Elon Musk: Tesla To Unveil “Unexpected” Product October 17

OCT 9 2016 BY JAY COLE 105

Elon Musk (@elonmusk)

Elon Musk (@elonmusk)

Elon Musk Tweet About Upcoming "Unexpected" Tesla Reveal Next Week

Elon Musk Tweet About Upcoming “Unexpected” Tesla Reveal Next Week

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has once again taken to Twitter to tease us with a surprise product launch scheduled for next week.

Besides re-promoting the joint Tesla-Solar city coming product announcement (involving the debut of the new Powerwall 2.0 battery (think 2170 cells) that will combined with a new Tesla/Solar City solar roof product – details), Musk said that another unveiling specific to Tesla will be held on Monday, October 17th, and will beunexpected by most

Additional to these events, Tesla will also report 3rd quarter earning on Wednesday, October 26th – so the second half of October is going to be a busy time for the CEO.

Eearly Tweet-Storm: Solar Roof Unveil Set For October 28

Eearly Tweet-Storm: Solar Roof Unveil Set For October 28

As for what the “unexpected” product reveal could be, here are some suggestions:

But then again, maybe it will be something else altogether?

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Maybe a pickup for the North American market?

Thats kinda big. Unveil doesnt sound that big when you read the twitter. But who knows

Why only for the North American market – have had 3 El Camino’s and still waiting for the all electric pickup truck !

Because you’re not a big market? I can usually drive all day, seeing thousands of cars, without seeing any pickup trucks. And frankly I don’t get why they are popular anywhere! A van is surely much better even if all you do is pick up stuff?!?

My van is good for carrying clean stuff, but I don’t want a load of wet gravel or compost back there. You also can’t load a van from above using an Bobcat.

The main reason people buy pickups around here, though, is to tow stuff. Almost half the vehicles I see nearby are pickups. I’d say 10% are towing a trailer of some type at any given time. The people I know with pickups all tow at times.

“…another unveiling specific to Tesla… unexpected by most”

Nobody expects Tesla to sell an action figure of Elon in a Spanish Inquisition costume! (…but featuring the Tesla “T” logo, of course!)

Not entirely accurate but good. Notice he said most, not no-one. The same logical error Sven committed in his comment.


If it’s not something related to the Model 3, then maybe a roadster prototype.

It’s the Model X 60D!

Yeah, that was a good one!

Maybe Elon will unveil a Tesla hydrogen fuel cell vehicle. He did say unexpected by most. 😉

Fortunately, and again, your wet dreams over hydrogen have nothing to do with reality.

— .. crickets .. —

I think that was meant as a joke.

Yes, it was just a joke. But if Tesla does unveil a HFCV on October 17, Elon could name it the Model H, which would make Tesla’s model lineup SH≡XY. 😀

Why do you use the name for all the models except one, and a character that has nothing to do with the last one but happens to slightly resemble it?

Anon, grow a brain cell, ideally one that has a sense of humor.

I predict Elon will release the exact date, in writing, of his next big announcement.


I bet on the electric semi truck!!

I’m with George.

I think the timing is right for the next announcement regarding the Tesla semi.

Perhaps a Model X with regular doors & windshield, lower price and the 60kw battery option.

Hmmm. That sounds like a Model Y.

That would be my guess, too.

Model 3 and Model Y body styles were started about the same time. Figure it’s strategically wise to show off an alpha Model Y, as the “fix” for the M3 #tinytrunk issue.

Then you get a whole new round of reservation money.

That takes care of Model 3 and Y production setup and eliminates need for any Solar City acquisition funding.

*shrugs* Just a guess…

But you would also cannibalize the sales of the model 3 which isn’t good at all now that Tesla is going to make 500k cars in 2018 (*hrm*)

Model Y, is based on the same platform as the M3. It makes logistical / fiscal sense to set both lines up at the same time. Tesla won’t cry over M3 sales turning into (likely) a higher priced SUV.

No it doesn’t. It costs a lot of money and work to set up a production line, even if it’s similar to another. Tesla doesn’t have the cash to do it. Additionally you need to go through the verification and crash testing for the new model, Tesla can just barely handle the load as it is.

Think of it this way… How many months have passed since the unveiling of Model 3?

A good 6, right?

How much time do you need to create a prototype, based off the same platform you’ve already made two copies of?

Also, you save significant money and time setting up just one production line to run two versions of a product, instead of retrofitting it into the factory later on.

Model Y seems as reasonable as any other guess. *shrugs*

Nah. Half a million is still production constrained, not demand constrained. Maybe. ?

Yep, Model Y seems most plausible at the time being; wireless charging no, Elon not interested in losses, he will let Mercedes or Apple do the hard-work. Pickup truck – limited to US only – not this time, in a year or so yes. So we stick to Model Y as the prime choice, 315+ miles range…

Not really. Model Y will most likely share the Model 3 frame, and be at least a year or 2 after the 3 hits production. Whereas there’s significantly less effort to recycle the model X shell for lower production costs via a simpler design.

We have not seen the production Model 3 yet, and Tesla needs to keep the momentum going on that vehicle, with deliveries not due until late next year.

