Elon Musk Headed To Trump’s Exclusive Tech Summit In New York

Elon Musk

DEC 12 2016 BY JAY COLE 113

Leonardo DiCaprio discussing climate change with Elon Musk for the filming of "Before the Flood" - will Musk bring some of that discussion to tech meeting in New York on Wednesday?

Leonardo DiCaprio discussing climate change with Elon Musk for the filming of “Before the Flood” – will Musk bring some of that discussion to tech meeting in New York on Wednesday?

President-Elect Donald Trump is having an exclusive tech industry summit in New York this week, and the list of invitees read like a list of “who’s who” in the business.  Oh, to be a fly on that wall!

The Tesla/SpaceX/SolarCity boss may have some sway with the next President, as Musk is one of the few tech giants yet to be centered out

The Tesla/SpaceX/SolarCity boss may have some sway with the next President, as Musk is one of the few tech giants yet to be centered out

And every time we hear another name Trump is inviting, the next questions are:

  • Has the next President of the US already said something disparaging about them (or their companies) during his campaign and/or over his history?
  • Once invited, will that executive attend?
  • If so, what will they say or talk about?

Now the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Tesla CEO Elon Musk has been invited to Wednesday’s power meeting.

Unlike some of the other major tech companies and invitees who have been under Trump’s fire (like the President-Elect’s threats to boycott Tim Cook’s Apple, or Trump’s calling out of COO Sheryl Sandberg’s Facebook on immigration issues, or Bezos’ Amazon on anti-trust violations), Mr. Musk has escaped any confrontation.

Apparently running a US-based automaker, a US-based space exploration company, and now controlling US-based solar company (cumulatively providing more than 50,000 US jobs) seems to have provided a shield of protection for the Tesla boss…or at least a cloak of invisibility.

Tesla - making it all in the US holds favor with new administration

Tesla – making it all in the US holds favor with new administration

Also of note, Musk’s close association with tech-investor Peter Thiel (who was a co-founder with Musk with PayPal), and large supporter of Trump’s campaign doesn’t hurt to keep the Tesla CEO in good graces with the next President.

…well, that and Thiel is also on Donald Trump’s transition team and is helping to organize the meeting.

According to ‘people familiar’, the Tesla boss has RSVP’d the meeting, and will be in attendance.

Musk is expected to be joined by Apple CEOe Tim Cook, Facebook’s  COO Sheryl Sandberg, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, Google’s Larry Page and Eric Schmidt, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, Oracle co-CEO Safra Catz, as well has the CEO from Cisco Chuck Robbins.

One could only imagine how this eclectic group of billionaire frenemies will conduct themselves with President-Elect Trump behind closed doors.

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Why? Talking to Trump is pointless. He just acts nice and ignores what you say. He butters everyone up.

And listening to him is even worse. Half of what he says is lies. And any promises, pledges, or offers he makes are worthless . . . he’ll flip-flop and break them without a moment’s hesitation.

We just need to wait and see what his actions will be.

I think he will move to have the support from tax breaks etc removed. He will also try to “harmonize” the regs on emissions…ie quit granting CARB a waiver effectively making the ZEV mandates null and void.

This will all be justified simply as making EV’s support their own weight without subsisies in a free market.

The real question is if he really tries to eliminate Tesla. He probably could if he really wanted to do so.

Problem is there is a factory in Fremont that employs 6000 people.

@george, Trump is not crown-prince-in-coronation, he is president-elect.

there are a lot of limits to what he can do.

I have heard that the supreme court has already ruled in favor of CARB’s autonomy to set ZEV credits.

Anyway, just like other meetings he holds, this one is mostly to generate positive PR for him. Even had he wanted to, he is not likely to really understand any policy message those tech people might convey to him. And he doesn’t want to anyway.

Section 177 of the Clean Air Act goes all the way back to the 1970’s, and allows states to adopt their own pollution standards. A recap of the EV1, however, also says:

“…CARB now, it seemed, had the facts required to force GM to produce the EV1, and to force other car makers to follow with other ZEV. CARB is in a weak legal position, because interstate commerce is regulated by the federal government, not the states, and the only way CARB has power over autos would be under mandate by the EPA, which is charged with enforcing the federal Clean Air Act (“CAA“).”

So, it appears by some standard of “proving” mass EV1 adoption impossible for the auto-makers, the federal government still prevailed over Section 177. To some extent, the story seems to go that CARB gave up. Either way, the path to interfering with CARB’s current ZEV plans looks more tricky. Perhaps someone like Tony Williams would be better at handicapping this.

Assaf said:

“I have heard that the supreme court has already ruled in favor of CARB’s autonomy to set ZEV credits.”

