Musk: Global Tesla Model 3 Reservations ($1,000 Down) Accepted March 31


Elon Musk Takes To Twitter To Discuss Tesla Model 3

Elon Musk Takes To Twitter To Discuss Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 Orders

No “Signature Series” Model 3s To Be Made

Following yesterday’s Q4 earnings report and conference call, Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to spill some additional details on the highly anticipated Tesla Model 3.

According to Musk, there will be no Signature Series for the Model 3.

Additionally, all versions of the Model 3 will required only a $1,000 deposit to reserve your spot in line, practically guaranteeing a very high initial order rush for the car.

Those deposits will be accepted in Tesla stores starting on March 31 and online beginning on April 1.  In other words, all employees at Tesla boutique stores won’t be getting the last day of March off.

As we have seen in the past, order sequence will likely have some impact on when consumers receive cars.  Historically, Tesla has rolled out new product into North America first, and often those first domestic deliveries are then sub-divided/batched by a set of unknown options (chosen at time of ordering), that the company’s Fremont facility is most optimized to build.

Yesterday, Musk reiterated that the Model 3 will boast more than 200 miles of range and have a pre-incentive price of $35,000. He again confirmed these figures on Twitter, while adding that reservations will open globally at the end of March:

Reservations To Open Globally Starting On March 31

Reservations To Open Globally Starting On March 31

Lastly, as we reported yesterday, high-end Model 3s will get priority:

“Our default plan as we have done in the past is that the initial sales are relatively highly optioned versions of the car, because we’ve got to pay back the investment of the tooling and everything, so it makes sense to have the higher optioned versions first. That’s what we did with the S and obviously again with the X.”

Who’s ready to put their $1,000 down at the end of March?

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Insane Electric Torque

Only $1000??? They should make it $3000.

Okay… I guess you are smarter then the people at tesla motors who gave this thought and calculations and backed up their actions with argumentation and information.

But if ‘insane electric torque’ at insideevs says so then probably that is the truth.


I knew it! No upper claas chic Signature cars, only 1K to reserve

Tesla HAD to build luxury cars to get on board Their philosophy has never been to stay for the rich, 1%, blah blah blah…


Bof, they will go on lying about Tesla to please the mighty Big Oil/Car cartel who pays them.

They’re building the highly-optioned cars first. You still pay to get to the front of the line, so they’re still effectively Signature models just without the name.

Everything Tesla says needs to be reality-checked.

Still waiting for my cheque from Big Oil and the ICE Cartel. Hope it comes soon so I can use it for my Model 3 deposit.

NO, you may reserve any model from March 31.

Breezy’s point is that Tesla has always given production precedence to the highly optioned cars. Anyone who orders a base Model 3 will be in for a loooong wait.

And a reservation is not an order. The ordering process will start a few months before production.

You can reserve whatever you want, only the “upper class” that you speak of will be getting theirs first. The early cars will be fully loaded.

Tell me which other company offers such reservations? Tesla is not like any other established company. Their cars are different, their selling approach is different, and still haters find ways to complain. Well, that’s their job isn’t it?

Question for you: is it possible for someone to be mildly critical of Tesla without being an hater ?

Very possible but a lot of people are sensitive to it because Tesla seems to be the only decent US car company which is sad when you think about it.

Quite possible, but tell me, is it normal that a such successful company, with a such charismatic CEO gets often HALF of the comments descending it in flame?

This is how mass manipulation works, plain effective mind conditioning by repeating again and again the same lies until unaware people start to believe it… and sell the stock for no good reason. The cartel hires bogus commentators, buys journalists, analysts and politicians to convince us that Tesla is full of S**T.

Yes… Witness every article on Apple.

And what I find weird is that on hundreds (thousands?) of readers, so few people care to correct those SOABs.

Has it ever crossed your mind that you might be engaged in Idolatry, aka idol worship?

No, I’m engaged in helping to save the living creatures (including us) from the psychopathically greedy corporate machine that pays you and some others to spread FUD against the best way to stop poisoning ourselves and the climate.

Sven — Has it ever crossed your mind that you might be engaging in sophistry?

Parts of those critics are lies but some are accurate. It is hard to pinpoint something incorrect in what Sven writes for example just because he is so well informed. So difference should be made between pure FUD (like “Tesla will be bankrupt by June”) and just other opinions. Also, would Tesla be more transparent, FUD would be much harder to spread around.

Me and others are well informed too, and I can clearly see lots of lies in Sven’s vomit.

Sorry but I’m very sickened of reading those systematic negative comments designed to manipulate the readers into believing Tesla is a bad company.

