I need something though. I wont want to look to my right to see how fast I’m going.

Maybe some swag, though the name is a bit unfortunate, it may appeal to you:

why would you prefer a dash to a hud, that’s so boring and old fashioned!

I prefer having both a HUD and dashboard.

You can put on a dash aftermarket. It includes a button to sound a horn, a telephone like dial, a window that shows a picture of a cow….

No wait that is a busybox.

HAHA! That’s great. I needed that!

not agreeing or disagreeing, but the setup is perfect.


Are you describing the dash in the Radio Flyer Tesla?

i am amazed that people thought that tesla was actually going to produce the model 3 with the interior as shown in the reveal. it was such a rough draft interior that i would have thought this point clear.

furthermore, as the model 3 “reveal” was just a preview, musk included qualifier language so nobody should have been mislead. it was made clear that the interior was at a very preliminary state and the purpose of the reveal was to show the exterior. nobody leaving a deposit should have thought that they were making a deposit on a final product.

now, if you made a deposit, it was made on the basis that you didn’t know what the final car would be or when you were going to get it. but if you had other expectations, then that is on you and not the responsibility of tesla because i thought tesla was quite clear about what they were disclosing.

no comment,

The interior displayed at the Model 3 reveal was actually very close to the final design.

1. Multiple sources suggest, very, very strongly, that there will be a HUD, which can, conveniently enough for mass production, switch from having a left to a right driver side – huge for international sales.

2. Presentations and speeches after the reveal detail that the A/C vent system is finalized in the reveal model. Many didn’t notice, but many did, that the A/C vent layout (which is a, if not THE, primary source of engineering design for the entire front dash) is completely unconventional AND a finished design.

Long story short, the cabin design – from the frame to the trunk to the front dash – was 95% finalized due to engineering, and the MAJOR changes that would be mandated if a seemingly “simple” change occurred in design.

I am very sorry if anyone pre-ordered a Model 3 assuming it would experience significant aethetic design changes.

Any aesthetic change would have to fit WITHIN the framework of the complex, settled engineering of vehicle systems that exist below aesthetic design.

Yes, all of that was abundantly clear from the drivers’ answers in the test drive videos of the reveal event. The dash design was for superior cabin air flow, for improved visibility for the driver and for the front row sitting farther forward than normal in order to provide more legroom, cabin seating for the second row.

There were blatant placeholders for the cupholders. The interior was *obviously* not finalized.

To be clear, I’m not disagreeing with you.

After a very poor airflow design in Model S, the model 3 dash is designed around the airflow, and that’s certainly not changing. Stuff which will change are things like seatback pockets and cupholders and the decorative edges around the touchscreen.

Actually, they were quite clear, but you weren’t listening. Go back over the videos, and listen to the drivers repeatedly describe the design aspects that affected the dash. They said that the dash was designed for improved cabin airflow, improved driver visibility of what’s immediately in front of the vehicle, and it was part of the ability to put the front seats up farther without sacrificing leg room, in order to make more room for the back seat legroom.

What we saw is pretty much what we will get. That much has been clear.

Whats wrong with a HUD?

A HUD won’t make up for the info a typical dash board provides, and I wouldn’t want much more than speed on the windsheild.

Model S has a steering wheel dash, and its rightward center screen is already filled with sub-menu driven commands. Elon is trying to turn driving into a Space X mission, where there’s nothing to hit and you can get as cerebral as you want to with the 17″ screen. I’m more into visceral, hands on the wheel, driving, like in a car.

Needs a clear windshield? Single point of failure (the projector)?
I consider standard digital dashes a huge step back as is for the most part — a lot less legible, and prone to sudden failure as opposed to gradual degradation on a per-guage basis.

An HUD simply exacerbates this.
HUDs are necessary for jet pilots given the speed they fly at, and the amount of info they need to display. Not the case with cars.

I think I am opposite to you….

My Prius had a HUd and I very much liked it.