Hmmm… I don’t think it’s that simple. My reading of summaries of the Supreme Court rulings on the Clean Air Act indicate that the Court merely ruled that States can use their own standards, rather than that of the EPA, if — here’s the rub — if they get a waiver to do so. And who issues those waivers? According to Nix, who generally knows what he’s talking about, the EPA does.

So if I’m right, then (at least in theory) all the new head of the EPA has to do is to cancel those waivers, and CARB is dead.

Now, take that with a pinch of salt. Those Supreme Court rulings are complex, I am not a lawyer, and there is zero chance that CARB will be neutered without lawsuits attempting to keep it in power. The courts may well have a different interpretation of the SC ruling than mine.

“I have heard that the supreme court has already ruled in favor of CARB’s autonomy to set ZEV credits.” That is fairly accurate. But it was a ruling on statutory basis, not a ruling on a Constitutional basis. So it might not be as binding a ruling on future administrations as you might think it is. The Supreme Court ruled that the EPA had made a mistake in reading the Clean Air Act. SCOTUS ruled that based on the wording in the Clean Air Act, that the EPA was required to regulate CO2 as a pollutant. This ruling invalidated the EPA’s initial decision to reject CARB’s ZEV waiver request. So CARB got their ZEV waiver due to that lawsuit. What the Supreme Court did not do, is rule that there was some Constitutional State Right for any state to set their own emissions regulations. If the Supreme Court had done that, California’s CARB ZEV program would be safe from future administrations. That didn’t happen. All they did was read the law Congress had passed, and told the EPA that based on the law, they did their job wrong. (That’s called a statutory ruling because they are just deciding what the… Read more »

I look forward to Trump removing tax breaks…to the oil companies and he must add a gas tax to pay for the $5 Trillion Afganistan/Iraq war. Since the US used 140 Billion gallons last year, if he charges $3.5/gallon gas tax it will take 10 years to pay back the war. Then I will have no problem removing the $7500 federal credit for EV’s.

I like your thinking! However I doubt Trump would actually do anything along the lines of a gas tax to pay for the wars… 🙁

What? Trump removing subsidies to his friends in the oil biz? It’ll never happen!

That’s exactly first reaction.

Trump is the biggest, and most successful, attention-seeker in history. He views people coming to see him like a line of the devoted lining up to kiss the Pope’s ring. Sure, he says nice things to people who he assumes have come to fawn all over him.

But nothing he says in talks with Elon Musk or others will matter, unless Trump thinks he can use them for his own purposes. For example, Trump met with DiCaprio and Al Gore on climate issues, but then turned around and appointed to head the EPA someone who is not merely a climate denier, it’s someone who has repeatedly sued the EPA to eliminate restrictions on polluting the air and water.

Actions speak louder than words. Trump’s statements and promises mean nothing. Look at what he actually does instead.

Trump is just holding court for PR and because he likes the attention and power. If he could get Beyonce and Oprah to show up even better. He has more than likely already made his mind up on what his stance will be on most of these issues.

Now that doesn’t mean he has any specific policy ideas to address his stance, just that he’s smart and knows how things are so he’ll just hire some people to do that part for him.

Notice how parasites of our natural resources get one-on-ones and cabinet posts, while those who work hard, and deliver on innovation, have to meet in groups?

Trump’s America.

Like everything else, Trump sees this as a great way to generate media attention and make him and his brand, look good. That’s it.

Actual productive results, will likely never occur…


Dude, you just described every politician!!!

Yeah, politicians lie.

But Trump is such a yuuuge liar that he makes politicians look like amatuer liars.

I put serious doubt into any list that puts H Clinton as being low on lies.

The same women that received monies into the Clinton foundation from foreign countries (Morocco, Sweden, Russia) while she was Secretary of State. Sending her husband Bill to Sweden to receive a $500,000 bribe in the context of giving a speech.

No one here, has a problem with this major conflict of interest?

How can you be that corrupt, and be low on lies? She is the embodiment of lies.

I don’t get how Trump is held to such a high standard, and Clinton gets a pass.

OK, let’s assume for argument that your view is true. The Clinton’s traded access for donations to their charitable foundation that saves lives. We now have Trump that holds properties all over the world and is involved in business expansion all over the world for his PRIVATE PROFIT. He refuses to sell the business. He refused to put it in a blind trust. He just says he’ll have his kids run the businesses (Yeah, I’m sure he never talks to his kids.). That is MASSIVE conflict of interest. He is literally going to appoint the person that sets the lease on his Post office building. He said he is going to work on 100% on his president job. And now he says he is going to continue working on the Apprentice. No wonder he has no time for security briefings. I was not a fan of Hillary but relative problems of the two candidates was MUCH bigger on the Trump side. And that was despite the fact that the Clinton side was completely transparent (all tax returns, all foundation tax returns, her SoS emails, and even stolen DNC emails). We didn’t get to see ANY of Trump’s tax returns.

