Elon Musk Says “No” To Central-To-Driver Speedometer And HUD On Tesla Model 3


Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 prototype interior

Unfortunately, we still have no idea exactly what to expect, when it comes to the Tesla Model 3 dashboard and interior controls. We know that it will include Tesla’s signature huge touch screen. But the question revolves around the instrument cluster.

Tesla Model 3

Another view of the mysterious Tesla Model 3 interior

Due to the fact that little information has been revealed, there has been much speculation, and many questions.

Some believe that there will be a HUD (head up display). Others think that Musk is leaning toward a very simple and slim display in the typical space, directly in front of the steering wheel. Still others believe that the Model 3 will rely solely on its touch screen for driver information, such as speed.

While we still don’t know specifically what it will look like, Tesla CEO Elon Musk responded to some comments on Twitter, essentially clearing the air on the issue.

According to Elon, there will be no HUD and no centrally located speedometer in the Tesla Model 3.

However, he shared that “You won’t care,” once drivers actually see what’s in store. He has also previously noted that the more autonomous a vehicle is, the less it needs such a display.

The strange part is that the Tesla Model 3 won’t be fully autonomous at first, and some drivers won’t ever opt for the technology.

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I don’t understand the people who paid 1000 $ in advance for not knowing what to get…..?

If you like what you can get, you are first in line and if you don’t like it after all you can cancel and get your money back. Only the loss of interest on the 1000 Dollars is a negative.

I reserved for 2 reasons:
1) the reservations are an important market signal
2) if possible I’d like to get my car earlier and have a tax credit

I’m used and have issues with the Prius’ central display, so no biggie to me.

used to … have no issues

Exactly! Also:
3. Hoping that my zip code now gets weighted more heavily in the priority list of locations for superchargers, service and body shops. (this one is, I admit, a stretch).

My Leaf should be degraded significantly by then… 🙁

Thomas…it’s about supporting Elon’s mission for me, that’s why I sent him $1000. Believe me if I could afford a $100,000 tesla I would be driving one years ago instead I’m driving a leaf for now.

For $1,000 you get be a plaintiff in a class action suit for consumer fraud

What, no car?!

Or you’ll have standing to argue on Tesla’s behalf against such actions. 😀

Some of the reservations may cancel due to lack of information and/or no tax credits.

This would be simple to determine. Tesla could simply survey why users asked for a refund, which they probably do (but don’t publish).

Use a baseline consisting of people who said they dropped out because of the politics of Tesla or aliens are controlling their mind, etc, and there you get the real reason.

I suspect it isn’t going to be about the dash displays.

It shows how many will put down $1000 without knowing what the final product is nor whether they will get tax credits.

I expected a cheaper/smaller version of the Model S (not as fast, not as much range, fewer bells and whistles, but still have full AP capability and supercharging capability, safe design, good handling and plucky acceleration). And, that is pretty much what I am going to get.

375K-ish people…

Mini have recently removed their off centre speedo. Having driven the last generation car I can tell you why.
Off centre is terrible your neck is in pain in minutes.

What about those who don’t have autopilot?

A lot depends on the height of the display. The speed will be in the top left of the central display. As long as you can glance at it just by using your eyes (as I do in my Prius) it should still be OK.

People might not have autopilot, but I think that they might include adaptive cruise control in the base model (as on virtually all new Toyotas) and that will cut the amount of speed monitoring required. Even a central speedometer wouldn’t matter as long as you can glance at it with your glance in the side mirror.

Staring only at the speedo while driving will give you much more than just neck pain …

Another (Euro) industrial point of view

Autopilot, no instrument cluster. Tesla is maybe on its way to become the brand for people who do not like to drive. Maybe a smart idea, there is a huge market out there for that. Half the people I know do not like to drive.

Yep – I bet 100 years ago many people said they like horses and like to ride them. How many people have or even ride horses today?

I can enjoy about 5% of the time I’m driving. The rest is a hassle (traffic jams, construction sites, complicated inner city roads, youth drivers getting risky, old drivers getting slow…).

Got to agree. For all the industry effort at painting EVs as high powered urban golf carts, it is a shame Elon seems to be doubling down on just that image.

Also bad for the environment, to needlessly limit demand like this.

Really, all those ludicrous mode Tesla’s driving fasr around out there are “reinforcing” EVs as “Golf Carts”!!!