And I am one who hates mechanical dashes as they are more prone to failure (mechanical stuff, you know) less legible, constrained to a single layout and display type. Screens are more flexible, and can display colors, adding more information.

My 1995 Buick Regal has a HUD option for the speed and turn signals indicator. TM is just following what GM did before TM existed. See it here for yourselves:

I think you guys (me too) need to see the final version. HUDs can be made very useful. I don’t see that as a step back. Also, some projector types are more reliable than others and since this is a small screen we are definitely talking about a LED projector which are very reliable and lasting.

i heads up display is a gimmick that isn’t necessary for driving. if it were such a benefit, they would be in common use in cars by now. as such, if tesla is going to put a heads up display in the model 3, it should be an upgrade option so that people who think that it is so valuable can pay a price that reflects the worth of the option to them.

but like so many other things, my expectation is that ev enthusiasts are expecting a base model 3 to include this gadget such that if it is announced as an option, the very same enthusiasts will use that as an excuse to condemn the entire car.

Why? Do you really need it?

I was noticing the other day how much I really used the dash . . . pretty much only for speedometer and the charge gauge.

I spent far more time looking at my phone selecting podcasts and using Google Maps.

So if you put the charge gauge and speedometer on that big screen, I don’t have a problem with it.

I realize that many will find it unsettling and it may be a bit of a leap. But if it saves money and you get used to it, I don’t see the real problem.

I look at the kW bars on my Volt a lot while driving too.

under normal driving conditions, speed and range information is all that you need. however, i would not want to rely on a heads up display because it is a lot harder to ensure that you would be able to see the information at all times. for example, i would imagine that there are daylight conditions under which the HUD would get washed out where you would be able to see a dash better.

i would find it hard to believe that the DoT would certify a car that only had a HUD; like i find it hard to believe that the DoT would certify a car with no rear view mirrors that relied on cameras instead.

I believe most state laws require side mirrors to see behind the car, but not the one mounted on the windshield.

What if speed, charge, and KW were all displayed on both HUD and center console?

you want to make the head up display optional. so however, the ultimate dashboard layout looks, you do want there to be an instrument panel. i find it hard to believe that the weird dashboard layout shown in the model 3 reveal is going to be the final design. i mean, a blank dashboard with a computer screen attached in the middle? really? only an ev enthusiast would find that aesthetically appealing.

…and i thought the dashboard on the prius looked. the dashboard in the model 3 reveal takes the weirdness to another level. that thing looks like an engineering prototype.

Now the big question is, when will production start? I am almost sure that it will start before then end of this year. Yes 2016. Any comments?

Now way it is this year. However, they are very serious about next summer. I assume initial Tesla and SpaceX employees start to get the initial deliveries in late summer, then CA reservation holders in early fall 2017.

Elon and his SpaceX team were able to capture back the first stage rocket and land it on a floating deck in the sea with stunning accuracy. Do you think that he and his team at Tesla will not be able to work out a plan to get production started in 2016? Especially since he did not expect that he will get 115,000 reservation for the M3 after he went on stage in just 20 minutes! As it turned out they have now (375,000 * $1000) + $1.7 billion in the bank and he himself stated that they have to scale up production and then you come and say that NO WAY they will start production in 2016? So all this money will just sit there in the bank for more than a YEAR? Why? You are talking about $2 BILLION. $2.08 Billion to be exact.

Tesla’s engineers might be able to work out the production requirements before then, but the suppliers need to have their factories in place and ready to supply the parts for him. That’s why it won’t be this year.

Between suppliers and crash tests, etc., it will be very ambitious if they actually do deliver at all in 2017.

They could have three trillion, and it still wouldn’t change the complexity of certifying and producing an automobile whose design has yet to be finalized. If you believe money can override reality, I suggest you invest in wand futures, and skip Tesla entirely.

