Elon Musk Interview And Footage From Within Gigafactory Featured On VICE Tonight (Update:Watch)

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Shane Smith, founder of HBO’s series, VICE, interviews Elon Musk regarding the future of energy.

Musk and cousins

Elon Musk And Cousins, Founders of SolarCity

The interview was previously recorded back in November, but will air tonight at 11 pm eastern standard time on HBO under the title “The Future of Energy”. The Tesla CEO elaborates on Tesla’s plans for the future, and explains concepts. He makes it clear that since the future is “his future”, he is passionate about his dedication to zero emissions and renewable energy.

UPDATE:  full video of interview below (while it lasts), hat tip to driverguy01

The episode will begin with Musk driving Smith around in a Model S. Later, he shows footage inside the Tesla Gigafactory. Musk tells Smith:

“If you had a car that was long range but it didn’t look good and it wasn’t fun and it didn’t handle properly and it didn’t have great electronics and all these important attributes that people value…..we had to change the perception of an electric car. We wanted an electric car to be something that was fun and sexy, not something that was dull and boring like a golf cart.”

musk on HBO2

Tune In Tonight at 11 pm Eastern Time To See Musk On HBO

Musk is involved in other ventures aside from vehicles. He discusses Solar City, a company he founded with his cousins. It is currently the world’s number one source for rooftop solar systems. Musk Tweeted that the company’s solar power output could charge every Tesla currently on the road today!

He also provides details about the Tesla Powerpack. With these units at 500 kWh a piece, Musk says that one billion could power the entire world. He is confident that in the next few decades, Tesla can and will meet this need.

Musk has never been a stranger to the camera, the media, or social networks. His delivery and unmatched wealth of knowledge should prove for an entertaining and enlightening spectacle.

Source: Teslarati

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