Elon Musk Posts First Drive Of Tesla Model 3 Release Candidate – Video


Just moments ago, Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to post a very brief video of a test drive in a release candidate Model 3.

The grainy video doesn’t provide us with a very clear look at the Model 3, but we can see some Autopilot hardware on the car, as well as what appears to be some slight front-end tweaking.

Tesla Model 3 Release Candidate

We’re certain the low-res video was posted as such on purpose. It’s more a tease than a reveal of any sort, but it does at least confirm that these release candidate Model 3s are out there and that at least this one is capable of being driven. We expect the finished Model 3 to be revealed in early June.

It was just a week or so ago when we first learned that Model 3 release candidates were being built. Around that same time, or perhaps even a bit before, a video of a Model 3 was captured and posted by the Unplugged Performance team.

Tesla says that the Model 3 will enter production this July, with bulk deliveries set for later this year.

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So much talk and speculation on such a short, meaningless video. 1. Wait until you can put your hands on the car and do a walk through before you get so upset or pass judgement about seating. 2. If the Bolt had charging capabilities like Tesla, then it would be competition…It doesn’t. 3. I’m surprised nobody is complaining about not seeing a HUD???

Take the video and article with a grain of salt and move on.

Head room in the rear looks a bit cramped. Not a big deal for me as I never/rarely have someone in my back seat, but may be an issue for others.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Depends on one’s torso. I’d have to sit in the back to test it out.

The person in the back looks like there’s enough room but can’t tell if it’s a out of costume Umpa Lumpa in the car or not….

Bolt has oodles of head room. I’m 6′, and even in the back I have a couple of inches of headroom. Sitting in the middle rear seat, my head grazes the headliner.

(Bolt will inevitably be mentioned, so just getting it out of the way)

your right Bro. Looks like M3 will have a cramped rear seat….and the rear seat in my S is bad enough.

The question is how the front seat will be. I suspect it will be even more “on the floor” than my S.

Actually, Model 3 head room is expected to be as good as the Model S in front, and more room in the back. The sacrifice will be in shoulder room.

I think it has been pretty well established in previous discussions that the Bolt EV will have better rear seat headroom than the Model 3. If rear seat headroom is a deal-breaker for you, then by all means buy a Bolt EV.

The Model 3 will, clearly, have other advantages over the Bolt EV.

…and I don’t see the AP stuff and the front end change the author mentioned.

anyone see the details??

I dont’ see AP stuff in this grainy vid. Also, what’s the screen in front of the front-seat passenger? Is that just a laptop, or is that part of the car?

I think the first screen you see is a laptop, and then you see the car’s screen slightly later in the video.

I’m guessing the “shotgun” passenger is using some sort of laptop or iPad or the like. Quite possibly running some sort of testing analytics as part of Tesla’s testing procedure.

It does seem strange to me that the writer of this article is claiming one can see some AutoPilot display on the car’s screen. Really, with such a lo-res video?

The only thing that jumped out to me is that the door handles look a lot more like the Model S’s than the tilted-“V”-shaped handles seen in older photos. Looks like straight handles which have a short upward curve or turn at the back end.

Elon needs to get himself a phone with a better camera 😀

Elon got out an older phone, just for this shot, and just to tease us (and you)!

If the person in the back seat is a normal sized adult, then the back seat must be incredibly low. Otherwise, and more likely, it is someone very short or a kid, and if that’s the case then there absolutely isn’t much headroom back there.

For us, that’s just not practical. I have a deposit on the 3 but may well go with the Bolt.

Also, the timeline to production is incredibly compressed and rushed. That is a recipe for mistakes and quality issues, no matter how smart you are or how hard you work your people. I want Tesla to succeed, but this worries me.

A Model S is officially 56.5 inches tall.
The Bolt is 63 inches tall.

Even if the Model 3 is the same height as the Model S, that’s almost 7 inches the 3 is giving up to the Bolt heightwise. So there is no way the 3 will have better headroom in the rear (or front) than the Bolt.

