Elon Musk Falls to Earth on The Simpsons Tonight (w/video)


Elon Musk is adding to his movie star resumé with a feature role on The Simpsons: The Musk Who Fell to Earth, airing tonight on FOX (8pm EST).  Via www.whereselon.com’s “It Was Kind of Trippy”, it sounds like he had some fun with it, although it was definitely a new experience:

Via a Bloomberg story, Musk says the experience of taping the Simpsons episode for Sunday’s airing was enjoyable, and “kind of trippy”.

We get some interesting details:

“The episode begins, naturally enough, with Musk traveling through space in a craft of his own design. He’s taking the genius engineer version of a Sunday drive because he’s struggling to come up with new ideas. Then, by happenstance, Musk lands in the Simpson’s backyard and meets Homer. “Homer then becomes this incredible inspiration to him,” said Al Jean, the head writer and show runner for The Simpsons.”

The show is not without its jabs, apparently:

“another choice moment when Smithers first introduces Musk to Burns. Smithers tells Burns, “I’d like to introduce you to this man who is revolutionizing the car industry, and Burns replies, ‘Henry Ford, good to see you. You’re as healthy and vibrant as Detroit.’ “

And here’s that segment (slight Spoiler Alert), posted as a teaser on the FOX YouTube channel:

A quick synopsis from FOX (again via www.whereselon.com):

“When inventor Elon Musk lands in Springfield, he and Homer become fast friends and revolutionize the town’s nuclear plant. But when Musk goes overboard and Mr. Burns wants him removed, Homer must figure out a way to break up with him in the all-new “The Musk Who Fell To Earth” episode.”

Elon and Homer, bro-cruising

Elon and Homer, bro-cruising

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Juggling 3 full time jobs in disruptive industries; talking to engineers, designers, programmers, accountants, politicians, and maybe a family member or two everyday– when would you have time to read lines for the Simpsons????

They mic him in his sleep 🙂

Firing…ehum..divorcing his wife opened up 4 hours per week in his schedule. 😛

A hyperloop and now a low orbit satellite internet with Google, wow! Musk is a visionary and an organizer/starter type manager.

Some say now that he has Tesla well underway and Solar City perking, he will leave the day to day stuff to others and will spend his time at Space X launching the low orbit internet complex and in Texas overseeing the hyperloop prototype build.

The show is not without its jabs, apparently:

Burns replies, ‘Henry Ford, good to see you. You’re as healthy and vibrant as Detroit.’

I see that as mostly a jab at either Burns or Detroit, but not Musk.

The dragon 2.0 crushing the mailman, was pretty accurately drawn… Someone did some research.

The bento-box drone was cute… But I actually laughed at the Hamster Hyperloop.

And the electric car they showed, looked more like a Prius. 😛

Reminds me of when Ed Begley Jr. was on the Simpsons.

Musk, with help, is driving towards a base vision of transitioning our planet to a planetary civilization, along the lines proposed by AC Clark and other visionaries,
along multiple fronts in that transition, such as a global communication network, lower cost rocketry, solar based energy driving efficiency and ultimately much more and cleaner power. Musk is trying to help push us up on the Kardashev scale.