Elon Musk Still Working On Something Special For Early Tesla Model 3 Reservation Holders



Musk Tweet On “Something Special”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to state that he’s still working on the “something special” promised for early Model 3 reservation holders.

It was way back in November 2016 when Musk first promised the “something special” to Day 1 Model 3 reservation holders. He made that promise in a Tweet, of course:

Musk Promising Something Special

It seems Signature Red is still what’s being pushed for by lots of Day 1 reservation holders, but it’s not the only “something special” being requested. Some other requests include:

  • Matte Black
  • Free Supercharging
  • Special Wheels
  • Free Autopilot
  • No Charge For Paint Color
  • A Big ‘Ol Bash Hosted By Tesla For Day 1 Reservation Holders

and the list goes on…

Let’s hope Musk’s “something special” is truly special, as some Day 1 reservation holders waited in lines overnight to put down a deposit on a car sight unseen.

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The sad “special” could be a delayed $35k base version (only half-kidding here).

Or a $35k base version that is retired from the market for whatever reason after a few months – as with the Model S 40 back in 2013.

Why? Because Tesla makes very, very little on those base cars imo.

Tesla has actually said that they plan on pushing the M3 220 because the smaller battery pack will allow them to put out more cars faster as the Gigafactory fights to keep up with battery demand.

So reality is exactly opposite of your made up FUD. I can’t wait for you now to start complaining about Tesla pushing M3 220’s to customers….

tftf is just angry because of all the money he has lost on shorting Tesla like his loser buddy Spiegel who recently gave up on it.

Exactly right.

Smart “short” investors would have exited their position before the TM3 went into production, on the near-certainty that would cause the stock price to rise. They should be chanting “RAH RAH GO TESLA” to help the price to rise as far as possible, so they could buy in when the price of this highly volatile stock starts dropping again.

The fact that these short-selling trolls keep bashing Tesla even when the stock price is rising strongly shows they are big losers, too greedy and stupid to get out of their “short” position when the getting is good.

Spoken like a true expert, PP.

I stand by my point: Tesla has no financial interest to sell $35k cars – there’s simply NO margin there.

Tesla (or more specifically CEO Musk) has a general problem of over-promising.

Latest example:

Switching FSD HW to version 2.5 with more processing power while claiming (since Oct 2016) that HW 2.0 will also work for FSD.

So why upgrade to more expensive FSD hardware?

If you are so right, despite Tesla saying exactly the opposite, then you should have no problem providing a source with access to the information that Tesla has that would prove Tesla won’t make money on the $35K version.

Just post the numbers. Easy.

Not some FUD made up by the same folks who have gotten everything wrong about Tesla for the last decade, but the same numbers that Tesla has access to, that would prove Tesla wrong…

Good luck with that.

The reality is that you’ve been wrong on Tesla, and wrong on TSLA stock shorts, over and over. So you can delude yourself as much as you want.

As for the hardware upgrade, not another one of your Concern Troll whine fests.

They updated the processing power of the computer dedicated to processing images. A computer that they specifically put in a place where it will be easy to replace, specifically because they planned on having the processor be upgradable.

Are you the only person in the world who has never heard of upgrading the computing power in a computer? It is common, easy, and a well established thing that even kids can do to their own home computers.

There is no problem for Tesla. Those people who have purchased the most advanced AP packages (not every Tesla owner by far) will get their processors upgraded and everything will be fine. Just the way they planned when they intentionally put the computer where it could be easily accessed for exchange.

No need to go into full nutter Concern Troll mode. Get a hold of yourself.

How about gifting one share of tesla stock to each early reservation holder?

That would be cool, but it would cost Tesla over $35 Million dollars for the first 100K day 1 reservation holders alone. And it would require reservation holder to have some sort of investment trading platform for just 1 share.

Way to turn a five word tweet into an entire non-story.

Strongly disagree.

Way to turn an “non-story” into an 11 word comment.