I work with guys who build assembly line equipment. There’s no way you could retool an existing line, never mind construct a new line by the end of 2016.

tesla really has to get to the “pencils down” date before they have a fixed target for production planning; and that won’t be until mid july. so yes, you are right, it’s not like tesla will be able to immediate start production the very day that they freeze the car specification.

I think Tech is right, first deliveries probably around June/July of 2017. CA buyers that already have a Tesla go first, then it moves east. East coast may be getting their first III’s by October/November of ’17, hopefully.

Read the article, the cells are certainly not for Model 3.

You have proposed this “theory” before, and it is still a ridiculous one. There isn’t even the tiniest shred of evidence for you to base it on, and the reasons it isn’t even possible are both obvious and numerous. I have no clue why you would solicit comment on this fantasy when it is widely acknowledged that even NEXT year’s SOP is an unprecedented challenge to meet. I understand and appreciate your passion and hopes, but it does not equate to a rational and informed opinion.

Alaa apparently believes that nine women really can deliver a baby in one month, if they try hard enough.

He clearly knows nothing about all the things that must be done to get a car into production after the design is finalized and after production prototypes are built. Things such as EPA tests and crash tests. Things that simply cannot be sped up significantly, no matter how much Tesla would like them to be.

And this is far from the first time that Alaa has posted such fact-free, stream-of-consciousness wishful thinking. Either he’s just yanking our chain, or else he’s living on a planet far removed from Earth. Not Mars, that’s too close. Maybe Pluto… or Tatooine.

Let us go back to first principles. Proving the negative is impossible. So it is impossible to prove that Tesla will not produce some M3 in 2016. Now let us look at the facts. Tesla already made the S and X so they already have a system and common components. The M3 will have unique components that need to be either done by Tesla or supplied from the outside of Tesla. At any rate producing the thousands of components do not have to take place one after the other. They can be produced and shipped to Tesla in parallel. So there is a way to shorten the time to get these components. Now I am trying to say this because Tesla has GM trying to beat Tesla by producing the Bolt earlier. We all know that Tesla has the advantage of the Gigafactory and the experience in making EVs. However I want to cool you down. It is not the end of the world if GM comes out first with a 200+ miles EV. If Tesla is delayed as I said it will not be the end of the world. There are 17 million cars that are sold in the… Read more »

Your assumption about GM is wrong. The 2017 Chevy Bolt EV is already in “pre-production” and if you visit their plant site you will see fully equipped Bolt EVs in their parking lot (picture available on request). The expected “official” production date is October 1st (four months from today). Tesla Motors will NEVER catch up, and WON”T get the Model 3 on the road before September 2017!

On a humerus note, I can assure you that ONE man here in Egypt can legally make 4 women pregnant per day. So in one month he can do 4*30 women. Thus 120 babies from one months hard work.

How many can you do?

Right. Because an Egyptian man impregnating multiple women per day so humorously and logically illustrates your point. From baseless speculation presented as superior insight, to sexually offensive attempts at insulting those with valid criticism, you are nearly as bad for Tesla as those who bash them to manipulate stock. And that is the most unfortunate aspect of your fantasy. If you ARE sincere and legitimate, you personify the negative stereotype of the blind, clueless “Tesla Fanboy”.

Seriously regrettable Alaa.

All I need is “real driving” 200 mile range, 0-60 in 3.5 seconds, autopilot and I’m happy…don’t need electric doors, door handles, HUD, glass roof….and monthly payment must be under $600.

(0 – 60 < 3.5) & (Payments < $600/mo) != possible

Except motorcycle. When will Tesla get into motorcycle business?

That is something a Corvette or CTS-V can possibly do right with < $600/month in 0-60mph under 3.5 seconds.

7,200/year with 0% and 12 year financing… LOL.

Or you can put $10K down and lease it for less than $600/month.

Corvette and Cadillac are both gas guzzling toxic pollution machines…no thanks unless I can dump the toxic emissions into your lungs or your family’s lungs? Are you game?

