Elon Musk: March 31st Event Is Just First Part Of Tesla Model 3 Reveal

Elon Musk

MAR 31 2016 BY JAY COLE 107

Despite being so close to the launch window of the Model 3, which will be revealed tonight (March 31st) in Los Angeles (and of which you can watch live here if you are not lucky enough to be one of the 800 attendees), Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to put the Model 3’s debut into context, and set some expectations of the event – saying not all will be revealed.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Manages Expectations 24 Hours Ahead Of Model 3 Launch

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Manages Expectations 24 Hours Ahead Of Model 3 Launch

Naturally, this revelation that we won’t be getting the whole picture on the Model 3 immediately (some 21 months before the actual launch), threatened the space-time continuum, as question after question was posed in response to Musk’s tweet shortly thereafter.

Seeing that the stars in the sky were no longer in motion, the Tesla boss managed to answer one question about his cryptic tweet, saying the Model 3 will still clearly be on display at the event, before having his phone was confiscated by his handlers returning to silent running.

...and damage control

…and damage control

Why won’t everything be revealed?  Just ask Carlos Ghosn about the next LEAF, and watch him clam up. Tesla is now facing one of its first “big boy” problems – an existing product portfolio (and revenue stream) to concern itself with when launching a new offering.

So, what will be “added”, what will “evolve” when it comes to the Model 3?

We could suggest pricing disclosures, and those features which might threaten Model S sales in the interim would be top of the list.  But we digress, as everyone needs something to speculate on until 8:30 PM (PT)/11:30 PM (ET) tomorrow night!

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I hope Tesla offers at least some teaser images of the Model 3.

There will be a drivable prototype.

I wonder if one day there will be a car that has unfoldable wings with turbo fan blades for low altitude automatic flying.

There are flying car prototypes. You have to be a pilot in a risky experimental airplane and nobody but a doctor, lawyer or politician with a full suitcase can afford them. 🙂

I am camped out in front of the Tesla store in Palo Alto.

WTF am I doing? This is silly.

Damn you. I would be there too if I wasn’t on work travel and 300 miles from any Tesla store.

Ha! I love it. If I lived in Cali and was a current owner, I’d be camped out, but alas. Enjoy!

I’m not an owner. I have a friend that is an owner. I told him to put a deposit down and I’ll buy the car from him. But I’m trying to get a decent place in line for myself. Actually, I am mostly trying to help Tesla get some free time PR.

Awesome. 🙂

Hehe. If I didn’t unexpectedly buy a used Model S I’d probably be camping too.

But just think – one of the first on the Model 3 list. It’ll be something to tell the grandkids about!

Dude, you could have got a good night’s sleep in your bed, woken up this morning, and strolled over there and still probably would have been one of the first 10 people.

It is 5am and there are 40+ now.

From the picture on Facebook there are hundreds of people at each store lined up right now.

Living in Sydney Australia, I was one of the first on the planet to book my model 3! Good luck!

Just reserved in Brussels. Beware they don’t take Amex or Bancontact, only Visa or Master Card! I didn’t quiet expect that Tesla would not accept American Express. Thankfully, a person in the row paid for me with a Master Card against a transfer. So now lets see tomorrow morning if we buy what we reserved for.

But the Palo Alto store will be closed on March 31th?
(just kidding 🙂 )

True, but good luck, anyway!

Part 1, Part 2, … Model 3 …

There are many details yet to be revealed. Just think about when Supercharging was reveal after Model S release, or that Autopilot sensor package had gone into production.

This summer, we should learn more about the Model 3’s battery cells and modules. One things for sure, there will be much for more speculation over the next 2-3+ years. 😉

So funny. Can’t see the analogy with Ghosn and the Leaf. Ghosn isn’t talking. Musk is holding an unveiling and talking (or tweeting) incessantly. How would these two be similar?

The simpler explanation is that Tesla isn’t as far along the development path as it would like everyone to believe.

Ghosn revealed there would be a LEAF with 25% more range and killed current LEAF sales.

