Elon Musk Says New Tesla Roadster Will Fly

JAN 9 2019 BY MARK KANE 59

I believe it can fly

Elon Musk released a new message “The new Roadster will actually do something like this” with an attached animation of a futuristic (“Back To The Future”) vehicle with some kind of rocket boosters (who needs wheels these days anyway?).

It seems that the Rocket Boosters package, hinted at earlier this year, is really coming – at least we should expect some sort of prototype with this thruster package. Whether the rockets will be for acceleration / turning only, or to rise from the ground is an open question that Musk answered in an additional tweet.

One thing is for certain, if the car will be able to fly, even for a while and just a little above the ground, it will flood YouTube with video reviews and demonstrations some of which will surely end badly.

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The new Tesla Roadster should take part in a Formula 1 race in Monaco.

That would be really funny.

If you think any Tesla or street legal car would have a chance against a formula 1 car in Monaco, you have no idea of physics or engineering and you have never pushed a car to its max in a curve.

Just one number to think about: up to 7g of peak force in curves and braking zones has been measured in the 2017 season

Don’t underestimate the capability of gas thruster for short burst of acceleration.

The moment the Roadster had to make a turn, the race would be over.

As Jopp said, you can’t compare normal cars to F1. Straight-line acceleration is the least of your worries.

the gas thrusters can be used to turn

Until they get disqualified for pushing on other cars or causing flying debris.

It is not gas it is compressed air

Since when is air a liquid? 🙂

drive upside down in the tunnel

Your car has suicide doors? Well my car can hover


remember all those cars that block your way; perhaps a slow truck, or some idiot that can not drive snow/ice doing 5 mph with 50 cars backed up behind them? Now,instead of buying an old truck with a push bumper, you can just hop over them.

Well, that is one theory anyways.

Suspension much?

thrusters are more aerodynamic than wings/spoilers and works at any speed

Sure, but wings and spoilers are way more efficient.

Why not? 😉

How about just a $5k option for Tesla Model 3 convertible?

I don’t understand why they don’t do that…You’d imagine creating a 3-based sedan, coupe and convertible coupe wouldn’t utilize too many resources…

That’s why I have never been super excited about the Roadster 2.

Sure it might be quite the vehicle. But also not one I‘d ever own. Especially not the one with the thrusters for 250k+.

A Model 3 based Roadster for 5-10k more, or something like the BMW 4 series Coupé/convertible to the BMW 3 series. That would be something I‘d really like to own. And that’s what I was hoping we would get. But instead of using their mass market scale to create a cheaper Roadster for the masses, they just doubled it’s price…

Elon so crazy.

Yes, unfortunately I think too crazy this time.

I’ve thought that a number of times, but without further context, this might take the cake.

I think he was a bit loopy when he tweeted that.

I fear this is really dangerous. Will these powerful air blasts injure near by people? Will it kick up small rocks and damage near by cars? Can the “hover” function be activated while the car is going around a corner, thus loosing all traction and going off the curve? I would think that Tesla would prevent this but they allow the Falcon Wing doors to be opened while the car is being driven, which I think is stupid beyond reason.

I had no idea they allow those doors to be opened while driving. At very low speeds only, I would hope.

Maybe that’s a secret Model X flying mode


Elon is one of my heroes, but sometimes the level of hype or even outright B.S. coming from this man… *Sigh*

Maybe Tesla really will offer some sort of gas thruster package for the new Roadster, which will work like attitude jets on a spacecraft. But I think that would be more for show and bragging rights than for any practical purpose. I seriously doubt such thrusters would provide much actual thrust.

As for the claim that “you can basically accelerate at the limit of human endurance”…

Reality check: Mr. Google says “Five to 10 seconds at 4 to 5 g vertically typically leads to tunnel vision and then loss of consciousness.” Is the new Roadster gonna accelerate at 4+ gee*? No, it’s not. This is B.S. We can be sure it won’t, because even if the drivetrain could put out that much power, the tires wouldn’t have enough traction to push forward that hard; they would just spin.

*Actually, for forward thrust while sitting down, a person could withstand higher gee force, because the thrust isn’t draining the blood from his head down towards his feet. But that’s more-or-less irrelevant to the case at hand.

As long as the car is self driving I don’t see a big problem with the occupants going unconscious due to high G.

Hmmm… I must have been half asleep when I wrote that. If the car was being pushed forward with thrusters, then tire traction wouldn’t be any limit to acceleration.

Not that I believe this is going to be a real thing. I haven’t done the math, but common sense says the amount of gas stored in the volume of the back seat wouldn’t be enough for more than a few seconds of strong thrust or a few minutes of weak thrust.