1. That wasn’t the original poster’s stated condition.

2. Yes, they do emit more. But so are coal powered electricity like those in China.

3. Based on your past posting, I often like to stuff my foot in your pie hole. Are you ready for it?

And what superfast, super cheap sports car do you drive now?

If you’re happy with a 10-year loan on your car, I think a $600 monthly payment might be arranged. 😉

Six weeks, that makes it July 14th. Mark your calendars, let’s see how close they get. Any bets? Maybe we should start a pool.

Looks like the first Model 3 deadline is already missed – 3 weeks ago statement was “Finalized by June 30th”.
2 weeks slippage in 3 weeks time. Hope they can get this trend turned around or we won’t see the 3 until 2020.

Poor quality is always remembered long after missed schedules are forgotten. Tesla needs to focus on designing and building cars, not making promises about schedules. Here Mr. Musk needs to take a page from the Ford play book and keep his mouth shut about schedules or at least over estimate schedules so Tesla is always early.

It was actually 4 weeks ago, on the Q1 call, that he said June 30. Two weeks slippage in four weeks is pretty mild by Silicon Valley standards.

It took four weeks to move forward two weeks on the schedule. That points to an actual “pencils down” on 8/31. Though the slippage tends to increase as the date grows nigh, so figure mid-September to be safe.

Boy Jay had to work hard to find that photo. That’s a classic with all the empty bottles all over the floor.

That’s actually a YouTube preview image…

I dont think we will know it tho, they aime to be done by then, but that is probably not when they will show it off.

I hope they can stick to their schedule….but they can not compromise quality or safety.
Also – does anyone know how long it takes to do all of the safety testing and all the other necessary work to get approval to sell the all-new vehicle?

Wow, is it just me or does Musk look like he’s been rode hard and put up wet? Look at the bags under his eyes in that video. Seriously, the dude looks like he’s been averaging 2 hours of sleep for the last month. Sleeping by the Model X production line has not been good for him.

I noticed that right away, too. First thought: he looks tired. Second thought: that sounds like a really rushed schedule.

Sounds like a recipe for mistakes. I hope they take enough time to get it right. Problems with quality will haunt them far longer than missing a few overly-optimistic deadlines.

“Mexican border shootout”, “Earthquakes”, “Tornado”, “Bullet holes…cocaine.”

Cool story, bro.

When it takes five minutes to give an answer you know something is wrong.

The whole video is only 5 minutes long. Logistics is a huge issue. All automakers deal with it.

“Logistics is a huge issue. All automakers deal with it.”

But not Tesla. Tesla is a unique tech company, not a car company.

It doesn’t have critical path issues.

Missing parts can be downloaded OTA overnight.

I’m not sure how this works, but we mere humans can’t understand. Just believe in Elon.

You lost me in the sarcasm.
The examples Elon gave of how logistics can slow/halt production seem legit to me. I’ve heard similar stories from other auto plants and deal with this issue at my own company.

Dealer inventory hides these issues at other OEMs. Only notable exception I can remember was the Prius inventory outage after the tsunami in Japan.

Tesla is choosing a business model to avoid massive stocks of inventory, which makes them much more susceptible to production issues.

True, from a customer’s perspective. The people I was talking to were at the plants trying to make cars.

inventory eats up a lot of cash and that is something that tesla cannot afford to do.

“…we mere humans can’t understand. Just believe in Elon.”

We “mere humans” can understand perfectly well that serial Tesla bashers like you will say literally anything to damage Tesla’s reputation, and that truth or falsehood is entirely irrelevant to you.

Yeah, Elon spouts a lot of hype. But unlike what FUDsters like you post, what Elon says is more often true than not.

I wonder if any of the simplicity of the Model 3, and lessons learned on how to mass-produce a car will make their way back towards the Models & Model X, potentially lowering their costs as well?

I am sure it will, but that wouldn’t be until there is a full 2.0 on their platform.