If Tesla were to say, reveal that all Model 3s come with autopilot, they might risk killing Model S sales. So they have a reason to keep certain things secret until close to production.

Of course, being so far from production also means they probably have ideas for features that they aren’t sure if they’ll have time to implement or be able to implement and keep the price reasonable. So they’re waiting to see how far they can get. That’s far more intelligent than announcing every dream feature and either missing some of them and really pissing people off or delaying the release till those features are finished and really pissing people off.


Very well stated.


I just want to see the shape. That plus 200 miles range plus supercharger capable is all I need to know.

Great Marketing ! Keep them Guessing , keep them Intrigued ,& keep that flame of curiosity burning….it’s like the guy in the Desert passed out on thirst , If you give him too much water at once , It will Kill Him !….


That all makes perfect sense – but it begs the question: why present anything at all now? I don’t believe in the fund raising narrative. If they get 100K reservations it’ll amount to 100 million USD, which is about 1% of what Elon personally has in his pocket. And with his star power investors would be happy to throw a few billions his way if he needs it. I think the answer is because the Bolt happened. Tesla wants to give potential Bolt buyers pause and enough information to want to wait. I’m heading to my local store now (it opens in an hour) to see if the line is awfully long. If it’s not, I’ll make my reservation today. Otherwise I’ll make it in the morning (the show starts April 1, 05:30 AM my time) online. Whether I get the Ampera-e (Opel-badged Bolt in Europe) will depend on how confident I feel about the Model 3 timeframe, what it turns out to be, when the Opel becomes available and at what price, and external factors like my personal finances. But if I hadn’t heard anything more about Model 3 I’d likely just go and get the Opel provided I… Read more »

Oh I think they will need lots more money in the next 2 years, so saying you have a 100K orders will greatly help them float more shares without crashing the stock price.

“which is about 1% of what Elon personally has in his pocket”

The most common misconception about very rich people: He doesn’t have it ‘in his pocket’, as in: ‘freely available to spend as he likes’.

It’s tied up in his ventures and even selling a small fraction of it would send the wrong signal to the markets and tank the stock price.

Well said, Elon said ine day “I’m a cash poor rich man”
That sums it up

Funding and suppliers.

Tesla needs to show demand to raise the funding and to ensure that suppliers are interested.

If they can show significant demand, it also sends a clear signal that long-distance BEV is worth pursuing, which is important for the rest of the manufacturers, and for government policy.

“why present anything at all now?”
Because Musk said he would present it in March 2016 at least t=2 years ago.

There are some gaps in your timeline. “because the Bolt happened” Actually, it’s the other way around : the Bolt appeared because of Model 3, like the Volt appeared because of the Roadster.

Marketing a new first time product as this is a very delicate process that needs to be done in steps as things develop. Too much information at one time would be detrimental..It’s what you don’t say that counts!

Yeah, If you guys who can afford a $50,000 Model 3, would go ahead and lease a Leaf for 2 years, or better yet, a BMW i3, with radar collision prevention, that would be great.

The sooner Exxon sees demand drop, the sooner they’ll get into wind.

You guys have got to wait 21 to 32 months anyway…

And the more used EV’s in the used car market.

We’d rather wait Than Buy a sub Par UGLY Inferior Product.

Dark tinted windows does improve Leaf appearance.

If the Model 3 has four wheels, seats five, has 200+ miles of range and supercharger access, it will still be the very best for money out there. Surprises can only make it better. One of those could be a simple conductive 11 KW under the car charging system so that, on an everyday basis, you don’t have to handle anything anymore. We’ll see soon enough.

Before you can say “it will still be the very best for money out there”, you need to know what the out-the-door pricing will be.

Given the P100 graphic that was hacked out of the software, and all the hype that surrounded that unplanned ‘reveal’, my guess would be that Tesla does not want to really commit to a battery size right now.

They obviously will not reveal everything about the Tesla Model 3 yet. There are many details which they are still working on. They will not want to show all their cards already. They want to collect as many reservations as possible before the start with production after about 20 months from now.