PVH said: “…would Tesla be more transparent, FUD would be much harder to spread around.” I think rather the reverse. FUDsters latch onto the least little thing, including posts from people who have no idea what they’re talking about, or even someone making up complete B.S. (like the fictional problem with Model S brake pedals supposedly going to the floor) and spread those rumors around over and over and over. Unfortunately, if you repeat a lie often enough, you can convince some people it’s true. If Tesla was more open, it would just give the FUDsters more ammunition regarding concerns and minor problems to exaggerate and blow up all out of proportion. Back when Martin Eberhard was running Tesla, it was a lot more open. But then, that was before the IPO, and before Tesla had any volatile stock to give short-selling trolls reasons to post incessant FUD about the company. When Musk took over, he started enforcing PR discipline. Whether that’s good or bad is a matter of debate and individual opinion, but there’s no question that Tesla has been much more successful, business-wise, with him at the helm. “You can fool all the people some of the time,… Read more »

Careful. Adjust your tinfoil frequently. Otherwise the cartel will get to you.


Certainly. I’m constantly critical of Tesla but I am also a huge fan.

Same here, though I try to exercise some restraint now and then and not post my concerns each time.

I consider myself in the same category. But I do find myself writing like a “cheerleader” sometimes, when refuting the FUD of anti-Tesla trolls.

Trolls seem uncommonly plentiful…

Some folks just hate SUCCESS, I guess. 😉

Nissan did with the leaf.

“Tell me which other company offers such reservations?”

There are currently 93 orders of Chevy Bolt already.

reservation doesn’t mean anything since it is fully revocable and refundable.

It doesn’t ensure a delivery date, only a spot in line for ordering. Delivery will favor the higher optioned models initially as always.

Any other excepting this Tesla’s mimicked?

Breezy said:

“…they’re still effectively Signature models just without the name.”

No, those would be fully optioned Performance Model ≡’s, not Signature versions.

“No, those would be fully optioned Performance Model ≡’s, not Signature versions”

Is that just words or labels?

Fully optioned model S/X effectly cost within few % of the fully optioned performance model. In either case it is almost 2x the starting price…

LOL you act like they announced the production of the car. They announced that they’re going to show some drawings and are willing to hold $1K of your funds for an indefinite amount of time.

A $1000 for a year or two sounds fair. A small amount gives equal access for everyone. And don’t forget they are a tiny startup still, so they need healthy revenue to recover large production investments like the Gigafactory. Let those willing to throw lots of extra money at expensive high margin options to be the Guinea pigs and help improve initial production quality.

This approach has always made sense to me. It pays to be a patient consumer. Consider what you can get in a Model S today versus the first ones – dual motors, auto pilot, quality seats, etc. Or, you can pay more which gets you first in line. Makes sense.

Heck yeah, pay them $1,000 to keep you from purchasing a Bolt during the wait for the 3 to arrive.

$1000.00 ? That’s a cheap price to pay for a HUGE Favor , if that would prevent someone from making that Mistake..l o l …

$1000, the car is usually ready within 3 years, and Teslas increases the prices after the initial entry of the car.

Sounds like a reasonable investment in a company that has been delivering what they said they would deliver.

I get that. I was more trying to level set back to reality from RexxSee’s “Suck it, doubters!” post.

They’re taking money and showing pictures. This was always the biggest step in Tesla’s growth plan. The Model S, X, etc are good data points, but don’t prove they can make this next step. There is a big difference between producing, selling, and servicing 10s of 1000s of cars a year vs 100s of 1000s of cars a year.

Yes there is a difference, but Musk always delivered what he promised(and more).
It Was Tesla’s ultimate goal from the beginning in 2006, all their actions converged to this more affordable mass market car.
And yes at every step of their growth, some people said they could not do it.
And no they didn’t just “announced that they’re going to show some drawings”.


you are like the biggest Tesla fan/conspiracy theorist in the inside EV comment section.

Are you going to reserve one on April 1st?

I am just curious.

And you are one of the most active hater/disinformer
Of course I will. And I wouldn’t be surprised some paid shills will too, as they have to know what they lie about.

Sublime said:

“I was more trying to level set back to reality from RexxSee’s ‘Suck it, doubters!’ post.”

Hey, go easy on RexxSee. His tinfoil hat is cutting off the blood supply to his brain.

RexxSee, I also think Tesla is the most important carcompany of them all. And I’m a huge fan of the company. But Tesla is not perfect although I wish them total success. It’s important to have an open and civilized discussion about EVs. I am very biased towards EVs, but I also know there will always be sceptics for various reasons. But you and I can ignore them because the EV-movement has enough support today to stay alive.

