Elon Musk Hints That U.S. Might Get Another Tesla Gigafactory


Tesla Gigafactory Progress From January

On the recent Q4 conference call, Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that multiple Gigafactories will be constructed.

Gigafactory 1 in Nevada is partly complete. Gigafactory 2 is Tesla’s solar plant in New York. Quoting Musk:

“Later this year, we expect to finalize locations for Gigafactories 3, 4 and possibly 5 (Gigafactory 2 is the Tesla solar plant in New York).”

We assume that at least two of these three remaining Gigafactories will be constructed overseas. One somewhere in Europe and the other likely in Asia. However, Musk says there’s a possibility that the U.S. could get one more Gigafactory. Well, he didn’t rule it out at least.

Musk Hints At Possible Second Tesla Gigafactory In U.S.

While the question asks specifically about West Virginia getting a Gigafactory, Musk’s response is less descriptive. A tristate border could put it in one of multiple locations in the U.S. Basically, it would need to be located where land is available and cheap, yet have a vast workforce that’s somewhat nearby. So, where do you see the second U.S. Gigafactory popping up?

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LOL…good one. Rub it in their faces.

Rub what?

Anywho, it would actually make sense to repurpose any of the empty plants in Flint/Detroit and save a lot of $, just like they did w/the Fremont plant in CA.

Locating in Michigan also gets you close to all the suppliers and engineering talent. Close to Canadian border as well as having the Great Lakes available for shipping.

lol engineering talent left in flint/detroit anyone who actually knew anything sure isn’t there anymore

The Volt and Bolt prove that you are wrong, and probably a Tesla fanboi.

Then why does Tesla use companies/engineering from this area?

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Hold on there partner! Trump wants jobs, but let’s not get carried away! He’s unpopular enough! The LAST thing he needs is to have a good portion of his own constituency out in the streets, burning him in effigy! Can’t just hand out jobs opportunities to “UNQUALIFIED” people!

Another (Euro) industrial point of view

Need more cash ?

I saw a meme a while back of Elon on stage wearing a “Got Cash?” t-shirt. LOL!

That’s right, keep investing in oil wells, coal and Trump sven!

Get A Real Life troll.

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What coal web page? And saying that I invest in coal is trolling, and doesn’t even make sense.

LMFAO, sven continues his classless ways here just like his hero the Trumpster.

Well sven, I’m proud of my 30 years of Army Infantry service to my country and forward-looking, innovative companies like Tesla but none of us should be proud of the antics/actions of Wall Street clowns or classless comments like yours.

It took you 30 years to get a Section 8?

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He could buy some stock in GM. They pay dividends.

Or they go bankrupt.

Wiping out shareholder value.

GM Fanboi.

I seriously hope you don’t think Tesla is immune from bankruptcy. My understanding is, they have survived on loans, subsidies and investors. The sounds of it is, they borrow from Peter to pay Paul which is fine in a strong economy. The next major downturn in the economy (likely any day now, but who knows?) will be the real test of Tesla’s strength.

Thompson, CT please! At the corner of CT, RI, & MA. (I didn’t just give my location out on the interweb, did I?)

Front Range Colorado, land is cheap east of town, high tech workforce, lots of sun for solar and nearby wind farms, rail connections, fairly progressive legislature, best EV subsidies in nation ($5k), NREL nearby, low energy costs, international airport, skiing and mtb biking nearby :O)

Yeah, and a bag of pot by each workstation…

Cheaper land and lower taxes in the Southeast but population not far away. Somewhere like Northern upstate South Carolina between Spartanburg and Gastonia/Charlotte area. Far enough away from the bigger cites for cheap land but close enough to draw a huge population. Or rural Tn near chatanooga area. again, low taxes and properties values out away from the metro areas.

I think having a footprint in that area would be a good idea too. In addition to the things you mention it could support that area which has nothing, or little, Tesla, currently.
A 4 corners strategy, leading eventually to something big in the Midwest to complete the pattern. Like a baseball diamond and pitchers mound.

Also in many plants in the South unions seem less able to organize workers.

I doubt there’s any reason to open new US factories, or even decide on locations, anytime in the next couple of years; about half the market is outside the US, so that’s the lower-hanging fruit a.f.a. savings go. I’d expect a Euro plant soon, possibly 2 separate but close ones for batteries and cars.

Well, if solar manufacturing is now counted then 3rd and 4th being a solar and battery manufacturing in India would probably make a lot of sense.

Given how American solar manufacturing was thoroughly crushed by the Chinese, I’m not bullish on American battery manufacturing. It’s not clear why any of this commodity stuff gains an advantage from being located in the states.

“Crushed by the Chinese”, our solar is built in our state, installed by neighbors, and drives our American made car.
American jobs, American energy.

I have a bunch of new USA panels inside my shed, I wish my neighbors would help me install them!

Provide free beer. What could possibly go wrong?

The tri-state border of New Mexico, Texas and Chihuahua seems to be a popular one for manufacturing… U.S. states wasn’t specified. 🙂

Tesla = Trump

Lake Wales Florida has vacant orange juice plant available, right to work state, lots of dead orange groves available.

Pretty brilliant, now every state that considers themselves in a “tri-state area” will try to compete to get a GF…

Well of course, Elon meant the area north of Kansas City, where Kansas, Missouri and Nevada meet. All three are right-to-work States, land is cheap there, and it’s on the Missouri River, the longest river in North America, and navigable for much of the year.

The major metropolitan area of Kansas City is less than 90 minutes away from, say, Fortescue, Mo., the latter of which is near the tri-State junction. Kansas City boasts many fine colleges and universities, including a DeVry University technical school, the University of Missouri in Kansas City (UMKC), and Avila University. The Fairfax area of Kansas City, KS has multiple auto assembly plants, so a local pool of trained workers is already present.

What else could he have possibly meant? 😉

Northwestern Mississippi! Just below Memphis. You’d have access to the river, major interstates, and rail plus all the engineering and labor talent of the south available. Six major universities within a two hour drive. And a dozen more within four hours. Plus this is a region ready for EVs

I hope they put this new giga in Central Vriginia it would employ the population of many counties in Vriginia with jobs that are not grocery store jobs.

I’d love to see Tesla take over one or more of our soon to be vacant auto plants in Australia. Gigafactory with plenty of Lithium deposits as well.

Come on Elon,
build one In Quebec, Canada.

97% of our energy comes from renewable energy.
We are very EV frendly (we will not put stupid tax on EV owner and we will not prevent you from selling direct)

“While the question asks specifically about West Virginia getting a Gigafactory…”

Well, it certainly would be a State where labor is cheap. But West Virginia is also noted for poor education and for being a bastion of coal mining. Does Tesla want to locate a factory in an area with such a small pool of skilled workers, and one not exactly noted for being EV-friendly?

If I recall correctly, West Virginia has the lowest per-capita rate of Tesla car ownership of any State in the Union. If it’s not the lowest, then it can’t miss that by much.

I suspect that “coal rolling” is more popular in WV than driving an EV.

While some of what you state is true, having a decent job to take care of your family is the end goal for most people. I think WV is a phenomenal idea in that we retrain hard working men and women to help build the future of energy and reverse the resistance to green energy. Look what wind turbines have done in Iowa.