Another Tesla short-seller writing Tesla-hating posts because he’s angry at all the money he is losing.

Ah, schadenfreude…

Free Supercharging for travel away from home on trips for 30 days a year. The original owner and purchaser, would keep it for life. This would be a great feat of generosity for Tesla. Also, a good marketing strategy for us would be preorders for the Model Y late next year.

I like your idea on the Model Y pre-orders. I would like to have priority on the Y reservation without having to wait in line like the last time.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

A dual Charger 20KW free upgrade regardless if you buy the 220 or 310 model.

Something special could refer to a rebate on something, like on the bigger battery for instance (my personal favorite), but it could also be something that is not directly material like a Musk signature in the car, although that could leave him with a painful wrestle after a while, or a navigation system using his own personal voice.

Why anything??? One way to look at it is that there were people who really wanted to be one the first to reserve but circumstances prevented them from doing so. Maybe they aren’t retired or financially secure enough to not have to work two jobs.

No, I don’t think Musk owes anybody anything. Why should he reward anyone for doing what they were going to do anyway??

Let’s look at the lost revenue for 100,000 first day reservation holders getting something like free paint options. That is 100,000 times $1,000 in lost revenue for a total of $100,000,000 in lost revenue. $100 Million dollars in free thank-you gifts? I’m not so sure about that. It would certainly be awesome for everybody who wants a color besides black. And their actual cost would be much less than $1K, but it is a huge loss of revenue, and that’s how businesses calculate freebies. Handing out free autopilot would blow up that number even worse. There just are way too many people who got reservations on the first day to start handing out $1,000+ dollar freebies. Something like offering a signature paint (at the standard $1K upcharge) or a signature set of wheels in both 18″ and 19″ options (at standard $1500 upcharge for 19″) is more realistic, because it provides something special at nominal extra cost and no loss in revenue. A free 120 day trial of autopilot would make sense. It gives away nothing in the long term, but it gives buyers a chance to trial something they could end up buying. But I think all of this… Read more »

Lol. Like it costs WAY MORE to paint the car a different color.

It likely doesn’t cost that much more. But like I said in my post, that isn’t the math that any qualified corporate bean counter would ever use.

They would calculate the COST as $1,000 in lost revenue PLUS the actual expense delta between black and other colors.

You can try to apply logic and reason and such, but bean counters won’t listen.

My brother does autobody work.

Candy Apple Burgundy is $1700 a gallon.

So yes, it does cost money to paint a car a different colour.

What, does the paint have crushed rubies in it?

No, the paint is overpriced to that level because the body shop is buying it from the official supplier, which has a contract with the auto maker promising not to sell it for less, to support the auto maker’s obscenely high prices for so-called “premium” paint colors.

An honest cost for car paint is $100-250 per gallon.


What about the option to buy unlimited SC at 1000$

That would be even worst than free paint color choices, when including actual cost to the company calculated over the long term. Back when Tesla was selling supercharger access as an option for the Model S 60 it was a $2,000 dollar option.

So at $1000K, the bean counters would calculate the lost revenue to be the same as the lost revenue of free paint, then they would add in the actual cost of the electricity over 20 year life of the car. They would score that as likely hundreds of Millions of dollars in cost.

Very unlikely as a freebie for something people already did of their own free will. That would be something they would reserve to try and increase sales volume if sales dropped, like they are doing with the Model S and X. (Which appears to be working…)

Actual increased paint coat’s are probably negligible on the optional colors. But then it becomes a case of missed increased economic revenue oport unity for Tesla.

I hoping for white shag carpet.

*spits out coffee*




😀 :D: 😀

Dude, you just won the Internet!

Free nuclear fallout package lol…unfortunately it’s not a funny idea in Trump era.

I’m with Nix on this.

Anything above a handshake and smile is more than enough considering this is all optional and people stood in line because they wanted to be deliberately selfish and be ahead of everyone else.