Read “Merchants of doubt” to understand we cannot just ignore them.

They are paid destroyers of progressive movements.

No, someone asked when pictures would be available. Musk answered the end of March. People twisted that to say that Musk said the launch would only be pictures.

If folks remember (apparently not, because usiing your brain is overrated today), one of the Tesla Referral Sales ‘Prizes’ was attendance at the Factory Reveal of the Model III. Remember that?

So I don’t think they’re gonna just show still images of Model III; after inviting folks from all over the world. It won’t be production ready– but you will see an Alpha Prototype.

Trolls suck.

Insane Electric Torque

More money from reservations = More money for production line

But smaller reservation amount = more reservations = much bigger PR story & bigger proven pipeline of future customers.

If that’s the Model 3 Under that cover., The overall shape should be amazing & It looks “better” Already,than the majority of cars do, fully exposed! It should be fantastic!…

I’m pretty sure it’s just a Model S. Tesla hasn’t released any teaser images of Model 3 yet.

Nobody has any image to use for the Model 3, so they are using photos from the car cover for the Model S:

$1000.00???If that’s All ? Then I will reserve 20 of them & just before they are ready to be built ,I will Re-sell them for a $3000 Plus..Premium ….This Can really open up a can of worms …Deposit Should Be More Than a Grand!

They don’t allow you to resell a reservation.A friend of mine died and had a $5 K reservation on a model S. I could not take that over. They don’t allow it period.

EVcarNut, You can’t oder a lot of them and resell the reservation. Tesla doesn’t allow reselling a reservation.

Congratulations. It is now $3000. Please remit your check to the following address…

Tesla doesn’t automatically honor the resale of deposits to third parties. If you bought 10, I’m certain they would not agree to transfer:

“This Agreement is not transferable or assignable to another party
without the prior written approval of a Tesla authorized

Tesla will revoke your reservation for “bad faith” as it is clearly stated in the Tesla contract.

They also don’t honor resellers who do it.

I guess they learned it from the Chinese market launch experience.

Yeah. 🙁

Some lessons are painful, but necessary…

$1000 is pretty low. I think they are going for a big PR event because they’ll be able to claim that they got tens of thousands of reservations.

I think this is exactly what they are doing.

Tesla will want to have 100k or more “reservations” in their pocket before going to the markets to raise capital for 3 tooling.

If they show profitability with X and S production in late 2016 and have 100k reservations in hand, they should not have much trouble in raising.

EXACTLY. Looking that cash burn from the recent quarterly results, it is clear that Tesla is going to have to have another follow-on offering. And that follow-on offering will go much smoother if they can say “We have 100K+ customers already lined up and paid deposits for the Model 3”.


I think you have a penetrating and cognizant analysis there, thanks! That would explain the rather low reservation price, all right.

It also makes sense from a business research perspective.

The amount of deposits at $1000 will give you very different info. It will give you a better scope if their end-target demographic, the mass-market consumer.

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…..don’t plant any ideas..

Frankly I wouldn’t trust Tesla with my $1000. They are losing money hand over fist. What if they go bankrupt? Your money is not kept in Escrow.

I hope their online reservation site doesn’t crash on April 1st !

Im going to thé store ohohoh y’a!

April 1st ?…April Fools! N0 Car for You! 0ne year!……………..l m a o

I hope it does crash.

They’ll be able to say “We go so many orders for our new car that it crashed out web site! We apologize! But we are fixing the site and we will continue to take new orders!”

If it looks decent, like similar to the A5 Sportback (same way Model S is similar to A7) and will offer dual motor as an option then yes.

I agree that this could give the Tesla 3 a competitive hedge, the Bolt looks like a Euro econobox to me. Rather boring.

That should give us a pretty good idea of how many people are really interested in this car also let Tesla know what to expect from Global demand.

Exactly. What is more Tesla can multiply the money immediately. Al they have to do is show how many people were willing to give cash against a future car. Presto, more investment money.

One win, one mistake.

$1000 down is good, nice sweet spot to hook customers with not a lot of cash on hand to put down on a car. You know, the people who buy cheaper cars generally finance most or sometimes all of it.

Prioritizing more expensive models is bad, this model needs to be seen as cheaper not more expensive. They are going to recoup the cost of tooling and prep work no matter what order they build the cars in, it will just take a little bit longer. Build them in the order received, don’t prioritize the more well optioned sales.

They build cars in batches of similar configuration and it make sense, to prioritize higher end ones at the start (first few months).

The faster you recover sunk costs, the faster you reach break even point !

