Elon Musk Says 3-4 Year Wait On Entry Level EV, Plus Tweets “Exciting Announcement” Coming Next Tuesday (Update)

MAR 25 2013 BY JAY COLE 22

Can't. Contain. Secret. Must. Tell. Everyone. Exciting. News.

Can’t. Contain. Secret. Must. Tell. Everyone. Exciting. News.

One thing is for sure when it comes to Tesla CEO Elon Musk; if you give him a platform, he is going to use it…even if his handlers have no idea what is going on.

Mr. Musk said today that Thursday, March 28th will bring some exciting news for Tesla Motors, as the CEO tweeted the following on Monday afternoon:

What A Tease

What A Tease

Tesla Shareholder Liked Mr. Musk's Tweet (via Yahoo!)

Tesla Shareholder Liked Mr. Musk’s Tweet (via Yahoo!)

…the reaction of investors was made known almost immediately as the stock spike moments later.

Unfortunately, whatever the announcement turns out to be, it would have fallen inside the current fiscal quarter, and that is making the people behind the scenes nervous (regulations, disclosures and all that)

So, Musk re-took to the Twitterverse to do a little timeline back-pedalling,  moving the “exciting announcement” to Tuesday, April 2nd, 2013.  We are guessing April 1st was probably skipped for obvious reasons.

What I Meant To Say Was...Tuesday, April 2nd Will Be The Big Announcement

What I Meant To Say Was…Tuesday, April 2nd Will Be The Big Announcement

On the other side of the coin, for those of us looking to someday buy a “Tesla electric vehicle for the common man,” the news was not so good, as Tesla’s entry level/3rd gen car (code-named then Bluestar), that was originally scheduled to go into production in 2015 for around $30,000, as been delayed quite significantly.To those who have been following Tesla closely, news of the delay was really no surprise, as the finances at the company have pushed back even the production of the Model S-based Model X SUV to “late 2014,” meaning we likely won’t be able to purchase even one of those until 2015.  (that story here)

Still 2017, seems like a long time to wait.

A "Dream" Delayed.  Elon Musk Answers Some 3rd Gen Questions On Twetter Over The Weekend

A “Dream” Delayed. Elon Musk Answers Some 3rd Gen Questions On Twitter Over The Weekend

This written confirmation by the CEO naturally only spawned more questions about cost, features and range, which Mr. Musk entertained:

2015 @ $30K Has Now Changed Into $30K at 2013 Valuations Sometime Around 2017

2015 @ $30K Has Now Changed Into $30K at a 2013 Valuation, For Sometime Around 2017

The 200 mile range sounds pretty good to us, as well as some stealth features that are yet unknown, but it looks like the pricing may have slipped a bit.  Assuming a short-term historical inflation rate of 2.5%-3.0%, that leaves us with a price point around $34,000 for the next Tesla creation in 2017.

Also of interest, Mr. Musk sees the insert cool name here BlueStar as a BMW 3 Series fighter

The Tesla CEO Describes The New Tesla Offering In 2017 As A Competitor To The Gold Standard Of Entry Level Luxury, The BMW 3 Series

The Tesla CEO Describes The New Tesla Offering In 2017 As A Competitor To The Gold Standard Of Entry Level Luxury, The BMW 3 Series

As always, we will update any news on the “exciting announcement” the moment it becomes available.

Also of note, the winner of the World Green Car of the Year for 2013 will be announced on Thursday, March 28th, 2013 at the New York Auto Show…of which the Tesla Model S is one of three finalists, so it looks to be a big upcoming week for the company.

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Actually he is the one person who has always put his money where his mouth is!

I really can’t imagine anything new from Tesla. I mean we are well informed about plans for future Model X, Bluestar and even more distant sports car. Supercharger network has been well defined and proceeding quickly. New stores are being announced regularly. Now there’s a possible news item, maybe the Dealers’ Association has given up on blocking new stores (maybe they are beginning to realize just how bad they are making themselves look doing this). Battery break-through? Although sales are excellent, financially Tesla is pretty stretched with what they have going so far, I can’t see them moving in any new direction.

give us a 2wd X w/ 40-60 kwh and super charging for 40K !!