> “donations to their charitable foundation that saves lives”

How many lives do they save?

This is the same women who gets support from Planned Parenthood, the biggest abortion provider around. Is that saving lives? You must support abortion I guess?

The vast majority of Clinton’s foundation expenses is salaries, and others have referred to it as a slush fund.

How much does Chelsea Clinton make running the Clinton Foundation?

I don’t see why any sitting President has to give up his business empire. I don’t remember people saying Bloomberg had to give up his empire, when he was Mayor of New York City.

So far, Trump is declining to be even paid as President!

$30M salaries and benefits out of a total expenses of $84.6.

What people have called the Foundation is actually irrelevant, since so many people are willing to lie or simply make stuff up when it suits their politics.

Right, it’s not the majority, and should have re-looked that up, before posting that.

On its 2013 tax forms, the most recent available, the foundation claimed it spent $30 million on payroll and employee benefits; $8.7 million in rent and office expenses; $9.2 million on “conferences, conventions and meetings”; $8 million on fundraising; and nearly $8.5 million on travel.

Raised over $140 million but only used $9 million in direct aid.

“On its 2013 tax forms, the most recent available”

I think we are still waiting for Trump’s.

I am defending Clinton foundation’s alleged “pay for access” scandal.

But using that alleged accusation as a defending tactic against Trump’s shady practice is a bit low for anyone.

So far, Trump hasn’t release his tax return nor has him severe his financial ties to his business by putting them into a blind trust or selling his stakes to his family.

Oh yeah, also show me where the mainsteam media covered Clinton’s Secretary of State conflicts of interest before the election? It received no coverage outside of a few conservative publications, and Trump mentioned it on the campaign trail.

She gets a pass, but I wonder if Trump will get the same treatment?

“She gets a pass, but I wonder if Trump will get the same treatment?”

BS, apparently, she didn’t get a pass.

And she was ONLY a secretary of State and Trump is President elect.

Obviously you aren’t holding a fair assessment here. But that is typical of most Trump supporters.

My point was that she did get a pass by the mainstream media, as it was not covered at all by them.

The foreign donors expected her to be President!

She lost and now foreign donors will disappear.

I’m afraid you guys are wasting your time trying educate “Alpha”edge.

He is obviously a far-right, alt-right-reading fanatic who believes all the garbage propaganda put out by the various alt-right white-supremascist-based outlets.

He and the others gleefully voted for a bully psychopath con-man fraud over someone who had spent a good part of her life promoting the well-being of children and families while Trump was apparently studying the speeches of Hitler!

Almost beyond redemption and if he really does own an EV a case study in cognitive dissonance.

> “promoting the well-being of children”

What a joke. She the biggest abortion supporter around, and was Planned Parenthood number one choice in the election.

You’re a communist fanatic.

No the jokes on you and your fellow holy warriors who voted for a real psychopath who if he doesn’t blow up the world will certainly do inestimable damage to the environment and the economy by starting a trade war.

So when you lose your job because your company relies on exports or imports just have a look in the mirror and if you hear that air raid siren blowing don’t even bother to hide because their is no hiding from an incoming nuclear warhead from N Korea or China.

And BTW, I’m a retired Army Infantry NCO and I was fighting communism and terrorists with my blood and sweat while you were learning how to shave (your future Hitler mustache).

> while you were learning how to shave

Ok grandpa! Too funny, as I’m not that young. Just young at heart. 😉

AlphaEdge said: “I put serious doubt into any list that puts H Clinton as being low on lies.” Then you really, really need to seriously reconsider which sources you’re using for news, and find some new ones. For example, when it comes to rating charities by what percentage of donations to them are actually spent to help people, the Clinton Foundation scores very high indeed; higher than most others. So let us please not confuse the Clinton Foundation, which is a real charity saving lives all over the world, with the Donald J. Trump Foundation, which in the past few years has become mainly, or perhaps entirely, a sort of legal money laundering scheme used by Trump to make it look like he was giving money to charity, while in reality just transferring donations from others. A quote: “The Clinton Foundation is an excellent charity,” Charity Watch president Daniel Borochoff said Aug. 24, 2016, on CNN. “They are able to get 88 percent of their spending to bona fide program services and their fundraising efficiency is really low. It only costs them $2 to raise $100.” (source 2 below) Let us not go along with the fake equivalency which all… Read more »

“They are able to get 88 percent of their spending to bona fide program services and their fundraising efficiency is really low. It only costs them $2 to raise $100.”

Of course, the donors are buying influence and don’t need to be solicited. The Clintons know this!

Google Clinton Foundation corruption. Enjoy!

Oh yeah. Thanks for proving my point.