They won’t start with full production capacity. So they won’t have to pay off the already bought lines, but new ones. And a bigger margin buys production lines faster. That makes more people happy, faster. And also batch production and so forth, but that was already said.

Building similarly optioned cars at the same time also reduces supply line costs.

When you buy automotive parts in bulk, the price is based upon the number of units delivered in one order.

If they need 1,000 front-wheel drive motors for the first 1,000 cars, it is cheaper to buy them in a batch of 1,000, than it is to buy them in batches of 200.

Every car company builds cars this way. Customers just don’t know it, because so few cars are built to customer order for most car companies. Most of the time the car makers determine what the specifications will be for the cars they are building to sit in dealer lots as inventory.

From Tesla’s viewpoint, there are many advantages to restricting initial production to only the most fully optioned versions. In addition to making more profit per unit while production rate is extremely low, that priority also tends to sell cars mainly to those most eager to get them, and thus most willing to forgive the sorts of problems that any car model has when starting up production.

Also, from the viewpoint of Tesla’s bottom line, putting the highest-optioned cars into production first encourages those who want to be “the first kid on the block to own one” to max out their order options.

The argument that “Tesla should put cars into production in the order reservations are made” doesn’t make any sense at all, from a business perspective. Even if batch processing didn’t save money, Tesla is running a business, not a charity.

Putting the highest-end cars into production first will help Tesla’s cash-flow, and that will help Tesla grow faster. Isn’t that what all of us want? Well, all of us except the Tesla haters and short-selling trolls.

I won’t be one getting an early Model 3, and I’m good with that. They can practice building them and work the kinks out of the system for the folks with more money than me. I’m just hoping the price doesn’t drift up too far when it hits the market.

Or that the government subsidies run out before you get in…currently estimated to run out mid-2018.

I’m with you. As desirable as this car is, I can wait until they get the first bugs out. Between my Leaf and CMax, I’m set for now. Once the Leaf’s battery degrades to the point that it is less usable, I’ll consider upgrading and turning the Leaf into a project car.

Yeah , I recommend everyone wait at least til the 10th of April to reserve so you dont get one of those “early” cars, wouldnt want one of those………
that will make it easier to find parking at the Tesla store.



Places online deposit on April 1rst.

Computer response
– Thank you. Your order will be delivered in 2017
– Just kidding. April fools!

(Sorry, just bad timing for a release of a product)



I think Anon just had an Elongasim. 😉

Yes, look at the way face is contorted, frozen in an expression that could be either agony of ecstasy.

This kind of sucks for east coasters as those on the west coast get a three hour head start getting placing an order on March 31, unless the east coast stores open three hours earlier. Same goes for the central time zone (two hours), and the mountain time zone (one hour).

Oops! I got that a$$backwards. I’m not fully awake until I’ve had my third cup of coffee. The east coast Tesla stores will open up three hours before the west coast stores. In your face west coast! 😉

Doh! I just saw in the article that Elon said reservations will open globally on March 1. The Tesla stores that are closest to the “day back” side of the International Date line will be the first to open on March 31.

Scott Lawrence Lawson

You need a drink. Or less drinks … 😉

Sadly, the Republic of Kiribati (an island nation in the central Pacific Ocean) has no Tesla store. 😉

But seriously, I suspect that any Tesla store will have to use an online system to make reservations, and surely that system will only open for taking reservations from anywhere at the same moment, regardless of time zone.

The reservation system may be easily programmed to account for the time zones .
Nobody will reserve before nobody, but Sven had to find some hate to stir to earn his pay check.

Well, I suppose the earth could start rotating in the opposite direction between now and March 31st….

You, at least, have a store nearby, I’ll have to go to another country if I want to reserve one from a store. Amsterdam, here I come!

Sure as the sun rises in the west.

No more 70 rear wheell drive today. No more of those crappy first gen leather seats either I see.

nevermind, I see the Rear wheel 70 but the first gen leather is gone. Good riddance.

kind of hard to say without knowing what it looks like. I’m not a huge fan of SUV/CUV. So I wouldn’t probably rather go with a Volt if it turns out to be one of those.

Tesla has stated they were shooting for a CD of .19, so I don’t think the first III series model, will be a box…

Remember the box fish. Very hydrodynamic. 🙂

We know the Model ≡ won’t be an SUV/CUV. Tesla has already said the CUV version of the Model ≡ will come later; possibly to be labeled “Model Y”.

Whether the Model ≡ will be a hatchback sedan, like the Model S, or a hatchback more like the Bolt or the BMW i3, remains to be seen.

