Elon Musk Interview On CNN – Expansion And Competition – Video

2 years ago by Mark Kane 3

Elon Musk at CNN

Elon Musk at CNN

CNN interviewed Elon Musk, asking questions about the expansion plans in China and competition.

Tesla struggles to achieve its own sales goals in China, but the automaker can’t count on incentives or waving the import taxes…at least not yet.

The answer for that will be a local manufacturing facility with an unknown partner, at an unknown location and so far unknown capability of what exactly will be produced locally and what will only be assembled in China.

Kristie Lu Stout asked about Model III production in China. The answer is eventually yes, but that’s at least three years from now.

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3 responses to "Elon Musk Interview On CNN – Expansion And Competition – Video"

  1. Anon says:

    I like how Elon is framed by the Tesla name. His head is exactly aligned with the letter “E”. 😀

    I assume this was purposeful camera framing….

    1. LS song says:

      good obsevation mate

  2. Mister G says:

    Tesla might follow the Apple model of manufacturing in the future…Chinese labor is cheap and pollution regulations weak resulting in lower input costs per vehicle made in China and assembled in California.