Can’t wait! An epic automotive historic moment!

I’m i n, heading to the store tomorrow.

After the reveal we will know size and shape, but nobody should expect details like battery capacity, AC charger power or supercharger access pricing.

Specs may change, pricing may change, project schedule may change and design details may change. They will show us a prototype and that’s about it.

Musk obviously wants to cool down the crowd a bit. Given extraordinary expectations, there will be disappointments. Especially that other than Tesla 3 being “BMW 3 like” we know nothing about it. Many people also expect Tesla 3 to be available shortly after Bolt and Leaf 2 – this is not going to happen, at least not in any meaningful numbers, as Tesla has to greatly expand its production capacity first.

This is a very important event, a real treat for all of us. So, let’s enjoy the show. Tesla 3 no doubt will be another milestone in development of EVs. If anything, it is the first attempt of electrifying a mid-range family passenger car, something traditional ICE car makers were refusing for far too long.

I think that this is a hint that the production is closer than we think it is. It will be silly to say that in two years time things will stay the same and that Tesla will not have a new battery or a new software that will make the car charge itself etc., who knows?

I also think that the production date is depending on the GigaFactory. If people already put down money in Australia and maybe other countries as I write this, then just think what will it be like when the actual car get to be driven by some reporters!

I am sure that they will let some test drive the car today.

It is not much to do now, Tesla did the S and the X and making a new one will be much easier. Especially if there are no bells and whistles as Elon says.

Translation: The car design and specs aren’t finished.

But of course the Tesla dieheards will insist that this car is shipping by late 2017.

tftf said:

“The car design and specs aren’t finished.”

At least a year and a half before the Model ≡ enters production, even if it’s on time?

Well of course they’re not finished! Nor would it be finished that far in advance at any other auto maker. They’ll be working on refining and tweaking the design and the specs right up to the day that production actually starts… and even beyond. Just like most if not all auto makers do.

How typical of a Tesla basher to try to insinuate a normal development pace on a new car model is something “bad” merely because it’s happening at Tesla.

Similar to every car intro… the Bolt was shown initially without most specs and with plenty of changes yet to be made. Even the Bolt shown in January wasn’t actually production intent, they hadn’t finished the interior.

Why is it every time someone uses the phrase ‘Tesla diehard’ they are, in and of themselves, trying too hard to be negative? Nobody here said such a thing, and even Tesla fans appreciate the fact they haven’t been very punctual. Making stuff up doesn’t make it true.

Excellent! Now tftf the pe-troll does not say 2018, 2019 anymore!

Call me an optimism but my guess is they will begin to ship at a slow pace in a year or so…

Thanks for the clarification. Reserved the Model ≡ this morning. Can’t wait to see the prototype.

I like that Elon used the word, “Evolve”.

They’ve done incessant updates to the Model S since the first one rolled off the production line. Model X inherited much of that, and in it’s own way, also pushed Model S evolution. The April refresh to keep S sales high, will soon be upon us… It will be interesting to see what Tesla does with their Flagship product.

And we have about two years of Tesla Gestation to bring Model III into the world. In two years, other body styles could be reveled for the new M3 platform / battery pack. In two years, battery chemistry could significantly improve. In two years, the Gigafactory will be quite different than it is today. In two years, there will be advances in onboard AutoPilot sensors and software, etc., etc., etc..

Exciting times. 🙂

Happy Model III Day!!!

I was #4 of Japan. Been here by coincidence but it might be a time zone advantage (almost the best) 🙂 Cut a short clip about the first people putting there names down.

Thanks Martin

American cars being sold in Japan.. it does exist! 🙂

Well. .. at least 4. ?

Cool! Nice camera work. I also like the feel of anticipation the music suggests. As if something big is about to happen, and it is.


Very nice, thanks for sharing! Excellent video; are you a professional?

Happy Model ≡ day to all! 🙂

I doubt it’s just “big boy” (market cannibalization) that’s preventing a full “reveal” (a.k.a. product announcement) now…
Likely a lot of the specs aren’t yet finalized (battery capacity, some of the materials usage and therefore weight, etc.)

