Elon Musk: “We’re Doing Something Cool” With Tesla Roadster This Year


"Something Cool" In The Works For Tesla Roadster

“Something Cool” In The Works For Tesla Roadster

At the 2014 Tesla shareholder meeting, Tesla CEO Elon Musk hosted a lengthy Q&A.  Within the Q&A, Musk spoke of the neglected Tesla Roadster owners, promising an upgrade for it later this year.

We’re not sure what Musk is hinting at, but here’s his comment:

“Yeah, we’ll get it done this year, it’ll be a cool thing. We said we’re going to do it, we’re going to do it, we’re going to do something cool with the Roadster later this year.”

What Roadster owners would love is Supercharger capability.  Will that be the “something cool” that Roadster owners will get?

As for the next-generation Roadster, Musk says it’s at least 5 years away.  In Tesla talk, that likely means it’ll be 7 to 10 years before the next-gen Roadster is in mass production.

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As Tesla is opening up talks with Nissan and BMW on a global fast-charging standard, it would be very cool for them to retrofit Roadsters with SuperCharger capability. This would allow all models of Tesla’s to work with SuperChargers.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

A drop-in battery/controller/motor combo would be ideal, give it 60kWh along with Tesla’s motor, for $20k-ish with core swap.

I did the math the other day when he first mentioned this – Tesla could build a identical Roadster pack and just use better cells and get 70kWh from the Roadster pack. Now I don’t know if that pack could be Supercharged since it doesn’t have adequate cooling to be recharged at 135kW. They’d have to re-engineer the pack, and would likely take a hit to number of cells, maybe down to 60kWh like you mentioned.

But it would be a great deal to allow Roaster owners to get a 10%+ boost in range (from 53 to 60kWh), along with Supercharging support. Even if it costs a pretty penny.

This is what makes electric cars cool. Is your car getting older and newer cars getting cool features? The manufacturer could sell you an upgraded battery pack with supercharger access to bring you into the next generation at a fraction of a new car price. That sounds like a great deal. Assuming of course you like your car and want to upgrade it.

The larger the number and type of vehicles that are Su

The larger the number and type of vehicles that are Supercharger Compatible, the stronger Tesla Motors leverage into unifying EV infrastructure…

TAC = Tesla Automotive Consortium

Good that the long suffering Roadster owners are finally gettin some love.
Good news on the NJ and NY fronts.
This is reflected in the stock price up 49% ytd and jumping up recently will all the news.
The collaboration with Bmw could lead to an interesting end around by Musk and Tesla, in that they could use Bmw established dealership networks to sell their cars. (just a wild speculation).
You may question what Bmw would get out of such an arrangement and my answer would be plenty.

probably a motor and/or battery upgrade

Even if it’s just an upgrade to the new charging connector without Supercharger access, that would make it more convenient to own and drive a Roadster using all the latest accessories instead of Roadster-specific chargers, etc.