2014. Just in time for the end of my lease on BMW i3 / Inifiniti LE.

The Bluestar would also go directly in competition to those two models and cost about the same.

Price Cut!!!


Perhaps. Though 3 months ago wasn’t there a 2k$ upwards adjustment? Given that, it would have to be at least 5k$ downward to be any kind of news. $10 ish k would certainly be awesome. But it would spook shareholders, and as he’s said, Tesla does not have a demand generation problem.


Hmmm…don’t know about that, BUT IT SURE WOULD BE NIIIICE…!

Electric bicycle? 🙂

I would say the good news can only be related to:

– better batteries resulting in a 10% to 15% range increase (maybe 40kw Model S goes 45kw for the same price)


– supercharger network (more stations, maybe east to west coast connection)


– the new chademo (or even more compatible) adapter

BlueStar in 2017 sounds not good at all. BMW will launch it’s i3 at the end of the year which is a quite nice EV in the 40k-range. I can’t imagine that Tesla can deliver something better by 2017 compared to what a large company like BMW can do to a second gen. i3 by then.

I guess we’ll be sticking with our Volt + Leaf combo for a while yet, by the sound of it.

If they announce a Chademo adapter for North America that would be cool for several reasons. Not only would it help Tesla with more charging options, but it would give a boost to the Chademo infrastructure. Right now it is kind of a hard sell since the only people that can use it are Nissan Leaf drivers and only a portion of those that happen to have the QC port. I realize a few other cars have the port but they don’t sell in any numbers that actually count.

I’m thinking he’s going to say coast to coast supercharger network…but battery breakthrough would be better!

The 100,000th Tesla Model-S buyer gets a ride on a Space-X Dragon to the ISS.

New Color choices for 2014 – Purple and Avacado

A chicken in every pot

I doubt it’s a breakthrough of any kind. Most likely it’s an investment somewhere since he says he’s going to “put his money where his mouth is”. So maybe more superchargers, or a new product, or…

Broder had his head examined? 🙂

Lease availability.

Intereresting. His original argument for making a luxury EV was that it would get people into EV’s, and then he could make EV’s for the masses. It looks like he has figured out that the OEM’s have already started making EV’s for the masses, and there is no market. It would be nice if we had much more efficient batteries. But if we got them right now, it would just mean we could continue using three times as much energy as we should to get around. We need to mandate 100 mpg, non-plugin cars now. The only way for manufacturers to attain it would be with small, light, aero cars, with super high-tech engines, of course. And consumers might realize, at that point, that a 100 mile range EV would cost no more and have real advantages. But in any event, we would cut our CO2 by two thirds going forward. We need a real “value proposition”, as the bean counters keep saying. We need to level the playing field for EV’s. If non-plugin cars were required to get 100 mpg, they would become efficient vehicles that would actually benefit from an electric powertrain, not handicapped versions of the masturbatory… Read more »

“We need to mandate 100 mpg, non-plugin cars now”
Rather than mandate to the automakers, I prefer to tax the thing you don’t want ppl to use. Put a 25cent tax on gas and keep increasing it till people use less. For those that don’t like this, the gov could lower income taxes, to make it out-of-pocket neutral, or insert your own idea here. Point is, there would be motivation to use less gas, however you accomplish that (EV, hybrid, drive less, bike, etc).

(and I don’t want to hear the “food prices will increase” argument)

That could work, but it would take many years. In the meantime, lobbyists would be at work getting it rescinded.

Plants need CO2:


I hope your anti-carbon Jihad doesn’t kill all my plants. 😉

Don’t worry… the plants are much more likely to be killed by droughts and other problems related to climate change. Here is the scientific response to your statement:


“Rumor” is that this is about coast to coast super charger network.

I think he’s buyiing the company installing the “Super Chargers”.


Having seen my friend’s model S I don’t think Audi or BMW are making(or are going to make) anything near as cool, I would love to have a Bluestar, I’m really impressed with Tesla and Elon, he really understands what money is good for!