Hmmm, well I’m sure that a lot of things will change between now and when the first production Model ≡ rolls off the line, but I’d guess they have chosen the battery pack size. To some extent, the car will be designed around that pack, so that has to be an early decision.

In fact, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the battery capacity (in kWh) is announced during the Reveal tomorrow.

I have handed in my reservation here in Austria about 2 hours ago, we’ll see what will be revealed at the big ceremony (or not), but I don’t really care, I’m absolutely sure it will be great and a very long wait!

Counting up while counting down:
Jay Cole wrote:

“Naturally, this revelation that we won’t be getting the whole picture on the Model 3 immediately… threatened the space-time continuum…”

😀 😀 😀

Jay, you are having waaaaaaay too much fun with this!

* * * * *

By my count, this is the 8th article at InsideEVs on the subject of the Model ≡ Reveal since I started counting a bit over a week ago.

Obviously there will still be another one or two before the start of the actual “Reveal” event…

There have been a few articles which surprised me by not giving the Reveal more than a passing mention, such as the one about a line forming at an Australian Tesla Store. I fully expected to count that when I clicked on it, but after reading it I decided it shouldn’t be counted, as putting in a reservation for the M≡ isn’t the same as the Reveal itself.

Way too much hype, I think a lot of people are going to be very disappointed. Almost two years until the Model 3 goes into production and probably much longer until the unwashed masses can actually buy one. By the time the Model 3 goes into production the Bolt will have already been on market for at least a year and production will be fully ramp up.

I feel sorry for all the suckers that got roped into this hype. The Model 3 is going into production at least a year late. Either the Model 3 is going to be just another luxury EV out of the price range of most people or it’s going to be just another middle of road EV having to compete with established players.

What if it turns out to be a stellar EV that was worth the wait, and that many people are able to afford?
Will you eat your ten gallon hat? Or will you just eat the lasso?

Since the Model 3 is not going to be available for at least two years, this is not something I need to worry about for quite a while. It would be nice to be wrong but I won’t get my hopes up.

Yea sure, you can generalise but maybe some people are in no hurry as they already own an EV… Furthermore, I’m more for doing things properly rather than fast. The GM bolt looks like a joke, a half-assed job because GM has a huge ego problem and feels very much threatened by Tesla. Also the bolt is not available in my market. Plus, GM is by far the worst auto company in the world given their history of hypocrisy, living off tax payer money, treating their employees poorly and the long list of subpar and dangerous products.

Ghosn pointed out correctly – one of the major barriers hampering wider adoption of EVs is a more than poor charging infrastructure in any city around the globe. Until that is taken care of no EV maker will able to deliver on its promises and we will witness insanely large number of Toyota Prius Prime , Chevy Volt, BYD Tang and likes buzzing around. Yet another sign of human incapability of resolving major issues, for the time being.

It will not be taken care until we see some push for standardization of charging infrastructure. Tesla and its fanboys aren’t exactly helping here, rather the opposite.

Gosh, how terrible that Tesla developed its own Supercharger charging format, so the Model S could be charged in only 30-45 minutes. Why didn’t they just use the CCS or CHAmeDO format, and accept it taking twice or three times as long to charge their cars on a long distance journey? How terribly unfair of Tesla! You’d think they were trying to lead the EV revolution or something. [/snark]

Trust a serial Tesla basher to try to paint one of Tesla’s innovations as a bad thing.

Happy Model ≡ day to everyone! (Yes, even serial Tesla bashers.)

I “might” put a deposit down. I guess it depends on what I see tonight. But either way around, it isn’t going to be a problem. I’ve got my Volt that I can continue to drive until the Model-III becomes available.

I’ve just got back from the Munich Tesla store having paid my thousand euros.

I got to the store about 10 past eight and their were about thirty people in front of me. The store opened at nine and by that time there were another thirty behind me in the queue.

Tesla had laid on a Bavarian breakfast – weiswurst and beer .

