Elon Musk On Today’s Tesla Product Reveal: It’s The “Model 3 Part 2” Event

OCT 19 2016 BY JAY COLE 72

Elon Musk says tonight's reveal is Model 3 related (@elonmusk)

Elon Musk says tonight’s reveal is Model 3 related (@elonmusk)

Apparently, Tesla CEO Elon Musk just could not wait another couple hours for his “unexpected by most” product reveal tonight at 5 PM (PT).

Mr. Musk took to twitter to divulge that the reveal will be a (at least partial) fulfillment of an earlier promise – specifically:

“This is also what I was alluding to by Model 3 part 2”

UPDATE (October 19th, 8:05):  The event has now taken place, and it was kinda Model 3 related.  In that the upcoming long range car (and other Tesla EVs now in production) are getting full self-driving hardware.  Level 5 automoy is apparently coming.  Full details/event recap here.

Tonight's reveal will be "Model 3" based!

Tonight’s reveal will be “Model 3” based!

Tesla Model 3 Interior Dash (from the live reveal of the car)

Tesla Model 3 Interior Dash (from the live reveal of the car)

Although we do have to wonder why the earlier Musk quote had the “unexpected by most” disclaimer.  If anything, by using the phrase “unexpected by most”, the Tesla CEO took the focus away from the Model S.

The second part of the Model 3 debut was probably the most anticipated upcoming reveal by the company this Fall, especially after Tesla declared a “pencil’s down” moment on the car’s design in late Summer.

What does this mean in regards to the Model 3?

Perhaps a better look at the final product, including the production-intent interior that the CEO said would come together during part 2 of the Model 3’s launch.

Tesla Model Y Render

Tesla Model Y Render

Other speculation, given the promise of a “new” product in an earlier tweet, is that perhaps the Model 3’s companion utility vehicle, the Model Y may finally break cover in some form.

And finally, perhaps we might see some final specs on the performance, and more specifically the range of the Model 3 (pegged at more than 215 miles) to keep reservation holders anticipating the EV’s release in the second half of 2017 …especially as the Chevrolet Bolt EV with a recently announced 238 miles of range (details) has just entered production this month in Michigan, with dealers now accepting orders.

Also of note:  Tesla recently changed its delivery estimate for new Model 3 reservations made today, with Musk saying that “the first 12 months of production (is) sold out“.  New orders placed today are not expected until “mid-2018 or later” – full details here.

We of course will have all the coverage on the event (and the subsequent media Q&A afterwards) as it happens.

Hat tip to Daniel Z!


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Well that was unexpected to me at least! I really thought it would have come sometime early in the doldrums of next year to drum up excitement.


I really hope the Model Y is in there somewhere as part of the Part 2 reveal… would dearly like a replacement for our Subaru Forester. Particularly if it could tow my 3,500lbs sailboat 😀

I wouldn’t bet on it. At least it wouldn’t be too wise.

Releasing both cars simultaneously would mean a lot of work and could go terribly wrong.

Announcing another vehicle, basically a competitor to the Model 3, with a later release date, will reduce the Model 3 hype as well as the willingness to buy it when its out.

I’d try to sneak in the Model Y as soon as the Model 3 is up and going. No big announcement a long time before. Just a few months earlier to get people excited to reserve some, as well as media coverage.

“reduce the Model 3 hype” Pretty much zero chance of hype reducing if that happened.

He’s already previously stated there would be a Model Y. I guess there would be more exposure from an event such as this which might lead to the hype problem you note.

Having said that, if they actually stick to making the Y a closer variant to the 3 then the X is to the S, I don’t see why they couldn’t release it concurrently. The only mods I want for a Y vs a 3 is for the car to be higher off the ground (long travel suspension) and for the back to be higher with a hatch. Everything else can be the same. It will already have adequate power, AWD, proper doors (*wink*), towing ability (though maybe not as much as I would like), etc.

Maybe the hatchback we’ve been asking for, with a lift kit to compete with the Subi Crosstrek. That would open my wallet.

