Elon Musk: “Of Course” There Will Be A Model 3 Part 3


"Of Course" There Will Be A Model 3 Part 3

“Of Course” There Will Be A Model 3 Part 3

With “Part 2″ now behind us, what lies ahead?

Part 3…”of course,” according to a Tweet from Elon Musk in response to the question “Is there going to be a part 3?”

"Part 2" of the Tesla Model 3 was in regards to a suite of full self-driving equipment now being installed on all of today's EVs, and tomorrow's Model 3

“Part 2” of the Tesla Model 3 was in regards to a suite of full self-driving equipment (to one day provide Level 5 autonomy) now being installed on all of today’s EVs, and tomorrow’s Model 3

The question is…exactly how many “parts” does it take to reveal a single car? Honestly, we had thought Part 2 would reveal most all, but instead it was a broad, all-Tesla encompassing release on a rather expensive self-driving option that only ties into the Model 3 provided future buyers are willing to spend a fair amount of extra change to enable it.

So, what do we expect for Part 3?

Well, considering that Part 2 didn’t reveal the production intent interior of the Model 3, or a production-ready exterior, or even the anticipated Model Y crossover based on the Model 3 platform, we expect at least one of those three to be revealed, but judging from last night’s Part 2…we could be entirely wrong.

Maybe Part 3 will only be loosely related to the Model 3 just like Part 2 to keep the anticipation and excitement going? Maybe something like all Teslas now fitted with (fill in the blank), including Model 3?

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Official Part 3 Questions List
1) Range / Battery Size / Battery Options?
2) Official Specs (headroom, wheelbase, length height)?
3) Options / Packages?
4) Price list for all options / Packages?
5) Interior Reveal – console/ HUD / Steering Wheel…?
6) Performance?

Some of those probably won’t be answered until the car starts production. So if you are hoping for another reveal that happens more than a halve year before the first car gets delivered to the its customer, you won’t get all your questions answered there.

1) could be reviled, but I think EPA range estimates are more likely
2) if something is released, then only trunk space, or interior volume
3) I don’t think so
4) No way they are going to announce that
5) pretty likely
6)Also possible, especially for the high performance version.

They will produce The Model 3 and the Model Y on the same Line after the Model 3 gets under way,,,,As the Governator would say, “Hear me Now & believe me Later”.

@Pinewold – that’s a good list. I would include view of redesigned trunk lid.

Buy Y?

But why?

You sound a little butt hurt Eric.. Elon may have hyped up this reveal a little too much but it is very exciting and impressive. I think we need to tamper our expectations a little bit.


No way I am excited without knowing the specs of the Model 3D. Is Heads-up a given? Who knows… !

Sales, for the new $8000 (5000+3000)suite should help send Elon some coffee.

The most subtle news was that production of the M3 is now earlier that what we all thought!

In addition do you think that there is a market for the cars that do not drive by themselves?

Who would buy a tape recorder now days?

Not only is Alaa not living in the same world as the rest of us, I don’t think he’s even in the same galaxy. 😉

As long as you have to pay $8000 (5000+3000) extra for this option, there will be a huge market cars without this.
And it’s even more than $8000 in some countries. Here in Denmark for example it’s actually $10317 extra. You can buy a whole car for that kind of money.

Model 3 will be equipped with full level 5 autonomy.

I think I’m quite safe in predicting that no production passenger car will be equipped with reliably operating, under most conditions, Level 5 autonomy in mid-2017. If Tesla does achieve what it claims is Level 5 autonomy in production cars that soon, then it will be usable only under very restricted conditions.

Elon has hyped Tesla’s tech before, but this is far, far beyond any previous level of hype. It may not be an exaggeration to say this is an order of magnitude worse than any previous exaggeration.

#UnhappyTeslaFanboy 🙁

PP must be short seller – or attached to Big Oil intereests! Ignore his pessimism.

Elon knows better. Level5 is a piece of cake for Tesla by late 2017. Go Elon!

PS: Time for sarcasm.