My guess is it would happen after 3 and Y are both designed. The S/X platform will need to be redesigned around the new Gigafactory cell size, 20mm diameter x 71mm height. Maybe in parallel with next Gen Roadster.

That brings up a good question; when will we see a true Gen2 Model S? I’m not talking about a refresh, but a true Gen2. Maybe 2019 or 2020?

Sounds about right to me.

2018 will be able ramping 3 and releasing Y. I am guessing Y reveal to production start will be < 6 months to avoid Osborne.

2019 will be retool S/X production and ramping Y. Y ramp *should* be easier than 3 ramp.

I think those would be aggressive dates, they would need to be starting on that design work now in order to release something in 2019 or 2020. I’m not sure they have the available resources to pull that off.

Well if it’s “pencils down” on the Model 3 in 6 weeks with most of the design already done; they should have resources free.

True, but I would think they would still be working on Model Y. Now being on the same platform as Model 3 should reduce the amount of work needed done there.

In the end I’m curious to see how their first full platform redesign goes, I think they will need to execute nearly flawlessly to pull of those time frames. I hope they are able to do it.

Technically, they only need to redesign the battery pack.

True, but that would be something more akin to replacing the engine/powertrain for an existing platform, not a new platform.

It would be hard to consider that more than another refresh. At some point Tesla will need to rework the entire platform for Model S, Model X. I’m curious to see when that happens and how it plays out.

And a whole new round of crash testing…

By the end of 2019, I hope Tesla can get the Model 3 production numbers to surpass the combined total of all the other manufactures pure EV sales. The Leaf, i 3, Golf, Soul, 500e, etc… and the upcoming Bolt, will have a challenge on their hands, in keeping the Model 3 from stealing the show. Hope the ramp up of the Model 3 goes off without any growing pains. We will see soon!

I think range is going to be king followed by price. By the time M3 makes it into production there’s going to be a lot of stiff competition from second generation EVs. I hope all the longer range EVs do well and we finally start to see wholesale adoption of electric vehicles.

One other car that is could be available in limited markets is hardly stiff competition.

I know of least five BEVs besides the Bolt and the M3 that will be available next year that will have a range of over 100 miles and will have DCFC capabilities. Maybe these other BEVs won’t have the range of the Bolt or the M3 but several of them should have much lower price tags.

One of the big obstacles to BEV sales has been the lack of DCFC stations but that is changing. There are more than 40 CCS stations and 65 CHAdeMO stations in Texas alone. The availability of these DCFC stations should help these other BEVs sell like hot cakes,

Less than 200 miles = no deal.

Unless it’s over 200 miles it’s not competition.

In 2018, I’m guessing Tesla will have approximately 3 Chinese competitors in the over-200-mile class.

Outside China, Hyundai has promised an over-200-mile BEV in 2018. And there’s Chevy.

So that’s, say, 5 competitors worldwide.

There will hopefully be more in 2020.

The Supercharger capability of the M3 could become a major price handicap. The vehicles that use CHAdeMO or CCS for DCFC either come stock with the capability or the option can be added for less than $1000. If the M3 requires both the $2,500 Supercharger upgrade and the $450 CHAdeMO adapter just to CHAdeMO charge, that’s going to dramatically reduce price competitiveness with other EVs.

Why would supercharging be $2500?

Well that’s what it used to be for the Model S. Maybe it will less but we know it won’t be free.

It was $2000.

It was/is $2500 if you activate(d) it on the car later on…


It was $2000 at time of car purchase AFAIK.


Can Teslas CHAdeMO charge without Supercharger enabled?


Your Tesla bias makes me skeptical that you actually know. How do you know a Tesla can CHAdeMO charge without Supercharger enabled?

From Tesla’s order page:


“For Model S without Supercharging enabled, onboard hardware must be activated to use the CHAdeMO adapter.”

$1,900 includes both the adapter and Fast Charging Onboard Hardware Activation. That doesn’t enable Supercharging, although I would say that it make more sense to just buy Supercharging.