I was guessing it would look a lot like a Bolt or i3, as similar engineering demands generally result in similar solutions. But just the other day, Elon tweeted that the Model ≡ will be a “smaller version of the Model S”, so perhaps like its larger brother it will be a hatchback sedan.

How did that work with the X and the S? Is this deposit refundable? Do we have to choose some options yet or is it just to put our name in the waiting list? Thanks

No, I don’t think that it’s refundable. Just puts you on the list, configuration will not be for a few months prior to the first builds,
I believe.

Unless I am wrong or things have changed, according to Tesla buying friends, even on the Model S, the initial deposit was refundable, at least for the period of time before confirmation of committment.

I expect after the initial reveal, Elon will have a production version roll out event, at which time reservations will begin to be finalized and locked in or exited/refunded.

Thanks for the information.

Thanks all.

I was wondering the same thing. I’m not interested if it is not refundable, but am if it is.

Deposits are refundable, until car gets into actual production.


Take my money!

Tesla just changed warranties, on Model S, reducing coverage to the original buyer of any extended service agreement (previously up to 8years, and transferable). Last year, they also chose to make Model S CPO warranties final, non-extendable.

Above will be relevant, as used Model S and new Model 3 prices converge. I’m thinking this was intentional, because most people will give up:
First Born,
if they can’t get a warranty.

..if they can get a warranty! Oops

Now the Texas rules are going to screw me. I might make work travel plans to be out of state that week.

Wonder if an out of state store will take a reservation over the phone?

There are a lot of Tesla showrooms in Texas. There’s one in the Northpark Center in Dallas. Why don’t you go to one of the Tesla showrooms to order your car? 5% of new Teslas in the US are sold to Texans.

Funny. I was living there when they built Northpark. One of the first malls, around 1968 I think.

Tesla’s Texas locations are “Galleries”. They cannot talk about pricing or take reservations/orders. You have to do it online yourself or out of state at another location.

From Houston: Kansas City, St. Louis and Atlanta seem to be about equal as the closest out of state stores. That is a very long day trip to reserve a car.

Since Tesla showrooms in Texas are not allowed to assist you in any way with ordering a Tesla car, including not even helping you find Tesla’s website, you might as well place your reservation online from the comfort of your own home.

There is no way in hell I will be lumped in with the April 1 people. I will get a reservation on the 31st. $187 for a round trip ticket to Atlanta that day would be worth it.

It is a shame you will likely have to do your reservation on line the next day.

But it is the political will of the politicians in your state, so elections have consequences. This is just another negative consequence.

Do you folks realize if 1 million reserve the Tesla will have a BILLION in cash in a matter of days!

That will be an underestimation I think that more than a million will want one. Global he said.

What do you think guys?

There is no way 1 million people will reserve a Model 3.

100,000 maybe. These aren’t Springsteen tickets.

The very best-selling gasmobiles only sell about 650k per year, so I think there is no way the Tesla Model ≡ will receive anywhere close to a million reservations. It’s conceivable the Model ≡ might eventually get in excess of 100k reservations, altho surely not all on the first day, even if the website could handle that volume.

Who’s ready to put their $1,000 down at the end of March?


Time to start camping out at your local Tesla store.

Yep. I just got a 525 bid on putting in an L2, though it will be a while before it gets any use. We should do a poll to guess on numbers world wide they get over the two day period.

I think they could get perhaps a million reservations.

I’m in!

Depends what it is. I probably won’t if it’s a small sedan. I like the Bolt’s hatchback design. Very practical.

Will the reveal be a typical late night affair in Fremont. If so it will be April in Europe already.

Better go to the Tesla store in Sydney then, so you can be first in line when they open March 31, to place your order before the stores in China open.

Wasn’t Tesla about buying your car in the internet without dealer?

Why do you need to travel to the store to make a reservation now?

This is the best way to keep the scumbag scalpers at bay. I imagine their will be a one reservation per person limit and if you have to go and pay at the store they can check your ID and keep a database to prevent straw purchases for scalping.

It isn’t exactly a line with promise to serve in order. It is likely that people who will order more options later will be served first, as it was before. So no point of being the first to reserve.

Tesla should be interested to get as many
reservations as possible to show to Panasonic so that they would invest into battery production lines, and to sell shares. This the whole point of reservations before it is even possible to choose options and see production car. Reserve whole 1,000 of them if you want.

You don’t need to travel to a Tesla store to make a reservation. Read the story.

More free advertising for Tesla. News channel will show lines of people at tesla stores in the wee hours of the morning. It will be Apple like!