More details are needed maintain interest and to spike reservations. Tesla also needs to clarify that the Model 3 will have more range than the Bolt.

No, it doesn’t make much sense to do the second showing this early. You want the hype going at full effect when you are ready to start delivering the car. If Tesla showed their cards now the effect would die down to late 2017 (or whenever they will actually deliver).

I’m guessing production intent Model ≡ and hopefully, the concept Model Y.

No cap raise q4. That news supports good q3.

Is that a product?

He said “unexpected by most” that means some people know.

So those who know please speak up

The Model R. Zero to 60mm/min in 3 seconds.

hehe, perhaps ‘display’ it in the back of a seats-folded Model X (BIO-filters sold separately, at your nearest friendly T-Store.
See? Now they’re Profitable!

But . . . range, range. It’s all about range!

Optional Solar City…err…Tesla Solar Panel Option.

Can clean the whole house on one charge.


This lets the sun shine in my… Oops I happen to live in a cave!

Not joking 😉

Going for the obvious. Tesla will really clean up with that product.

The Tesla Model R sucks! 😉

Maybe he’s going to use a million MODEL R (roombas) to make the first hyperlink.

er: HyperLoop. The world already has hyperlinks.

Of course – the real credit goes to Roger Ramjet, the problem being the hole tunneled to China made a huge whistle as the earth rotated, and every one couldn’t unplug their ears until an elevator was installed to plug the hole.

Breaking News! – Tesla takes on Dyson!

Hey, those Roomba-type vaccumes are a joke. Maybe you’re onto something K. Tesla’s would use Vac-Autopilot to better navigate your living room without the need for those little aux units to keep your Roomba from going down the stairs. Tesla’s vac would have SuperVac chargers placed all over the house rather than one unit in the kitchen – and it would charge in 1/5th the time. Tesla’s vac would have a “dirt frunk” in front and a bigger dirt hatch in the rear. And last, but not least – the Model V’s coup de grace: Falcon Wing dirt disposal. Two “wings” would open up in the dirt compartments with very complex sensors, hinges and actuators in a showy display of dirst disposal into a nearby trash can. Sometimes it works – sometimes it doesn’t. But Tesla is sending out over-the-air updates as we speak and after the first takers’s disappointments and poor reviews, they realize the customer attention and service was spectacular and that their TeslaVac is now a thing of wonder and efficiency!

Tesla branded sleeping bags…

Maybe all the Model 3 swag is finally in their online Store?

It’s Tesla Bonds or a mobile powerpack.

All-in-one automated, self contained collapseable car canopy, with flexible/foldable solar cell top with car charging port and Powerwall. Has one side enclosed to hold all of the state of the art accessories for the on board power wall and charger. Or just maybe a new twist on a wireless charging system, or all of the above?

Wireless charging seems plausible. I don’t think there’s something big coming (Autopilot 2.0 etc.).

add a wireless charging output to the Solar Inverter/Powerwall.

I really want Tesla to make Alt Energy standardized, like USB is today.

Here is the guts, now plug whatever you want into it, and it’ll just “work”

An In-Car Tesla chatbot. Knight Rider style.

Or upgrades to superchargers with liquid cooled cables and significant increase in power output.

250 kW ludicrous chargers.

That actually would make sense, but is it worth a whole annoucement? And is it a product?

Well, it would seem that I am one of the few:)

So, then you are saying, no one is correct, so far in their guesses, as you imply that you know what it is and no one else here does.
Well gfu.

Model X and S 100D.
And maybe Autopilot 2.0 with Lidar.
Potentially Model 3 final range details

Model X/S 100D? Possible yes.
Autopilot 2.0? Possible yes.
Lidar? Fuggedaboudit.
Model 3 range? Most likely no.

Could it be a cheap DC/AC inverter/controller to complete their solar roof package..

Falcon-9 action-set, complete with figures, a mars-scape, T-Rovers..
(again) available Only at your friendly T-Store, let the lines begin!

for the painally retentive here, this ^ . ?
it was a Joke.

I think that removal of X 60D had more to do with wanting to convert more reservations to sales (now that people know 60D will not be there).

Now that X production is up to speed Tesla will go through those like hamster through nuts.

I’m also in favor of second unveiling. Bolt is practically anounced, but sales are some time in the future, so Tesla will have a chance to convert some buyers (but not those who would lease) to wait for Model 3, but its not just before Bolt sales, so it wont feel cheap trick 😉

1.I think that those thinking about updates / features of AP, doors, range etc are wrong as the message said “tesla PRODUCT”.

2.also ,second unveiling is unlikely based on 1. to say tesla product “unveiling” just amere few months after m3 unveiling would be superfluous at best.

3. he said previously that all focus should be on delivering m3 first s, so that would make unlikely to reveal a semi/truck/roadster but on the other had the engineers whose pencils are down were not idle for the past few months so….

the key of the riddle is in “unexpected by most”. People following his messages kow fully well about the truck/my/semi/powerapck2 plans.
So must be a prodcut not an upgrade and a new type of a product.

Upgrades to superchargers: adding liquid cooled cables and increasing output. Not sure if that can be considered a ‘Product’.