I didn’t expect it either. I was expecting something smaller. Like a new paint Color, built in 120v outlets, or a solar roof to be available options for Model S and Model X.

Indeed unexpected. Is he worried about lost sales to the Bolt or what’s the rush?

Nah… he said part 2 would be later this year.

I’m sure it is in response to the positive feedback around the Bolt EPA range as well as the overall positive buzz in general.

It’s probably no coincidence that the part 2 reveal is occurring almost the same week when GM begins taking orders for the Bolt.

I predict an October surprise to counter the buzz around the Bolt.

With Bolt production capacity limited to 30k-50k global units per year it is not even on the radar of Tesla’s Model 3 concerns.

This is just GM Fanboi fantasy.

Says the Tesla Fanboi.

Who happens to be correct!?

There 373,000 Tesla Fanboys.

That’s not necessarily true. This a business of trying to sell as many cars as possible. I don’t think Elon would want to let 1 month slide by with the Bolt out there for order with a 238 mile range without countering it with something.

No matter what it is envitable that some will drop their Model 3 reservations for various reasons. So why wouldn’t he attempt to stop as many of those customers if he can with a simple reveal?

You pretend that Bolt production will be limited to 30k for all eternity. That’s not true. It might not even be true for the first year but certainly not after that. Of course both GM and LG will increase production if it turns out to be a success, and if Tesla’s history is anything to go by they won’t have to face competition from the model 3 until 2020 at least.

That might or might not be true. You are ascribing motivations that are more complex than what you are modelling.

Rob Stark said:

“With Bolt production capacity limited to 30k-50k global units per year it is not even on the radar of Tesla’s Model 3 concerns.”

Your conclusion assumes that nearly all Model ≡ reservation holders are as well-informed as are regular readers of InsideEVs; that they realize they probably won’t be able to get a Bolt because the availability will be so limited.

That’s not how an advertising campaign works. Tesla is going to continue creating media buzz to keep up anticipation and demand for the Model ≡, and that includes trying to counter or swamp any media buzz for any other PEV (Plug-in EV).

LG Chem the battery supplier to Bolt said that they expect only 30,000 units in the first year.
So 30,000 – 50,000 is only a speculation for the subsequent years.

In this 1st year, Tesla may sell at least 50,000 Model-3 on a conservative side.

Do you really expect Tesla to be able to make 200k of these in their first year? It is laughable. I wish them success, but if they push out that many, expect there to be 400k problems with them.

3rd qtr reporting time is upon us. Coincedence? I hope so but not betting on it.

I think they should do a 3 wheeler electric two seater, kinda like the elio.

Don’t bet on it. Tesla likes 5-star NHTSA safety ratings, that’s part of their brand. Autocycles are lacking in key safety features because they fall between motorcycles (look ma, no helmet!) and four-wheeled vehicles. The Polaris Slingshots I’ve seen are kitschy but in a roll-over scenario, it would be an insta-kill.

Nobody wants 3-wheelers. That’s a very small niche market and nothing that would benefit Tesla.

So you think this will be the full model 3 pt 2 reveal without any sort of livestream?

My guess is that the coming announcement is just the announcement of the date and venue for the M≡ Reveal, Pt II.

Whipping up media frenzy over a mere announcement of an announcement, shows how masterful Tesla and/or Elon has become at milking media attention for all it’s worth!

If that is true, then it’s really unexpected.

I’d still be surprised if it an actual reveal of 3. Something related to the 3, needs to be released ahead of time, and requires fine tuning. I’m thinking a change in supercharging paradigm. Essentially, supercharging as a product, accessed automatically at any time, and accessible to other makes.

Clang! What a non announcement. He said 7 months ago that it would be coming in 7 months, what is so unexpected by that, aside from the fact that it is on time.

Being on time, is kinda unexpected by most. 😉

I think great, painful lessons were learned from Model X; etched deep into Tesla’s collective memory. This bodes well for newer projects Tesla is working on. 🙂

ffbj said:

“He said 7 months ago that it would be coming in 7 months…”

Well then, congratulations on being one of the few to remember he said that!

But you can tell just from the comments here that, indeed, this was “unexpected by most”.

