Elon Musk Provides Us With First Look At Tesla Model 3 Handover Event – Video


Setting up for Model 3 handover tomorrow night …

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Here’s your first look at Team Tesla setting up for tonight’s Model 3 handover event.

It’s just a few seconds and we only get a brief glimpse at the stage area, but the hype for tonight’s big event has now officially begun.

Musk simply states:

“Setting up for the Model 3 handover tomorrow night.”

In fact that’s tonight now and we’ll be on hand for the reveal.

The Model 3 is expected to hit the stage at approximately 8:45 PM PST and we’ll be bringing you live coverage from the event.

Tesla Model 3 Event Set Up In Process

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When will they be available for us in Europe?

2040 with a £4000 price hike for having to use a diesel container ship.

I think Tesla needs more cow bell.
Or maybe three or four more articles on the near total disappearance of land usable by fast chargers, or possibly two or three articles on the new suppliers of Tesla floor mats…

How about articles about all the new long range EVs that the other manufacturers are releasing this year. Or how about piece about the 38th render that VW says will be on the road in 14 months.

The more the better…never too much cowbell.

I don’t get the cowbell jokes.

Gazz, Clive linked to the only youtube video I have seen lately of the original SNL skit. But if you can find the full 5 minute original skit, it is hilarious. Walken takes the background rhythm cowbell and decides that is the bomb and he gets Farrell to just go berserk on the cowbell, with his belly busting out of his overly small sweater.

But the idea is simply that too much of anything, even if it is a good thing, is too much indeed. Whether it is cowbell or Tesla trivia, there comes a time when you just get tired of it.

If you are tired of Tesla content, you are just going to have to buck up for a while, because there is going to be a ton of content generated as the Model 3 is launched.

Going to be a late night for some people.



you aint kidding


I was thinking that if the center screen was actually split into two sections and the left side,which is more drive oriented, was titled say 5-10 degs clockwise and the center of view was more tilted towards the driver I could handle the lack of a center gauge. But HUD is an option I would pay for as well. I am excited to picp up a used one for sub 20k in a year. There will be 1000s of these repossessed within months hehe.

Teslas seem to hold their value unlike Leaf.

That’s because Tesla (and Musk) guarantee the resale value.

I’d say not because of the guarantee, but because there is a reason the value holds up

FYI — That ended a year ago, and expired after 3 years of ownership. It only applies to cars built in June 2014 to June 2016 at this point. Probably less than 1/4 of all Tesla’s at the most (rough math). Sure it helps, but I don’t think it is the primary driver of Tesla used/CPO prices.

Bad comparison to choose …. cheap and technically low end car compared with expensive and very technically high-end car … and available in very limited numbers. Of course the out come is not shocking, right?

In Germany, the ICE manufacturers found a way to keep any mentioning on Model 3 out of the news. By making their own news on the topic of unravelling the ICE cartel. VW has now also ratted on Bosch as major involvement on Dieselgate, and (unheard in German history) Government has stopped sales of Porsche Cayenne Diesel, in addition, all Porsche Cayenne Diesel on the road are now recalled.
Last but not least, a judge allowed basically to ban Diesel cars from major cities effective Jan 1st, 2018.