Elon Musk Hints That Tesla May Change Naming Conventions After Release Of Model Y


Elon Musk Comments On Tesla Naming Convetions

Elon Musk Comments On Tesla Naming Conventions

Just days ago, Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed that the automaker’s upcoming minibus will be built on the Tesla Model X chassis.

Following that revelation, Musk was asked (via Twitter) what the name would be for the Tesla minibus.

At first, Musk seemed to like some rather unusual naming suggestions, like SpaceBus, for example.

Then Musk was asked if perhaps Model B would be used to keep in line with Tesla’s current naming conventions. Musk suggested that Tesla will likely change naming conventions after the release of the Model Y (a crossover based on the Model 3).

But then this Tweet surfaced (suggesting B S3XY):

B S3XY Sounds Good Though

B S3XY Sounds Good Though


And Musk’s response seems to suggest that Tesla’s current naming convention could stay in place for just a bit longer.

We personally would suggest dropping “Model” from the name. Let’s simply go with Tesla S, X, E, Y and B. It’s boring…yes, but it’s sure easy to remember and we certainly don’t need “Model” before each vehicle name.

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Further Models are called D, R, I, V and E. Than the mission will be complete:
— B S3XY DRIVE Tesla —

Yeah, well the future probably holds something much different, more like driverless. There will be a lot more driverless cars than driving cars. It will be the norm. Humans are funny that way, if they can get the job done by somebody or something else, they always do. Unless they enjoy the task. I think most people see driving as a chore and a very expensive way to travel or commute. Autonomous cars will take you from point A to B, same as a driving car but with all that free time and five times cheaper than owning the car. In the US and Canada, the cost of owning a car can be as much as 25% of your wages. With Autonomous, it would go down to dollars a day.
Over a century ago, people rode horses and a lot enjoyed it. Very few kept riding once cars got here.
Hang on cause we are going for a ride and technology will be the driver for this one.
Musk is right, there wont be a need for a cheaper model.
Can you imagine yourself in a driverless society? What would your day have been like?

“Magic Bus”

How about Space Winnebago?

Astral Camper!

Luck Dragon

I don’t know if, “Falkor” is copyrighted or not…

And of course it would have Falkor-wing doors.

There’s already an Opel/Vauxhall Astra in Europe. Previously it was also sold as Holden Astra in Australia and New Zealand. Tesla would probably get sued by GM if they started naming a car Astral.
And all I would think of when hearing Astral would be an Opel ICE car.

Perfect to continue the Spaceballs references!

How about finishing off the lettered cars like this…


Model E is still taken.

Never looked this up but I’d bet money that “Model A”-“Model Z” is taken…

You can’t camp on those forever. You eventually have to release a product using the names to keep them.

Right. And Ford’s Model E is rumored to be released in 2019, with a series of drive trains, just like the Ioniq.

How about S E X Y B I T C H? =)

Model B for Bus.

Model I for Semi

Model T for Pickup Truck

Model C for the convertible roadster

Model H for off roader 4×4 high clearance vehicle

If Ford had an issue with “Model E”, they would flip over:

Model T
Model A
Model B

All famous Ford cars.

LOL. I was joking about the B I T C H part… =)

“Model” is a very generic word and Tesla cannot use this in all their vehicles like Model-S, Model-X, Model-3 and so on. Better to cut it short like Mo (for Model) since M already belongs to BMW. They can use Mo followed by a number. But first the vehicle type should be categorized like Car (Sedan/Hatch/Wagon), Crossover (typically a taller vehicle with 5-doors), Vans, Pickups, Buses. But with the shrinking car sales and everyone moving into Crossovers, its better to merge the Cars and Crossovers into 1 segment. Already the Model-S has 5 doors like CUV and even Model-3 may get 5 doors. Let Cars/Crossovers take single digit # like Mo-1 Mo-2 Mo-3 (Upcoming Model-3) Mo-4 (Model-S) Mo-5 (Model-X) and so on. Vans can take double digit # like Mo-10, Mo-20 and so on. Pickups can take triple digit # like Mo-100, Mo-200 and so on. Buses can take four digit # like Mo-1000, Mo-2000 and so on. So in each segment, there will be 9 vehicles maximum with the smallest vehicle getting the least # (1, 10, 100, 1000) and the largest vehicle getting highest # (9, 90, 900, 9000). This will be easy to understand for people. For… Read more »

“Tesla can replace the Model-S with Mo-4.”

4 is a bad number in Chinese. Unless Tesla doesn’t care about Chinese market, it won’t market anything with 4 in China.

Now, you change that to 8, the sales will double! =)

Audi A4 is sold in China. There are some who believe in such superstition, but many are modern enough to ignore it.

For sure there will be many streets with #4, homes with door # 4 and flights and ships departing on 4th of every month and 4th month of every year.

So its still better to adopt the letter and # combo.

ModernMF, right they have to think Global with model names. GM missed with the NOVA Which means No Go in Spanish.

What is not a myth is when Honda was about to sell a model named Fitta, which translates to Pussy in swedish.

Dealers even got the pamplets and information for the new model before they changed the name.

It’s now called Honda Fit outside Europe and Honda Jazz in Europe.

Busi McBusface

Bussy McGee