Musk Foreshadowed Intentions With This Satirical Tesla Shorts Video


Tesla CEO Elon Musk posted this Hitler parody as a precursor to the “considering taking Tesla private” announcement.

It seems CEO Musk has been hinting at the potential for yesterday’s big announcement for some time. Most of us are aware that he’s not a fan of short positions, and Tesla is the most shorted stock in history. For this reason, among others, Musk tweeted that he’s considering taking the company private.

At first, it seemed he may have been joking, but the story developed throughout the day. At this point, it all seems pretty real, though its reality is dependent on a vote from shareholders.

Below is Musk’s Tweet from just a few days ago. We’ve also included some earlier Tweets in which the CEO foreshadowed the “short carnage” and “short burn of the century,” as well as the short position exploding in about three weeks. The latter Tweet is from June 17, and as far as we’re concerned, nothing significant happened three weeks after that warning. However, if we think of this in “Elon time,” yesterday’s big announcement may fit the bill.

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I like Tesla very much, but Musk’s obsession with ‘shorters’ is becoming pathological.

Not really, when you consider how hard active shorters work to artificially manufacture lies/deception to manipulate the market. The negative press machine is working overtime, the effect it has on the psyche of Tesla employees has to be tremendous. By closing the door on the media BS Tesla can pour all of its focus into building great current and future products.

Don’t take what I’m saying to mean I give him a free pass, he regularly tops off the shorters’ magazines with Tweet fodder that does the company no favors, he’s absolutely involved.

Every company on the stock market has shorters. That’s all in the game. If Musk can’t stand it, he shouldn’t have taken Tesla to the stock exchange in the first place.

Of course there is a lot of fake news which uninformed people may believe. And there are a lot of uninformed people around. But that’s a problem of our era, I don’t believe at all this will stop when Tesla is off the stock market. Look at it, there is also a lot of fake information on electric cars in general, renewable energy, climate change and all. This info doesn’t only come from Tesla shorters.

There is no spinning the losses.

And their is no end to your spinning your serial anti-Tesla FUD you shill for economically unworkable fool cell vehicles.

Losses by shorts?

Quite true.

Hopefully you’re just paid to be here and not actually short.

Every company may have shorters but Tesla has the most. It is the most shorted stock afterall. And where something is so shorted, it will be attacked the most too. Tesla going private won’t stop all the attacks but it will be a huge proportion. Don’t forget, there’s a large network of influence from some of the shorters too. The reach they have with certain media channels is pretty big. So kerbing that will make a big difference.

As for whether Musk should have taken it to the stock exchange to start with, well that decision was right at the time given the situation. Tesla needed the capital and may not have survived if it didn’t. He was reluctant to do it as he didn’t want to but he needed the cash to grow. Tesla is now in a much better position and able to go private again so I don’t blame him one bit. As Tesla has grown, so has the relentless attacks on it. Given the current situation, I think going private is the right decision.

Amen. To your point, Ford is blathering today about how they have no problem being operated as a public company. Easy to say when your company isn’t the arguably greatest disruptor of the transportation industry in our lifetime. I’d love to see not only the percentage of Ford shorters compared to Tesla, but also the percentage of negative Ford ads/articles compared to Tesla. It ain’t even close. That’s like living as a white, rich man in the Hamptons saying you don’t see ANY racism in the American deep south.

Sure there is racism in today’s America, John. Not only in the deep south but all over the country, and it is government-sponsored. It is called affirmative action, quotas, set asides, and many other programs that legally discriminate against one race of people, white. Unless you were refering to 1910 or maybe 1950.

@esto – YES! Let’s hear it for the poor discriminated white people! s/

The saddest form of human life are those who not only don’t see the racism that exists in our society, but turn it around to make it about them.

Also easy to say for Ford when they still have not payed back their loan from the US govt.

Every company on the stock market has shorters; but not every company has the shorters running a massive smear campaign against it, in an attempt to make their bet into a self-fulfilling prophecy…

Instead of ranting, one way to fight shorters is to offer dividends. GM, government motors too big to fail, offers almost 4%. Since they can’t fail (yes, sarcasm but not really), it’s like having a savings account. Shorting savings account means you have to pay dividends, unlikely except the most adventurous shorters.

I know Tesla can’t right now (or ever), but it’s fun to think about. Imagine blue haired old ladies talking about Tesla dividend yields and getting excited about the cars!

Not really, considering how much they try to kill Tesla.

The shorters’ obsession with Musk has been pathological for a while now 😉

Don’t sweat it. They will be gone or bankrupt very soon.

uh, whats with the japanese subtitles over the english subtitles?

That is your Youtube settings, we are not getting japanese subtitles 🙂

i went directly to youtube and watched it and it was fine. weird

Some japanese guy hacked into your phone/computer. 😉

You probably just clicked the CC button by accident?…

Less funny if you understand German! #Wunderwaffe

I had to watch it as silent movie.

I don’t speak german, but I can see how this video would not be as much fun with the distraction of the real dialog going on. Even watching it with the sound off likely diminishes it because part of the fun is how well the editor was able to match up english words with german words that sound similar.

This scene’s sub-titles have been massaged at least a dozen times.

In the US, there are many who feel “Antifa” represents a socialist-democratic threat (like Nazis). Many of them look right past actual white-supremacists, who provoke Antifa under the guise of free speech.

This is a pot Russia helped stir. Antifa = anti-fascist

What is inherently evil about shorting? If the stock keeps going up, the shorters are forced to cover their positions, and the company being shorted (Tesla in this case) laughs all the way to the bank. And the shorts lose fistfuls of money.
Yeah, there are people out there that purposely publish slanted news about Tesla (just like sites such as Electrek post pro-slanted Tesla material), but if Tesla takes care of its own business and runs itself like a responsible company selling its products, the shorts should lose out in the end. The obsession over the shorts is really puzzling.

Some of the shorts have so much money on the line and so much more to risk that a select few appear to be getting desperate enough to attempt to materially damage Tesla. What would you do to make say $1 Billion?

Twit like a madman mid-trading day? 😉
I think Elon inflated his personal wealth by at least a billion yesterday.

It’s an outspoken pessimism. You can sell stock for all kinds of motivations, but short-selling is very one-sided.

Is it weird how happy we are that the shorts and critics like yourself will lose big time?

There is nothing inherently evil about short selling; but there is a lot inherently evil about running massive smear campaigns bordering on harassment in support of the short position…

This video is very funny.

It is very funny and cleaver. Too bad Mr Loveday didn’t credit the guy who actually produced the video. His name is Michael March and Elon is actually kind of late to the party as this video has been going around for a while now.

I couldn’t possibly care less about Wall Street but TSLA went public to get capital. If they close that door where will the huge sums come from? Profits sure, but that’s not enough for the type of expansion I hope to see. Hard to patiently wait!

They claimed at the earnings call that they are at a point where more money couldn’t be used effectively to further accelerate expansion…

It’s only funny if you’re not of German dissent and your family members weren’t killed by Hitler’s Regime.

What? Too soon?

When people can laugh at Hitler, then his philosophy is also made a joke. I bet you that those fascists and KKK members at Charlottesville aren’t laughing at this video. Hopefully, you at least think “The Producers” is a funny play.