Activation cost is therefore $1,450. The cost to activate Supercharging after initial purchase is $2,500, but $2,000 at time of vehicle purchase for a Model S 60.

Yeah, those numbers just say “Pay for supercharging”.

Sorry son, facts don’t have a bias.

Only because if you aren’t supercharger enabled when you buy it you buy at a higher price which includes activation

No. http://shop.teslamotors.com/products/chademo-adapter says “For Model S without Supercharging enabled, onboard hardware must be activated to use the CHAdeMO adapter.”

OTOH, Tesla hasn’t offered a car w/o Supercharging as part of the base price since they discontinued the S60.

CHAdeMO charging is an outlier for every Model S user I know. Usually it is tied to a specific route that isn’t covered by the Supercharger network, which is diminishing rapidly to esoteric corners. What is much more typical is a longer stay at a KoA campsite because there really are no other options. Lay a CHAdeMO map and the Supercharger map on top of each other and that picture will make my point by itself.

Poor guy is learning autos in the full glare of SV style publicity the hard way — learning by his own mistakes.

FDJ / Pencils down in 6 weeks is a 2 to 3 week slip on his original June 30th deadline.

Timings point to Job 1 in late November 2017 with serious volumes in Q1 2018 after a tricky ramp up.

All doable for Big Auto.
Pretty challenging for a company still in short trousers.

Interesting to see the next stage of thecModel 3 launch.
Also interesting to see how Model S sales react to a fuller picture emerging of its little brother and what it can do.

“Also interesting to see how Model S sales react to a fuller picture emerging of its little brother and what it can do.”

Musk keeps promising HUDs, teasing autonomy etc. in Model3.

All that starting at just $35k by late 2017.

There will be a huge Osborne effect for Model S in late 2016 and 2017….”thanks” to all these unrealistic Model3 hype.


😀 😀 😀

It really is hilarious to read these increasingly desperate FUD posts from tftf and the other serial Tesla bashers.

Here’s a reality check:

Q: What happened to CPO sales of Model S’s right after the Model ≡ Reveal?

A: Virtually all of them disappeared from online listings. In other words, the publicity over the Model 3 caused all available used Model S’s to sell out pretty much overnight.

Bottom line: The Model X and, to a lesser extent, the Model S, will act as “halo cars” for Model ≡ sales. I guess you can call that an “anti-Osborne effect”. 😉

Wrong. Tesla removed them from the CPO site, only to just recently add back a chunk of them a couple of weeks ago.

“pencils down” is another way of saying “design freeze”. The Chevy Volt was in “design freeze” in the spring 2008. pre-production prototypes finally were assembled in 2009, with the first retail production units rolling off the line Dec. 2010.

The Model 3 is a lot simpler than the Volt – no “never-yet-invented” technology to perfect, so hopefully they can push ahead faster than GM did with the Gen 1 Volt development schedule.


Chevy Volt in design freeze in the spring of 2008?

I’m not so sure about that. They announced to a switch to an entirely different engine, dumping the 3-cyl for a 4-cyl in mid-summer 2008:


There are actually a number of different “freezes” in any design cycle. There is a cosmetic design freeze, there is a feature/function design freeze, a bug/fix freeze where lower priority problems are no longer worked on, a materials freeze where no new materials are considered for production, etc.

In the fall 2008-summer 2009 GM had about 30 production-intent mules on the public road doing winter/summer/mountain/desert testing. These were all using the production-intent designed components and systems. “pencils down”, build production-intent mules, and test.


Refine the design, but this is all tweaking. like with the Volt, they re-designed an engine mount. Tesla will have to go through the same process with the Model 3 once they put “pencils down”. Have we had any real test mule sitings, other than publicity opportunities with the same three 3’s shown at the reveal? When Tesla gets to production-intent mule testing, there should be a whole lot of camo-3’s spotted all over. Tesla will want to road-stress-test the heck of of this design prior to going to production – they can’t afford the warranty claim levels they’ve had on the S and X with all 3’s they plan to sell and at the price they plan to sell them.