Sweet. Thanks for the update, and congrats. 🙂

So they open at 9 in Munich and at 10 in Brussels. I wonder if that will change the reservation orders.

Congratulation anyway to join those that dared the not yet seen move.

Be careful making your deposits everyone. Just because they are serving food and refreshments doesn’t mean it’s legitimate. Look what I saw this morning.

EXcellent work as always, kdawg – Thanks!

My bet is that Model 3 will have a model Y in its shadow, this will be the SUV version, may be with 2 Falcon doors instead of 4 doors?
It might only be disclosed on part 2 though, there was so much invested into the Falcon r&d, I doubt this will stay a model X only feature.
BTW, read all the comments, high quality posts, well done all!

Lets see what the hottest show on the planet will be disclosing us

“…there was so much invested into the Falcon r&d, I doubt this will stay a model X only feature.”

I think it’s a bit early to pronounce the falcon-wing doors a success… or a failure. There have been some problems reported, which shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone. We need to wait for at least a year or two and see how well they perform over time, and whether or not people still like them after they’re no longer a brand-new thing.

Yes, Tesla (or Elon) has mentioned the possibility of putting FW doors on the CUV version of the Model ≡… which may be the Model Y? But remember that Elon admitted the MX was over-designed, and said they should have gone with fewer hi-tech gizmos.

I suspect Tesla will wait to see how the doors fare over time on the Model X before making a final decision before making a final decision about FW doors on what’s being called the Model Y.

The problem with showing your best hand, Tesla Model 3, is that the other established players can get to it faster than Tesla will. Tesla needed people to wait for the more affordable Model 3 by giving out little information here and there, their business depends on it. All that information and hype however is what allowed GM to conceive the Chevy Bolt. If Tesla really does release the Model 3 later than it’s saying the car will be delivered, then you can expect the established players to release an equally compelling product. Such a shame it would be too, all because Tesla is a small company.

I eagerly wait for the Tesla Model 3 presentation and hope to see a beautiful looking car.

The legacy automakers are still designing ICE / Hybrid Vehicles, while trying to play catchup to Tesla. And Tesla is only focusing on solving problems for BEVs. Yes, it’s true that GM outsourced most of the BEV components to build their Bolt, as a shortcut to production.

But none of these larger companies can snap their fingers and suddenly have a global ultrafast DC charging network for long range BEVS. Strategically planned infrastructure is key to BEV acceptance.

Glad someone’s truly pushing the envelope for sustainable transport, and getting other companies off their butts. We all win, when the air is cleaner, there are more domestic green jobs, and we have more market choice.


I don’t believe GM used LG as a supplier for more than the battery as a “shorcut”, but did so to get a better battery pricing contract. It was all part of the goal to get the price to $37.5K / $30K after tax credits.

The supercharger network is of course what will motivate most people to purchase the Model 3, it has so many benefits compared to buying similar products from the other guys.

However… It still doesn’t change the fact that GM will be beating Tesla to the product. What is the product? A more affordable 200 mile EV.

I’m the type of person that wants a company to completely win. It bothers me that a competitor will beat Tesla to the punch. It’s all in good fun lol

TRUE !!!!!!!!

“the other established players can get to it faster than Tesla will”. Yes of course they can, but historically they never did, and more, they are all announcing similar specs BEVs for 2018~2020… even 2025 and always take good care to never announce anything with MORE range than the 2012 Tesla s.

There is still no real competition from the cartel.
Until there is, I fear for the viability of Tesla and the life of Elon Musk.

You are ignoring that the competition will be beating Tesla at the mark. The Chevy Bolt will be released a full year before the Model 3.

One competitor is still competition

Same as it ever was : only a few, way too expensive for the quality and size, not really advanced in range… Relly not a competitor, only a weapon of marketing and greenwashing.
If they were really in the game, they would have dedicated a few gigafactories years ago and would offer 20K$ 300 miles cars right now!


I think that you’re attributing the things that money can buy to “magic”, and not actually paying any attention to the very real research needed to make your claims remotely true.