With thrusters, it could make up for lack of traction at the wheels.

4 g for 10 seconds is 870mph or mach 1.18. It’s not going to be that fast.

Well, I really like these Monty Python jokes from Elon…
Elon isn’t a standard/rigid CEO and shouldn’t have to be. People need some knowledge and humour to understand which is Elon’s humor, which is reality. That’s why geeks likes him…

Or to choose what to call what. Free passes all around!!

Dude, put the crack pipe down.
I thought you were going to save the world by creating vehicles that use less energy.
The drugs are giving you schizophrenic tendencies.

It’s probably the ambien. It does weird stuff to your brain.

Model X has plenty of hubris. That was a mistake.

But Roadster is top of the line, halo car. So, it is actually fitting to have gimmicks like the gas thruster.

I am guessing the amount of G produced will be enough to draw limitless amount of social media promotion of the Tesla brand. That is exactly what Tesla is planning on. Design something so out of this world and the people will follow the brand forever. That alone is worth billions.

Elon is a marketing genius!!! He is really putting his Physics and Economics education to the max use!!!

Gee, just when I thought Tesla’s sales would ensure the Legacies would take it seriously as a competitor and not the car biz equivalent of a cheap parlor trick, Elon says this.

The man is an open hydrant of wackadoodle.

Perhaps, but he is very good at drawing attention to his products without spending money to advertise. And those products do tend to back up most of his claims.

He has spent $20M in fines for his loud mouth or quick fingers.

Elon said something about 10 small thrusters. I don’t know about the flying part. If I were going to put ten thrusters on a car, I would put one at each corner of the car facing upward to give downforce. This would improve acceleration, braking and lateral acceleration. I would also put one thruster at each corner facing outward. These would be used to increase lateral acceleration. There would be one thruster on the front bumper facing forward for extra braking power and one thruster on the back bumper for increased acceleration. Arranged in this fashion, thrusters have the potential to improve the safety of the car, especially on icy roads.

They’re gimbled. They have degrees of range in which they can be pointed.

If the thrusters did actually contribute measurably to the steering and braking, then the driver would get used to the handling when the thrusters were operating. But what happens when the thruster system runs out of gas? Then the car would handle differently until the system built up pressure again.

I’d really like to think that Elon was joking about this. But that’s what I thought about the Boring Co. concept, and as time passes it sure looks more and more like Elon is actually serious about that. I don’t see this concept as any more absurd.

Probably just used for short burst, and a big enough compressor, with a tank, can keep supply up. Just has to be right sized.

They’re all controlled by computers, making adjustments depending on the situation.

And decreasing the safety of those around the car.

I…..whatever. I just hope he charges huge amounts of money for them so that money can subsidize the development of the normal cars.

It will not fly.

So he builds EVs to reduce carbon emissions, and then adds (probably fuel powered) gas thrusters? Seems legit.

I expect the Roadster to be an awesome car. No need to include stupid gadgets.

Not to defend this absurd idea, but I think Elon was talking about using compressed air for the thrusters, presumably with an onboard compressor.

A waste of energy? Yes. Burning rocket fuel in the thrusters? Probably not.

This will be run off a very high pressure air tank (3000-5000psi). It will be pressurized by a compressor run from a 4th electric motor so no fuel. It will likely be a one-shaft multi-stage centrifugal compressor somewhat like what they use for oil field re-injection. It’s kind of a big turbo compressor, so this will literally be a turbo boost (see Knight Rider).

Almost impossible for that style of compressor to get to 3000psi.

Now see here! Totally possible (keyword total)

JATO 3 Rocket Car Results | MythBusters

Another Euro point of view

We are all supposed to know when Elon is joking by now.

His stock will tank then!

Haha :-S

This has got to be about upward facing thrusters creating downforce. Rear-facing thrusters just wouldn’t fly and it’s obvious enough that there probably are rules against them. But just a short burst of downforce for the first few seconds of acceleration would greatly increase acceleration.

With Musk making cars, I think we will finally have flying cars!

What if you guys are just getting trolled? He could just be having fun posting these and then watching folks get all riled up over nothing, taking everything too seriously.

When the product is actually out then you can get feathers ruffled over panel gaps or whatever else is a national crisis that year.

Until then, maybe have a sense of humor and chuckle at all the rampant confusion, kids hyping, geezers grumbling, bizarre theories flying around, playful memes and all other forms of free brand promotion lol.

This is very misleading I believe he means that Tesla roadster 3rd gen because he already has the concept for the Tesla roadster 2nd gen.