Maybe that isn’t fair. At least a golf cart isn’t designed to prioritize the passenger experience.

“You won’t care”

Sounds a little arrogant to me. How does he know that I won’t care? I love driving, and probably won’t opt for the autopilot just out of cost constraints. Is the car going to speak to me? Somehow alert me if my speed is creeping up (or down)? This whole display ordeal is pushing me away from the Model 3 and towards the Bolt.

Brian put your money where your mouth is and get an EV already,stop the whining.

Mister G,

I have no idea what you are talking about. 1) I am not whining, I’m stating my opinion and 2) I have been driving a Leaf for over 5 years now. You can see my car pictured in my avatar. I also have a PHEV to handle two commutes (mine and my wife’s) all-electric, and still provide long-distance capabilities. Moreover, I have converted my boat (background of the avatar) to electric as well because gas outboards are horrible for the environment. I long for an EV that I can afford which could replace the PHEV for long-distance trips. But Tesla is going is a direction I’m not sure I want to follow.

So that’s my story, what is yours? What are you driving?

and that is how you handle a bully. +1

It would have been funnier if Mister G had ended his post with “Sad.”

+1, uncalled for from Mister G.

I will vouch for Brian as one of our most reasonable commenters.

Concern over controls/interface is real since nobody has seen the final product. I am holding judgement, but have the same concerns as I want my next EV to be a driver’s car also (AutoX on the weekends, preferably).

Unless Bolt or LEAF 2.0 offer AWD (unlikely), Model 3 is probably my only option for RWD/AWD.

Mister G (in a small voice): I drive a….prius. :O

Brian I’m on my second leaf lease 2016 SV. Since you drive a leaf my only complaint is the cheap spare tire that comes with it..lol What say you?

Another (Euro) industrial point of view

@Mister G, you are probably just trying to be loyal to Tesla in your comments but some like those probably just achieve the opposite effect.

I too can vouch for Brian’s reasonableness. If all Engineers were like him, with his ‘unassuming’ nature, we’d have much, much less arrogant products – he never tells anyone how to think and is a very fine roll model to both his children.

He also is a very firm EV supporter, being an early INSIGHT purchaser, and then later purchasing/leasing a BEV and later a PHEV.

He also is concerned about the Environment, spending 10% extra to purchase ‘Green’ electricity (an option from our Utility).

He is indeed refreshing to talk to – unlike some here who THINK they know everything, who can’t hold a candle to Brian’s Knowledge.

Not saying that is you Mr. G, I’m just verifying that when Brian says he’s opineing on a subject, you can rest assured that is all he is doing.

Well said. I don’t understand why people go on the attack, we are all interested in EV’s (I hope), and should add to the conversation with respect, not attack others opinions. I didn’t put down a deposit, because I don’t have 1 grand to play with. I also prefer to research and try before I buy, so while I’m keenly interested in the Model 3, I’m not sure what the price will be in Australia, and I’m not sure I will actually like it. I agree, I’m not sure I like not having some sort of instrument cluster in front of me, maybe an after market HUD will work. Regardless of Elon’s opinion (let’s face it he’s driving the top of the line anything, I’m driving the bottom of the line, so no comparison with our expectations) some people just like to have lots of information in front of them and others not so much. Remember all the push for battery % meter? Nissan finally bowed to pressure and put it into the Leaf. Even with 200+mi range I think I’m going to want that, so now I have to glance sideways and down to see that? For a measly… Read more »

This is of course pure speculation on my part, but I have to wonder if there will be so many requests for a HUD display that Tesla service reps are going to start offering to have the customer’s local service center install an off-the-shelf unit, making it Tesla’s second “dealer installed” option.

Either that, or alternatively, perhaps it will become fairly commonplace for new Model 3 owners to go to an aftermarket shop to have a HUD installed.

It gets me questioning as well. I like to drive even in traffic so autopilot is a bit of a weird to have desire to me. I want a plain ev not a plain taxi. I am a car buyer not a taxi passenger or a taxi buyer. I still leave the benefit of doubt but am a bit anxious on this as well.

We have two EVs in the household and I am still whining.

This is poor, arrogant and unlike anything else I’ve seen from Tesla during the ~12 years I’ve been following the company.

I want the speedometer, turning signals, light indicator, battery percentage and range in front of me.
I also prefer if I can have the navigation (and music) there too.