Why am I arguing with you? Without a shred of proof, you acused me multiple times of shorting Tesla’s stock. What a joke.

I’m sure if Trump wants to put Tesla out of business he could always move production to China.

Trump is temporary. You don’t move factories based on that.

All anybody could do is weather the storm until help arrives.

The US oil and Russian oil folks who will have a LOT of power in a Trump administration would love to see Tesla / Solar City outright fail. They are a bigger concern than Trump himself.

But, a good multi-national corporation won’t put all their marbles in one bag.

Should Tesla have factories in Europe and China, they will be ok. I suspect Solar City and in particular SpaceX can be crushed like bugs.

Keep your friends near but keep your enemies closer…

Close, not near. See, that’s the point you us different forms of the same word.

Well – https://www.donaldjtrump.com/policies/energy does cover part of what must is involved in – at the opening paragraph: “o Make America energy independent, create millions of new jobs, and protect clean air and clean water. We will conserve our natural habitats, reserves and resources. We will unleash an energy revolution that will bring vast new wealth to our country.”

However – it is pretty plain that Trump sees other sources as ‘Energy’ maybe more than Solar/Wind & Batteries – in the other paragraph – “o Unleash America’s $50 trillion in untapped shale, oil, and natural gas reserves, plus hundreds of years in clean coal reserves.” Maybe Musk and DiCaprio can get him to re-balance those ideas with Tidal Power, Better Hydro Power, More Solar and Energy Storage for independence like the Island Musk & Companies did in the South Pacific – http://www.theverge.com/2016/11/22/13712750/tesla-microgrid-tau-samoa

All that language about preserving our natural lands is bunk because a significant majority of all those dinosaur products are under Federal lands – lands that are primarily protected from development and resource extraction for environmental reasons.

The dinosaurs weren’t buried very deep underground. In fact they weren’t buried at all.

Oil is created by the earth crust and tectonic plates movement. It’s a natural process. It’s still a mystery if organic material from the surface is involved, or where the carbon is coming from.

No way does Trump want to put Tesla out of business. What he wants more than anything is to be in good relationship with the majority of the successful business tycoons and this goes well beyond this particular group. Also includes oil executives etc. but what he wants is to make policy that is acceptable to all billionaires and they have diverse interests and goals, so this will not be easy.

We need a global revolution. This perverted democracy cannot go on for 4 years. Climate changes will kill us all or we will find a better way to govern ourselves than Big Oil powerful cartel’s servants. We, the people, didn’t choose this.

RexxSee is coming out as a full on fascist? I can’t say I’m surprised unfortunately

What did he say that you think is fascist? Do you even know what the word means?

He calls for a revolution because his candidate didn’t win and he calls democracy “perverse”. Pretty clear

Not at all. The only thing we can logically infer from his remarks is that he’s against democracy. For all we know, he’s an anarchist, a monarchist, or even in favor of a theocracy or plutocracy.

Given his deep devotion to conspiracy theories, my guess is he’s an anarchist.

You accuse someone being “Against Democracy”, but most people don’t even understand what a true Democracy actually is…

True Democracy– lets the Mob Rule over the rights of the Individual. And no sane person or group, would tolerate Mob Rule.

This is why we have a REPUBlIC, which is supposed to protect certain “God-Given” Rights; like Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Being Anti-Democratic isn’t a big deal. Even our Founding Fathers understood Pure Democracies dangers to the Individual, and hence– created a Republic with Checks and Balances built into it, to both limit its authority and temper it’s power.

“And to the Republic, for which it stands…”

So when any group, small or large, makes a decision by a show of hands, is that “mob rule”? Most people would call that “majority rule”. Your pejorative label is clearly an attempt to spin the Truth. Personally, I prefer Truth with no spin.

Since our democratic Republic was founded, we have been moving closer and closer to an actual democracy. For example, the original principle of voting in the United States could be fairly summed up as “One Caucasian male landowner, one vote”. Today it’s “One adult person, one vote.” Furthermore, we now use the Electoral College to merely represent how people in the States voted for the President and Vice-President, unlike the original system as outlined in the Constitution, which indicated we should elect representatives, or “electors”, who would then get together and decide who should be President.

Today’s democratic Republic of the USA is much more democratic than the original one was.

And frankly, Anon, you should have learned all this in grade school or Junior High. So why do you need the history lesson here?

No, you are inferring things he did not say. “revolution” is a vague word . . . I’m guess you think he meant a violent insurrection. I doubt that. Probably something more along the lines of Bernie’s “political revoltion”

And he said “This perverted democracy” . . . implying that our system is unjust. And I agree with that sentiment. We have system that now gives people in some states much more power than people in other states. Why do the people of Montana get more power than people in New York? Are the Montana people a “special class” of citizens that are better than New Yorkers? No, it is just an artifact of a constitution written 200+ years ago with certain compromises made that made sense at the time.

