Elon Musk Denies That He Told A Tesla Employee To Miss His Child’s Birth


Not True, Says Elon Musk

Not True, Says Elon Musk

Ashlee Vance’s new book,Elon Musk: Tesla, SpaceX and the Quest for a Fantastic Future, is making headlines again.

Three weeks ago, Vance’s book, with its claim that Tesla almost sold to Google back in 2013, made waves across the media. Now, it’s a child-birth related quote attributed to Elon Musk that is making headlines from Vance’s book.

The quote, as posted over at the Washington Post, reads:

“That is no excuse. I am extremely disappointed. You need to figure out where your priorities are. We’re changing the world and changing history, and you either commit or you don’t.”

The quote, attributed to Musk, come via “an anonymous Tesla employee recalling an e-mail from Musk after missing an event to witness the birth of his child.”

Elon Musk immediately took to Twitter to shoot down the “total BS” quote.

Musk says that of the 22 quotes posted over at Washington Post, 2 need correcting.

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Only one of my parents was at my childbirth, guess which one? Back in the day dads where not expected to be there. No matter.
This story has little relevance expect from the perspective on another senseless dig at Musk.



“Back in the day”…. whites and blacks could not marry each other, etc. etc.

Irrelevant. Per year 2015 values (and I dare say even per year 1990 values), coercing fathers to miss the birth of their children for anything other than life-threatening emergency (which, of course, a birth can become as well) – is beyond the pale in civilized society.

If indeed Musk has instituted an atmosphere that coerces people to miss stuff like birth of their child, this *should* be outed and reported and scolded and stopped.

If it is all BS, then Musk *should* publicly kick that journalist’s ass until they apologize.

Omar Sultan

Dude – completely disagree with you – this is 100% bulls!t journalism.

As far as we know, this is an anonymous source with an unsubstantiated and uncorrelated claim. Why is the burden back on Musk (or anyone in the same situation) to disprove the veracity of this?

Let Ashlee Vance defend his work as he made the claim. If he did his due diligence, this should be a piece of cake, especially as Musk has publicly stated it is a false statement.


Any large company will have personal stories about management (and Musk is a colorful character in his own right).
However, I fail to see any EV relevance, and as such, I’d rather not see such coverage here. Unlike the story about the almost-purchase by Google, which is relevant because Google had a good chance to participate in automotive futures.


i disagree – the work ethic at Tesla is extremely relevant to the products they produce.



The EV industry is facing an extremely hostile media environment.

The perennial storyline is how making EVs is killing puppies somewhere.

We don’t need the flagship of EV companies exhibiting lousy management and labor practices.

The media is going to try and smear them as lousy even if they are phenomenal (which seems to be the situation). Just don’t give them that grain of truth, because it gets amplified 1000x.

That’s beside the basic issues that EVs are not just some vanity consumer gadget, but part of an effort to make the world more habitable. This will always include the quality of life of those who build them.


Respectfully disagree with you that this is EV related. I also disagree that the media is hostile to the EV industry as such (some journalists may be culturally wedded to Big Auto, but that’s different).
But even if I didn’t, merely quoting a report by another media outlet of a book (excerpts of which are being gradually leaked to promote its sales) isn’t furthering the agenda.

— Quoting without in any way trying to verify or investigate isn’t adding value
— If anything, it makes things potentially worse, because someone will now quote InsideEVs on it (implying “if that Tesla-fanboi site reported it, it’s gotta be true”)


mustang — You are making a big leap from one accusation of one event, to judging an entire company’s work environment based upon one contested event. That’s a big leap.




Always a Short with a story.
Verify the source before printing.


What a silly story. ;/ Why bother. Wait…you got me to post! Foiled again!

Big Solar

I would miss a child birth for a Tesla meeting. Ha


“We’re changing the world and changing history, and you either commit or you don’t.”

Haha… I doubt Must ever said that. It sounds like a badly-written line from some awful movie. Plus, there wasn’t enough stuttering.


I can very much imagine that he said that. Elon is great of course, but let’s not make a saint out of him.


It would sound better if Elon giggled right before and right after he made that alleged statement, like a sinister villain.


The problem with “He Said vs. Anonymous Said” issues is that we have no idea who the Anonymous party is, or what their motivations are, etc.

That is why our legal system gives defendants absolute right to confront their accusers in court, as enshrined in the 6th Amendment of the US Constitution.

In a very legal way, we have a statement from only one party (Musk), and inadmissible hearsay from the other party (anonymous). If this were a criminal court, the judge would instruct the jury that they must disregard the anonymous inadmissible hearsay.


Must be some sort of malfunction on the Internet today. I seem to have wandered into the National Enquirer website by mistake.


Yah, seems like irrelevant tripe.


“I’ve never called myself a samurai.”

Nobody’s perfect.


I call myself a ninja all the time, granted it’s mostly about taking food when nobody is looking but still!


Personally, I think Elon was misquoted. He never said “I am a samurai.” He must have said something like “I saw a Mirai. Now I wanna to puke.” 😀


When life gives you bull****, make hydrogen. 😀

Omar Sultan

OK, that did make me laugh out loud 🙂


That is NOT surprising…

That is typical sillicon valley startup mentality…

You either grow at super speed or die trying. By growing at super speed, you drive your people to the edge of insane and desperation so you win/lose together for the big ultimate payout…


Email reads that Musk cricized employee for missing a meeting.

Musk tweets that he did not tell the employee to miss the childbirth.

Both can be true. Musk’s tweet does not answer the charge about musk did after the meeting.

Alonso Perez

Somehow I can’t take this seriously.

Maybe Musk expected the employee to be at the childbirth AND the meeting at the same time, by being on the call.

Murrysville EV

Musk has 5 living sons, and another who died of SIDS at 10 weeks’ age.

Losing a child would likely tenderize his heart toward family matters, if he wasn’t already.

I call shenanigans.


There’s a Forbes video of Elon with a samurai sword trying to slash a piece of paper…. shenanigans Elon! You know you are a samurai!


“See Through” says…

Yeah, I’ll believe that too.

Simple, lets see the original email.

Well it's NOT like he...

…asked a WOMAN to miss her own child’s birth.