A tesla sticker and maybe some software “icon” on the UI is my guess 😉

exclusive “Day One” boot screen… *laugh*

I agree, the number one reward for waiting in line is to get your Model 3 before people who waited a few days after the the first reveal to put down their money.

That has a tangible value that people were willing to trade their own time in line to acquire.

I’ll take free upgraded wheels, or a discount on the $5000 glass roof package.

And yes, the $1000 color paint option is an obvious ripoff.

Ok ok ok – I know it!!!

The only misfit part on the car, that probably going to change as soon as Tesla3 high demand/ production is under control


Not the bad mode carp grill!

BBQ Grill?

I keed! I keed!

•Matte Black (most likely)
•Free Supercharging (Doubtful, no branding benefit and may increase SC congestion)
•Special Wheels (Doubtful, can’t really see the wheels in motion, no branding benefit)
•Free Autopilot (Doubtful, no branding benefit…Plus huge revenue source missed)
•No Charge For Paint Color (next most likely, yet still doubtful, what if you really wanted the best color, black?)
•A Big ‘Ol Bash Hosted By Tesla For Day 1 Reservation Holders (Doubtful, Day 1 res. holders may not live anywhere remotely close)…

Option to buy free sc

Free SC or AP2. Those would work for everyone.

I know! That special something will be Model 3’s delivered with 3 or less horrible fit and finish issues. Lol


Preemptive post covering all the insults and likes the TSLA trolls will post to my comment, complete with witty replies:

-you’re just jealous you can’t afford a Tesla (nope, why waste the money)
– you are a bitter TSLA short! (nope, only TSLA I ever bought was at $175, sold at $370. Thank you Elon for the $$$)
– your Bolt has no Supercharging so you’re just jealous! (Nope, CCS network has served me mostly fine, thank you)
– you…..suck! (Hey, exercise that freedom of speech!)

“– you are a bitter TSLA short! (nope, only TSLA I ever bought was at $175, sold at $370. Thank you Elon for the $$$)”

I find it amazing that those who have gone to great lengths to establish a reputation here as an anti-Tesla troll, think anyone would believe anything they claim. Obviously their only purpose here is to lie about everything.

I guess they think readers here are astoundingly naive or stupid.

And you claim this is a picture of a car that was delivered to a customer, instead of one of the hundreds of prototypes, because of what? The date on the picture?

Without context, this picture is pointless.

And since you said it first, I vote with your 4th option, that in your words you…..suck! so your reliability is absolutely highly questionable.

If you have proof that this was a customer car delivered this way to one of the 30 customers, by all means post it. It may salvage a tiny shred of your credibility. If not, it is just yet another ding against your credibility to post an un-sourced photo and claim it is a customer car without providing any evidence of it being a customer car.

One of the first 30 cars produced and “DELIVERED”.

If you want to say Tesla’s have never had fit and finish issues, that only confirms you are an Elon kool-aid slurper.

Source please for where that picture came from. No, your flapping lips don’t count.

Let me guess, the person who told you where the picture came from was the same person who lied to you and said the Volvo in the crash test was traveling twice as fast as the Model 3. Only to have that bull-puckey be slapped down as complete lies.

You do realize that this photo will eventually show up google image search, and we’ll actually know where it comes from, right? And when you are proven to be a liar YET AGAIN, you are just going to look like a complete fool YET AGAIN.

The fact that you are hiding where you got this photo says volumes.

I like making you squirm. 😀

Since you are so versed in Google image search, I’ll let you find it that way, you techie person you.

It was in the group of first 30 3’s produced, and was waiting to be picked up by the owner outside Tesla HQ. Pretty hilarious you are so paranoid you doing the photo is real. LOL

Why is this a surprise? Unless you’ve just discovered Tesla this morning, it is EXPECTED that Tesla will have quality issues, especially with fit and finish. Sure, Musk “flapped his lips”, but that means little when their past is so evidently clear.

I really don’t understand why Nix and others are getting worked up over this. There will be more photos of poor fit and finish Tesla 3 for a while longer, maybe even for a year (and probably even longer from trolls). I don’t sweat this at all, I expect it.