Stop assuming you know what is in people’s heads. Ask them questions to clarify before assuming the worst.

Elected by 46% of vote == not elected by majority.

Disagree? You must be a fascist. 🙂

I really hope CARB is able to weather this storm. I fear we’ll add another decade to the reign of the internal combustion engine if Trump’s EPA gets their way.

if people don’t vote they only have themselves to blame

One person said:

“Elected by 46% of vote == not elected by majority.”

Another person said:

“if people don’t vote they only have themselves to blame”

So, I don’t know how you can blame the people who didn’t vote when the winner didn’t get the biggest portion of the votes “among those who voted”. That was what the first person said.


The electorial system should be well known for anyone old enough to vote. Still only 55% decided it was worth their time to go out and make a difference. People who don’t vote themselves indirectly votes for the winner.

It was the same thing with Brexit, people moaned that the old people had screwed over the young generation. It then turned out that the young generation didn’t even bother to vote but of course you can still violently protest in the street afterwards…

“Yeah, I didn’t do my part but I still demand that things go my way…” yeah sure, buddy!

““Yeah, I didn’t do my part but I still demand that things go my way…” yeah sure, buddy!”

Yes, but that wasn’t the point at all.

The point is that among those who voted, the one that got the 2nd place still won!

So, the only way that would allow that to happen is that some people’s vote worth more than others… So, “Not all men are created equal, so to speak in this case”.

Trump has upset people on both sides of politics, almost in equal amounts. I have no idea what he is going to do. I could see a massive import tariff on foreign oil, foreign manufactured cars, foreign manufactured solar panels, the cancelling of the EV tax credit and imposing tariffs on energy imports from Canada, both tar sand and hydro-electricity.

Are those green policies or environmentally reckless policies?

God only knows, I can’t see how he can honestly (doesn’t mean he won’t) take the mandate that he has been given in this election and use it to disadvantage Tesla. As the article says Tesla employs 50,000 Americans and is rapidly bringing manufacturing jobs into the country displacing largely foreign made luxury cars that run on at least partly imported oil.

I think Musk should go to the meeting and I think Trump should pursue policies that favor Tesla and other US based manufacturers.

If they can get Trump to focus on his own message, about domestic jobs and “winning”, they should assert not giving up where the US is already ahead. That includes drive-train tech, safety/automation, and fuel efficient technologies. I trust he doesn’t want to hand jobs to Germany. Rolling back CAFE/ZEV, tax-credits, would effectively do that, right as we’re grabbing share (GM sales up 8% YOY, to retail customers, Tesla?, etc). He’s got to see how Russia/OPEC/Tillerson all want higher oil prices, and what opportunity that represents for US OEMs.

After the EPA pick, I think it’s pretty hopeless. But at least Florida will go underwater first.

Yes it has already started.

The sad thing is that the area around Miami votes blue. It is the northern areas that are all red.

Florida, the state where the more north you go, the more “South” it gets.

If the Orange Orangutan, swinging from branch to branch, at Trump Towers on Wednesday, is slinging his usual poop, I sure hope Elon can duck quickly, like a Tesla Model S peeling out from a standstill! My apologies to any and all Orangutans or political wanna bees, who don’t exhibit this abhorrent and belligerent behavior.

Lots of negativity about Dump, but his rhetoric throughout the campaign was to bring manufacturing to US. Musk’s companies (Tesla, etc.) are already doing that, and that’s a powerful argument for Dump to help keep those companies thriving.

But then he reneged on his campaign rhetoric already (ie, She-lery to be in jail), so maybe he doesn’t care if Tesla, etc. move to China. Fortunately, EV cat is out of the bag, and there’s no way to stop it now no matter what Dump tries to do.

In some twisted way, I wouldn’t mind so much if Solarcity and SpaceX get put on hold so Musk could focus on Tesla 3. Get Tesla 3 done, and then back to Solarcity etc. when the political climate improve 4 years later.

Frankly, I doubt Trump himself cares one way or another whether Tesla Motors flourishes or dies under his administration. But his alignment with Big Oil interests is certainly exposed by Exxon CEO Ben Tillerson being a currently leading candidate for Trump’s Secretary of State.

Even if Trump tires of his game and resigns, it probably won’t matter over the next four years. The Trumpian inner circle of billionaires and millionaires wouldn’t simply vanish under a Pence presidency. Frankly, the best we can hope for is that those plutocrats won’t see Tesla Motors as enough of a threat to Big Oil to spend political capital on squashing it.


Tillerson and Putin are buddies, so don’t be surprised if Tillers on gets in Trump cabinet therefore giving Putin a direct line into Trump white house.