“a pre-incentive price of $35,000”

So what’s the no incentive price?

i’ll laugh if my new Volt looks better than Model 3

probably wont even get M3 then as much as I am a die hard tesla supporter.

no weirdmobiles, just make it look similar to the S but smaller please

Tesla definitely knows how to work the media. Initial reservations at stores instead of online efficiency so they get the famous Apple-style lineups which will make for great photos.

Also smart becuase they eliminate the ticket scalper robopuchase problem.

Very smart, Tesla.

So in stores on March 31st?

I think I might camp down in front of a Tesla store on March 30th. Give Tesla a little extra PR. I’ll be like one of those Apple fanboys that camps out for an iPhone except I’ll be camping out for a Model 3. 🙂

I suspect I would not be the only one.

I live in ohio so I believe I’ll be at the Columbus store maybe I’ll see you

Ya beat me to it.

$1000 deposit for a car that won’t be delivered for two years??
Sheesh – this isn’t a GT3RS people.

Oh and for an electric car where the technology changes quickly and from a manufacturer that is notoriously late. No, thanks. I’ll get a Bolt (or used S for under $40K) in the meantime and watch the other companies increase their EV and Plug-in offerings while Tesla tries to push out the over engineered Model X.

“Sheesh – this isn’t a GT3RS people.”

Indeed. This is not just another expensive fancy ICE sports car. This is the first affordable long range EV that can use network of Superchargers to travel the country. This is a move to a new phase of automobiles.

Just wait until those Model 3 people (who paid extra$$ for supercharger access) start lining up to fill their ‘tanks’ at the Superchargers – it’ll be like the gas lines of the 70’s.

Sounds good to me. Then all those people that paid all that extra money will have provided Tesla with the funds to build lots more SuperChargers! The network will grow even faster!

And most (95%?) charging is done at home. So I’m not too worried.

” it’ll be like the gas lines of the 70’s.”


(more PR, incentive to add more superchargers, etc.).

Which is easier? Building more chargers, or getting the OPEC nations to agree to do what the United States wants them to do?

Tesla monitors usage of their chargers, and even have programs to predict future demand based upon the locations of reservations for cars they haven’t even built yet.

Tesla will know by April 2nd 2016, what the order locations will be for cars they won’t even build for a year and a half.

Why would you ASSume they won’t be able to be ready?

Well right now . . . the OPEC thing. OPEC is in complete disarray. They cannot agree on anything and even if they miraculously did come to some agreement, they would all cheat on it. A couple of members are literally in a proxy war against each other (Saudi Arabia & Iran have proxy wars in Yemen and Syria.)

I read somewhere that Musk had promised it will be included in purchase price of Model 3 just as with Model S now.

Frankly, it is more of checkpoint item outside fanboy/enthusiast market. Practical people are not going to travel cross country in a car that takes extra quarter or third of the time charging when going on regular high speed on highway (typically it is not 65 mph). Enthusiasts may be happy to make hypermiling records trailing a big truck or going at 50 mph in first lane, but it is not what people from mass-market are going to do.

If I need to travel across country I’ll get on a plane. And yet I’ll be putting down a deposit on the model 3. Supercharger access or not.

It’s not just for “cross-country”. Several round trips I make are borderline what a Model S can do, let alone a Model 3. Especially in cold winters. I definitely will be taking advantage of the SC access (if I get a Model 3).

People will travel more because it will be free to do so.

Having to pay for SC access will either,
-limit supercharger demand, by those who will be denied access, who don’t pay.
-increase the supply of superchargers, as Tesla keeps investing in its network after those who do pay.

Win, win. Tesla’s network isn’t even 200mm of its spent capital. These aren’t hydrogen stations. Think how California’s AB8 (or AB7?) apporved public investment in 100 hydrogen stations, and how that ‘s the same amount as would replace the U.S. SC network. I don’t see a problem, here.

Did I miss something? I haven’t seen an an announcement on Supercharging availability on the Model 3.

Yup, you missed it.

Here’s an InsideEVs article from two years ago, when the Model ≡ was still the “Model E”:

“Elon Musk Confirms Free Supercharging for Tesla Gen 3 (Model E)”

The GT3 is under-engineered. Not just for outdated ICE technology, but for its soft bushings, lack of downforce and propensity to pop its expoxied coolant lines (on track!).

People fix these things on their GT3s like diesel owners sponsor their “Guru” mechanics. The leach people give these guys is getting shorter, as it should.

+ $1,000

Well said.

Remember when Tesla released the Model W last April 1st?

April 1 is the appropriate date for people believing in $35k and late 2017 deliveries.

My prediction: Prepare for a long list of options and delays.