And if you didn’t expect poor fit and finish and quality issues, at least for a year or two, you will be very disappointed with Tesla.

Yup, just like I predicted, after a few hours google found the original image. It comes from a guy who posts a whole bunch of pictures of pre-production demo cars. And here is what the person who posted it (Tesla Daily ( @dailytesla )) said about it: “One of the 1st Model 3 cars produced! ? #tesla #teslamotors #teslamodel #teslamodels #teslamodelx #teslamodel3 #teslas #teslax #tesla3 #supercharger #zeroemissions #electric” Does he say it is one of the first 30? NOPE!!! Does he say it was being delivered to a customer? NOPE!!!! so I checked the metadata, and when was the picture taken? May 8th, 2017. So you fabricated the source saying it was one of the first 30 DELIVERED. The source never said that, you lied and said it did when it didn’. You lied when you said the source said it was a customer delivery, when the source clearly never said that. And not only do we all already know what the pictures of the 30 cars waiting for delivery, all in a well-lit row next to superchargers look like (and they didn’t look like this picture at all) — but we know this picture was taken before any one… Read more »

Your photos aren’t even of the same car.
Nice try, FUDster. Lol

Since you are so intellectually challenged, here’s the source, posted August 4th:


I’ll wait for my apology now and you can apologize for your blatant attempt to lie. 🙂

You STILL seriously think that is one of the 30 cars sold to customers? Now that you actually provide the source, it is EVEN WORSE for you!!! We all saw that the 30 cars sold to customers were all lined up together before the sun went down. This picture is at night, and is it lined up with the rest of the 30 cars? NOPE!! It is lined up with some dirty Model S in the back of the lot. Did the person posting the pictures say they were one of the 30? NOPE! Did the person posting the pictures say this was a car sold to customers? NOPE!! Sadly, you are too ignorant to know that Tesla built another 20 cars for testing purposes in July. go ahead and show me this isn’t one of them. No, they don’t care about the fit of some body panel if they are going to stick a bunch of test equipment in the Frunk and run a bunch of cables out the hood to test sensors. You’ve completely made a joke of yourself, you’ve proven YOU fabricated that it was supposedly one of the 30 customer cars, and your own source absolutely… Read more »

Definitely an RC or test car. None of the production cars have this under the front light:

I suppose they should come up with something exclusive for the day 1 cars, as making it exclusive will likely increase the value of the car without necessarily increasing production cost. Since exclusivity has a value in itself this is a cheap way to give the earliest supporters real added value with little cost to Tesla. But it’s not so easy to think of what that might be. A special colour is not very good for those who prefer one of the other options over the exclusive colour. Most interior changes will probably cost too much to be a good idea, or, like paint, not work for everyone. A special skin for the software could maybe work, but not sure it’s special enough. Usually special edition cars have some subtle visible cues on the outside that make them recognisably the special edition to those in the know. If they think of something really special it may be harder still to resist the temptation to convert my reservation into an order. I reserved mine several hours before reservations opened in the US – but don’t expect delivery will be possible until late 2018, and that’s if everything goes smoothly. Hopefully Tesla… Read more »

You people who want free supercharging should try to use DCFC in San Diego. With about 100 Bolt’s getting free charging via Lyft, it has completely clogged up the chargers. Every Bolt I met at DCFC is with Lyft.

With ~100K first day reservations holders, that will make free superchargers just as frustrating. Undoubtedly some of those Tesla 3 drivers will drive for Uber or Lyft, and clog up the superchargers like Bolt is doing via Lyft.

Free charging SUCKS!!!

Free upgrade to HW10.2 which will enable FSD!

Fast Pass to skip the waiting queue at the Service Center for their early version of Model 3 repairs?


What does Tesla consider “Day One Reservation Holders”? The answer may be a bit more complicated than it sounds. For instance, I reserved a Model 3 around 9 the morning after the release was official from the previous evening.