Elon Musk: East Coast Tesla Supercharger Network to be Complete in a Few Months


Elon Musk Tweets on Supercharger Progress

Elon Musk Tweets on Supercharger Progress

Last week, Tesla Motors celebrated the completion of the West Coast Supercharger network by embarking on a 1,750-mile journey up the coast.

Current East Coast Superchargers

Current East Coast Superchargers

Meanwhile, East Coast Tesla Model S owners had nothing to celebrate, some even went verbal by calling on Tesla to see when the East Coast would get Supercharged.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk got word of the East Coast uproar and responded by putting out a Tweet to ensure Model S owners that the East Coast Supercharger network is a work in progress.

According to Musk, the East Coast network will be Tesla’s next focus, with completion expected in a few months.

Both the West Coast and East Coast will get more Superchargers in the future, so don’t take Tesla saying it’s “complete” as meaning no more Supercharger will be installed.  “Complete” means only that the Superchargers there will allow for free Model S travel up and down the entire coasts, something that’s now possible out West, but not yet doable on the East Coast.

After the East Coast network gets “complete,” Tesla will then shift to the nation’s mid-section to enable Musk to make that much-anticipated cross-country trip in his own Model S.



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Sales of the Model S will spike once the East Coast is complete.
I’m sure other car manufactures are not looking forward to that day.


It will be interesting to see what he means by “complete”. Is it just travel from Key West to Canada? The east coast doesn’t have a nice population corridor like out west, although electrifying I-95 would have a huge impact.

The east coast doesn’t have a nice population corridor like out west?? You might want to look at a population map of the U.S., pay particular attention to the Boston-Washington D.C. Corridor.

Yes, I am familiar with the Northeast Megalopolis. What I was trying to say though is that beyond I-95, the population continues to sprawl. There is a lot more open space in the west, with population mostly confined to smaller corridors.

Complete? You’ll need 10 times as many to be anywhere near ‘complete’.
And from Woz’ twitter it sounds like there are lines forming at some charge sites so you’ll need more chargers at some locations. And ever more so as more cars are sold.
It might be a good selling point but it’s also a growing burden 🙂 Sooner or later they will probably have to start charging money because they will use an entire gigawatt power plant worth of power and that’s extremely costly 🙂

yes, i think you are right. tesla should start charging the customers for actual cost of electricity, if not more. god knows tesla owners can afford it.

You can buy a wholesale gigawatt/hr for less than $50k, right now. Solar City actively knows how to bid power markets, and I doubt the superchargers will track retail kwh prices. With the cars previously reported to be taking down a 30-40kwh average, 1gwh could satisfy over 28,000 visits. So, maybe not much more than $2 each. Those dots connect really well. Otherwise, if Tesla gets hit with demand charges, and is captive to retail power costs, my guess is this figure goes up by as much as 4X. Then, you’re still looking at using the superchargers enough to recoup the ~2k, or whatever’s baked in to the car’s price. Excellent strategy. I wish them success tonight.

The supercharger options isn’t free. It costs more than 2k$ with the 60 kwh battery. If Tesla wanted to charge 10$ each time you connect to the supercharger network, it would take more than 200 times to get their money back! And for most of drivers, it will take years before it happens.

As a startup, Tesla needs money now, not tomorrow. So it makes a lot of sense to do this that way.

According to a reply of Elon Musk himself, it will be “Miami to Montreal”.

Cool. I-95 heads east towards Boston once it hits NYC, but Montreal is north. I wonder if this then includes the superchargers in Albany, NY and Burlington, VT, which happen to be the two I care most about….

According to their roadmap, they plan a supercharger in Albany this fall, and two superchargers on every side of the Lake Champlain for 2014. But we can’t rely on that roadmap, as they don’t really respect it.

I stille guess they will built those 3 superchargers pretty soon, as it isn’t possible for a Model S with 60 khw battery to make a Albany-Montreal with one charge.

“Start charging money”? Um, do note that Model S owners have alerady paid for the cost of SuperCharging upfront. It’s bundled in the cost of the 85kWh and it’s $2000 addon for the 60kWh models.

Good planning on the build-out. It is much more important to finish the two blue coasts than to work on the middle of the country.