Probably, and technically correct if 51% did not expect it. Just a bit disappointed.

There’s going to be a Model ≡ “Dimpled” style courtesy of Mythbusters!

The article says:

“…we do have to wonder why the earlier Musk quote had the ‘unexpected by most‘ disclaimer.”

It was certainly unexpected that the “Model ≡ Reveal, Part II” would happen this soon. Surely most people expected it to happen closer to when Tesla would actually start taking orders (not just reservations) for the car?

The fact that it’s happening now, just when Chevrolet is generating media buzz for the Bolt, surely cannot be coincidence. Looks like Musk is concerned about M≡ reservation holders, er, Bolting away! 😀

Agree 100 % as Musk certinaly knows how to work media among many other things…

Maybe we should look for a model Y reveal sometime around Nissans announcments for upgrades…

True. Musk works the media like it’s a red-headed step child.

A red-headed step child puppet… 😉

Right, ’cause he is pulling the strings. Good one…

I wonder if a $2k air suspension option will be mandatory, for the first years of production? Don’t do it, Elon. No!

Space-based solar power lasered directly to moving model 3s?

That should make it really interesting for us pilots….

Cool is that a Tesla Model 3 down there… ahhhhhggg!!

My guess is HUD and perhaps other interior unique features.

What would be really cool is if Tesla installed blue lights around their cars that light up when Auto Pilot us engaged.

I’m expecting the Model 3 to have 250 miles of range at minimum, so no more articles like Bolt blows away the competition with 238 miles on a single charge. If it was not for Model 3, the Bolt would be anyone’s best choice for the $$. Finally some pretty good competition for Tesla, can only make the model 3 even better where the customer is the biggest winner.

+1 Dee

Everyone else is still stuck in 100 mile mode and 100 miles of AER isn’t going to get the masses to buy EVs. The Bolt has way exceeded my expectations with 238 miles of range. BMW and Nissan need to step up their game.

I wonder how much has changed since the unveiling, it’s only been a few months. Originally he said part 2 will be closer to production, which is still some way off. Interesting to see if the complaints we’ve heard so far have been addressed (small trunk lid and sparse dashboard).

I’m pretty sure they addressed the trunk lid early on (he tweeted about that one)

CCS fast charging

(ducks and covers)

I think he’s going to make s surprise announcement about adding falcon wing doors to the Model 3.

“Falcon Wing Trunk”, would make more sense. 😉


Dual Motor

0-60=3.5 Sec

$50k? Would be awesome.

– Model 3 production build

– 256 mile range

– Lower price

How about, “Almost Free” by allowing your Fully Autonomous Model 3 to pick up rides to pay for itself?

It’s T minus 10 minutes and we don’t have any information on where the event will be held ! Is model 3 going to turn into a pumpkin in 10 minutes?

2 minutes !

Yes, zero minutes, but where?? is there live stream? link?

it’s all over, there is no model 3, it was all an illusion, it’s gone in smoke (exhaust fumes…) I don’t believe in elon no more !!!!

Now what?

Get in the back seat and ask your Model S to take you somewhere.

knock knock knock…….

This can’t be all there is to “part 2”? Adaptive cruise, with auto-steer is already here.

I agree. he must have stopped to charge his car prior to the reveal. Haha!!

This is very strange. Part 2 of the Model 3 reveal should have been a live streamed event that was communicated with plenty of notice. Very strange.
Anyone found the “announcement” yet?

Surely the self driving hardware wasn’t the announcement.

Yeah… I’m not finding this to be much of a Model-3 part II. In fact, it really wasn’t very interesting at all.

Hehe remember a few days ago I predicted that Musk’s big announcement,would be,in writing, the date of his next big announcement?

That was supposed to be tongue-in-cheek.. I didn’t think that I’d actually be right.

Besides, I already thought they did this ‘part deux’ thing.

they did not say if the car will have a
larger range yet, If it not higher than CHEV, I will not buy it. Auto drive is not something I would need at this time I would put more money on RANGE

Waiting for an electric pickup, but for now, I will take the model 3.