But people aren’t buying Model 3’s for the headroom, right??

I don’t think that tells the whole story.

The floor in the Bolt is also lower than the Model S, I’m pretty sure.

Curious how much headroom the glass pano roof would add?

Good point. In the S having the glass roof is critical to seating anyone who is above average in size in the rear seats. It being standard on the Model 3 should mean almost another 2 inches of headroom for the same roofline.

Pretty sure the pano glass roof is NOT standard. Some Tesla official said there would be a “regular” roof in some video taken during the unveil last year.

The glass roof in the back was supposedly there to give enough headroom in the back– it is also why there is no hatchback, the 3 has a separate trunk.

The rear window extends all the way to the B pillar “hoop” much like the windshield in the X.

Are you sure❓

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I like the looks of the “Model à trois” better than the S.

I prefer white though. The black is just asking to be a mobile oven you’d be able to bake cookies in.

Still not made with production parts. Still not tested on the roads.

Big hills to climb for Tesla.

Or not.

Right. It’s being made on a production line, with production tooling, but we can’t say for sure that they are production parts.

…and as I sometimes say..drowning men will clutch at straws.

You forgot to finish with a line about a guy claiming a car riding a road is not raiding a road amd thus can not be road tested…

I agree. It is a car made on the production line with parts that are close to the final production parts but obviously are not final production parts since the first batch of prod parts are not due until July.

It does seem to lack a cyclops brake light, so it is not fully production, at least.

That is a very nice looking car. Rear seat looks a bit cramped as others have noted. Her (?) chin is level with the door jam and the top of her head is nearly to the headliner. Since cramped back seats are the main problem I have with my Volt, that is kind of important to me.

One odd thing I noticed is that they appear to be braking, but only the left brake light is lighting up noticeably. The right one may be lighting up as well albeit at an angle, but there is no sign of the third, central, brake light.

I can’t wait to see these cars on the streets of my town. I am seeing the S all over and the occasional X, as well.

It look like optical distortion.
The light is brighter at the end because the angle is better.

I think you are right about the angle being the issue with the right brake light, but I can’t figure out what is blocking the center one.

Regardless of this little quirk, I really like the look of the car. I live in Northern Virginia where we see a lot of electric cars. We aren’t the Silicon Valley but it is cool to see how many different types of electric cars are rolling around now.

The headroom in the back doesn’t look that bad, you can see a gap between the person sat in the back and the roof, it’s probably because the seating is so low to the ground ?

Can’t tell from the video if they have altered the front square looking bumper ?

It’s not as clunky looking. Not as square.

Yes, it looks Tesla is going to be fine and so will the Model 3. Still the numbers of Model 3’s will not be spectacular.
Maybe 25k this year. 10x that in 2018.

I am hoping for 5,000 delivered this year. Anything over that is like getting biscuits with your beer.
I don’t even want to guess how many they will deliver in 2018.
“LOTS!” is about as scientific and answer as I can come up with! Tesla can not build too many III’s in my book. People seeing them on the road is going to increase demand even further.

I know you were lower than me. Actually we are both far under what Musk says. Though that seems a safe bet.

I would love it if they made 50k, my high estimate, but I don’t think it will happen.
Still, the demand is insane, and will just get more so, as you suggest, when they start appearing.

I like this one:


It will sell like hot cakes!! I don’t care if they are a little late.

TOTALLY Impressed Tesla took public feedback on lowering the greenhouse, lowering the lip on the snout, making the front a tad more Porsche-like. And it looks great!!!

Tesla’s prototypes seem less “bait and switch” compared to other automakers… So refreshing.

Now, lets see the Trunk / Liftback solution and updated interior…

Yeah, it really needed a nose job. It helped Barbara Streisand.
Tesla responds to it’s aficionado’s.

@Anon and ffbj,

Boy I sure can’t see the change in the nose in that grainy video.