I am just waiting for the “gotcha” from Elon, because this is just a poor joke.


It seems that I’m going to get the Leaf 2.0

That “Gotcha” is not likely to happen. The “clean, minimalist look” and “no need to know with autopilot” is basically how they are selling you on what it really is- a big cost cutting measure.

Switches, levers, dials, buttons, displays are all parts count with cost and labor attached to them. One touch screen display with a central processor is a huge cost savings. Likely this has a lot to do with how Tesla will keep the profit margins up on a lower cost car. By giving the consumer a crappier interface, he can make more money on each car.

He just has to sell all of you on it…

Agreed. Arrogant responses like Musk’s says to me, “stop whining – you want this thing to stay at $35k base MSRP or not?!?”

Unlike most people, I expect the interior to be largely unchanged. The drivers at the reveal stated over and over about:

1) how the dash placement allowed the front row to be seated farther forward in the cabin, making visibility directly in front of the car better;

2) how the dash profile enables superior cabin air circulation (the vents are way up front, not in the normal locations on the front of the dash); and

3) how the speedometer reading isn’t all that inconvenient since it was going to be permanently located in the upper left-hand corner of the display.

I truly do not expect any fundamental design changes. The dash is at it is, and so is the central screen.

The only thing that I might concede is that the screen might be set back and more integrated with the dash. But, I would not bet on that.

15″ screen costs? Being reasonable would be going w/o. Between Tesla and old 2003 car, I’m trying to figure out how I get a tablet tethered in front of the 17″. So much faster than LTE. Seriously. That M3 screen will be no more useful than the Model S. But it sure will be expensive.

That doesn’t make sense because in the same time Elon said all Model 3, including the ones without autopilot, would have the costly hardware on board. So hardware is either costly for that too or not for a display in front. It can’t be both ways.

I’ve been thinking about other methods of indicating speed, or providing a relative speed feedback as well. This, considering the car will likely be more aware of the posted speed limit (since all cars have the autopilot hardware) than you will.

Haptic Feedback?
Lighting color?

What if it learned your driving style and reaction/reflext time and customized some sort of “too fast for current driving condition” alarm for each driver?

I wish all of you Bolt-leaners would quickly make up your mind and truly get out of my way so I get my Model 3 faster, thank you.

I am the only one who likes the minimalist design of te M3? I hope Elno does not give in to the whiney bunch and keeps the M3 with as little buttons and displays as possible!

I hear you I just want an EV that looks great and has fast acceleration for under $60k.

Mister G put your money where your mouth is and get a certified pre-owned Tesla already, stop the whining. 😉

After $1500 down and lease payment of $321 per month for 36 months on a 2016 Leaf SV…I’m putting my money where my mouth is lol…let me expand… $400 for a GE Level 2 charger, $200 labor by licensed electrician to install in garage…I’ll share more…back on September 2012 leased a Leaf SL $3000 down, $320 per month for 39 months, lease ended 12/2015. Wow if you do the math I have a mouthful of money lol..your turn lol

It’s ok. Sven’s all mouth, no money. 😉

Yep all hat no cattle lol

As someone who has purchased a BOLT ev in lieu of a Model 3, it seems many formerly enthusiastic reservations of the model 3 are now a bit disappointed. Now me, I rather like the plain, cost-reduced interior. I also have no problem with the standard CLOTH seats in the Bolt ev – to me they are more comfortable than the Leather ones that come with the $4000 pricier Premier Trim. I’ve driven several times 3 hours at a time – and arrive very relaxed – its great to be able to travel long distances totally on electricity. There is a young Californian who is planning on using his Bolt ev for a ride sharing service, and has already gotten 340 miles in typical driving, with he trying to improve his driving technique to regularly get 372 miles on one charge. To do better requires a consistent 6 miles/kwh – something that can be done with city driving only (after I saw his videos on YouTube I decided to find out what is necessary to get a consistent 6 – its doable but as I say you have to keep the speed under 45 mph all the time). I obviously… Read more »

The same haters will grow to love the M3, and prefer that minimalism over time.

Most likely – by the time we all got used to the nosecone, they got rid of it, and now we have to get used to the pointy cone. 😉

Let’s go even more minimal and get rid of the central screen as well. Just speak in your destination. 😉

Man, I liked the old nose cone! Pointier means longer means uglier in my book, I prefer shorter hoods which give more balanced proportions between the front and the back of the car. But I get it! Longer hood means a longer crumple zone, lower air resistance and a larger frunk, all good things.