Putin literally gave Tillerson an ‘Order of Friendship’ medal (formerly known as the ‘Order of Lenin’ medal).

Tillerson wants to drop the sanctions so he can move forward with his Exxon deals in Russia.

Getting the USA addicted to Russian oil . . . yeah, let’s make ourselves dependent on our former arch-enemy for toxic polluting product. What could possibly go wrong?

That is actually what we have done with the Saudi and it has indeed gone wrong.

The way Dump said all kinds of unenforceable BS in his campaign, it’s hard to know what he’ll end up doing. However, I do think he wants to have more stuff happening in US. Whether that’s oil drilling or EV may not matter much to him.

And unlike typical politician, he’s not really beholden to any particular lobby. He has enough money. Problem is, he is completely unpredictable as you saw from nonsense he was spewing out in campaign.

But at worst case Dump tries to harm Tesla, US isn’t the only place in the world for EV anymore. I think I’ll start learning Chinese.

These are the best comments I’ve read here on this website. Glad to see we all have something in common. I’m hoping trump will be out in 2 years. His cabinet is built of cronyism.

I can’t see Trump in office after what the CIA said.

The modern GOP cares about party over country.

The CIA can be political, and their reports, conclusions, and pronouncements should be taken with a grain of salt. Let us not forget that the CIA said it was a “slam dunk” that Sadaam Hussein and Iraq had weapons of mass destruction (nuclear and biological), and that Iraq bought yellow cake uranium in a effort to make a nuclear bomb. Both of these claims turned out to be completely untrue. Let us not forget that the CIA provided President Bush the rationale for military action in Iraq based in part on information provided by an informant nicknamed “curveball” by German intelligence, due to his propensity to make up untrue stories to be granted asylum. “Despite warnings from the German Federal Intelligence Service and the British Secret Intelligence Service questioning the authenticity of the claims, the US Government and British government utilized them to build a rationale for military action in the lead up to the 2003 invasion of Iraq, including in the 2003 State of the Union address, where President Bush said ‘we know that Iraq, in the late 1990s, had several mobile biological weapons labs’, and Colin Powell’s presentation to the UN Security Council, which contained a computer generated… Read more »

None of you have any clue what Trump is about. Trump is a businessman, as such he’s only interested in results. He’s not sentimental and he’s not interested in what’s trendy or what will generate the most votes the next election. He keeps stuff that works and cuts what doesn’t. To understand Trump you need to think like a businessman, not like a politician.

If you can present a solid case and prove it’s sustainable and profitable, Trump will listen. If you go with the “please think of the children” argument he will laugh at you and show you the door. For this reason I think Musk can actually be quite successful, Musk is a down-to-earth do-er kind of guy, exactly what Trump likes. Tesla is providing a lot of jobs yes but what’s problematic is that Tesla isn’t making a profit yet. Musk is good at handling businessmen though so I’m sure he will be able to handle Trump.


Well if that is true, the once he realizes the true costs of climate inaction and the true costs of burning all those fossil fuels, he will be a huge climate hawk then! Yeah….

Re: that second paragraph…Musk IS a businessman, but he is also a human being. I doubt that Trump and his cabinet will prove to be the latter. The pragmatist Musk founded Paypal…a profit producing entity that solved a real world business problem. The human being Musk founded Tesla Motors…an entity whose CEO has not been promising profits ANYTIME in the near future. In fact, he told us that he was using the money from the Roadster to build the S/X and using the money from the S/X to build the 3. Tesla Motors is NOT about returning its money to shareholders…if it were, he wouldn’t have opened up patents to competitors. Musk, with Tesla, is attempting to change the world for the better…profits are BESIDE THE POINT. I agree with your assessment of Trump being uninterested in our children as a point of concern, and that is why your ultimate conclusion on a Trump meeting with Musk could be, and probably is, just so far off. Don’t interpret this as assuming that Musk doesn’t have some long term vision on profitably manufacturing EVs. I believe he does. But the Trumpian viewpoint doesn’t want to wait that long for profits. If… Read more »

At least with regard to patent and profit, you are wrong. There’s a school of thought that patents should only go with proper manufacturing, not just as idea. Then opening up the patent is perfectly profitable way to do business, provided that you’re confident that you can produce it better than anyone else.

Clearly Tesla can, and they will be profitable. It’s like saying, “we’ll show you how to do it, but we’ll do it better than you”. One might call it arrogance, but that’s what true innovators are. This is one big reason why I like Musk as CEO, despite some foolishness (ie, “free” supercharging, Solarcity).

At least two types of businessman:
-Ones who thrive on competition, propelled by customers
-Ones aiming to stamp it out, dominate, price-make, and reduce choice

Trump’s businesses, property wealth, and envy for oligarchy, law and order don’t inspire me much.