Cover your shorts pure bear shill Pu-pu! You will loose all your retirement money when Tesla will achieve one trillion dollar valuation any time soon!!!
2017 – 500,000/year production rate (5x increase per year) and autonomous driving Level 3. Didn’t you heard Elon confirmed it? How many times do you need to be told?
2018 – 2,500,000/year and Level 4.
2019 – Level 5 officially achieved. All other automakers go bankrupt and Tesla takes all their assets, and makes 70,000,000 battery cars per year! Elon personally invents wonder-battery that makes 1000 mile range and 1 minute recharge as easy as cake.
Mars colony reaches 1,000,000 inhabitants. Saint Elon is officially nominated as King of the Mars and Supreme Leader of the Universe!

Elon Musk should set aside his ego and let professional marketers do what they are good at. These multiple product press events are BS.


Yet Elon gets more press from a simple Tweet than all others do from a multimillion dollar ad campaign.

Part 4 should be about a hidden toilet paper dispenser (electrically deployed of course) in the rear bumpers of Model 3s for when people go camping.

That’s already an option in the Model X.

Last night announcement has nothing to do with Model 3, it’s all about AP 2.0.

Tesla is going to lose money if they equip AP 2.0 on every M3, not a lot of people will spend $8000 option on a $35,000 car.

The AP 1.0 was a $2500 option on a $80,000 car, Tesla can afford to put it on every MS because the chance of MS/MX buyers pay for AP 1.0 is much higher.

It’s not automatically installed. That’s why you pay more, to have it installed after, if you don’t option it with the car when buy said car.

“when buying said car”

It’s $8K as an option, and $10K after.

I’m willing to spend $50k on model 3 if it comes equipped with AP, 215 mile range, dual motor and 0-60 in 3.5 seconds. And yes I’m a reservation holder.

I expect to pay $42K (before tax credit) for a Model 3 with AWD, larger battery, sub-zero weather package, metal roof, dual chargers, and premium paint.

If the HUD doesn’t augment reality, I’ll pass. At $8,000 for AP, I’ll pass.

I expect to pay $51,674 (before tax credit) for a Model 3 55D, metal roof, dual chargers, super charger able, smart air suspension, high fidelity sound (to get Serius XM radio), tech package, and leather seats. All based upon best guess potion pricing.

How disappointing for Elon to pull a bait-and-switch for advertising purposes.

Be careful of crying “Wolf!”, Elon. A few times of that, and we’ll start doing what we do when Volkswagen announces they are gonna put a concept EV into production: We just point and laugh, because they’ve cried “Wolf!” way, way too many times.

An announcement labeled “Model ≡ Reveal, Part II” should actually be about the M≡, and not about Tesla hyping its driver assist features in all its new cars.

#UnhappyTeslaFanboy 🙁

He’s “cried wolf” enough for me. If I want lies and hype, I’ll watch politics. I’m not following or recommending Tesla anymore. This BS from Elon was the last straw.
I’ll continue to follow the EV market, but only glance at the headline if it mentions Tesla. When they actually accomplish something, I may read the article.

I’m in complete agreement with you guys. Elon is starting to annoy me with his “announcements”.

I’ll stick to live streamed events, those hold value from Tesla.

Pu-pu is now officially nominated as BIG OIL SHILL!!! How does he dare to criticize Saint Elon! I may guess he pocketed big pile of dirty oil dollars for this blasphemy! Don’t these dollars stink too much, Pu-pu?

I will be pesimist here and say that unit they hoped to showcase Model 3 interior to steal Bolt sales broke down, and they could not prepare the replacement. So instead we got this rushed and incomplete announcement.

Incomplete announcement? They had all the detail, a video, you can buy it on the website, and all cars built now have the new sensor suite in them. That is not something you can just throw together in a couple days, especially the manufacturing portion.

What a great and exiting soap opera it is!
Elon should make it weekly TV show!

Part 3 will reveal the seats, part 4 the steering wheel, 5 through 9 the new infotainment software, 10 the trunk, and then hopefully the stock will have been kept afloat long enough on hope alone that some Model 3s can be made.