Still, I prefer a more compact hatchback design. It doesn’t have to look like an econobox, it can still look sleek and exciting (for example, 8th gen European Honda Civic). I’d love the proportions of the Bolt combined with the minimalism of TM3. Maybe we’ll get that with the VW ID? However, with all the people cancelling their reservations because of the dash (:)), I may get my chance to buy a TM3 long before the ID enters production.

Maybe they’ll make the old, shorter nose cone an option? Also, the three bar logo, maybe? Yeah, not gonna happen.

I would have preferred real buttons/knobs for the HVAC. I *think* i can get over the speedo issue, or look for an aftermarket option.

I don’t like it at all. But most importantly it just feels really, really cheap. It’s an instrument panel from a $15K car. Door panels are a little nicer, more from a low $20K car.

I’m past the point in my life where I want to drive a car that was designed strictly for economy and this appears to be one, at least in the areas I’m going to interact with most, the inside.

I love the minimalist design, but I’d still like to have a second display in front of me for speed, lights, battery status…

What’s with this M3 name? Since when did BMW buy Tesla? Or did Tesla licence the moniker from BMW? Please don’t mislabel. If yoy want to abbreviate, just 3 will work. Or perhaps T3 (don’t know though).

That empty shelf is just asking for a crowd of stuffed toy animals, jostling for space, with tails and lacy bits hanging down. Lots of colour and busyness. :-]

speedo is not a big problem, biggest problem is the autopilot info, this must be in front of you. I guess this info will be on a steering wheel

Brian (not the other Brian ;)

Probably wants to allow the steering wheel to fold away one day…

I am beginning to think that the model 3 is going to sell less than expected. The odd front, the small trunk opening and now the unattractive interface. Tesla will probably sell the 40k model 3s this year but will they hit 350k next year? I’m not so sure. If the next gen LEAF comes with 230 miles of range for $36k and is a more practical car I think the model 3 is going to have a rough ride.


Another (Euro) industrial point of view

Yelling is a good way to release stress.

Or just get a Bolt EV today.

I will have a look at the Ampera-E when it comes. I thought it was a dead given that I would get a BlueStar/Model E/Model ≡/Model 3, I’m not so sure anymore.

Walk a mile in a man’s shoes before judging him.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

That 326K-400K list will result in only 200K sales in the first 2 years if they’re lucky.

I for one don’t care where the instruments are.

What I do care about is how it navigates screens. If I have to click off of one screen to get to the radio, volume control or climate controls, then that’s distracted driving by design.

Will I still buy? Yes.

If many of you don’t like the car, go buy the Bolt. It will shorten the line for me…..lol

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Also I like physical buttons for climate control and audio. That way I can control by braille without ever looking down.

Can’t do that on a touch screen.

Sure you can. The buttons for all of those are in the same place on the screen.

“Small trunk opening”

Wow you are such a mangina.

I can’t even remember the last time I opened my trunk in my Volt.

The things you people cry about. No wonder humanity is on a downward spiral. Bunch of grown babies

Maybe he will put the speedometer on the hood like the old Pontiac GTO’s had the tachometer.

Nah. We don’t need no stinkin’ speedometers.

If you want to know your Model 3’s speed without looking over to the center display, then when ordering you will have to select the option to implant a Neuralink “neural lace” interface directly into your brain so that the car’s speed can be instantly transmitted and downloaded into your brain.

Neuralink is Elon’s new company:

Love the interior of this car! I get why people are having a hard time with the simplicity of the design…take a look at the car you are driving…how many manual controls do we actually need in a car that has voice recognition? Besides, there will be aftermarket HUD devices to buy if you really need something to stare at constantly.

I don’t have much luck w/voice recognition. Just give me some HVAC manual controls

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

With physical buttons I can control by braille and never have to look down away from the road.

There are over 7 000 languages in the world and a lot more dialects. Speech problems, mutes etc. won’t help either if voice commands is the only proper option.

I think Tesla likely dumped HUDs because they aren’t worth the headache and liability.

We don’t know the internal testing of Tesla, but I bet they discovered that HUDS have many of the same problems as Navdy’s aftermarket HUD. At night, they can blind you and during the day, glare could make them fade out. Even when you can see them, they can distract you.

