Elon Musk Full Interview From Code Conference – Video


At Code Conference 2016, Tesla CEO Elon Musk made several major announcements/revelations related to Tesla automobiles.

Some of those announcements include:

Part 2 Of Tesla Model 3 Reveal Coming By End Of 2016

Elon Musk: Tesla Model 3 Design Will Be Finalized In 6 Weeks (w/video)

Now, thanks to the folks over at Recode, we have Elon Musk’s complete interview from Code Conference 2016. It’s well over one hour in length, so grab a cup of coffee, kick your feet up and enjoy.

Video description:

“SpaceX CEO Elon Musk talks with Recode’s Kara Swisher and The Verge’s Walt Mossberg about his plans to send a one-way rocket to Mars in 2018. He estimates colonists could start arriving on the Red Planet by 2025. Musk also talks about the proliferation of electric vehicle initiatives that compete with his other company, Tesla, and why autonomous cars will become the norm. He says he doesn’t see Google as a competitor, but that “Apple will be more direct.” Plus: Why Musk wants more people to have access to the power of artificial intelligence.”

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“…his plans to send a one-way rocket to Mars in 2018. He estimates colonists could start arriving on the Red Planet by 2025”

His time plans are as realistic as ever.

Well, it took just 4 or 5 crashes of his stage 1 boosters on the barge / drone ship, but now he and his team have nailed 1 on land and 3 on the bobbing drone ship, so his Mars Landings may follow a similar approach, and even have some failures, but even NASA is not failure free on any of their programs!

So, slightly ignoring a hard timeline is allowed on such a massive program, and so what if it becomes 2027 or even 2029! NASA is even less ambitious towards Mars!

Someone has to push the envelope…

By 2025? Pfft. Colonists have already arrived on Mars, and when Elon finally gets to Mars he won’t even be the most interesting man in that world. But for the time being, Elon is finally the most interesting man in this world.


One thing we can be sure of: NASA will never send a mission to Mars with the intent that the astronauts die there. Back in the Kennedy administration, an early suggestion for a way to put someone on the Moon quickly was to make it a one-way trip. Kennedy nixed the idea, for hopefully obvious reasons. Of course, there’s nothing to prevent a privately funded mission to Mars from sending someone there to die. But I think they’ll have trouble getting people to donate money for that purpose. Robert Zubrin’s “Mars Direct” plan would send a couple of robot-controlled landers to Mars before sending astronauts, allowing time to make fuel for the return trip. That sort of thing seems much more likely to me to be undertaken by NASA. However, realistically, I think we need to wait until we have a better space drive. Current plans by NASA and others, using a Hohmann transfer orbit (minimum energy) require approximately 6 months of travel to get there, the same to get back, and an extended wait of something like a year on Mars, waiting for favorable orbital positions to appear again. Far better would be to use a space drive that… Read more »

He’s not sending people to Mars to die, he’s sending them there to live until they die. Big difference.

If that happens, it will be characterized by detractors as “Sending them there to die.” Believe me.

There are an awful lot of people out there who are very, very jealous of Elon Musk and his accomplishments, as well as a lot of people who have a vested financial interest in businesses who his companies threaten. Between Big Oil and spaceship manufacturers like Lockheed Martin and Rockwell, he’s got some very powerful enemies.

Plans to put colonists on Mars will depend a great deal on raising public funds. To quote “The Right Stuff” (the movie): “No bucks; no Buck Rogers.” Sending people there with no intention of bringing them back would be very, very bad for the public image, regardless of the reality.

Again, all just my opinion.

Around minute 40:00 – what is the obvious thing to anounce about the M3? A HUD? A full autonomy mode? An app to summon and rent one if you need one?

Maybe vehicle to vehicle communications?

Full Autonomy

That lady is very annoying by the way.

Yes. Wasn’t impressed with the inconsequential minutiae she fixated and interupted with, like “Elon the House Cat.”

I liked her. Kind of mature-bookish but not to serious for the battery party joke – lol.

F-bomb at 8:58

Only very few people could pull off stealing attention from Elon. Not this lady. Unless you have something to say, let Elon do the talking.

On the world being a simulation I think the argument of Elon indeed contains a flow in the sense that we play video games because we have fun doing it but I doubt civilizations that are so advanced they are able to do simulations that are indistinguishable from reality would still make fun doing that. So the answer to the fundamental question of Enrico Fermi “where are they” would more likely be answered by decay and reverse evolution than a simulated video game. The world on this planet is clearly going in that direction so that is unfortunately the most likely explanation. But just for the fun I asked to my daughter what Mario, in Mario cart, could do to find out he was in a video game. She answered that he could try to go to the limits of the game or do unexpected things to see if something unusual happen. So that would mean looking for the infinitely small at the LHC or the limits of space. She then asked what I would do to find out if we are in a simulation. I answered that I would try to find unlikely and unexpected events going against all… Read more »

Some scientists are studying the speed of cosmic rays. If they determine they go faster in certain directions than others, that may clue us in that we are living in a matrix environment, and possibly a simulation.