Elon Musk: “D” And “Something Else” Don’t Involve Tesla Model X Or Model 3 – Video


“Tesla CEO Elon Musk offered a big clue as to what “unveil the D” means at Vanity Fair’s New Establishment Summit.”

States the video description.

Prior to tonight’s official announcement, this is probably the closest we’ll get to understanding the meaning of “unveil the D” and “something else.”

Of note: Elon Musk specifically says that Tesla’s announcement will not involve the Model X or the Model 3.

Elon Musk Discusses Meaning Of "Unveil the D"

Elon Musk Discusses Meaning Of “Unveil the D”

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What time are we gonna hear this announcement???


California doesn’t observe daylight saving time?

I thought we had already established that the D was the dual-motor Model-S, and the “something else” was active lane control or something like that.

it’s Model s dual drive and new battery for roadster.

I’m going to go for ‘Driver Assist’ and the Roadster battery pack, but you may be right.

He said the internet was correct on direction but off on magnitude. If AWD dual motor is the right direction, makes one wonder what order of magnitude he could be taking it.

I assumed that comment was in regards to Driver Assist. The internet thinks its just the basic safety features that luxury cars have now, but maybe its an order of magnitude higher. Meaning, you can now take your hands off the wheel while driving on the expressway. And possibly better predictive stopping technology, if the driver is distracted.

While I was hoping for the dual motor, I think your assessment is spot on. However, I might argue that the magnitude might go a little further than really any of us can estimate.

Now that I think about it, I suppose there is still room for the dual motor. We’ll just have to wait and see.

I think the D stands for Dual motor, but we will also have Driver assist revealed.


7hrs to go.

Yeah, that’s a possibility. We’ll see soon enough! 🙂

Depends on whether it’s just Muskian hyperbole or reality.
– Hyperbole would be if it’s just that they’ll release a stupidly expensive AWD performance version that really doesn’t help the market much
– Reality would be that lots of people want AWD and that a well-implemented, non-mechanical AWD system using power divided across two axles with different reduction gearing would not only provide AWD but improve efficiency and range, maybe improve motor drive unit cooling issues and that having their AWD system would give greater market coverage and provide an excellent base for future models, so having a huge impact in the market.

Most think the something else or is driver assist (Adaptive cruise control and lane assist). I think that’s correct and hearing him say the internet doesn’t understand the magnatude makes me think in reality it is the sensors required for that 90% autopilot solution due out next year. Although in the near term it may be like 20% and through software updates Tesla will get to that 90% solution.

I can only imagine a commute where the car drieves itself and I can sleep/work in the car while it gets me where i need to be safely. that would be worth a lot.

Off on magnitude – maybe he just means that a dual-motor Model S doesn’t mean double the power, as some (not all) have suggested.

D for Dual motor. Magnitude: Bigger battery pack (same amount of cells – higher density). Those two together= 0–60 in 3 sek. Range: 400 miles.

This is what I am hoping for. If I didn’t see see the P85D badge already, I would be more confident of it.

Didn’t Musk say at one time that they could do a 500 mile vehicle now or soon or something?

Yeah, found it:

“It will be possible to have a 500-mile range car. In fact we could do it quite soon, but it would increase the price. Over time you could expect to have that kind of range.”

from an article on our favorite website:

Or maybe they will use 2 smaller motors, one for the rear and the second for the front wheels. Could be motors they developed for the Model X all wheel drive.

Tesla is gonna give the auto industry the D in the A

(Fish Called Wanda)


and mebbe –

“Don’t call me Stupid..”

Aw man! I was really hoping for a Model III teaser but I guess that would just make the wait more agonizing! I hope we keep getting nuggets at regular intervals such as production Model X details, Roadster battery back info, Model III concept, etc.