See DAErik youtube: “Heads Up Display in my Tesla Model S! Navdy”

By displaying a screen over what you see, HUDs could actually cause an accident by distraction, worse than a cellphone. So Tesla faces huge lawsuits in the US if they use HUDs. They will be unfairly blamed in court for every driver mistake. All the driver need say is: “Don’t sue poor me, I was distracted by Tesla’s defective map HUD that blocked my clear view of your kid crossing the road. Go sue Tesla.” (See the legal nightmare?)

It’s like the cracked screen on my previous phone. I didn’t notice it when look at content on the screen, but when I look at it, I can’t see the content.

That’s the biggest problem with a HUD, it takes your focus off the road, but it gives you the false impression of safety, cause you’re still looking in the same direction.

You can even get a Prius with a HUD. Toyota are conservative and fixated with reliability. If they can get it to work on a cheaper car, why shouldn’t Tesla be able to?

Yup. The Prius Prime has a HUD and there is nothing in front of you. It is all off to the center. I really didn’t care for it personally.

My old Prius had the HUD, it too was off center. Always had me sitting crooked in the seat trying to compensate. What’s wrong with symmetry and balance? Could be a deal breaker, but I will wait and see.

There are plenty of cars with HUDs on the market in the US. GM started putting them on in the early 90s.

I think your liability argument is off base.

Jim Whitehead said:

“By displaying a screen over what you see, HUDs could actually cause an accident by distraction…”

Not to suggest this isn’t a valid concern, and I have no personal experience with an HUD, but I’ll note that some other auto makers offer an HUD as factory installed equipment. Could it be that the problems you’re reporting are due to a generic setup for the HUD display, rather than one customized for that particular car?

I’m with you. He’s essentially arguing that you CAN do a HUD wrong and so HUDs are no good. The real issue would be whether a particular one was done wrong. We’d have to look at it to know. And since this one doesn’t even exist (it seems) we can’t do that.

The replies from Mr Musk seem a bit terse. There may be some unhappiness there. I wonder if what he wanted as an interface didn’t make the cost/supply/functionality grade?

This how that tweet thread sounded to me.

😀 Priceless!

Pulp fiction a classic

Nein! Nein! Nein! Nein! Nein!

Keep it simple. If gear heads want their analog gauges, then get a BMW.

This is more evidence that Model S sales have stalled. I expect the M3 to be quite Spartan until they can make enough of them to offset MS cannibalization.

Another Tesla thread on InsideEvs, another repetitive FUD post by serial anti-Tesla troll 4E

Yup. Serial Tesla bashers are constantly looking for any place online where reasonable discussions of Tesla and its cars are happening… so they can sabotage them with troll posts!

And I only wish I was joking.

First, we don’t know if that is true.

Second, why is that a problem? The Model S was the leading seller in the luxury sedan segment for all of 2015. Only FUDsters can spin the incredible success of capturing the biggest market share of an already saturated market into a negative!!

> “The Model S was the leading seller in the luxury sedan segment for all of 2015.”

Kid: Is that true Mr. Musk?

Elon (with his chirpy smile): Yup!

Kid: Better than Lexus?

Elon (with his chirpy smile): Yup!

Kid: Better than BMW?

Elon (with his chirpy smile): Of course!

Kid: Better than Audi?

Elon (with his chirpy smile): You bet!

Kid: Golly Mr. Musk, what are you going to do now?

Elon: We’re going to go to Mars!

Kid: (throws his hat in the air) Yeeeee haaaaa!

“The Model S was the leading seller in the luxury sedan segment for all of 2015”

Small correction.

“leading seller in the [LARGE] luxury sedan segment.”

Missing that word, you would be wrong.

I don’t like this approach at all. I like having physical buttons and gauges. I’m glad i didn’t reserve a 3 now. This is a mistake for the majority. Why does Tesla think they have to reinvent everything. Their awesome batteries and power train is whats really important.

Uh…why are people shocked at the lack of buttons?!? Do you see any in the S or X?!? No! Why would there be anything different in the 3 or Y?

Tesla has major breakthroughs in drivetrain, user interface and OTA upgrades. That’s what you can definitely count on for all Tesla models.

Oh, and AP…don’t forget AP…

On the other hand Model S has a second display behind the wheel..

The great thing about the Tesla Model S was that it was not a weird electro mobile, let’s just hope this doesn’t suddenly reverse with the Model 3. Not a weird Model 3 so close to the final line please. That would be too bad.