$35k cars will likely be delivered in 2019-2020 in larger numbers, not before.

I don’t believe they’ll hit the $35K price tag nor hit the late 2017 delivery date . . . but I will still put down a deposit.

Where is my car??? I have reserved it on April 1st many years ago!!!

April 1st is an appropriate date to mention what you and your fellow stock shorting manipulators are lamely trying to do here tftf.

You are in fact no different then the ticket scalpers in the big picture.

You do nothing to actually build anything of value, instead you slime around the margins in your sleazy attempts to transfer money away from people building the future into you own tainted hands.

Wow… Could somebody who knows the stock market explain to me if I am a slimer or slimee here?

Pretty simple. If you post FUD in an attempt to disrupt positive or meaningful conversation about a product or service, or in an attempt to drive down stock price by giving “long” investors a dishonestly negative picture of the company’s performance, then you are a slimer.

If you allow that sort of FUD, truth-twisting, and outright lying to affect your opinion of a product or service, then you’re a slimee.

It’s just a part of price discovery.

Over inflating the price of TSLA shares isn’t good either. People can and do get hurt by bubble stocks. Someone out there paid 284$ a share for TSLA stock believing it was a sure thing. Now they are stuck either selling and accepting the massive loss or hanging on and hoping TSLA executes well over the next several years in hopes of just getting back to par.

Rational investors wrote countless warnings and many people bought the hype.

The Model S is a super cool car but it doesn’t justify insanity with the share price.

Zim said:

“Someone out there paid 284$ a share for TSLA stock believing it was a sure thing.”

That “someone” was pretty clueless, then. You don’t have to know that much about the stock market or investing to know that Tesla is a volatile stock, and thus should only be a speculative buy unless you bought in shortly after the IPO, when the stock price was much lower than it is today.

And no, pumping a stock isn’t nearly as slimy as posting FUD. Stock pumpers aren’t vultures hoping a company will die, and they don’t have the marked tendency to post half-truths and outright lies the way short-selling FUDsters do. Generally speaking, pumpers’ worst sins are cherry-picking the most optimistic things to say about a product, service, or company, without resorting to lies or truth-twisting.

Stock pumpers is the same vultures as other vultures, they are not special. “Wallstreet Wolf” comes to mind as Hollywood image of penny stock pumper. They just cheat naive people money away. TSLA is emotional stock, you can only gamble on it, fundamentals are secondary.

Vultures wait around hoping for something to die, so they can feast off the corpse. Just like stock short-sellers who post FUD in the hopes that will push the company into stumbling and falling.

Stock pumpers are exactly the opposite. They’re hoping the company will thrive, not fail and die.

Pumpers are inherently positive about a stock, and make positive posts; short-selling FUDsters are inherently negative, and make negative posts — in every sense of the word “negative”.

What’s so hard to understand about that?

Your neighbor gets a bunch of new credit cards and is spending like mad this new free money. You keep telling him that he will get bankrupt if he continues that way. He continues and this happens. Now who is at fault, his own actions or you because you were “vulture trying to short your neighbor hoping for his financial death”? Isn’t that hard to understand that forum posts or financial advice don’t move markets significantly enough for long enough so that you would be able to manipulate them that way, unless you are cheating with some low volume penny stocks? Company officers and market fundamentals are who make prices go up and down. You go short and long because you do financial analysis and expect fundamentals will change stock price your way. Or you buy stocks just on emotions and run out of money soon. What I typically see it is people going “long” on emotions, and then stupidly cheering like in a football match hoping to attract more idiots to financial pyramid and get rich on new victims money. While going “short” is more difficult, as it is against natural flow of the market and high losses are… Read more »


So a thought for all you EVers:

I am going to show up in person to give the check. I suggest everyone who can do this, not do the deposit online.

The reason: Look how much publicity Apple gets from people waiting in line to buy phones. Support your local Tesla.

After four years of reading, here’s my first post: 1 – Model 3 will hit 150K reservations US and 250K global (inc US). 2 – This whole process is carefully and masterfully scripted to drive massive media coverage and support a future capital raise. And it’s going to work. 3 – There will be fanboys (and hopefully some really cute fangirls) camped out in front of Tesla Stores as early as 3/25ish for their spot in line. Media and blogs will cover this and it’ll just continue to spiral into an out of control media and fan frenzy from there on. 4 – There is no way I will be one of the people in line at a store, but I will drop by after lunch to place my order. My Leaf lease expires 4/7/16 and the car is going back because the battery has lost two bars in less than 25K miles. I have access to dealer auctions and will pick up a lightly used Model S to hold me over until I take delivery of a Model 3 in mid-2018 just in time to still benefit from tax credits and rebates. 4 – Model 3 will be priced… Read more »

150K? Yeah, that is do able. Not right away though.