Someone out there said: “Trump is a businessman, as such he’s only interested in results…. He keeps stuff that works and cuts what doesn’t.” You seem to be holding Trump up as some sort of model of what a businessman should be. The reality is that Trump is the very worst sort of businessman. He’s someone who regularly refuses to pay contractors; he has a “You wanna get paid? Then sue me!” attitude. Worse, he set up the fake “Trump University” as a large-scale scam; too bad he agreed to settle that lawsuit, because I’d have loved to see the court testimony about his dishonest and even outright fraudulent business practices. Trump is also someone who has achieved the amazing feat of leading his Atlantic City casinos to backruptcy court no less than four times! I mean really, how bad do you have to be at management to have businesses which amount to a license to print money, go bankrupt… and do that four times? You need to look at what Trump has actually accomplished, rather than what he claims. This is a guy who claims to be far richer than he really is, and who claims to always succeed… Read more »

“Trump is also someone who has achieved the amazing feat of leading his Atlantic City casinos to backruptcy court no less than four times! I mean really, how bad do you have to be at management to have businesses which amount to a license to print money, go bankrupt… and do that four times?”

Meh. All the casinos in Alantic City went bankrupt at one time of another in the recent past. Alantic City once had a monopoly for gambling and was located withing driving distance between NYC and Philly. Since then, there has been an explosion of casinos in that area with capitalists using Indian tribes to open up casinos in Connecticut (Foxwoods and Mehegan Sun), and legalization of gamblng creating a boatload of casinos in Pennsylvania, including two in Philadelphia, one at an abandoned steel factory site (Bethlahem), and a few in Pocono Mountain resorts. The introduction of internet gambling/casinos also took a big bite out of Atlantic City’s business.



No, I’m not saying he’s any kind of model. I’m just saying he _is_ a businessman. All businessmen have done bad mistakes in their careers, you cannot find one that has only had successes. In regards to suing that happens all the time, who’s at fault has to be determined separately in each case. You seem to have swallowed the leftist media propaganda that only shows the most negative side of Trump.

If I correctly read this responses of lectures , mainly , you are :
– Californian
– anti Trump
– anti Toyota
– anti GM , anti Ford ( at the exception of bolt fans , rapidly bullied by others)
– anti BMW
– anti Michigan
– anti Fuel Cell
– anti Mercedes
– anti Bob Lutz
– uniquely PRO TESLA because you hold shares of the company

Euro view,
You forgot to mention the secret state of the USA that controls the Federal Reserve, the stock / bond market, government and decides on the next War plan and thus have FINAL influence over the EV market as well. But that hasn’t gone as well as expected in the USA.
Who are they? possibly they are somewhere in the Middle East starting with I.

PS I’m pro Bob Lutz and Tesla, but anti fuel cell. 🙂

Darn someone beat me.

There are a lot not from CA. (me, PuPu at least)

And I suspect most don’t own TSLA. (I don’t)

But the rest is pretty logical. Although anti BMW isn’t consistent. I’m very anti-VW and that didn’t make the cut.

I think if you believe that the consumption of fossil fuels is resulting in long term changes to the climate of the Earth, the rest just follows suit.

Although the Michigan thing is a TSLA specific thing. But it is also the spiritual home of the SUV manufacturers. Even if others joined in later, the big three started the singularly worse movement of the last 30 years.

Another Anti VW here as well.
Glad you mentioned it.

Who are you talking to?

That’s my question, too.

But you have to pity anyone who honestly believes that everyone who posts positive things about Tesla Motors only does so because they are an investor. Such people live in a tiny, paranoid world with no room for genuine love of anything; where everything is motivated by greed and selfishness.

Fortunately, the world I live in is much bigger, and most of the people in it are much more honest and friendly.

Pushmi you are right.

Strangely I have to be honest and say that somehow I cannot deny that what you posted shows at least a little bit of self analysing skill as you sometimes infer that someone who posts negative thoughts about Tesla does so just due to his (short) investment.

That said, I love your comments.

Few if any in the room have created the manufacturing and jobs in the USA that Musk has. Jobs , especially manufacturing jobs are one of Trumps top priorities for his admin.
No way he disses Musk. We need job creators , risk takers and manufacturing in the USA and Musk checks all 3 boxes.

How about if he simply asked each executive “what can the federal government do to help your industry grow inside the USA?” with reasonable restrictions like it can’t be specific to a single company, it can’t cost the government money, it destroy the environment, etc.
They may be able to expose tons of government regulation abuse or red tape that is hurting their industry.

EPA regulations promote clean air and water that’s why industry hates EPA regulations because it is much cheaper to pollute air and water than to not pollute air and water.

Tom, nice to see a response based on hopeful logic instead of fear. I too hold similar hopefulness.