There are aftermarket HUDs like Navdi.
Also, it took me a while to get used to the new front of the Model S and X; I think everybody likes it now.
Elon’s team has always kept a few surprises that never disappoint.

Makes me wonder what the second reveal is actually about. We’ll see I guess.

The second reveal already happened. It was about autopilot. Musk is reinforcing that with statements such as “the dash will make more sense after part 2 of the reveal” followed by “The more autonomous a car is, the less dash info you need. How often do you look at the instrument panel when being driven in a taxi?”

That’s a bit fuzzy. Does this tweetstorm count as the 2nd reveal?

There was something of a bait-and-switch with what Elon called the “Model 3 reveal, part 2” turned out to be an announcement about an AutoPilot upgrade.

Indications seem to be that there won’t be another Model 3 public/media event until June. I suppose they’ll call it “…part 3”?

How often have you cared about 0-60 time of your taxi?


Well, when the driver cuts people off, it would be good to know that you be ahead of the accident………

Nah, I think they’ll be another big dog & pony show. A real “part 2”

In the end, all German automakers (starting with VW) will have no speedometer in front of driver. My guess is that it will start to happen in 2020.

I think it is the proper way to start implementing fully autonomous driving and to convince drivers to use it. Imagine: first no speedometer and just letting the car do speed limiting by itself. Steering still by the driver. That is fully possible now already, technically. Then, it’s only a matter of time when people will no longer want to use steering wheel, too.

In my opinion, speedometer is a distraction by itself. No matter in what way it is implemented.

I’m not going to use the autopilot, and I don’t care about the dash design.

Elon reduced the design to its simplest form, got rid of the front grill (or any pretense of it), and gave it a minimal general purpose display. This is what good engineers do, and if you notice, other car makers are basically following Tesla now.

The LCD at center is useless in any case. You have to duck under the wheel to see it, and in any case, I don’t slavishly look at the speedometer in any case. In traffic you keep up with other cars, an on the open highway, you turn the autospeed on.

You all got it wrong. M3 will come with really cool glasses with all dash info projected on them directly 🙂
Either that or a hologram.

There is one thing for sure, it is going to be the easiest car to convert for LHD and RHD, dash is exactly symmetrical, all you need to do is move the steering wheel and pedals, all done (no, don’t bash on me, I know there are bunch of other changes, but dash is a big one).

Uh oh… not listening to your customers is not good.

Not delivering a car on time because you are adding more and more features is not good.

Or delivering a low-cost car with lots of fancy things that can break down or raise the costs above target is very bad.

But get that 15″ screen in there. And AP. Don’t forget the AP.

I’m far more concerned with steel panels and open holes for the funky door handles, letting SALT into the inner structure. I hope there is an undercoating option for those who live in Snowy / Road Salted areas.

I’m perfectly fine with the CID instead of a binnacle.

The Model 3 needs to be as cheap and simple as possible. I think this is the right decision.

KISS principle!

Two words: steering wheel.
Also, used Model S are going for $45k at ev-cpo.com, for those who like two screens.

Bolt is looking better and better, if it weren’t for the CRAPPY BOLT front seats. GM really screwed up with that. And Yes, I have a BOLT.

How many miles per charge?

Totally. I’m now “post-Bolt” touch and feel, and noticed play in the seat back was memorable. That, and how the skateboard does the same thing it does in the i3, which is leave you in more of a bench seating position. Better rear legroom for kids, etc., but because the seat bases are physically higher off the floor (tall front occupants no longer need to roll the seat backward, as much).

Some like coupes. Not important to others.

Since I can no longer legally drive, I wasn’t ever a potential buyer for this car. But even if I was, this would remove any possibility. Sure, I’ve read that a lot of people have gotten used to the centrally placed instrument cluster in, for example, a Prius. I’ve also read that some couldn’t make the adjustment. I’d certainly never bet something in the neighborhood of $42,000 that I would be one of those to make this adjustment! With (probably a lot more than) 400,000 paid reservations for this car, Tesla obviously isn’t worried about cancellations from those who don’t think they should have to put up with the instrument readout displayed on the central screen. To be fair, as has been pointed out, the top of the display is above the dash, which should put the virtual instrument panel closer to the driver’s eyeline than it is in the Prius. But I’m predicting that the lack of either instrument panel or HUD will cause enough of a public backlash against he M3 that Tesla to rush an option for one or the other into production (probably an HUD, since an off-the-shelf hardware unit could be used for that), and… Read more »

It is all about Elon’s vision and money he put into Tesla…we wouldn’t be discussing EVs today if it wasn’t for his business plan…can you imagine insideevs existing without Tesla? I can’t. FYI space x reused a used rocket successfully..Elon will not be coming down to earth anytime soon and I wouldn’t want him too..we need innovators with vision.

