Elon Musk: Second Production Line At Fremont Gets Revamped With 542 Robots


Tesla Model X Orders Now Underway

Tesla Model X Orders Now Underway

Tesla has completely revamped its second production line at its Fremont factory as it tools up for production of the Model X.

The line now has 542 robots, including 15 that operate simultaneously at one single point on the line.

According to Tesla, both the Model S and Model X can be built, dependent on demand, on this single line.

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Cool, but also, ironic.

Elon must welcome his new Assembly Robot and EV AI Overlords to do his bidding, while fearing them.

Hmm Kuka robots. I wonder who did the integration.


Maybe “Watson” did…

… I hope he decides to build production line 3 with the capability to produce either Model S, Model X, Model 3 or one of those fancy KUKA-bots so that they can build production line 4 faster and cheaper…
(are you listening, Watson?) 😉 😉

Really, this is SO COOL!

With all that fancyness, they will easily make a Model 3 for less than $35K

In the run-up to Model S production, Elon was boasting of how *few* robots they needed by giving each robot multiple functions.

Things have changed dramatically in just 3 short years.

He feels the need…the need for speed!

If you don’t have enough robots it’s a good thing if they can do more than one thing. Of course, you could buy more robots but they aren’t cheap.

Crack the whip and demand greater output!

That only works on fleshbots.

Something did change in 3 years, it’s called Demand.

Did you think Tesla was going to build the S & X using only the existing robots with the expected demand?

That was exactly the point I was making.

Look out Skynet!

Wow – Being one that works in the manufacturing automation field.. – 542 robots is a LARGE amount of capital to have tied up in a line – If there is enough volume, making two models on the same line, you eventually get that back in labor savings and tighter quality, but that still quite a large, up front CAPEX hit.

No wonder they want back to the market to floated more stock.. I’m sure the bean counters are doing the math, but 542 is a rather large number, even for one that’s used to seeing a lot of robots in plant..

Well, recall that they’re planning to produce ~100K vehicles next year, about double the numbers for this year, across 2 basic models rather than one; also, they have ot already be thinking of the production lines for the Modle 3, which is supposed to reach ~500K/year (though not in the first year).

Robots are only as good (or bad) as the Engineers & Programmers that designed them, and the Technicians that keep them working. I’d be more worried about the humans controlling the 542 robots than the robots themselves!

Until they become sentient.


Tesla continues creating more jobs for engineers, programmers, technicians…GO TESLA GO

I wonder if they had to pay for the color Red on the bots?

Or is that the default color?…….lol

Tesla recently upgraded its paint shop to one of most technology state of the art in the world.

Just imagine, robots painting robots.
Or, not! 😉

You can imagine robots building robots (aka replicating) at the KUKA factory. 🙂

I guess that is where $100 Millions cash went… =)

shame the instagram illustrations don’t seem to work, the second one anyway, just a little camera icon in the middle

I wonder how long it took to program the motion paths so they don’t crash mid swing or rotation while moving parts, etc.

Does Tesla give new owners a personal video showing their car being made?

Like others have said, Elon is hastening the very future he fears the most.

When his production line becomes sentient, he may have caused a runaway effect. Where the universe is focused on producing Model 3’s!

What, and then we end up in “Grey Goo” covering the globe?

15 bots at one spot… They are really trying to get to the limits. If they continue on that, they will have the shortest production lines soon…

I wonder what effect that has on the througput of the complete line.