To say “Trump is a liar,” and go on is to suggest he was the only politician that uttered a dishonest opinion or statement in the election. For those who hold that belief, there is no way to cut through those blinders.

Look, we know that all politicians lie. But Trump makes politicians look like amatuer liars. See my chart above. This is not knee-jerk tribalism. It is evidence focused pragmaticism.

It’s not about lying – it’s about what he’s actually doing! The people he is appointing to Cabinet positions make it very clear what his policies are: being a shameless whore for profit, everything and everyone be damned.

I like Musk and Trump. Somehow I expect them to get along.
(Formerly RedHHR)

I remember you! 🙂

Well, we shall see. Maybe Trump wants Tesla to provide exclusive Uber Service for his rentals? 😉

Musk’s Tesla Motoros, SolarCity, & SpaceX represent American innovation, American Jobs, and restoration of an American “can-do” attitude that many have given up on. Because these are the very same populist elements that Trump built his campaign on I think you will see the Trump Administration being supportive of Musk and his companies.

With regards to their not being a shared viewpoint between Musk & Trump on the topic of Climate Change, that is overcome by the viewpoint in common that Energy Independence/Security is a good thing for America. It’s ok not to agree 100% on all topics as long as those items that are commonly agreed on takes us to the same point.

The sky is not falling…

Trump is no fool, in business. But global politics? Putin was sanctioned for walking into Crimea, and is by most accounts behind the murder of his opponents. That’s Putin’s “law and order”. Where will he go next? What will he do? How will Rex’s State Department respond? Does Tillerson strike anyone as a “human rights” kinda guy?

Beyond the climate change and tech stuff, I think it’s fair to say sky will fall because of Trump’s recklessness. Where, and upon whom, who knows. He already has about half of America eating out his “Don’t trust the CIA” hand.

Rex’s state department will be 100% in support of EXXON.

The main concern with T Rex is that Exxon blocked the Cobasys NiMH battery use for the older RAV4 EV to the point of refusing any license to any ev car builder. It may not be him directly that decided that at Exxon but he at least let it happen. That is the most negative argument as to him being anti ev.

CDAVIS said:

“With regards to their not being a shared viewpoint between Musk & Trump on the topic of Climate Change, that is overcome by the viewpoint in common that Energy Independence/Security is a good thing for America.”

This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this mischaracterization posted in comments here.

Trump’s idea of energy independence can be summed up as “drill, baby, drill”. Elon Musk’s idea of energy independence means ending use of fossil fuel altogether, in favor of renewable energy.

That is the precise opposite of a shared goal.

Trump isn’t considering putting in an Exxon CEO as his Secretary of State to indicate promoting renewable energy!

Trump’s administration is an oligarchy, or as some wag has probably quipped, an oiligarchy.

Funny. But I thought it was a Rolling Coaligarchy? 😉

Nah, the appeal to the coal industry was just one of Trumps many cynical and knowingly false campaign promises. Trump is smart enough to know that the real reason the coal industry is dying is because it can’t compete with cheap natural gas, despite what the coal miners have been lead to believe by anti-“green” activists.

Give the Devil his due: Trump isn’t stupid.

I’m sure he will build a couple of coal ports as part of his infrastructure spending. Even though all of the ports in the past have been defeated by locals, he will get it through.

A market that “digs” coal:
-Natural gas is back over $3.50 per mmbtu, after falling below $2 last year
-WSJ noted U.S. went from 0, to 7.4 bcf/d of LNG exports (per day), in November
-Electric sector averages about ~23-24bcf/d
-EIA is estimating COAL as the go-to electric fuel, this winter:


Coal is far from going away.

Well, to argue your side of the case, I think it’s rather likely that the EPA under the Trumpians will approve the more destructive, but cheaper, mountain top removal system for mining coal, so that may bring the price of coal down a bit.

But really, I just can’t see coal making a comeback. I’ve seen it said from several sources that nobody, but nobody, is building a new coal-fired power plant in the USA, and we’re rapidly approaching renewable energy achieving cost parity with coal.

After renewable energy becomes cheaper than coal, who in the heck will build another coal-fired plant? Even in countries like China and India, they’ll stop doing that, and probably within just a few years, even with the lower cost of coal mining labor there.

How about Rick Perry heading the Dept of Energy?

Is that you Rick? 😉

Trump is part of the DISTRACT PEOPLE FROM WHAT MATTERS conspiracy!

He is a paid actor entertaining the people.

Nothing more nothing less.

Oops I just made a political statement, what a waste of time…


Well, I think its pretty obvious now that Herr Trump will be running the US as a Kleptocracy and be working very closely with a fellow dictator who also successfully subverted democracy in the person of Vladimir Putin.

This article nails it:


Lord have mercy on our souls.