Mister G said:

“…we wouldn’t be discussing EVs today if it wasn’t for his business plan…”

Well, I’ll certainly give Elon credit for ably, one might even say superbly, implementing the “Darkstar – Whitestar – Bluestar” Tesla business plan created by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning. But I don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s actually Elon’s business plan.

And altho it may well be that Tesla would still be a tiny and struggling company if Eberhard & Tarpenning were still in charge, or perhaps it would have gone under by now, at the same time I’m pretty sure that if Martin was still in charge, the Bluestar aka Model 3 would have a hardware instrument panel. Unlike Elon, Martin never had a habit of confusing what he personally wants with what the public in general wants.

I hear you and want to highlight Elon’s nontraditional marketing strategy…produce a product with a controversial appendage/function in order to create a buzz in a highly competitive and busy world. For instance, model S had the frunk, model X had the Falcon wings, model 3 no dash…all those examples create buzz and chatter…brilliant.

I forgot with model S HUGE TOUCH SCREEN

> Unlike Elon, Martin never had a habit of confusing what he personally wants with what the public in general wants.

I don’t know, seems to work just fine for Steve Jobs.

Also, if Elon listened to everyone around him, he would not have landed the rocket yesterday, that went up to space once, came back, and went up again, and came back again. Many people said it would be impossible.

That’s one of the reasons I admire Elon so much, is that he thinks outside the box.

Hey I really like BMW’s analog gauges. They are a work of art in instrumentation, but sometimes we have to move beyond the tradition or current mold.

Saw that landing live on spacex.com just past midnight last night, I got a bit tired in the morning but super excited about it. A magisterial accomplishment. Too bad I can’t e-mail a kiss.

Watched that also. That was amazing! Super exciting times!

If the instrument stays the same as the prototype, I will be asking for a refund on my $1K reservation fee soon for sure.

And I’ll be moving up another spot!

You know something we don’t?

Gets me thinking. Elon could be installing a “gyro screen” in the new steering wheel, that would stay on the horizon as you steer. Hmm.

Oh yeah one more spot for me…modern, cancel it today and get yourself some solar bonds.

Maybe Elon expects the driver smartphone to replace the instrumentation.

Talking about smartphone, if you activate GPS on it, it should be able to show position AND speed. So just putting it in front while driving would do the trick.


I’ve been thinking about the same thing. How did this only now enter the discussion, it seems like such an obvious solution? Tesla should just provide a smartphone app that turns it into a speedo (and other essential info) display for the car, and a secure smartphone mount behind the steering wheel, with built in smartphone charging.

It’s brilliant, if you use autopilot then you don’t need the extra display, but if you’re driving yourself then you shouldn’t be texting anyway so you don’t need to handle your phone. 🙂

I like it. And not because I like autopilot or taxis. I actually like driving. But the joy of driving for me is: the steering wheel in my hands, the road in front of me, the feeling of acceleration and deceleration, the curves and the view. If no clutter means better view I’m all for it. Instruments or screens never had any effect on my driving pleasure whatsoever.

Lol Elon is a savage

But why not get an extra option to get more regular displays also (or hud), otherwise they might lose customers.

I rarely look at the speed. First of all, my commute is so slow that the posted speed doesn’t matter. Secondly, I use ACC most of the time and don’t need to monitor the speed.

All other functions have alerts, so, it’s not biggie to not see oil pressure, engine temp etc. Oh wait, these don’t apply to an EV!

How not to do a physical speedometer:

Augmented Reality. Each car comes with custom glasses that wirelessly display the needed (selectable)information in your field of vision. Or an iron-man-esque helmet.

New Leaf was released today – in cammo. Looks more conventional. Supposedly 200 mile range, or ‘almost’.

Will be fully released next year with a look see this year.

If no speedometer in line of sight, then why a steering wheel?

You can’t have it both ways.