Car looks exactly the same they did not change anything

The crease line is now uninterrupted, lowering the snout, as Anon suggests. Not a real good picture though, but I think they did some streamlining on the front fascia.

Front looks the same to me. Do you have comparo-photos?

I think the trunk is bigger, is deeper the word? It extends more forward, and the spindle or lift legs are much longer allowing for a wider opening. The trunk lid will lift much higher.

Enough of the outside pics. How about some pics of the interior…

Yes please! HUD or no HUD?

I bet HUD!

I certainly hope an optional HUD will be available. I note a premature announcement in some other website’s report on Elon’s latest twets, claiming that an HUD has been ruled out. Actually, Elon didn’t say anything about it one way or another.

Some people can get used to looking sideways at a center display for the speedometer and other gauges. As has been pointed out, the Prius uses a center-mounted instrument cluster.

But other people aren’t going to put up with such a thing. I hope for those people that Tesla will offer an optional HUD.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Dear Tesla.
Please build a “Model à trois” that has a 63KWh pack with 200 mile range that can SC to full 200miles without “Taper”.

I am willing to pay a little extra.


While it doesn’t answer your request ..

” Elon Musk‏Verified account @elonmusk

@kryniog The shorter wheelbase only allows for a 75 kWh pack in Model 3 at current cell/module energy densities”

I TOTALLY like what I see! I want to see more of it though…..Elon you are such a tease!!!

Why is everyone surprised about the size and interior of the car.

It will be a compact sedan. If you don’t like the size, they make a midsize sedan already, the Model S.

Yup! And if you need even more headroom for 5, they make this delightful choice for you, called the Model X (Base, 5 seats)! It even allows towing up to 5,000 Lbs!

M3-Reserved; 500e+Spark - leased - ?Niro/Bolt TBD

Please stop comparing to Bolt people. Yes, it’s an EV, but completely different segment. It’s not just about EV and range.

Compare it to what it’s intended– BMW 3 series.

Excited to see if M3 is suitable for us to replace our Aging G37.

Majority of the people who like the Tesla model three could give a rats ass about the chevy bolt.

BEV however ? vs ?

a red orange?

Blood Red Orange

M3-Reserved; 500e+Spark - leased - ?Niro/Bolt TBD

I wouldn’t say that either — especially in this forum. I swear when driving my ICE vehicles someone has thrown a bunch of gravel under the hood.

I will support an EV as much as feasible and possible, but the vehicle needs to deliver on its designated function.

The M3 isn’t going to be the family hauler.

The Bolt is far from a family hauler

If you have a family of 5 or less, it will haul it.

I’ve finally figured out what the 3 reminds me of. At first I thought it was a Mazda, but now I have it. The front looks like a frog.

Eye exam stat.

Looks like a Porsche to me.

Time for a new Optometrist, and glasses my friend. 😉

Maybe it’s just frog-shaped tumors in your retinas? Go get checked out…

“Four Electrics” whinged:

“…looks like a frog.”

Try taking off your reality-distorting Tesla hater goggles, and it will look much better.

The “Frog” you are seeing, is obviously a mirage created by a muon particle distortion field, emanating from the magnetic flux capacitors rapid discharge of the central scrutinizer. Frankly you’ve been Zappa-ed, by overcharging on the Tesla warp drive network! Please stay grounded next time, before your next Tesla electron overdose!

Totally looks like a Panamera from the front with that front end and the headlight shape. But looks like a Tesla from everywhere else.

Bland ass color and rim combo though.

*rummage* *rummage* *rummage*

Where’d I put my old flip phone from 2007?

Here it is! Underneath this leaking tub of Vaseline. Looks like it got all over the camera. Should be fine.

cut video, upload, now off to go launch a rocket. Where’s that tunnel to Space-X?? Note to self: don’t forget to kick-start The Boring Company…..

It looks like a Kid in the back Elon’s ? But for a tall adult you maybe forced to bow on entry. Like all compact cars … nothing new here move right along and wait for final production.