I am guessing some new grand plan that will require even more capital and therefore Tesla is going to have to postpone profitability another couple of years (which would otherwise have happened in 2017, pinky promise).

“Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!”

And now for something completely different…

Did a little exercise…

Based on “Expected ”
1) Model 3 Second Reveal 35%
2) Autopilot 2.0 for Model S and X (and 3) 30%
3) Increased battery range based on 20170 20%
4) Model Y 10%
5) Pickup or other truck %5

Based on “Unexpected ”
1) Pickup or other truck %5
2) Model Y 30%
3) Increased battery range based on 20170 30%
4) Autopilot 2.0 for Model S and X (and 3) 30%
5) Model 3 Second Reveal 35%

Autopilot 2.0 for S,X, and 3 fits with second reveal so Most likely they are the most expected announcements (so it would be emphasizing 2.0 autopilot as ready before most thought possible.)

Model Y is taking on too much.

Battery bump is best surprise!

Anything else is distraction from Model 3!

Anxiously waiting for the Solar roof.
Power can be produced without using extra land.

Please make it applicable to flat roof as well. Many condo’s and office buildings can make use of it.

Homes with angled roof can make use of only 1 side which faces the Sun. But the flat roofs can make use of all sides capturing more sunlight and producing more power.

I don’t expect Tesla to offer a tow hitch for Model S.
I don’t expect Tesla to offer foldable/removable 2nd row for Model X.
I don’t expect Tesla to offer hatch back for Model 3.
Many things mostly unexpected …

orinoco said:

“I don’t expect Tesla to offer foldable/removable 2nd row for Model X.”

Folding 2nd row seats for the Model X is actually what I’m hoping this minor announcement is. Altho realistically, it’s likely something even more minor than that.

Mmmm how about a powered trailer, so you don’t lose too much range in your X when towing.

Or an electric scooter, skateboard? Wi

Just trying to make up as much unexpected stuff as possible. 😉

It’s definitely NOT the Model Y. That is
a) not unexpected and
b) would hurt sales/reservations for the Model 3 and
c) would distract the Tesal engineering team’s focus from the Model 3.

I guess… a electric aircraft!

It could be a Gigafactory 2.
Even Elon said that Gigafactory is one of Tesla’s products.

Oh Yeah!!! Good point. Let’s hope that is the case.

I think is going to be big one because is going to be:

a)Model 3 second reveal, with more options and battery range. No model Y sorry.

b)And what no one expects: Early delivering starts 1st January 2017.


That would do it

Likely: a wireless charging system.
Less likely: Tesla Telecom, a roaming-free global telecom network for the cars as well as for mobiles.

CCS Adapter.

Ding ding ding! I think we have a winner here.

It’s a product that would make a lot of sense, but not one it’d make sense to hype much. I don’t think they’d set themselves up to disappoint us all in that way. It has to be something more substantial in my opinion.

Solar PV optimizers and a central inverter/battery-controller?

Sigh… It’s going to be xmas eve for a long time…

An acquisition by Apple ? That would explain no need for another round of funding…

+33 ✨???

Rumor on the street is that……

Another Euro point of view

HUD for all cars ?? (head up display)

A drag-strip-specific Model S 100DL with Space-X booster technology. 0-60 in 0.5 seconds. g-suits and parachute deceleration pack optional.

How about a Model S wagon format, seems that a longer, higher roofline would be quite practical without entirely destroying the Cd value.

If Apple ever bought it they would cost 3 times the current price and require iTunes to activate, not sure that is actual progress.

A CCS adapter for the EU, or a Mennekes Type-2 with CCS for the EU would be awesome. It’s sort of required for any new cars registered in 2017 in the EU anyways. I think it only applies to certification of new models, but a new Model S would still fall into that EU legislation trap.

Perhaps we can now order the freaky charger arm snake robot thing. I don’t have a Tesla, but i’d want one 🙂

The ” Teslanator Robotic Cyborg Charging Snake ” has escaped, and is out on the loose! Halloween is coming up kids, so get in line early, you don’t want to miss out on seeing this Fright Fest live and in person!

Conventional rear door option for Model X.

A Tesla electric bicycle…

A Tesla with door size displays (console displays everywhere eat your heart out), and the displays all “GO TO PLAID” when driving over 100 mph.

“unexpected by most“
Model 3 metal roof with hatchback option

It’s…. access to Supercharger network for some other make of EV.

It’s… fully custom Tesla paint colors.

please please please please please please please

Sounds crazy, but I REALLY hope it is a 12V lithium ion car battery. I mean really, nobody has one for a Tesla that I can buy tomorrow?

Note: I know someone is working on one. Why isn’t Tesla all over this….don’t they make batteries?!?

My SUV needs one now too. It sits all the time because I don’t want to burn gas – except to get places the Tesla can’t reach. The deep discharges keep killing the batteries!

KISS: Get a solar 12v battery charger for that rarely used vehicle.

A huge falcon gate for the Gigafgactory.

Perhaps a new battery pack made from cheap and extremely energy dense cells from millions of recalled Galaxy Note 7s? Along with a new “explosive” mode.