Elon Musk: Tesla To Make Low-Volume Electric Amphibious Vehicle


Lotus Submarine in Action in James Bond Movie

Lotus Submarine in Action in James Bond Movie

According to Autocar, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has more than just a flying car up his sleeve.

Why stop at a flying car when an electric amphibious vehicle could be made?

Quoting Musk:

“It’s a low priority project but we can create a transformation amphibious vehicle using Model S electrics. It will look like the Esprit too but 10 percent bigger and we’ll make it in single digit numbers, but it can be done.”

Recently, the famous James Bond submarine that appeared in “The Spy Who Loved Me” was purchased at auction by Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk.

Now, that $866,000 auction item is on display at Tesla Motors’ Design Studio in Hawthorne, California.

When Musk bought the James Bond Lotus Esprit, it was non-functioning, meaning that if deployed in the water, the driver would need a breathing apparatus and that it couldn’t transform, nor could it move under its own power on the pavement.

It’s unknown if work has been done of the Bond submarine. It seems more likely that its just a display object for now.

However, Tesla CEO Elon Musk does have grand plans for the James Bond Lotus Esprit:

“I was disappointed to learn that it can’t actually transform. What I’m going to do is upgrade it with a Tesla electric powertrain and try to make it transform for real.”

And apparently Musk/Tesla Motors is going to make more than one of these transforming, electric amphibious vehicles.  Wonder how much it’ll cost to reserve one of these land and water electric submobiles?

Source: Autocar

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Mark C

I looked and today is not April 1st. However, if low volume means exactly 1, as in make the Bond car actually work, well then, it’s his money, he can spend it any way he chooses.


It’s not just his money. If you own Tesla stock, it’s your money too.


Novelty projects like this can only end up being a distraction from the main mission, including critical projects like Gen 3.

Jouni Valkonen

This way Tesla gets lots of free advertisement as all global media publishes several stories on how Tesla is progressing with their mini submarine.

As Tesla does not put any money on advertising it must create topics like this that will be widely discussed through out the social media. This is the marketing strategy of Tesla!

Rob Stark


This is like mini-vacations for engineers.

It is fun and allows them to “recharge” their batteries so to speak.

This aids the main mission.

You can’t slave drive mind work.




Will it have falcon wing doors to make it easier to step on and off the dock when exiting and entering the amphibious Tesla? 😉

Jouni Valkonen

Not sure, but at least it seems that Tesla has taken seriously the leak issue of Falcon wing doors on rainy days! If they can create an amphibious car, then it is rather probable that they come up with leak proof falcon wing doors.


I wonder if there is something behind the name Falcon “wings”??!?

Jouni Valkonen

Indeed, Gull Wing Doors are probably easier to make water proof, as gulls have natural grease coating in their feathers that makes them water proof.


I don’t want water and 85 Kw/h battery together


Hum, all submarine have battery, and a lot more than a Tesla.

Jouni Valkonen

Today Tesla’s battery warranty does not cover the flooding of battery. But perhaps this is the research project that they can make the battery pack flood proof!


The battery pack is more than likely flood proof. It’s the rest of the car connected to the battery pack that isn’t.


Most likely.


My name is Bond… Covalent Bond.



Micke Larsson

This would be a great project for Elon to relax on and just be an engineer without enormous pressure.
I’m sure things like this, doing what he really enjoys will benefit him and Tesla/Space X in the long run.

The Bond car is cool. But I somehow thought his submarine vehicle would rather be a replica of the Millenium Falcon. 😉


He should point efforts to a more marketable flying car.

Jouni Valkonen

Elon has talked a lot on supersonic electric jets that can land vertically. This probably refers to some sort of flying electric car that does not require airfields and has cruising speed close to mach five.


I’ll have a dry battery… shaken, not punctured.




This will be Elon’s get-away car, after the Oil Barons of the world decide to have him assassinated…


Wait a minute, didn’t Elon ridicule the Volt for being something of an “amphibian”?

Maybe he’s seen the light and is just trying to catch up with GM on “amphibious” technologies.


Electric Car Guest Drive

The fact that this kind of story gets covered anywhere other than Cracked is a bit embarrassing.

Jouni Valkonen

Do not forget that Elon has talked a lot of hypersonic electric jets that can take-off and land vertically. And he is dead serious about the idea!