If *anyone* actually *could* build a battery that big, that cheap, then 1) Tesla would be all over it like hair on a yak, and 2) so would Nissan, and 3) so would GM. And the person who invented that battery, would be wildly rich from patents alone.

Just because you want something to be so, doesn’t mean that it can be made so with the application of enough money. Just consider the heaps of cash poured into reasearch to build a perpetual motion machine in the 1800s.

The Bolt looks like a good effort, but I don’t think it’s going to directly compete, at least among most buyers, with the Model 3. The Bolt will be a ‘hot-hatch’ subcompact car with little trappings of luxury, selling for about $30k after the federal tax credit. The Model 3 will be a luxury compact sports-sedan that is unlikely to see sales price much below $45,000 for the first year after it’s introduced and will only get down to $35,000 for the base model after demand for more expensive models is sated. At which point the Bolt will be years old and will have to drop price or drastically improve to compete.

“…you can expect the established players to release an equally compelling product.”

Established players have had nearly four years to release a car as compelling as the Model S. How is that working out, hmmmm?

No legacy auto maker will make and sell a compelling direct competitor of the Model ≡ in large numbers, not because they can’t, but because they don’t want to. Because they don’t want BEVs to cut into the profits they make on their gasmobiles. BEVs currently have much too thin a profit margin, so legacy auto makers would much rather sell you a gasmobile.

Can someone make a list of the stores that took money and have a rough estimate how many went and paid the $1000?

Twenty five hundred pound, gulllwing, three door, two seater. Two hundred miles on only 40 kWh pack.


Oh wait, I was dreaming.

Another sign we could have get BEVs loooong ago if not of the petro-automobile cartel.
“Range 62 Miles (99 Kilometers)
Conservatively 100 km.” In a garage in 1990 !

Think again! It was gas car in 1990. Recently converted. Would be maybe 50 miles on EPA test cycle.


Bone said:

“Would be maybe 50 miles on EPA test cycle.”

Right. Just because some mechanic working in his garage makes a conversion BEV, that doesn’t mean we should believe the range he claims is a real-world driving range. Maybe he can achieve that… by hypermiling and/or driving at low speeds. Doesn’t mean the average driver would get anywhere near that range, especially not driving at highway speed.

My point was that this car, with modern components, not a brushed DC motor and heavy Thunder Sag cells, could be 2,500 pounds, and do 200 miles, on 40 kWh.

Maybe, if it used an underpowered motor, with 10+ second 0-60 time. In other words, a car that will only run in “economy” mode.

The two-seater Tesla Roadster had a real-world driving range which various owners reported as being between 160-200 miles… using a ~53 kWh battery pack.

200 miles average range on only 40 kWh isn’t a very plausible claim.

What, I have to wait until tonight? And I got up this morning thinking I’d be watching the reveal in the next hour or two.

So in other words more smoke and mirrors from a company whose top product is hype.

You better cover your short soon….

A bit late for that, closing the barn door after the horse has run away. TSLA up 65% in the last 6 weeks.

Indeed. Anyone shorting TSLA who didn’t exit their position well before the excitement started to crescendo over tonight’s Model ≡ Reveal… well, if they’re that clueless they deserve exactly what’s going to happen to their investment tomorrow. (Can you say “another short squeeze!” …??)

We’ll never know, because no car company will build it. It is a Catch 22. Nobody wants it, because nobody has ever driven one, because car companies won’t make it, because nobody wants it.

Oops! Clearly, I was responding to you other post above.

Given that Tesla has never mass- produced a vehicle on initial schedule, many of Tesla fans should temper expectations for production timeline and temper expectations for the prototypes’ capabilities.

Hopefully in 2 or so years, you will get a production vehicle worthy of your wait.

Why is everyone so concerned about Model S sales? There are people who like big cars and there are people who have no place to park a big car. If there was a model the size of an Audi A3, it might sell better where parking is difficult, but there are people who enjoy a car the size of the S and might like one even larger. The Model 3 should not be considered a Model S sales thief.

Musk is simply stating the obvious…there is no news here…