They are going to be burning the midnight oil.

I have to say, Elon already looks pretty burnt. 🙁

He’s just simulating being burnt.

Did I just read here in the comments section that someone thinks that model 3 production will start this year? LOL

Wow, this must be the “thought” of the day. Coolaid overdose.

And Yes, I agree, Elon needs a vacation.


Somehow this delusional thought comes to my mind also from time to time… Must be some kind of day dreaming… I even saw a unicorn (mirai) some nights ago on German autobahn… Scary!

And yes, although I rather not give personal advises: take a rest mr. Musk! (I’m sure you know about that burn out syndrome…) you won’t save the world in one day. Take it a little more slowly. (on the other hand as long as you can laugh everything is fine 😉 )

Hang loose!

“Musk further says that the Model 3 will likely incorporate some fancy technology and other “cool things” in future versions that come several years after the Model 3’s initial launch.”

That just mean the initial version won’t be so cool like other Tesla which makes me really questions “how much Tesla” is really in the Model 3 as far as Tesla gene is concerned. Maybe that will help the reliability/quality metric.

I guess that also leaves room for Tesla to increase price later on with revision of the Model 3.


It just means that we will have to wait longer for solar panels on the roof!

Nothing else.

Solar panels on the roof is one of the most over rated and useless features a car can have.

For the weight and cost, it will never recover the energy. Plus, it is better to put solar panels on the roof of a parking garage or buildings than cars.

I thought Elon had an excellent response when someone asked him about Tesla offering the option of solar panels on the roof of their cars, in the Q&A following the last shareholder meeting.

He pointed out that for a car parked in a garage, or other sheltered places out of the sun, solar panels are useless and therefore a waste of money. That’s why, he said, that solar panels belong on the roof of your house, not your car.

Yup. Elon and I agree 100% on this case.

WE need to cover every roof with solar panels and not a single car…

Please ditch that stupid giant windshield. Give us a proper sunroof.

That will be an option according to one of the engineers. See my citation near the bottom of the thread.

I hope the final design don’t have the glass roof as the ONLY choice.

I would cancel my Model 3 for that reason alone for sure.

Now, how can Tesla “freeze” the design if it hasn’t verified crash worthiness yet?

I know modern SW can simulate much of the design. But it still doesn’t replace real crash testing. That is usually done with all other designs finalized and prototype built and crashed. Data and results are analyzed and designs are tweaked after that.

Maybe Tesla has already done some of that or is very confident of the SW simulation or their “freeze in design” still allows tweaking…

I just find that interesting.

ModernMarvelFan asked:

“Now, how can Tesla ‘freeze’ the design if it hasn’t verified crash worthiness yet?”

As HVACman pointed out upstream, “finalizing” the design still leaves room for tweaking as needed after testing.

As I understand it, “pencils down” just means they’re going to start making production prototypes for testing based on the current design, rather than continue to refine it.

as elon musk stated in remarks posted in the article above, “pencils down” means no more “cool stuff”; in other words, no more new features. that doesn’t mean that you don’t tweak features that were already designed into the car as necessary.

All glass , metal roof , or a half glass roof will be available.
This was given by one of the top Tesla execs during a reveal test drive.

Do you have a citation for that?

So far as I know, the only option for roofs is whether the middle section, behind the panoramic windshield and in front of the huge rear window, will be a hardtop or more glass roof. Just two choices, not three, so far as I know.

In time signature 3:24 driver says metal, fixed glass, or panoramic options. Perhaps that is where this idea comes from.

Yes, but I think they are only referring to that relatively small strip in the middle, between the windshield and rear window.

They said that there cannot be structure above the rear seats in order to preserve headroom. I am fairly certain that the big piece of glass you see in the cover pic of that video is what you will get, though with tinting options.

If the glass roof is the only option, I will be cancelling my order for sure.

*sigh*. I hope it isn’t the case.