I wonder how many they will have after the first 3 days or so. I suspect in the tens of thousands.

“Mostly excellent reporting”??? How dare you!

Hehe, just kidding. Very well thought out (and well formatted) first post, (=

/don’t be a stranger

I 2nd Jay’s “don’t be a stranger” comment.

We can use all the rational well thought comments we can get here … unlike some of mine 😉

Cool. Nice first post.

Motarra, prepare yourself for some poster’s responses when you say anything that might paint Tesla in a negative light.

I think you have just about nailed it.

If tesla can manufacture 75,000 module three’s a year then it’s going to take them five years just to deliver on initial reservations. Remember they are still producing 75,000 a year model S and model X vehicles also. Each 125 vehicles should yield aproximately 1 million in profit. If you can stand to take the risk their stock is an excellent purchase at this time. Remember, never buy a stock that you can’t afford to lose your money in

Tesla plans to ramp up to making 500,000 cars per year by 2020. More realistically, it might hit that by 2021 or 2022, assuming demand is there.

If we estimate 50,000 per year Model S’s and the same for Model X’s, that leaves about 400,000 per year for the Model ≡.

So don’t use the production rate of the Model S (or X) as an indication of how many Model ≡’s Tesla plans to produce. The Model ≡ is intended to be produced in much higher volumes, with much faster ramp up in production… altho probably still very little in the first few months of production, just like all of Tesla’s existing models.

Wow, only $1000 for a reservation! I don’t think anyone posting on the subject here guessed that. Most of us were guessing $2-3k.

We should ask Elon what the stretch goals will be for this KickStarter project !!

Doesn’t tesla finance? should be somewhere around 650$Ish a month for 84 months once currency is converted to Canadian dollars including tax and interest. Not including the 8000-10000$ rebate after a year of ownership and up to 1000$ back for purchase and install of charger in Ontario.

Tesla does not do in-house financing on purchasing a car. I think they have arrangements with Wells Fargo and other banks if you want to lease, but it’s still not in-house financing. The upside for Tesla is that they get the full purchase price of the car up-front; they don’t have to wait on getting monthly payments.

Now, that applies to the U.S. market. I’m not sure that applies to all foreign markets.

Here’s an article on Tesla financing in Germany, if you’re interested:

I don’t understand how people plan to go 7 year lease on an electric vehicle. It’s not a good idea on ICE car and horrible one on BEV if you ask me.

No one did…

Ah, I see: this is how the Gigafactory and Model 3 tooling could be paid for without issuing stock: 100,000 deposits of $1K each, for a billion total. Only a small number of people can ever get their money refunded with this approach.

Obviously, that’s a million, not 100,000. At 400K Model 3’s a year, that’s a little more than two year’s worth.

Not to sound like a hater, but keep in mind at $35,000, this car will be stripped down, and minor upgrades will be tweaked such that you have to upgrade packages to get them. Think BMW.

Go to BMW’s site and build out a 320i sedan, where keyless entry isn’t even standard and costs $3100. Want cold weather package? Ok that’s $800… but SURPRISE: You have to pay $1450 to upgrade to leather to qualify! Want Bluetooth? $350! Want your rear seats to fold (standard on a $11,000 Nissan Versa, but not on a BMW)? $475! Your $33,000 car has just become $41,000+.

On my Model 3, I would want LED lights, heated seats and steering wheel, infotainment/navigation/telematics (to match my 2012 LEAF SV specs), plus Supercharger access. I expect those upgrades will bring the total to well over $40,000 and out of my price range.

So I’ll probably be stuck with a LEAF or a Bolt if I’m lucky.

BMW is BMW. No one knows how “stripped down” or well equiped Model 3 will be.

I can’t imagine what a ‘stripped’ $35,000 Model 3 would look like. No power brakes nor steering. No power windows or seats.

But it would have to have anti-lock brakes (even if they’re all drums), and collision avoidance systems to get the insurance companies’ top ratings.

No navigation or screen.

GM might feel competitive pressure from this and lower the price of the BOLT even lower.

Love Tesla but how many of you have driven the new Volt? I’ll look at the 3 in a few years but in the meantime I have discovered an awesome automobile.

Nice, finally.

I will be at Northpark Mall in Dallas on March 31st to reserve and our Tesla car club has quite a few people doing this. One thing about it…if I don’t like what I see as the details roll out over the next year, I can get a refund.

Sunneesmile – What are the store hours for the Northpark location?